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#deploy the children
milf-adjacent · 6 months ago
Us: *outraged that our government deployed harsher defense against children and teachers and disabled folks than they did armed white supremacist insurrectionists committing multiple acts of terror in our nation's capital*
Some fuckers who think they're galaxy brain: "Funny how you call yourself socialist and then want the state to dole out more police violence. As a leftist, your daydreamed goals of insurrection against the state are identical to the *glances at notes* armed white supremacist mob who was *glances at notes again* trying to install Donald Trump as a dictator....................... Yup looks the same to me."
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padawanlost · a year ago
Why people think Jedi way is not the right way? I mean why they say Jedi are corrupted?
Becausethat’s what was portrayed on screen? I mean, the OT jedi were put on a pedestaland the fandom ate it up, as it was supposed to. At that point, that was all wehad. So when the PT deconstructed the “myth of the Jedi” and exposed then asflawed heroes, a lot of fans had trouble conciliating the two ideas and so theyturned on the prequels and its fans. George made it pretty clear (with the storyand in interviews) that he wanted the prequels to portray how democracies fall,and how *everyone* plays a role in it. And, for that to be possible, the Jedihad to be fallible.
It’s not aslight on the Jedi. it’s a necessity of the plot. If they had been theseperfect god-like do-gooders the fandom wants them to be, then pretty much allthe narrative would stop making sense. If they had been perfect, the plot wouldnot have ever moved forward. Also, it’s important to keep in mind, acknowledgingthe Jedi made mistakes and talking about them doesn’t mean people are “antis” ornegating their roles as “the good guys” of the story (like some hardcore jedifans would want you to believe).
Why people think Jedi way is not theright way?
Experience. On paper, it’s lovely butonce you acknowledge the reality of how the Order operated, you start to seethe cracks. Not being overwhelmed and controlled by hate and anger is a goodthing. Living without ever experiencing anger or hate is unachievable and unhealthy.Instead of saying “don’t become obsessed with love”, they said “don’t love”.That’s why so many people criticize what the Jedi Order became. Their ideologyis considered harmful because it denies human nature and punishes those who can’tregulate or hide their emotions. Not only they say “don’t love” they ostracizethose who fail to live by their impossible standards.
And that’s without going into howthey went about putting their Code into practice. People also have a troublewith them removing children from their families during early infancy to keepthem from bonding with their biological families, and everything related tothat practice (indoctrination).
Anakin is the living proof the Jediway is not the right way. All we have to do is look at how a sweet, lovinglittle boy became an anxious and troubled young man after 10 years of their “perfect”teachings. I’m not saying they would harm everyone, but the Jedi way – asportrayed on screen and on the EU – can be terrifying, especially for those whostruggle with mental illnesses.
why theysay Jedi are corrupted?
before weget into this, let’s keep in mind that corruption is more than embezzling moneyor bribing officials. Corruption is dishonesty, it’s failing to live by society’srules and our own rules. Have you ever stole something from work or school? Haveyou ever cheated on a test? That’s corruption too.
In the Jedi’scase, they corrupted themselves when they, by choice, failed to perform theirduties. The Jedi Order maintained its status by promising to defend theRepublic and all its citizens. When they failed to act on that promise andstill claimed the rewards that function provided, they became corrupt. They wereno longer providing the service they promised they would but they still werecollecting the rewards of that position.
Theycorrupted themselves when they failed to stop slavery; when they allowed therampant corruption in the Senate to go unquestioned, when they failed to investigateclaims about criminal activities; when they caused mass starvation; when theyrefused to return missing children to their parents; when supported untrustworthypoliticians to maintain their own political status; when deployed children intowar zones; when they refused to send any kind of help to protect people fromcriminal activities; when they expelled their own members without a properinvestigation or trial; when they put political prisoners in secret prisonswithout trial, investigation, legal council, visitation or change of parole;when they allowed themselves to become militarized; when they played a role inthe enslavement of clones; and when they lied and withheld information from theSenate.
These areall examples of the Jedi council putting what *they* thought was right abovethe law and above their own initial role in the Republic. It’s them breakingtheir promise to the Republic. Palpatine kept pushing them into making terribledecisions, and to keep their position, they wielded, thus, they corruptedthemselves. Ahsoka’s trial is a perfect example of this. All the evidence was circumstantialand they were not entirely sure she was guilty but because of the politicalpressure they were under, they expelled her and forced a 16 years old to face apotential death penalty by herself. That’s corruption. That’s putting your own interestsabove the interest of the greater good. It’s doing harm to keep your status.
Anakin’srelationship with Palpatine is another great example: it was forbidden forpadawans to leave the Temple with a Jedi companion, especially to spend alonetime with a political. But, the moment Palpatine used his influence, theywielded even though Palpatine had no legal claim over Anakin. But, becausepleasing the Chancellor was more important than keeping tradition, the ruleswere broken. It is another example of them forsaking their own rules and traditionfor political gain.
Look, I’vesaid this a thousand times before but I’ll say again because I’ll always getpegged as a Jedi-hater: none of this means the Jedi are evil, that we hate themor that they deserved their fate. It means they are flawed, as interesting charactersshould be. Again, it’s a slight on the Jedi. It’s a praise for the narrative.It turned something that was black/white, something that could go stale veryquickly, into something that’s colorful and vibrant and still keep usinterested 20 years later. The Jedi being flawed and corrupted is a good thing.It means, George, Filoni and everyone writing for SW did their research andunderstand how politics, people and societies work. It shows Star Wars is morethan laser swords and cool ships, that it has depth and value beyond it’svisual and technological achievements. And, of course, it makes the charactersmore relatable.  
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