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#derek hale
lethal-desires · 17 hours ago
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"I know he likes me. I just know it."
The ol' jock/nerd trope, but this time, an iron-willed nerd with a sharp tongue, and an utterly smitten soft jock who is head over heels for the former.
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redthoughtsblog · 2 days ago
“I would die for you.”
“I would die for you.” Derek says quietly, his eyes trained on Stiles’ neck, lips, nose. Anything but his eyes.
Stiles looks at him and takes a moment before he speaks. Derek was the one who taught him how to do that. Think before he speaks. It works surprisingly well.
Because, in that moment, Stiles realises that Derek has never said ‘I love you’. And Stiles knows that he loves him - of course he does - but he’s never said it.
And Stiles thinks for a moment longer. Because maybe this is Derek’s way of saying it. By making these declarations. They’re usually pretty obvious, in Stiles’ opinion, but they’re declarations nonetheless. The month before, he had said ‘You’re the only one that I’ll ever want’ while they were making dinner together, which was more intimate than an ‘I love you’ would ever be to Stiles. And before that, he had told Stiles, ‘I would kill for you’. Stiles didn’t mention the fact that he already had.
“I don’t want you to die.” Stiles says simply, because it’s the truth, and the truth was simple and sweet in his mouth.
Derek catches Stiles’ gaze then, his mouth turning up in that small, private smile, reserved only for Stiles.
“Then I’ll live for you.”
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incorrect-teenwolf · a day ago
Derek: *peeking his head through the door of his room* can you all close your eyes for a second?
Erica, Boyd, Isaac:
Isaac: ... why?
Derek: I did a stupid thing last night
Stiles: *bursting out of the room* good morning everyone!
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Stiles: My moral alignment is chaotic lawful.
Isaac: What the fuck is that supposed to mean?
Derek: He has a strict moral code but nobody can figure out what the hell it is.
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wheredidhiseyebrowsgo · 2 days ago
Heyy. I was wondering if you knew of any fics similar to “The Darkness Fades Away” by heartsdesire456. Like where stiles gets asked out by someone and they don’t have any good intentions and like Derek saves him or comforts him afterwards
I do!
Tumblr media
The Darkness Fades Away by heartsdesire456
(1/1 I 44,974 I Mature)
After Derek is the one who saves Stiles from a terrible night gone wrong, they aren't the only ones forced to overcome barriers, break down walls, and try to rebuild their lives one step at a time.
Though, they are are the only ones doing it together.
The Rest of Your Life by paradis
(1/1 I 4,168 I Teen)
“Seemed like a buttercream guy,” Stiles says innocently, and grabs two forks and pours two huge glasses of milk. They eat in silence and when Stiles finishes his mouth is filled with the too-sweet taste of peanut butter icing and chocolate cake, and he’s full, but he feels good, too. He stares at Derek, who’s licking his lips after his last bite of cake. “I think I’m probably not straight,” he says suddenly. And Derek says, “I ripped down the whole top floor of the house this morning thinking about Laura.”
Jurisdiction by elisera
(1/1 I 7,025 I Mature)
John is a pretty level-headed guy. He wasn’t always, back during his own Sturm und Drang period, but he married a firecracker of a woman and got a kid with an affinity for trouble like he got payed for ending up in it, so someone had to level out or they would’ve ended up living in a treehouse or Lapland doing god knows what. Anyway, getting a hold of his temper is one of John’s better life achievements. It makes him a good sheriff and it kept him from blowing his lid too badly those last two years when Stiles started acting out in a way that John had never seen before.
But the temper is still there.
He’s reminded of it when he comes home on a random Saturday in March after spilling his milkshake all over his uniform shirt only to notice he didn’t have a spare in the station and finds Stiles bend over the kitchen sink with hunched shoulders.
The Last Witness by Keyshiano
(8/? I 33,974 I Explicit)
The Hales have a new neighbor, but Stiles gets a weird feeling about him whenever he comes around. He can't seem to avoid him, though...
If Nothing Saves Us by the_little_flower
(19/? I 48,337 I Mature)
“If nothing saves us from death, at least love should save us from life.” - Pablo Neruda
Stiles is alone, trying to scrape by while fighting through the scars a long and unhealthy relationship left him with. Some days it doesn't go well.
Derek is just trying to be a good person and help out someone who needs a hand. He isn't intending to fall for Stiles. But then again, his plans never tend to work out anyway.
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thiamfresh · 2 days ago
Derek absolutely fucking LOVES Liam and Theo being together.
Not because he thinks they’re a good couple or anything like that and he’d still 100% kill Theo at a moments notice if he tries to hurt Scott again but dude is fucking LIVING for Scott complaining about Liam dating the enemy
Every time Scott calls him up to complain that Liam is still insisting he’s in love with Theo Dereks like “Wow. That’s wild.” And the second he hangs up he’s just cackling and screaming at the phone “HOW DOES IT FEEEL!!”
Scott all “I just don’t understand how he can trust him after everything” And Dereks there looking at the camera like he’s on the office like
“Yeah, must suck when someone won’t listen to you telling them dating the enemy is a bad idea.”
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messy-peach-art · 15 hours ago
Tumblr media
I love this scene, it's my favorite Sterek scene for sure, so I redraw this with a little twist to celebrate 10 amazing years of Sterek.
For Sterek Week 2021 by @sterekweek-2021
Day 1: Eternity
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paquim · 2 days ago
Clark/Superman x Stiles
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incorrectmccallpack · a day ago
Derek: I'm Isaac's emergency contact.
Melissa: So you're here to pick him up?
Derek: I'm here to be removed as his emergency contact.
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hii can you please do a derek hale x reader where he's taking care of reader because she's been more tired lately?? 🙏🙏
thanks for requesting!
gif from google
Tumblr media
From the second you opened your eyes, you could feel something was off. It has been like that all week, every waking second you spent in your bed.
You tried to make your way through your apartment, you stumbled slightly over some boxes on the floor, before sighing.
You walked to your fridge, getting out your coffee creamer before opening it up.
Damn it
It was expired. You threw it away, leaning your head against the table before hearing your phone ring.
"Hey," you said softly.
"Hey, what's going on?" Derek answered on the other end, as you sniffled.
"Nothing much, what about you?" you asked.
You heard your front door open as you frowned, seeing Derek enter.
You had a small smile on your face as you walked to him, wrapping your arms around him.
You buried your head in his chest while he rested his head on top of yours.
"It's been a while," he said softly.
"Yeah, I'm sorry," you replied.
"Don't apologize. Just talk to me," you looked up at him as your eyes watered slightly.
"I don't know. I'm just tired," you said softly.
He pressed a small kiss to your forehead, before stroking your cheek.
"Then let's go to bed," he said.
"I can't fall asleep. Even when I do... I don't know," you shook your head.
"C'mon," he held your hand, leading you to your room before sitting you on the bed.
"I have to unpack and get some groceries, I-I need to grade some papers, my lights went out, I need lightbulbs, and..." you began to explain before he stopped you.
"Just take a break for some time. You can't keep working-"
"I haven't been working, there's no-"
"(Y/N), you said you were tired. You need to rest," he said.
"(Y/N), come on," you gave him a look before he sighed.
"Will you just lay down here with me? Just for ten minutes?" he asked softly.
You paused for a moment, before nodding.
"Fine," the two of you laid back on your bed, while he wrapped his arms around you tightly.
You leaned against his chest, yawning slightly.
You felt warmth in your body, closing your eyes before he stroked your cheek.
He waited as you fell asleep, slowly slipping out of bed.
You woke up an hour later, jumping up as you realized how much time has passed.
You hurried out of your bed, opening your door as you frowned.
The lights were on, all the boxes are folded in the corner, everything was all set up.
You looked at Derek, he sat on your table with papers surrounding him.
"Stiles might have the worst handwriting I've ever seen, I-I mean I can't tell if that's a 7 or a 1," he sighed.
You smiled at him, wrapping your arms around him tightly.
He smiled, pressing his lips against yours before pulling you into his lap.
"You know I'll have to re-grade these," you said softly.
"Doesn't matter now. High school kids aren't too worried about if they failed their math quiz," he put his hands around your waist while you sniffled.
"Thank you for taking care of me," you whispered.
He pressed his lips to yours once again before you leaned closer to him.
"Do you want to go back to your bedroom?" he whispered.
"Well, I live here alone, so..." he pulled his jacket off, a small smirk on his face before pressing his lips to your neck.
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aristrocrat · a day ago
stiles gets his license
basically just Stiles crushing on you. i kind of want to make a series out of this. think of this as the prequel to the show. :) enjoy
“Dude, this is sick!” Scott shouted happily as his best friend drove into his driveway. He opened the passenger door and hopped in. “This was your moms?”
“Yeah! I mean my dad wanted to sell it and put the money towards another car but it’s nice to kind of have a piece of her around, you know? Plus it’s in near perfect condition!”
“Oookay, dude. I’m looking at your dashboard right now and I can honestly say that I didn’t even know cars HAD that many warning lights,” Scott smirked earned an annoyed look from his childhood friend.
“Dude I said NEAR perfect. A little duck tape and this baby is ready for an off road adventure in the mountains,” Stiles said proudly, patting his steering wheel. Almost instantly the car squealed in response. Stiles chuckled nervously before hitting the steering wheel with force a few times in order for it to stop.
“Yeah, you’re definitely riding solo on that big adventure, bud!” Scott pat his friend’s shoulder, earning a dramatic swat-away.
“Whatever, I bet Y/N would LOVE to go with me!” Stiles shrugged.
“Yeah, bro. You wish,” Scott chuckled, hinting at the crush Stiles has been nursing for years now.
Although it was a joke, he could really picture it. Nothing but you, him, the trees while blaring his mom’s old cassettes that he’d found earlier that day.
You reminded him a lot of her. Your voice, your taste in music, but mostly your personality. You were sweet and playful. You never hesitated to respond to his witty remarks in the best ways. And the thing that always made him melt was how you, above all, cared wholeheartedly about the people you loved.
“Go with you where?” The sweet, melodic voice made the boys jump, making you smile. For a second, the boys forgot that the windows were wide open. You perched against Stiles’ window and leaned against her hand. His heart sped at the close proximity. The smell of you was intoxicating.
“Off roading in the mountains. You. Me. And this baby!” Stiles grinned, going to pat the steering wheel but refraining due to the past event. He settles for awkwardly rubbing the dashboard.
“Yeah, pass. I heard that thing squealing from my room next door. But we should celebrate our new chauffeur! Wanna grab some snacks and have a movie night? Or maybe we can go to the woods and star gaze!” you called while jogging over to Scott’s side of the car. “Unless, of course, you’re too chicken!”
“Why’d you look at me when you said that?” Scott pouted as you opened his door and waited for him to hop in the back. “Well now you definitely don’t get shotgun.”
“Ugh okay then get out so I can climb in the back,” you rolled your eyes.
“Nice try. Last time you said that you refused to move from the seat. Climb over me,” Scott shrugged. You huffed and started to climb over him.
A hint of jealousy tickled Stiles’ chest.
“Oh my god, you’re joking,” you scoffed, looking at his dead pan face. “Fine.”
“Stiles! I hear that you got your-…” Melissa began as she walked out into her driveway. She stopped talking as soon as she caught a glimpse of the flying limbs and curse words coming from the passenger’s seat. “What the hell is-? Actually you know what? I don’t want to know. I just wanted to wish you a congratulations before I left for my shift! .. Also please don’t kill my son.”
“I’m really thinking about it right now,” He said looking over at Scott and rolling his eyes at the way he threw the rest of your body in the back seat. Melissa chuckled.
“Well, I’m actually in a hurry. But you kids have fun. Be. Careful.” She said sternly as she walked towards her car. “Scott, I have a late shift tonight but I left some money on the counter for a pizza and a little extra for Stiles’ gas! Congrats again!”
“I’m not taking that money!” Stiles called out. “But thanks anyway!”
“Okay since we can’t decide on a movie, want to go out to the woods and star gaze or start a campfire? I think my dad has some beer.” You smiled. The boys were sitting quietly, both of them dead set on watching their respective movie choices. “I’m not really in the mood to watch Star Wars or Inception anyway.”
“Yeah, that sounds way better than having to hear Scott shit on a cinematic masterpiece,” Stiles stood up, grabbing his keys from his left pocket. Scott playfully rolled his eyes and followed behind the two of you.
“So what essay topic did you chose for tomorrow’s paper?” You asked, trying to lighten to mood a bit as you walked out of the front door.
“The effects of-”
“Wait, what essay?” Scott interrupted. The two of you stopped in your tracks and turned back to him. “There’s an essay?”
“Yeah, the two page essay in English over-”
“Jane Eyre. Oh my god. Yeah, I can’t go out tonight. I almost forgot to finish that!” Scott yelped. He started jogging back towards his room. “I’ll see you guys tomorrow!”
You both stood in silence for a second. Stiles’ heart fell a little at the thought of the night ending so soon. All he wanted to do was hang out with you. He was debating on making the good ol’ yawn-and-stretch move during the movie. There went that plan.
“I’m kind of bummed. I was excited to go to the woods,” he heard you mumble. He looked up with wide eyes and saw you looking at the jeep. When you looked back at him, he swore he felt an army of butterflies swarm his stomach.
“Yeah, me too. I mean, we could just swing by the gas station, grab a few snacks and watch the sunset. I mean- if you want. I totally get if you don’t since Scott isn’t here!” He spoke swiftly, making you laugh. God, that laugh.
You’ve always been closer to Scott than Stiles. Your moms were best friends since their high school years so when they fell pregnant at the same time, that title was bestowed upon the two of you. Your moms wanted so bad for the two of you to get married and loved to make jokes or plans on the future you two held together.
It wasn’t like you never thought about it, especially as kids. As you aged, though, you both grew to realize that you were more like siblings than anything else. So the idea of getting together was just mutually weird. But regardless of how many times Scott assured Stiles of this, it never really seemed to click.
“Yeah, that sounds like fun! But we don’t need to spend money on snacks, I have a pantry full of the best junk food money can buy,” You joked, making him chuckle softly. “Wait here, okay? I’ll be right back.”
Stiles hopped into his jeep. He could feel his heart pumping at the speed of light. An endless amount of questions and over analytical thoughts raced through his mind while you took your sweet time in your house. He scrolled through his phone to take his mind off of the fact that you agreed to hang out with him. After a while, he even began to wonder if you just flat out changed your mind and decided to leave him planted.
Then he saw your door open and close before you approached the Jeep. You were carrying an enormous bag that, by the looks of it, was filled to the brim with snacks.
“Damn, are you planning on feeding a whole village!?” He said dramatically as you plopped the bag in backseat. You grinned and rolled your eyes.
“Oh that’s just for me! This is for you,” You pulled out a granola bar and tossed it lightly at his face that he failed to catch.
“Okay, ow!” He laughed throwing it back. “And that better not be for me. I strictly only eat junk food and that does not meet those qualifications.”
“Huh. So the man can’t catch and only eats junk food. Remind me again why you’re on the lacrosse team?” You teased.
“Whatever, you’re just grumpy because you’re hungry. For my sake, please start eating,” He said making you giggle. “Oh my god, before I forget. You’ll never guess what I found today. My mom’s cassettes.”
“NO WAY! Oh my god!” Your eyes widened in excitement.
“I was hoping to listen to these with you actually! Scott doesn’t really understand my music taste.”
“That’s because Scott lacks any kind of taste. I would love to listen to them with you! Can I pick one out or did you have one picked out?”
Whenever he first became friends with Scott, you and him were a package deal. Every time Scott came over, so did you. Though, you’d tag along strictly to spend time with Stiles’ parents. You absolutely adored them. You’d help his dad with little projects around the house that Stiles always refused to do and beg his mom to braid your hair. Since your mom was often at work, you’d rarely have your hair done in much else besides pigtails. Claudia happily took you and Scott under her wing knowing your parents were always working or away.
You even adopted a few of her mannerisms like the way you put in your earrings. The faces you made while putting on your makeup. The way you took things out of the oven. It was all her.
So getting to listen to her music was almost as special to you as it was Stiles. He wouldn’t want to share this moment with anyone else. Even though it took the entire drive for you to finally decide on a cassette.
“Jesus christ Y/L/N just pick one!”
“Oh my god! This one says ‘To my brave deputy, the man who still asks me to kill spiders’! We HAVE to listen to this one!” You cackled, holding up the cassette only for it to be swiftly taken out of your hands.
“NO WAY! She cannot be talking about my dad. He gives me such shit for making him kill spiders!” He laughed before realizing how much of a wus he sounded like. “I mean like when I was a kid.”
“No, you don’t,” You laughed as you grabbed it back and put it in the stereo. He opened his mouth to argue whenever a soft giggle blared over his speakers
“Noah, I swear to God if anyone hears this but you, I will kill you,” Claudia’s voice immediately shut the two of you up. You both almost forgot the sound of it and stayed silent while she spoke. “I am not normally the love ballad type of gal but having you in my life changed that. Here are a few songs I used to make fun of my parents for liking. Now they make me think of you. Anyway, I love you haha I hope you enjoy!”
You looked over at Stiles who was looking at the horizon. Your heart broke at the sight of the tears that threaten to fall. The goofy boy who was just teasing you the whole drive disappeared into a numb shell.
Until he felt you take his hand into your small one.
His eyes widened and looked at you. Searching your face for the reason that compelled you to do such a thing. He looked down at the perfectly intertwined hands and relaxed a bit.
“Are you okay?” you asked softly. Stiles nodded.
“Yeah, yeah, um.. it’s just been a while since I heard her voice,” He smiled back as the lively song played on. A hint of sadness showed in your smile as you nodded. “I wasn’t expecting to hear her voice but I’m kind of happy to have heard it actually.”
“Me too. I miss her in all her spider killing glory,” You said earning a small chuckle from the boy.
“Yeah or the way she would say both. Like where’d the L come from?” He laughed and watch you throw your head up in laughter. Instantly, you both shot into a conversation about Claudia and old her funny way of being. She was such a light. Just like you, Stiles thought.
You continued to talk about anything and everything well into the night. You didn’t let go of his hand the whole time. Stiles could feel himself falling deeper in love with you in such a gentle and sweet way. He wanted to explore being your friend before anything else so that he could get to know every part of you; the friend, the girlfriend.
“Shoot, we missed the sunset!” You pouted after the cassette finished playing its last song, pulling your hand away to look for your phone. “What time is it?”
“I don’t even want to know,” He smiled. You looked at him with your Y/E/C colored eyes and he swore he felt his heart melt. “Can we just stay here a little longer before we go back to the real world?”
“Yes, please,” you smiled. He continued to look in your eyes before you blushed slightly and shied away. The blush was subtle. He could barely see it in the dim light his car provided. But he did. “Hey, the stars are out! Wanna step outside and look at them?”
“Yeah, sure!” He nodded. You both got out of the car and opted to sit on the hood of his Jeep. It was a struggle for you to jump up but once you did, you plopped right next to himZ You were so close he could smell your shampoo. “What’s your astrological sign?”
“I’m a A/S. Why?” you asked, amused at where he was taking the conversation.
“Oh, that’s your constellation!” He pointed up at the sky.
“You realize I can’t see from your perspective and you’re just randomly pointing at stars right now, right?” you asked sarcastically. He rolled his eyes and scooted closer to you and touched his right cheek to your left one. Instantly, his stomach was doing flips. And so was yours.
“Okay, close your right eye… that one,” he said softly while pointing again. Stiles? No. He’d been your friend since elementary school. He was Scott’s dorky friend. There was no way you could feel this way.
But you did.
The scent of his cologne suddenly made you feel tipsy. The warmth of his body felt so radiant and welcoming. The sound of his soft, raspy voice was more beautiful than any song you’d ever heard.
“How do you know that?” You asked, voice just above a whisper.
“My dad, um, he and I used to be total astronomy nerds,” He replied, moving his face away but keeping his body just as close.
“Aww.. now you’re just a nerd,” you teased, making him chuckle.
“Um, no. I’m just a nerd by-”
“Association,” You both said before laughing.
You missed his warmth pressed against your cheek. You wanted to find a way to get closer. It felt ridiculous that you were so nervous to touch him, but you were. You pushed past the nerves and shuffled a little to get into a comfortable position. Then he felt you hesitate a bit before placing your head on his shoulder.
Your head was on his shoulder.
His head was spinning. This was the moment he’d been waiting for since he met you. He felt a surge of confidence overtake him as he finally decided to voice his feelings.
“You know, Y/N, I-”
Suddenly your phone rang inside of the jeep and you sighed.
“It can wait. What were you going to say?” You asked, wanting nothing more but to hear the words about to fall from his sweet lips. The phone grew silent. But as he drew his breath in, trying to rebuild the confidence to confess, your phone rang again. “Oh my god, I’m so sorry. I need to check if it’s my mom.”
“No, no it’s okay,” he lied. “Go answer it, it might be important.”
And sure enough, it was your mom. He heard you mumble your explanation for being out so late on a school night. And just like that, the moment was killed.
“Um, yeah my mom wants me home,” You chuckled nervously. You were so embarrassed of the cock block that was your mother. “She’s pretty mad.”
“No, I mean it is late!” He laughed. “We can do this again some other time! Let’s get you home.”
You filled in the ride home with light, playful conversation. Mid-conversation you’d both burst into song and continue up like it was nothing. He did notice that, unlike the ride to the woods, you looked at him the whole way home. He felt so warm in your gaze.
“Thanks for the ride,” You said as he pulled into your driveway.
“Yeah, no problem,” He smiled. You grabbed your bag of snacks and got out of the car. His heart sunk at the sight of you leaving. As you walked past his side of the car, though, you paused.
“Hey, Sti?”
“Thanks.. for tonight I mean,” You smiled as you leaned into his window. “I had a lot of fun. We should do this again sometime.”
He opened his mouth to answer but was greeted with a kiss to the cheek. It felt as if time stopped and the world ceased to exist.
He’d seen you do it a million times with your friends. It was a playful, quick act you did with ease. But this was different. You lingered. Enough to satiate his senses with your scent and the touch of your soft lips. He blushed furiously in response. His breath caught in his throat. You pulled away smiling once more before lugging your snack tote back inside.
Stiles stayed still for a few seconds after your closed your front door. His fingers grazed the skin you had just kissed before driving off with the goofiest, love-struck grin.
He was so into you.
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when-she-writes-stuff · 15 hours ago
Derek: That giant box is Stiles's gift for me?
Boyd: Yep.
Derek: He's inside, isn't he?
Boyd: Yep.
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You are the absolute best at finding everything Teen Wolf 🥰😁 I'm trying to find a Sterek fic.....
Scott is a bad alpha/friend.....The Hale Pack is awesome and run by Stiles and Derek.....I think there is some big meeting and their knowledge is renowned and valued.....Scott is a butthead....I think there is a baby involved at some point but Scott questions it
Hi @avicris918! @purplepints thinks it's this one.
Tumblr media
The Roads Not Followed by SylvieW
(4/4 I 13,747 I Mature I Sterek)
Scott decides to leave Beacon Hills with Allison and her father. Stiles is left alone to deal with the supernatural troubles of his home town, so he turns to Derek.
Years later, Scott’s new pack is threatened, and the only ones who can help them are the Hale pack and Derek’s powerful mate.
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jbbarnes · 22 hours ago
Tumblr media
For @acesterek's first prompt, Eternity/aromantic
Derek never got to visit New York as a tourist, only as a boy running for his life. When Stiles buys them both tickets, he's nervous, but it might be the fresh start he needs. "How long should we stay here?" Stiles asks, overwhelmed but happy. "Forever," Derek replies.
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mitchyslaw · a day ago
Simple Derek sketch I did, the context is that he struggled to heal after he left Stiles behind in Beacon Hills in the S4 Finale unknowing that he was his anchor, needing him around to heal! Sorry it’s so depressing 🥲
Pose/concept inspired by @/MyNemWynx !
Tumblr media
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