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shades of brown

this upturned soil, freshly watered,
and you wonder what lies beneath.
this fur, matted and dark, this
chocolate fountain, this void tinted
a shade brighter,
look deep enough and you’ll fall all the same.
shallow enough to catch the light
but deep enough to drown, if you
don’t trust me
dip your toes in and you’ll never
come out, the color of my walls in the dark, of a bag on the way,
of the sky when it’s all
about to end, look in and it’s

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¿Qué sería si fuera una técnica de dibujo tradicional? 

Sería dibujo a lápiz porque es el más común y conocido pero sin embargo tiene muchas variables.

¿Qué sería si fuera un material?

Sería la pluma de tinta ya que es un material un poco complicado pero vale la pena, se pueden lograr efectos con la tinta derramada cómo trazos super finos en muchos materiales.

¿Qué sería si fuera una planta?
La heliconia rostrata porque me llama la atención de inmediato sus hermosos colores y tiene cuidados sencillos a pesar de ser tan rara planta.

¿Qué sería si fuera un edificio?
 Pixel Building, Melbourne, Australia. El cual es el primer edificio de Australia es ser sustentable y bueno para el ambiente, ya que es 100% libre de huella de carbón.

¿Qué sería si fuera una silla?
Una silla de bambú colgante. Ademas de ser buena para el ambiente, también se mueve de manera relajante.

¿Qué sería si fuera un ritmo musical? Género: Pop
Es mi canción favorita de mi artista favorito, el significado de la canción es muy profundo, y no dejo de escucharla. Es: Understand - Shawn Mendes <3

Considero que el con la cual más me relaciono ya que esa canción es muy importante para mí y todos deberían escucharla al menos una vez.

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—(Attitude Toward Knowledge and Information)—

With the sign of Cancer ruling the 3rd house the nature of the Moon influences the attitude toward knowledge and information.  How one observes the importance of knowledge, the action they take toward knowledge and how it serves as a foundation for future abstract studies are born in the 3rd house.  With Cancer in the 3rd house the attitude toward knowledge is driven solely by the inner world of the imagination.  When the imagination is stimulated the desire for knowledge and learning becomes strong.  Without an imaginative spark the passion for learning may be low; if non existent at all.  If teaching or learning is presented in cold, stern or dry means it causes a passive interest toward learning.  Staying engaged through having a comfortable safe atmosphere to learn is vital for producing the motivation to learn with Cancer in the 3rd.

The moon’s influence on the 3rd house can be responsible for bringing a very sentimental nature in the realm of information and knowledge.  The general attitude toward knowledge can be very nostalgia driven and linked to the past   The experiences growing up can go a long way in shaping the foundation for the interest towards knowledge one may possess. . An attitude toward learning is oft very  consistent with how learning was valued in the upbringing.  The mother specifically may have had a very strong influence on the approach toward learning.  Sometimes the culture one was raised in has an equally profound effect on the learning desires.1

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Hana Drea
Poetry is waves of beautiful description… Painting words without a picture… Imagination  is all you need. Be it realistic, be it funny, be it soulful which cringe through your heart. Stabbing wounds with flirty catch. Perhaps a darkness woes.
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—(Attitude Toward Knowledge and Information)—

With the sign of Taurus ruling the 3rd house the feminine nature of planet Venus influences the attitude toward knowledge and information.  How one observes the importance of knowledge, the action they take toward knowledge and how it serves as a foundation for future abstract studies are born in the 3rd house. Having Taurus in the 3rd house will bring a very reserved and even laid back attitude toward knowledge and information.  What we see here is one whose primary sense of learning relates to the senses.  Feel is the primary driver for absorbing information.  The better things feel the easier they are to absorb when learning.  One has to feel rooted into a subject or it brings a rejection of knowledge that makes keeping focused difficult.

Taurus in the 3rd house can seem on the outside at times as if there is a hint of laziness that goes into learning or taking in knowledge.  It may even seem to many on the outside that perhaps there is a lack of caring altogether.  For Taurus in the 3rd house the ability to take in knowledge can seem slow due to a patient approach toward learning.  Taurus needs to feel everything out and it needs to be taken slowly to process it.  It’s only when Taurus here “feels” rite does that comfort level exist where it’s OK to absorb knowledge.  There may be a bit of romanticism toward learning evident,  Knowledge has to capture a sense of beauty and value so Taurus can feel lustful in “needing to have it,”

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Dark and confined to a corner, was the smallest, run down bookstore-the oldest one in the neighborhood that still stands. It didn’t seem as bad as it is on the inside but compared to its outside, it was horrendous. Vines crawled over the roof and moss stuck to the pavement. A huge tree slumped over the store, long strands grass surrounds the small wooden shop tickling its sides. The glass on the front is foggy and smeared with dirt. Meanwhile, graffiti painted the dull 100-year-old wood with modern day mockery.

Although its presence is highly recognized as “gross” and “haunted”, the books found inside are impeccable. Stories written dated all the way back to the mid 1800s to 1900s sat in that very store. Hidden from all aspiring authors, did they evolve quietly, painting the past the moment their stories are played with the opening of the first page.

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Bentley 8 Squad Characters Description

(First, forgive me for my broken english. Second, sims closeups in sims 3 gameplay sucks and I can’t install pose player for some reason, so I have to go to CAS just to take their closeups).

This is the characters description from my fanfiction, Bentley 8 Squad. Like I said in my previous post, they called themselves “Bentley 8” because all of them like Bentley cars. They living together in a house in Sim City. Each nicknames represent their traits/styles and positions in this squad. Their friendships are inseparable, and they’re always be there for each other. They established mental health community named “Im-perfection”, and their goal is to help everyone who struggles with mental health. Despite their obstacles, they’re always finding ways to chase their dreams in their early 20’s. By the way, some original characteristics are changed for the storyline.


Angela Pleasant (Bentley Queen) - age 20

She’s ambitious, fashionable, popular, cheerful, and a trendsetter. As a cheerleader captain and queen bee of her high school, Angela knows how to fit in. She’s always be friendly to everyone despite her stuck-up persona, and it made some people nicknamed her “phony” behind her back. But as she gets older, she became more sincere, especially after she’s taking master’s degree in psychology. She and her twin sister, Lilith, disliked each other when they were teens. But she apologized to her and they became friends. She also has interests in fashion design. She’s a great home cook, and excellent at making cakes. Angela is a good listener to her seven housemates. She loves Dustin so much although they came from different social circles. She suffers from eating disorder and endometriosis, but it doesn’t limit her to become a (soon-to-be) psychologist.


Lilith Pleasant (Bentley Gothic) - age 20

She’s often misunderstood due to her attitude and black clothing. She’s sharp, witty, sarcastic, hot-headed, and somewhat rude. But she’s really nice if you know her well, and she will do everything for her close friends and lover (especially Dirk).

Despite her parents (Daniel and Mary-Sue Pleasant) treated her unfairly and favored Angela over her, plus she and Angela disliked each other when they were teens, she’s forgiving and didn’t hold grudges. As a lead vocalist in her high school band, and she’s taking art major, Lilith is a great artist and talented rock singer/guitarist. She has bipolar disorder and borderline personality disorder, but her manic-depressive phases makes her even better at making arts and music. That’s the way she deals with her mental disorders : pouring all her emotions into creations as a coping mechanism.


Dustin Broke (Bentley Rogue) - age 22

He’s rebellious, bad-ass, tough, daredevil, and likes to break the laws. He used to be a criminal and drug dealer in high school. He liked to smoke weed and use cocaine. Back then, he liked to steal things. He’s friends with another criminal, Gordon King. But actually he's not a bad person. He’s really soft on the inside but pretends to be tough. He cares a lot about his housemates, especially his beloved girlfriend (Angela). Then, he realized his dream was never to become a criminal. He quits criminal career to become an architect. Also, he suffers from schizophrenia caused by drugs and trauma (his then-alcoholic mother, Brandi Broke, often beat him up when he was a teen), but his job keeps him stable. He’s getting nicer and trying to do good, although his rebellious nature never faded.


Dirk Dreamer (Bentley Brain) - age 21

He’s good, selfless, genius, bookworm, and compassionate. He’s the smartest among them in this squad. He graduated from medical school at age 19, then he took psychiatry specialization aside from his dream to be a general practicioner, because he wants to recover his girlfriend (Lilith), his step-brother (Dustin), and his best friend (Angela) from their mental disorders. As a kind doctor, Dirk is always helping people or put everyone’s priority first before him, especially all of his housemates. His hard-work is because he wants to make his late mother proud. He’s good at treating sick people or saving lives, and he’ll be distressed if he fails to keep them alive. He has a library in their house, full of his book collections. Despite his struggle with type 1 diabetes, it doesn’t stop him to become a successful doctor. He wrote a best-selling book about his journey as a diabetic psychiatric resident.


Johnny Smith (Bentley Leader) - age 23

He’s nice, athletic, charismatic, commanding, and a party animal. He’s so confident despite having a green skin due to alien descent. As the squad leader (and the oldest member) who has a black belt in karate, Johnny is trying his best to guide and protect all his friends and lover (Ophelia) in this squad. Johnny is a great organizer and planner. His perfectionist nature makes him never missed any arrangement. He also likes to be a party DJ in the clubs. He’s the second best home cook in their household after Angela. Although sometimes he’s loud and bossy to his seven housemates, it’s because he cares and wants the best for them. He suffers from OCD and PTSD because he got beaten up by 9 people, stabbed on abdomen, and thrown to the filthy dumpster due to hate crime against green-skinned sims when he was 18. But, he’s trying to let go of the past, learning karate, and became a successful young executive.


Ophelia Nigmos (Bentley Flower) - age 22

She’s kind, worrywart, mysterious, graceful, and patient. She likes every kind of flowers, and her hobbies are gardening and writing. Motherly and nurturing, Ophelia knows how to give attention to her seven friends/housemates (especially her boyfriend, Johnny). She likes children, and she’s working as a kindergarten (sometimes elementary school) teacher. She’s also a talented writer. She has a strong interest in literature, and she’s a successful blogger as well. Although she has anxiety/paranoid personality disorder and asthma, caused by the ghosts of her old house in Strangetown, only writing and gardening that can calm her down beside the meds.


Ripp Grunt (Bentley Clown) -

age 21

He’s playful, humorous, hyperactive, talkative, and a heartbreaker. He slept with more than ten women (and also slept with men). But, he never fell in love with them like the way he fell in love with Ophelia and Johnny. As a drama student, Ripp is a talented actor and entertainer. He’s great at imitating impressions. He can do a pantomime or stand up comedies as well. He likes to play guitar and often posting duet cover videos with Lilith. He also likes to post pranking videos. His nice and funny personality makes him great at consoling his seven housemates when any of them gets sad, even though he often cries alone when he remembers his past because his father and older brother (Buzz and Tank Grunt) abused him when he was a teen. He wants to become a successful actor and musician despite his struggles with ADHD and chronic gastritis. Although sometimes he can’t control his manners or actions, He’s still trying to do the best.


Puck Summerdream (Bentley Fancy) - age 22

He’s good, shy, polite, thoughtful, and serious. Charming and well-mannered, Puck knows how to treat everyone nicely. Coming from the most respected and wealthy family beside The Capps in Veronaville, makes him the richest sim in this squad. But he’s still humble and doesn’t want to talk about his wealth. Unlike his peers in Veronaville, Puck didn’t want to get involved with Capp-Monty feuds, and he’s always trying to be nice to both sides. He likes to wear suits and bowtie. He’s an expert in classical music. He likes to play piano, violin, saxophone, and he can conduct an orchestra as well. Despite his weak heart, and his depression caused by the death of his girlfriend (Hermia Capp) due to shooting case at Academie Le Tour three years ago, Puck will never let grief or disease obstructing his dreams. He became a successful conductor, and his dream is to bring peace with his music.

Bonus pics

  • Six of them autonomously spending time together at the gym (Lilith is not in the pic).

  • Puck and his new girlfriend, Marina Prattle from Bridgeport. She’s really a pretty sim for a sims 3 premade.
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04/13/20 - Last night I was quite vibrantly awake - one part our sleep cycle’s been out of pace, one part the news that my partner’s sister had gone into labor - and was not at all ready to head to bed when it was time. On a hunch, I went outside on the front walkway, and - 

We’ve been outside very little since shelter in place started. It’s been a month now; and where we had been doing much more hiking and walking than we had been, suddenly that was gone. There have been a couple walks down to the creek and back, maybe five minutes each there and back - but other than that, little exercise, and little outside.

The night air was warm enough to be comfortable, but cool enough that it felt clean and fresh; the moon was waning, but there was enough light to see by, and there were plenty of stars scattered in between the patches of overcast and cloud. A tiny bit of breeziness rustled the trees and the plants; a tiny bit of moisture in the air brought out the smells of earth and new growing plants


05/29/30 (Today) - I forget where precisely this was going; mostly I think I wanted to describe the way the night on our doorstep felt. There was a similar post on spring walks that I had wanted to do, but never made it even to draft form. I love the changing of the seasons, and both pieces highlighted the subtle little shifts here and there as spring turns on to summer. I wish we could be outside more, but so it goes.

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The dew on the grass refracted into million rainbows. She reveled in the roses, their colors splashed with brilliant sunlight. Mist rolled over the hills, hiding in remote corners to dissipate. The gazebo gleamed a bone white.

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—(Personal Values and Self Esteem)–

When the sign of Pisces rules the 2nd house of a birth chart planet Neptune and the feminine nature of planet Jupiter control the affairs of this house.  With Pisces in this house the personal values can be built upon being caring, selfless, charitable, and sacrificial in nature.  Personal values can center on a need for a deeper sense of belonging in life which can lead one towards valuing spirituality. One may value the mystical side of life and mysteries that can’t be explained easily.  

Pisces ruling planet Neptune represents the imagination and one can value the power of creativity it brings.  One can value using imagination by being idealistic and chasing dreams especially when it comes to helping the greater good.  The imagination can also be valued by using it to share the deepest feelings of being alive through poetry, music or writing.  Values can also center around unconditional love, romance and showing compassion as these themes are born from the dreamy nature of planet Neptune.

With Pisces in the 2nd house the self esteem can be linked with the contributions that are made to the greater good.  One can feel good about them self when they deliver services that are for the betterment of others.  Showing compassion to people in difficult situations and helping people unlock their true potential in life can boost one’s self esteem as well.  Being able to express the creative and imaginative side can help boost the feeling of self worth.  The more accepted and understood one is for their emotional creativity the more they can feel of value to life.  The matters of self esteem can also play a role in how generally actively engaged one is in life.  Having a high sense of self esteem can keep one engaged in the physical world rather then want to escape it. However having a low sense of self esteem may cause one to value escaping from reality and not contribute as much actively to the world.

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—(Personal Values and Self Esteem)–

When the sign of Aquarius rules the 2nd house of a birth chart planet Uranus and the masculine nature of planet Saturn controls the affairs of this house.  Aquarius within this house places personal values on intellectual ideas and progressive thinking.  One loves and values thinking that is innovative, unique and forward thinking toward the future. Value can be placed on science, technology and all of the newest innovations birthed in society.  One personally values the frame work of society and likes to embrace in the needs of the greater collective.  Personal values can reside in in living a path that contributes to the frame work of society; sometimes shying own’s own individual needs in the process.  One can even value humanitarian efforts and take interest towards improving or changing society through political involvement or direct interventions. One can value all mankind as part of a greater collective whole deserving equally of respect and care.

Aquarius in the 2nd house shows person values affiliated with being independent and liberated from the norm.  Aquarius in this house values are built upon being original, unique and finding where one fits in the world based on their own individuality.  One values not having to mold to fit into the world to fit an image of what society expects of them.  The personal values can center on simply being rebellious or outlandish while approaching life in an outside the box manner.  Furthermore being a part of like minded groups with values that align with one’s own is something deeply valued.

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—(Personal Values and Self Esteem)–

When the sign of Capricorn rules the 2nd house of a birth chart the feminine nature of planet Saturn controls the affairs of this house. Capricorn brings Personal Values based upon desire to achieve a state of financial security and stability in life.  There can be values associated with being the architect of one’s own life and building it into something truly grand over time.  One values the idea of being an authority and reaching the pinnacle of a profession or life calling.  One’s Personal Values can be associated with using time through hard work, patience and effort in order to build something great and lasting.  Personal values can be built upon using caution and being economical in order to gain a better foothold of future stability for the long term.  There won’t be any desire to rush or make irresponsible decisions that can hurt the future.

With Capricorn in the 2nd house the self esteem can be greatly tied to the financial security and sense of long term structure one has going for them.  The better the future looks the better one will feel about themselves.  If one has struggles with finances or does not have a solid structure to rely on it can cause a poor self image.  Along this perspective one may value their self worth entirely on the accumulation of savings they have in the bank.  Not having savings can one simply drain the sense of self esteem in a negative way.  In many instances with Capricorn in the 2nd the feeling of self worth can be directly tied to gaining a sense of authority in a chosen field.  The more success, status and reputation one achieves in life in connection with their career impacts self esteem.

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