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#depressing shit
gazelessmenagerie · an hour ago
*crackles knuckles* if anyone if this is incomprehensive it's because I'm about to pass out BUT. holy hell from what I've seen on dash and read of your threads with Broly it is SO GOOD. the feralness while also still holding that brevity of exhaustion or tiredness is perfect. Your descriptors and dialogue are always so on point and reflect a good balance of thoughts and actions. If there's something to critique on or just in general want to see more of; I think Broly's thoughts on the rest of the Saiyan's, more dad:tm: content, and other similar stuff to that length :> In the end I love seeing how you've really made Broly you're character while also holding the original canon really close to heart. I also love all the relationships he has, also the drama of goats makes me laugh.
Also I'm not gonna just leave without mentioning your N'doul. If I haven't praised you enough on him already, you already know I will now and many times after. His balance of moral and relations with others. I love what you and boba have done with his son, also just any kids he manages to pick up along the way--julya included. You are araki istg when you write N'doul because every word and action he does I could see him doing in the manga. Excellent work. love you Kuro, you're spectacular!
beep beep how’s my portrayal ?
Tumblr media
#|| Tag: OOC#|| Beep Beep Hows the Portrayal Meme#( NAMI. IMAFLSJG ily and thank you??? jfc i try to really get that point of just this depressed thot down. )#( oooo. his thoughts on the rest of the saiyans?? ooo shit.. that might be interesting tho jfc im gonna need time to think on that. )#( LMFAO DAD CONTENT. IVE BEEN THINKING ON THAT HERE AND THERE. just not sure how to yet bring it about yet. but ooo yeah )#( give the paragus content. afsdljg I'll see what I can cook up )#( oh yeah I try to keep it close but also allow that room for development. just?? jfc its hard at times but its worth it to have something)#( i enjoy writing and also allows that room to wriggle around. and yesss im proud of him for managing to get that far with relations)#( LFMAL THE GOATS. YES. HE JUST HAS GOAT DRAMA AND I LOVE IT. )#( and ohooho YES. N'DOUL. LISTNE you can give all your words on that blind man till I grow deaf and I'll still listen. )#( just. jfc.. i love that guy so much.  and just im so proud of how far along he's come along too in those points u made. )#( o lmfaooo he has 8 of them. i just haven't gotten around to doing like 3 pages for the 3 I picked up so far. )#( and YES JULYA IS INCLUDED ALWAYS. I.. omfg agnlsdg please. thank you ;;;; im fucking flattered beyond fuck )#( I just.. falfksjg try to give it my best when writing these muses bc I love them?? hearing all this and knowing what I can work on really-#( fuckin makes me happy. so thank you again for just everything you gave ;w;#( you're spectacular as well just al;fskjgsd absolute wonderful friend <3 )
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rexianervosa · an hour ago
Tumblr media
i got diagnosed with psychotic depression. and i want to kill myself because i have to get on meds . not only that but the meds might make me gain weight . i don’t wanna gain fucjinf weight . 😭
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sothanall · an hour ago
im going to vent
Tumblr media
#i miss him so much but i know i loved him much more than he loved me#i dont even know if he loved me maybe he just idealized me#if u love someone u dont just stop loving them so fucking fast. it was in like a week#and it jut happened to be during the week i was having a depressive episode. so basically#i was i had been a better girlfriend i wish i wasnt mentally ill#i miss him so much but he never truly cared about me#and he made me so nervous all the time im sure it was the anxiety of just getting closer to someone#but i liked him so much. i truly believed him when he said we were soulmates#hes so beautiful and smart and im just a depressed piece of shit who has trouble doing normal basic human activities#the worst part is that we never truly had time alone for ourselves to talk and shit#but i loved him. i didnt told him enough#im not sure if i still love him but i miss him i wish he missed me too#does he even think of me? why wasnt i good enough to fix our problems and try again#why did he lose his feelings so fast. how can he i havent stopped thinking about him since the first day we meet#i miss him i miss him u dont want to bother him i miss him he doesnt love anymore he doesnt like me anymore i love him#when are these feelings going to fade i miss him so much#i just want him to be happy but im sure i was a burden to him even if he said i wasnt#why did he say all of those things he probably thinks i will never get better#he said he wanted his partner to be someone like him and im not i hate being mentally ill it ruins everything#im going to be alone forever i miss him i wish i was good enough im going to become a hermit i always loved him more but i didnt tell him#i didnt say much but all i said i meant it not like him#fuck im still in love i wanna kms
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plutoartemis1122 · 2 hours ago
i hate the fact that when im left alone all the bad thoughts roll around, but when im with people all i want to do is be left alone
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zukoscalzones · 2 hours ago
actually I lied...I do in fact have many thoughts about a trans zuko mulan au now. only problem is..would it be in the ATLA universe? I feel like it'd be fun to have it be a historical fic set in China just because I love researching history could I make all the ATLA characters meet? will some of them just not be in the fic and I'll just live w that? would it just be zuko and a bunch of OCs because fuck it I love OCs??
I don't think I'll follow through w writing a fic for this, but IF I did and I had it placed in China I would probably need/want a Chinese sensitivity reader. but again I am not writing this fic rn so I am not looking for one rn but if I do end up writing it- but idk I probably won't I'm too busy- I will need to look for one.
also! just the plot of mulan but then apply it differently so that it's abt being transmasc especially that song about the reflection or whatever damn that song HITS SO HARD. it always makes me so emotional aaaaaaa 😭
I do in fact have thoughts about this though and I could post a synopsis or what not...or like headcanons
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ismokesuicidee · 2 hours ago
.21. (alright)
she is just barely an adult
when she develops a habit.
again and again the result
she soon becomes an addict.
alone everyday by choice
with only her drug.
nobody heard her voice
as if her grave was already dug.
so much time she had wasted
and things she had missed.
her mind nearly fully sedated
suicide seems like pure bliss.
looked in the mirror & began to cry
her reflection she truly hated.
it was the last time she got high
before her whole life faded.
she fought a battle against the ice
as she let it fill her head.
a hollowtip must have been the price
because now she is dead.
twenty one years she lived,
before taking her own life.
but anytime someone asked, the answer she’d give
was “no, nothings wrong”... she said she was alright.
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murderous-666-666 · 3 hours ago
If there's one thing i know, it's that no one can promise anything.
— Jennifer Niven, All the Bright Places.
Tumblr media
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bia-anda · 3 hours ago
Tumblr media
Como corriges algo que hiciste tan mal que no puedes volver atrás?
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horan-ma-fillexx · 4 hours ago
Why I'm crying alone in my room again?
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folkesange · 5 hours ago
really need to carry over janiegap’s dance background / international child stardom from the olde’s the weekend lol i’ll get a jump on it at some point. 
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