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Looper Chronos comet plane form (colored)

Instead of the normal orange and blue color scheme this deoxys has a red and green color scheme reflecting the influence that Chronos’s soul fragment has on it

It is within here I shall point out how he was killed

While the deoxys was in stasis due to basically having the current Chronos’s memories transferring into him Omni snuck up behind him and stabbed him in the back of his chest shattering his core I should also note Omni has no particular qualms with pokemon or Chronos they just get in his way as a machine Omni thinks only of efficiency so he gets rid of the road block which is basically what Chronos is to him and since this deoxys was technically Chronos he was registered as a roadblock so he instantly killed them

I will also point out this deoxys has more than two typings and not its normal typing of psychic it’s typing is correlated to the elements Chronos possesses and obviously knows more than four moves

The name of the deoxys that fused with the fragment of chronos’s soul was


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Deoxys Attack form done!! 👁🥊

Now to go down the pattern and do Cradily 🌱

112 down, 23 to go!! 🌼

Sorry, I’ve not been around in a while! The past few weeks has been a rollercoaster of emotions! 😬

We’ve had to postpone our July 2020 wedding to July 2021 😞 the stress and pressure of it all was just getting to much and now knowing the governments plans for the upcoming months if all goes well, our wedding date was cutting it to fine! Plus, we didn’t want to put our guests at risk and we want them to enjoy the day just as much as us! Now knowing I have another year and bit to our new wedding date, I can relax a bit and get back into my cross stitch 🥰

Hope you’re all ok and staying safe in these crazy times! 💛

Let’s hope 2021 is a better year for us all!!

Stay Safe, Stay Hopeful & Stay Home!

Protect our NHS 💙

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Some Deoxyi ocs :3c one on the lefts a one-off, one on the rights sposed to be the one from my fic . I’ll link it in the replies so tumblr doesnt eat the post

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