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Zoomed in to Show Just a Hint of Immense Cliff Walls (Big Bend National Park) by Mark Stevens
Via Flickr:
While I was heading down to the border with the Santa Elena Canyon, I found a rise of land on the road that allowed me to look across some of the vibrant green and yellow field of trees to my front. Just beyond was a sight one can hardly miss while in Big Bend National Park on the border of Mexico. Those canyon walls seem to just rise from the ground and dwarf everything around with their 1500’ cliff walls. I’d read many an article on photography sites noting the importance of showing less when composing an image from time to time. The idea is to let the mind image what is beyond. Here zooming in helped to bring out the enormous feel to the canyon walls of the Santa Elena Canyon.

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“I got to thinking about the relationship between art and music, and for the first time it occurred to me that form in painting is closely represented in music by rhythm.” -Artist Ted DeGrazia

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