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Hey y’all, i’m finally back cause yes

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Derp Baby Marcy, cuz amphibiacord request it.

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lol I logged into my laptop for the first time in at least a week - week and a half and I almost locked myself out because I kept putting the password to the pharmacy server in. I followed THAT up with just aggressively slamming my palms into my laptop yelling WHY WONT YOU LET ME IN a few times until I realized. 


Originally posted by adventurelandia

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Can i just mention how adorable the iron golems look in lego


i mean


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Head empty. Derp Marcy live in my brain rent free.

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I barely write stuff..

but just still read some.

kinda nuetral with some things.  

I’m just a normal human being who loves this stuff and let my mind go wild. :>

but nothing comes by… lol

PS: too tired to fix spelling.. 

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