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#descendants 2

As far as I know, R.O.A.R. and Swords and Shields are the exact same thing, just named differently by different media (books/movies versus some promo magazines). It involves swords (no actual shields, as far as I can remember), mobile walls and crates, and a combination of sword skills and agility skills.

It’s literally just the in-canon explanation for how Jay and Carlos (and Mal and Evie somehow) could match up swordfighting skills with a literal pirate crew.

Anyone else who has anything else to add or elaborate, feel free to add on!

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there’s a scene right after evie takes mal off the stairs at the cotillion where she asks mal how she’s feeling and she responds by saying she feels like she’s going to t*u*, but nothing happens and she honestly doesn’t even look like she feels bad. 

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I’m starting the ‘Uma Did Nothing Wrong Club’ 

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What do you mean? They’re already married!

Seriously, I have a HC that one day, on the Lost Revenge, Uma and Harry just decided that they were married. Maybe they fill out a marriage license thing in Auradon just to make it official.

If they were to actually have a wedding in Auradon, post-D3, I can see them having a beautiful beachfront wedding. Cliché, maybe, but it’s theirs. Their pirate crew is in attendance, but Ursula and Hook are absolutely not invited. Some of the friends they made during D3, like Jay, Jane, and Carlos, attend. Somehow I don’t see Mal in attendance either.

Uma’s wearing a seashell tiara and a long flowy white gown with turquoise ombre on the skirt. Harry’s hardly dressed formally. He stares at Uma dreamily as she walks down the aisle. He hardly remembers what they’re doing here, all he cares about is that Uma’s there with him.

I haven’t thought this through much, but I know that I love this ship.

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Huma is absolutely the god tier ship!

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If y’all haven’t seen the PRECIOUS art from @blecbleh​, go check it out right now.

Sorry this is in the middle of January, but my work and school life have been crazy! Here is your late Christmas gift for the @descendantsgiftexchange​. You said you liked knight!Jay, so this is kind of a spin on it! I hope you like it because your art puts so much joy and cuteness into the fandom.

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Right? The boys get no significant storylines and no merch. It’s annoying as hell! Ben is demoted to Mal’s ticket to power, not even allowed to rule his own kingdom; Jay is background muscle with a big brother side; Carlos is *vaguely* smart and a dog-lover, who’s entire story in D3 revolved around his girlfriend. Even Harry and Gil feel like they’re just there to support their plot-relevant captain, while Doug does absolutely nothing and Chad is just there to be Audrey’s lackey. Compare this to their D1/D2 selves! They really get a horrible demotion. It makes no sense for their characters.

There really is no excuse for this.

Disney does not know how to write their own characters…

Luckily, we have fanfic to fix that.

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Descendants 1
*is received with positive reviews, financial success, and massive popularity*
Disney execs
Perfect! Time to spend two movies ruining everything appealing about the first one and erasing any reason that our main protagonist was appealing to abused children.
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