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support · 7 years ago
Everything Okay?
If you or someone you know is struggling, you are not alone. There are many support services that are here to help. 
If you are located in the United States, consider reaching out to the National Alliance on Mental Illness HelpLine.
If you are located in the United Kingdom, The Mix is here to help you with any challenge you are facing.  Reach out online, on social or through their free and confidential helpline.
If you are reading this from in any other country in Europe,  Mental Health Europe has compiled a list of helplines and other resources in your country. 
For more resources, please visit our Counseling & Prevention Resources page for a list of services that may be able to help.
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yourlocalwreckk · 2 hours ago
i’ve never wanted to die more than i do now
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sheepishcats · 2 hours ago
the trickling of the fountain in the corner of the room is a blaring reminder that i cannot silence or dismiss. i yank the cord of the ceiling fan to smother the noise at its fastest speed. the fan, a pendulum with a regrettable period, squeaks at a volume that may only be hushed by the window unit one room away.
the solution is temporary, a dam condemned to collapse, but the white noise provides a window to recollect my thoughts. still, the disjointed clacking of my keyboard, tapping of my foot, and pounding of my blood create a quantum crack in its foundation - the trickling of the fountain present and absent all at once.
the room is cold, but my body is hot. a scalding neon sign proclaims "close enough for government work!"
if i force my limbs out of bed to the kitchen, the trickling may cease and i may relish in its wake.
i set the wrinkled clothes in the dryer to tumble and they dampen the roar of the window unit. i wistfully hope that will be enough.
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lun3-shinigami · 4 hours ago
algún día voy hacer libre de este deseo...
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cookingmomo · 5 hours ago
*long sigh* im back 😒
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lun3-shinigami · 6 hours ago
Tumblr media
Cuando estoy en lo alto, haciendo algo tan cotidiano como tender ropa, miro hacia abajo y pienso, ¿Cómo seria caer? ¡que ruido haría mi cuerpo al chocar con el suelo? ¿Cuánto duraría?Me imagino cayendo…al principio sintiendo que vuelo, y después el miedo…el no poder controlar la caída, el arrepentimiento, el pensar en mis hijos al final…antes de caer…¿Quién tendrá que limpiar mi desastre? ¿Quién tendrá que ver mi caída? ¿a quién dejare con ese trauma? Quien tendrá que limpiar mi mierda esparcida por todos lados, quienes miraran curiosos y con asco mi cuerpo roto en el suelo, la sangre ensuciando todo…Todo por que no tuve la valentía para cargar con mi vida…Pero fantasear no es malo, ¿o si? Puedo estar ahí en lo alto…con los impulsos que me dicen que salte, quieta…mirando hacia abajo y pensar en cómo sería…La muerte es demasiado engorrosa, demasiado sucia…demasiado trabajo, demasiado dinero…solo por irte, me parece absurdo…Quisiera poder detener esos pensamientos, tirarlos…pero no puedo, solo puedo mirar el vacío…deseando…deseando caer…y deseando no sentir estos pensamientos en absoluto…Estoy viviendo una vida vacía, sin propósito…existiendo por que si, en las largas noches, pienso en mi hermana…ella apreciaría más su vida, a su pequeño, ¿Qué pensaría ella? Le daría asco lo que soy… entendería, vería, todo lo que me esfuerzo por continuar…Las mentiras que me digo, las esperanzas que recojo con tanta desesperación para poder continuar un día más…Pensando que con estar viva es suficiente, con sostenerme en pie, con eso basta, pero, ¿realmente lo hace? ¿es suficiente con solo existir? ¿existo en absoluto? Ahora mismo siento que pierdo la cabeza…que las palabras ya no conectan del todo y mis ideas se alejan de mi…las abrazo con fuerza, con un hilo de cordura, por que si mis pensamientos me abandonan…estaré perdida por completo, seré solo un cascaron vacío…Y eso me da miedo, dime hermana, ¿si pudieras volver, volverías?  ¿cambiarias tu lugar por mi? De verdad estás en un lugar mejor, me pregunto, y me temo que jamás tendré esa respuesta, al menos no en vida…He intentado llenar los vacíos con tus recuerdos, con tu forma de ser, de alguna forma he hecho cosas como tu las harías, no lo note al principio, pero, rio como lo hacías tu…pero no es lo mismo, por que en realidad solo rio nerviosamente, por que no se como comportarme, ser social no era lo mío…era lo tuyo…he intentado ser más amable…he intentado continuar….Pero me pregunto si es suficiente, creo que no lo es…Rezo aun dios al cual no creo…que por favor no me deje sin palabras, sin mis mundos…que no me atrofie tanto como para no recordar quien soy. Le pido aun dios al que no creo desde que te fuiste, le ruego…llena de desesperación que me libere de este sentimiento, y nunca me he sentido tan sola, como en esos momentos llena de mis propias lágrimas, rogándole clemencia a dios…que me escuche, que me abrace…que me llene de su misericordia, y el silencio, oh hermana el silencio…es su única respuesta y es cuando mas miserable y sola me siento…Pero lo soportare hermana, por que no tengo opción, seguiré con mis sueños rotos, aferrándome a lo que tengo…Ahora mismo no tengo lagrimas que darte, me siento vacía…y eso peor por que este sentimiento se transforma en un nudo que me deja sin aliento…Te extraño…espero que al menos sepas eso, te echo de menos…
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Fucking hell.
I can’t turn this off.
I can’t even pretend to be a little bit okay right now.
These meds are already fucking me up as well.
Fucking hell.
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theheartconstellation · 7 hours ago
I saw a clip of Given on youtube and now I have to rewatch the anime because is perfect
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dollb0dy · 9 hours ago
Tumblr media
i wrote this today in class because i suck at paying attention. also i just started officially writing so be nice pls:)
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trashandwriting · 9 hours ago
Me @ my body as soon as I feel a little off: bitch give me back my serotonin who do you think you are? Producing bad hormones like you're in charge here? Fucking lunatic ima kill you
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When everyone’s getting food and there’s a genuine shock through the room that you don’t want to get anything.
So you end up getting something just because everyone expects you too.
I feel sick and really not hungry at all, but now I have to try and eat something. Yay.
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mutantapologist · 10 hours ago
I will no longer be having headcanons about characters in general. I will only be doing psychiatric medication headcanons. which of your favorite characters takes 200mg lamictal daily? prozac?
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the-bisexual-bitch · 11 hours ago
I solemnly swear to love you forever
Fred Weasley X Female Reader
Summary : The Reader is very insecure about herself, and Fred helps her feel comfortable through the night of the yule ball :)
Type : fluff ☁️and loads of angst ✨
Warnings : Mentions of Anxiety, insecurity about themselves, depressive episodes (this is based upon my own depressive episodes, so yeah)
Anxiety bubbled up in your chest as you walked down the steps beside the Great Hall.
You were nervous about someone judging you. You were always insecure about yourself and that insecurity was taking a toll on you right now.
While your thoughts consumed you, Fred Weasley was searching for his girlfriend. Once he spotted you, the air left his lungs for a moment, while his heart thudded in his chest, he had always considered to be lucky to have you as his girlfriend. Once he came back from his shock, he walked towards you and then noticed you were in deep thought about something. He then noticed how your hands were balled up into fists and your nails cutting little crescent moons on to your palm.
He gently held your hand and slowly loosened your fingers until your nails were no longer cutting into your palms.
“Hello Y/N “ he gently whispered, pressing a soft kiss on your knuckles, which brought you out of your thoughts that were consuming you.
“H-hello F-fred” you whispered, you sighed and then said
“I’m sorry, I’m really nervous, you see I have never really worn heels and Angelina literally forced me into these” you said while eyeing you black pair of strappy heels, and then letting out a hollow chuckle.
“Its fine i love you no matter what and you know that” he said kissing your lips softly
You immediately responded back with the kiss and melted into his arms
“Now c’mon let's go the yule ball is about to start” Fred said after breaking the kiss and holding a hand toward you and bowing at you
You giggled at his theatrics and took his hand and let him lead you through the crowd of people.
Fred's presence always made you feel better when you were anxious or dealing with your depressive episodes, his presence soothed your nerves and as cliche as it sounds it was true.
Once the champions entered the hall and started their first dance, slowly people began joining in, you were sitting with Fred near a table when he offered you his hand and asked in a mock posh voice “Can I have the honour of dancing with you Lady Y/n”
“Of course Sir Fred, I would love to accompany you tonight for a Waltz” you replied back in the same posh voice he used.
“C’mon now” he said, grabbing your arm and guiding you through the dance floor, you were surprised at how well he could waltz without really putting much effort, surprised was an understatement.
You finished one dance and you both agreed you weren’t going to dance anymore since the same slow waltz was followed up by a very fast tune which both of you had a hard time keeping up with.
You guys had your food and Fred said he would walk you back to your common room, you were on your way to your common room when suddenly you felt like you wanted to yell out in frustration, you stopped in your tracks and you were close to wall so you leaned on the wall for support and then you slowly slid down the wall.
Fred was holding your hand while this happened and when you let go of his hand to lean on the wall, he became concerned he rushed to your side and pulled you into his arms, he knew you too well to know your depressive episode will haunt you and just surprise you like right now.
You buried your head into the crook of his neck and broke down, sobs wracking your body.
“Shh i’m here Y/n/n, i’m here my love, i will not leave you, okay, calm down, i’m right here” Fred whispered into your hair soothingly
You didn’t know for how long you were sobbing, but when you finally calmed down, you hugged Fred close to you and whispered a shaky thank you to him.
“You don’t need to thank me Darling, i’ll always be with” he said pulling away from the hug and holding your hands in his own and gently rubbing his thumbs over your knuckles and looked into your eyes and said lovingly
“Y/n Y/l/n know that i’m always here for you and I love you with all my heart, I solemnly swear to love you forever”
You took your hands and placed it on his cheeks your thumbs caressing his cheek bones
“And I solemnly swear to love you too forever”
He then pulled you up and brought you in a soft but passionate kiss that you didn’t know for how long it lasted.
A/n: this was for my friend who is not on tumblr anyway but yeah hope you guys like it <3
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bluepenguinn · 12 hours ago
It is very difficult to love the other person without trust. In this period, it is difficult to trust people
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hehehummra · 14 hours ago
"Sometimes I like to think how different life would have been if Eve hadn't bitten the forbidden fruit."
we all would be chilling in heaven...
only if life was that simple.
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