#depressing poem
shyshybrain · a day ago
Everything I do is a scream for help.
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takemeawayfr · 9 months ago
i thought it was obvious
my grades started dropping,
my room looked like a mess
my smile and my appetite disappeared,
I stopped talking to my friends and just stayed in my room all day
but somehow
nobody noticed
no one helped me or asked me if I'm okay
I was completely alone and it ate me up inside
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ana05sposts · 5 months ago
I feel like this pain is slowly consuming me, making it hard to physically breathe or normally function at all! I just can't fucking move and do the daily normal work I used to do and it's aching and hurting everything in me but I'm not able to fucking do anything about it.
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xx-xxx-xxx-xx · 7 months ago
Nothing is worse than regret, all the words left unsaid. Repeating in your head, over and over again.
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borderlinebeauty · a month ago
I wish I could split in two and let part of me die. A piece of me really wants to no longer function. But a chunk of me knows that I have to stay. I have to make everyone happy. Keep everyone safe. But I’m ready to be set free. I can’t stop shaking. My eyes puffy and teared. My lungs gasping for air. This is no way to live. This is no way to live. There is no room for love. No nothing, when you’re the damnedest.
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maitihg · 2 months ago
cuando se va la sensación de sentirse cansada todo el tiempo?
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crybaby511 · 7 months ago
My soul keeps screaming your name.
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moonblacckkk · 5 months ago
Tumblr media
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daisypoet77 · 5 months ago
This is for the girls
Who are scared,
The girls who are weak,
And pretend to be strong
Just so no one asks what’s wrong.
This is for the girls
Who check their hair and makeup
Five different times
Before leaving the house
Just to make sure
That nothing is out of place.
This is for the girls
Traumatized by a man’s opinion
And how it made her feel
Non-existent in an ever-existing world.
This is for the girls
Who don’t speak up when they’re sad
But instead go on long drives
“To clear my mind,” they say,
But in reality, it becomes more cloudy.
And this is for the girls
Who take too many pictures of trees
Just to keep them to herself
For a smile on a rainy day.
This is for the girls who write letters,
Poems, songs, and words
About one person
They can’t seem to move on from.
This is for the girls like me,
The girls trying to find their place
In an ever-changing world
Working day-by-day to fit in
Only to realize they’re good enough
Just by being who they want to be.
- original poem
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theblackgirlthatcries · 29 days ago
I envy the dead
if I could trade my life with someone out there fighting to live, I would. I have no desire to keep my heart beating, I've been angry for years
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pervertghost · a month ago
Tumblr media
How the mundane becomes novel, open flesh and layers of skin, vigilantism of your crimes, silent regret- when will this bloody cycle end ?
(pic by @jebanydebil2115 )
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shyshybrain · a month ago
No one can understand, how f*cked up I really am.
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takemeawayfr · 7 months ago
realize that they never liked you, you just made them feel interesting for a while.
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badvibesmoonlight · 3 months ago
Tumblr media
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the-healing-blogg · 10 days ago
Let the clouds remind you that if your heart is feeling heavy, you’re allowed to cry too.
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alicethedruggie · 4 months ago
Tumblr media
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angireads0126 · 4 months ago
My silence spoke a thousand words but you never heard.
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crybaby511 · 7 months ago
Crying over someone who doesn't even want you is a different type of pain.
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snzsndr · 10 days ago
The only thing worse than being alone is being with someone who makes you feel alone. It’s like sitting by a cool stream and dying of thirst. Or starving while walking through the market with a hand full of money that no one will take.
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raniszmnje · a month ago
Czekam aż mi odpiszesz z nadzieja ze to będzie coś miłego…
Pokochaj mnie
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