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#desert broom
architecturesstyle · 2 months ago
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This beautiful architecture is constructed by the renowned architects richärd+bauer (now known as Richard Kennedy Architects). Located in the state of Arizona, this desert broom library has been home to many national awards for its specialization in sustainable growth. Opened in 2005 and spread across 15,000 square feet, this library can accommodate up to 60 persons at a time.
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emmebeephotography · 6 months ago
Tumblr media
Peeking Through the Window  Pima County, AZ   November 2020
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literaturha · 7 months ago
No, wiser and much less fallible than man, in that you did not believe your frail generations were immortal, whether due to destiny or yourself.
Giacomo Leopardi, Broom, or the Flower of the Desert
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shallowmagics · 3 days ago
— •   c. & open! • —
Tumblr media
Cherri missed the desert.
He never thought he would. Most of his teenage years had been spent trying to leave that wasteland. Take Route Guano as far north as it would go and end up somewhere good. Somewhere clean. Now, picking up the fallen radio antenna from the top of the station made him miss the windstorms and his own station from home. The sandstorms were easy to weather, all he needed was a broom and maybe a shovel to fix things in the aftermath. But the thunderstorms here were something else. The wind destroyed everything, the rain ruined his already slow renovations, and the things in the woods seemed to become more bold after a storm.
His hands slipped on the still-wet metal of the antenna, Cherri letting out a curse under his breath as it landed on the ground again. He scrubbed his good hand- the one not made of exposed wires- down his face, eyes squeezing shut as he heard the wet plop of footsteps on the still-drying grass. If Mr. Davies was here again to complain about the lack of ragtime music, Cherri was going to ensure the Phoenix Witch would receive him personally, pacifism be damned.
“The station’s closed until further notice.” He kicked the antenna for good measure. “So don’t even bother turning on the radio until then.”
Tumblr media
open for anyone! 
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arscriptura · 9 days ago
On my school notebooks On my desk and on the trees On the sand and the snow I write your name On all pages read On all white pages Stone, sand, paper or ashes I write your name
On the golden images On the weapons of warriors On the crown of kings I write your name On the jungle and the desert On the nests and the broom On the echo of my childhood I write your name On the marvels of nights On the white bread of days On the married seasons I write your name On the fields on the horizon On the wings of birds And on the mill of shadows I write your name On each surge of dawn On the sea, on the boats On the demented mountain I write your name
On all the flesh that says yes On the foreheads of all my friends On every hand held out I write your name
On absence without desire On naked loneliness On the stair of death I write your name On health regained On danger that is left On hope without memory I write your name And by the strength of one word I begin my life again I was born to know you To name you Liberty.
—Paul Éluard
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xtruss · 10 days ago
Qantas Staff Use 'Wheel Whackers' to Scare-off Rattlesnakes Drawn to A380s Parked in California Desert
— Karla Cripps, CNN • 3rd June 2021
(CNN) — Since the start of the pandemic, thousands of planes from airlines around the world have been grounded, with many temporarily moved to hot, arid deserts -- ideal conditions for aircraft storage.
But as plane maintenance workers have discovered, such climates often come with unwanted -- and occasionally deadly -- inhabitants.
Australian airline Qantas has revealed that engineers tasked with maintaining its fleet of A380 superjumbos stored in California's Mojave Desert have had to come up with a simple but effective system to protect themselves from the area's venomous rattlesnakes.
"The area is well known for its feisty 'rattlers,' who love to curl up around the warm rubber tires and in the aircraft wheels and brakes," said Qantas' Los Angeles-based engineering manager Tim Heywood in a news update published on the airline's website.
"Every aircraft has its own designated 'wheel whacker' (a repurposed broom handle) as part of the engineering kit, complete with each aircraft's registration written on it."
Prior to any landing gear inspections, the workers first walk around the plane stomping their feet and tapping the wheels with the whacker to scare off any slumbering snakes, said Heywood.
Tumblr media
A Qantas 'wheel whacker' rests against the tire of an A380 parked in the Mojave Desert.
"We've encountered a few rattlesnakes and also some scorpions, but the wheel whacker does its job and they scuttle off," he noted.
"It's a unique part of looking after these aircraft while they're in storage and it's another sign of how strange the past year has been. These A380s would rarely spend more than a day on the ground when they were in service."
Qantas has reportedly parked a dozen or so of its A380s in an airfield in Victorville, about two hours outside of Los Angeles. One of them took off for the first time in 290 days this week, flying from Victorville to Los Angeles to undergo a gear swing procedure at Qantas' LAX hangar.
"Aircraft like these are highly technical and you can't just land it at the storage facility, park it and walk away," said Heywood. " It's really important that even when in deep storage, the aircraft are maintained to the Qantas standard."
Return to Flight
At the height of the pandemic, more than two thirds of the world's commercial aircraft were grounded and sent to storage facilities around the world.
Once parked, the planes go through a process that involves draining fluids, covering engine intakes and exhaust areas and protecting external instruments like pitot tubes (used for monitoring the airplane's speed during flight).
And now, many airlines are having to reverse the process.
Tumblr media
Unused Qantas A380s sit in an airfield in Victorville, California.
Though experts say it will take at least two years before traffic returns to pre-pandemic levels, international air travel is slowly picking up as countries reopen their borders to global travelers.
And bringing planes out of hibernation isn't as simple as just firing up the engine and taking off. In 2020, CNN Travel spoke with several experts about the return-to-flight process.
According to licensed B1 aircraft engineer Steph Smith, when planes have been grounded for some time, getting them ready to fly again means starting with simple things like removing the massive number of blanks -- engine protectors -- and tapes covering every hole, port or probe.
"There is nothing worse than having systems full of bugs, water or debris because, as aircraft accident investigations have shown over the years, blocked pitot-static systems can be catastrophic," Smith told CNN.
Smith estimates that it takes more than 100 man-hours to make a wide-body aircraft airworthy after storage, and around 40 man-hours for a narrow-body aircraft. The time it takes depends on both the size of the aircraft and how long it has been stored.
"If you've only had it stored short-term you can get them turned around quite quickly because you've been doing the maintenance every couple of weeks to keep them airworthy," explained Smith.
"Whereas aircraft in long-term storage can take you a long time, and if you're talking something like an A380, it's going to be a lot of work because it's a big aircraft."
Other tasks include changing fluids in the engines if they've been inhibited and reconnecting batteries.
"Then you power everything up, re-establish everything and run through all the system functional checks," said Smith.
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missfangirll · 15 days ago
Driving me crazy
Fandom: Guardian Rating: General Relationship: Zhao Yunlan/Shen Wei, Da Qing/Ye Zun, Shen Wei & Ye Zun Tags: Fluff, Crack, Prompt: Learning to drive Words: 2585 Summary: Shen Wei learns to drive.
Read on AO3
@tehfanglyfish requested this ages ago, and I am truly sorry it took so long... It somehow refused to take the shape I wanted it to, and even now it is 70% crack. 😅 Ye Zun almost hijacked the whole thing and made it about him, so there is a lot of brotherly interaction 😅 Anyway, have some fluff/crack 😁😁
- - - - -
Of all the things that would bring down Shen Wei’s carefully crafted persona, it had to be alcohol, of course. Not even his own intake, but rather the fact that his boyfriend, his brother, and his boyfriend had had too much of it the night before and were now truly incapable of doing anything besides being whiny and mopey, slouching at their large breakfast table in shared misery.
Still, none of this would have been a problem, if not for Ye Zun’s new-found, somewhat misguided sense of responsibility. His brother had used the beginning of the new term to throw himself into some university courses – drama, of all things –, and had morphed into, rather late for Shen Wei’s taste, but who was he to complain, a model student with perfect attendance and spotless grades.
So now, on a late Friday morning, Zhao Yunlan had - in a bout of altruism and concern for his team which had absolutely nothing to do with his pounding headache - given the whole SID the day off, and abandoned him and Ye Zun at the table, leaving Shen Wei with the feeling of being the only adult in the house. Zhao Yunlan had gone back to bed without any coherent input, while Da Qing had refused to change into human form in the first place, stating that hangovers were best dealt with while having a smaller head.
Consequently, it had been only him and his slightly dishevelled brother left at the table, Ye Zun with his face in his hands, his hair in a messy ponytail, wrinkly shirt, ripped jeans, and with two different socks. Shen Wei found this a tiny bit endearing, but would rather bite off his own tongue than say it out loud.
Ye Zun groaned softly and squinted at him through his fingers. “We need to get going,” he mumbled, “I have classes in an hour and your office hours start soon, too.”
Shen Wei raised an eyebrow. With a portal, it would take them less than five minutes to get to their respective buildings, and he opened his mouth to remind his brother of that, when the other raised his head. “Did you forget that today is that ominous Spring Cleaning Day they have been talking about? ‘Open doors and open minds’ or some bullshit they called it. There won’t be an unoccupied room in the whole university, so as long as you and your--,” he visibly went through a whole lot of probably rather insulting terms, before he settled on “--lover don’t have any intimate knowledge about a deserted broom closet, we’ll have to drive.”
Shen Wei felt his ears turn red and stubbornly avoided the other’s smirk. He had indeed forgotten, and now it was way too late to take the bus and arrive in time.
Groaning, he buried his face in his hands. “We could portal somewhere close,” he tried, but Ye Zun shook his head. “It’s not a big deal, really,” he said. “My car is here, we don’t even have to take that ridiculous jeep. Just watch out for the gearshift, it tends to jam when it’s cold.”
Shen Wei stared at him, eyes wide in shock. “What do you mean, I need to watch out? Aren’t you driving?”
Ye Zun massaged the bridge of his nose, then pressed his fingers to his eyes. “I don’t think I can see clearly enough to get through traffic,” he said, “but you’ll be fine. I'll just sit there and tell you where to go.”
Shen Wei felt his breath quicken, not able to meet his brother’s gaze. Panicked, he went through a few hopefully believable excuses why he under no circumstances could drive right now, when he felt Ye Zun’s eyes on him. His brother had always been very perceptive, and even with a spectacular hangover noticed Shen Wei’s strange behaviour. Raising an eyebrow he stated, “You are stalling.” Shen Wei winced while his brother continued matter-of-factly, but with a very audible smirk in his voice, “You don’t want to drive my car and are trying to find excuses, and now I am very curious as to why that is.” 
Shen Wei winced and tried to deflect. “I don’t--,” he started, but his brother was not deterred. Sitting up straighter, he fixed Shen Wei with a scrutinizing stare that made him want to fidget. Avoiding his eyes was apparently the wrong thing to do, since his brother cackled and reached over to flick his forehead. Before Shen Wei could bristle indignantly, Ye Zun pointed out, “Gege, I know you better than anyone, and that face you’re making right now tells me that you can’t or won’t do something, but are too stubborn to say it and try to find polite excuses.” Grinning widely, he continued, “And I know for a fact that you like my car more than that absurd red monster, so there are not many reasons why you would refuse to drive me, since I know you have a driver’s license. I, umm, might have...” He broke off, clearing his throat, his stare intensifying. “Anyway, that leaves only one explanation. You can’t drive, for whatever reason.”
Shen Wei, who had been sinking down further into his chair during this reasoning, didn’t look up as he said weakly, “You should work for the SID, you’re a capable investigator.” 
“But,” his brother now sounded confused, “why do you have a driver’s license when you can’t drive?”
Shen Wei shifted uncomfortably. “When I first began teaching here, Dixing assumed it was a cover for being the Envoy and issued me some documents… I don’t think that was very legal to begin with.” He gave his brother a pained grimace. ”They probably didn’t even know what most of them were for, and I didn’t tell them.” Inhaling deeply, he finished his explanation. “That is why I do have a license, but I have never driven a car in my life. I’m afraid you will need to take care of that if we want to get to work in time.”
- - - - -
After Ye Zun had overcome his laughing fit, he agreed to drive them himself, despite the state he was in. It took them a while to get to the university, Ye Zun cursing and muttering under his breath, but they managed in time. When they parted in the parking lot, Shen Wei noticed a dangerous sparkle in his brother’s eyes as he regarded him for a second. It made him shiver slightly, but he didn’t comment, resolutely turning towards his office building.
He didn’t wait for Ye Zun in the late afternoon, quite familiar with the other’s schedule he knew that he had a rehearsal to attend and wouldn’t be home until dinner. Thus, he quietly locked his office door and portalled home, after making sure nobody saw him. 
At home, he didn’t have time to think about the day’s unfortunate events, since Da Qing loudly requested tuna for dinner, while Zhao Yunlan equally loudly demanded attention. Sighing inwardly, he patted both of them on the head on his way to the kitchen, once more feeling like a babysitter for a group of unruly toddlers. The missing toddler turned up an hour later, just when the rice cooker made a final noise. Shen Wei purposefully filled all four bowls with vegetables, ignoring the various protests, and ushered his flock to the table. When all of them were seated, immersed in their dinner, he allowed himself to relax a little. Having all of them here, feeding them, taking care of them, still came as a surprise on some days, and he was infinitely grateful for it every day. 
He felt slightly less grateful, though, when Ye Zun pushed his bowl aside and fixed him with a pointed look, a wide smirk on his face. 
“Gege,” he began and, sensing that the situation would soon turn interesting, the other two slowly lowered their bowls as well, looking expectantly between Shen Wei and his brother.
“Yes,” the former replied, feeling uneasy under the other’s gaze.
“Gege,” Ye Zun repeated, drawing out the syllables, “I thought about your problem.”
Shen Wei winced, but stayed silent. Zhao Yunlan perked up. “Problem?”, he asked, raising an eyebrow at him. Biting his lip, Shen Wei tried to deny everything, when Da Qing piped up, “The fact that he can’t drive a car, despite having a license, I suppose.”
Shen Wei’s head whipped around. “How….?” he began, but Da Qing just shrugged. Of course Ye Zun had told him. 
Zhao Yunlan cleared his throat. “Yeah, I know, that driver’s license is fake, I assume they gave it to you as a cover. And you’re so lost when it comes to any kind of technology, cars are surely not the one thing you managed.” 
Shen Wei kept staring, not able to reply. His insensitive boyfriend chuckled. “I’m a police officer, you moron, what did you think? That thing is such a bad fake, I’m surprised Ye Zun could use it all this time without getting busted.” Ye Zun choked on his tea. Now both brothers stared incredulously at Zhao Yunlan, who just snorted and took a sip of his own tea. “I figured you’d tell me one day, or maybe ask to drive the jeep so I could show you, but you never did, and I never…” He trailed off, then inhaled deeply. “Well, anyway, would you want to learn?”
Shen Wei was still staring at him, unseeing. 
“Would you want to learn?” Kunlun smiles at him, all teeth and sunshine. “You would want to teach me how to ride a horse?”, he asks, mirth in his voice. “That poor beast.” He can’t look away from that smile. “I think..,” he starts and has to clear his throat, “I think you’d be good at it.”
- - - - -
Shen Wei managed to enforce two conditions before he agreed to Zhao Yunlan’s offer: Only one person would teach him, and he wouldn’t drive the jeep. Which only left Ye Zun’s car, since he also vehemently refused to learn how to drive Zhao Yunlan’s beloved bike.
I haven’t thought this through, he thought, as he adjusted the driver’s seat and fiddled with the mirror. Ye Zun had adapted to his new surroundings the same way he did everything: by inhaling it, just not as literal as he used to. He always bought the newest gadgets, had the trendiest clothes and used all the apps Shen Wei couldn’t even guess the use of. The only exception to that lifestyle was his car. Shen Wei wasn’t sure how he had gotten it or why, but that he was very fond of it, and endured Zhao Yunlan’s regular teasing with the grandeur of a wounded martyr. The car was tiny, even Shen Wei understood that, didn’t have a lot of extras, and most curiously, had a foreign flag painted on the roof. Da Qing didn’t have any opinions about cars, he was only interested in the compartments that could potentially hold snacks, and Shen Wei didn’t care as long as it got him to work and back safely.
But now that he sat behind the steering wheel, he couldn’t help but think that using the jeep might have been a better idea. It was higher off the ground, he mused, and also provided a lot of help to the driver, as Zhao Yunlan had shown him more than once. In Ye Zun’s tiny vehicle he suddenly felt very vulnerable.
Taking a deep breath, he shook himself out of his spiraling thoughts. This was, after all, something that could be learned, and he had yet to find something he wasn’t able to master. Determined, he reached for the key, when Zhao Yunlan next to him blurted, “Stop!” Startled, he let his hand sink, looking warily at the other. Zhao Yunlan fixated him. “Where are your feet?”
“Err,” Shen Wei replied wisely, resisting the impulse to look down. “At the end of my legs, I suppose?”
Zhao Yunlan gave him an unimpressed glare. “Very funny. When driving a car with gearshift, you have to put your left foot on the clutch.” Seeing the other’s forlorn look, he amended. “The pedal on the left. Left is clutch, middle is brake, right is gas.” Shen Wei felt even more confused. “How am I supposed to step on three pedals with two feet?” His boyfriend laughed at him. “You’re not. Don’t think of using brake and gas at the same time, that’ll kill the engine. You need to keep your left foot on the left pedal, then alternate the right between the two. Try it,” he nodded encouragingly. With a deep breath, Shen Wei stepped firmly on the left pedal while turning the key. The engine started and he smiled somewhat relieved. “Alright,” Zhao Yunlan commanded, “now slowly let the clutch go and step on the gas.” Shen Wei did, and with an offended howl, the engine died. He looked uncertainly at the other. “Yeah, that can happen,” Zhao Yunlan sounded unperturbed. “Try again.”
It took a few tries, but in the end Shen Wei managed to move the car forward a bit. (Only to get excited and accelerate too much, forcing Zhao Yunlan to pull the handbrake, but that didn’t dampen his spirits much.) With a slight grin, he turned. “Alright, what is next?”
Zhao Yunlan gave him a look. “Well, we could keep practising here in the parking lot,” he said slowly, “or we could try the road. There's not that much traffic at this hour,” he added, “you should be fine.”
“It’s a calm horse, you should be fine.” “When I fall off, will you take care of me, Hei Pao Shi?” That grin again, Shen Wei thinks. He has no defenses against that grin. He just nods.
In the end, the road really wasn’t that crowded. Which made it easier for the police unit to notice a tiny foreign car whose driver was obviously drunk, oscillating in the lane, speeding up at random intervals. It took all of Zhao Yunlan’s silken persuasion skill, his SID badge and Shen Wei looking utterly helpless behind his glasses to convince the two officers to let them go, but when they had unsteadily turned a corner and Shen Wei had once more throttled the poor engine, Zhao Yunlan couldn’t keep a straight face anymore. He leaned back in his seat, eyes closed, clutching his middle as he dissolved in giggles. Shen Wei pouted for a bit, but then joined in. 
After he had found his breathing again, Zhao Yunlan wheezed, “I should have told them what happens when you drink.” Wiping his eyes he added, a fond note to the teasing tone, “You are such a lightweight.”
Shen Wei smiled back. “I should have told them that all this started because you drank too much. That would have confused them even more, I think.”
Zhao Yunlan snorted, then added, reaching over to put his hand over Shen Wei’s, “Do you remember how you tried to teach me how to ride a horse?” Shen Wei made a soft noise, he was very fond of that particular memory. “I fell off, and really hoped that I would fall into a hole in the ground, but then you picked me up and said you’d take care of me…” He trailed off and regarded the other with a warm smile, which Shen Wei returned. “I promised, did I not?”  “You did, and you have,” Zhao Yunlan agreed, leaning in for a kiss.
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fireandicebookpromos · 18 days ago
When the old street sweeper’s memory deserts him, this smacks of magic, not a senior moment — he’s left with his broom and a reflection that talks back in a snarky voice. But when he sets out to learn more, he finds himself up against foreign invaders who take a dim view of his interference. One officer decides he’s in the way (and making her look bad), so she sends assassins after him directly. His fighting skills with the trusty broom won’t be enough to save him. But his memories are starting to trickle back, thanks in part to clues from that talking reflection. It turns out he was someone important. Someone with magic of his own. Someone who might just be able to stop the invasion, if he can keep himself alive and regain the rest of those memories in time.
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bakugoukatsuki-rising · 25 days ago
Bakugou aims his broom, and strikes, effectively toppling the Alien off of the top of the fridge... and landing on his back. The little shit didn't even let go off the honey, which now clung to him from the forehead to his collarbone. Katsuki took a moment to mourn the loss of his honey and clean floors, before looking back at Deku who lay there stunned for a second before he started to lift off the ground🐔
Never gonna give you up, never gonna let you down, never gonna run around and, desert you
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zebratee · a month ago
Tumblr media
On A Dark Desert Highway Cool Wind In My Hair Witch On Broom Halloween Shirt
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beckettjwyv349 · a month ago
Kirby The Plush Tri-color Corgi Puppy By Douglas At Stuffed Safari - Living Room For Children blog 9722
And from the early seventies on there has been a sluggish baffled senseless drift back again to a kind of pseudo-Victorian ethical posture accompanied by an unprecedented and unexplained advancement in crime. one r arms held him but his thoughts began to drift free within an ebb tide of thought practically nothing could hold. Over and above comprehension. Naturally they spend no notice to head patterns. All lifetime does. This breaking up of her everyday living's designs appeared like it had been part of that movement. 1 A black witch over a broom checked out her by way of a Show window. A part of it looked similar to the wall of a small amphitheater. For those who find yourself going through a brick wall welsh corgi stuffed animal with your schooling, Should your Pet dog seems to be stubbornly lacking the point, think about that he can be responding to another element of the problem. The Corgi Pet dog Stuffed Animals Toys are the top reward for youngsters, couples and friends.
Grandma should hold her buddy at her house however , you can have this surprisingly practical corgi stuffed animal to remind you of how much pleasurable it's to Participate in with Grandma's ally. It really is achievable to discover Lila as some thing Considerably larger than the usual customary sociological or anthropological description would have her be. 1 ppery, and as he walked diligently with all his luggage he could see her in existence beneath the growth gallows. Many awesome things down there in Florida. one but so obvious he could see tiny hills and ripples from the surface in the sand as Plainly as though no h2o were being there. one t in there. Lila turned under the handles and brought her arm up about her encounter to make sure that her hand opened upward towards him. He received a fork and pried a person out in excess of a plate. Then strange things transpire which the brain sees as vulgar and shunnable if the tides are out once more. This Cartesian 'Me,' this autonomous small homunculus who sits powering our eyeballs seeking out as a result of them as a way to move judgment around the affairs of the earth, is simply completely preposterous. Each time a little less gradual.
Every time a little bit more coaxing. The small suppressed smile. That smile. That's what he remembered most. 1 He remembered how the viewers tittered. By the time the hand experienced achieved considerably ample to arrive at its destination, its spot was rigid and waiting around. one He set his possess hand up close to it. If you love puppies and you love corgis, Then you certainly're sure to tumble rapid in enjoy with Kirby the Plush Tri-coloration Corgi Puppy by Douglas! Any time you purchase a Douglas Cuddle Toy, it is possible to believe in that you will be purchasing a very first price plush animal such as this Lil Linnet the Smaller Macaroon Plush Corgi by Douglas. Soft plush cloth | Tremendous lovable | Just about every animal includes its personal story! Adopt this cute plush CorgiMacaroon these days and exhibit the world your playful facet! 1 it absolutely was so heeled-about, then realized it had been since all of the travellers were being within the Manhattan facet on the boat, viewing the skyline that loomed up over every little thing. one Then . .
Tumblr media
1 Then a tear fell on his cheek. 1 He went to her door, knocked and after that opened it. It went with their language. Possibly just obtained within the streetcar and went property. one She really was that Lady within the streetcar. What do you think that of a small Female who goes off and leaves her doll by itself and deserted? They ended up like leaves of trees, without having extra awareness than leaves have of why their cells created them or designed them so alike. Metaphysics of Quality. The language of mental intelligence has absolutely nothing to convey for the cells specifically. We say 'my' body and 'your' body and 'his' system and 'her' overall body, but it is not this way. 1 n another way. That's the way to state it. The language in the cells has absolutely nothing to mention towards the intellect instantly. Just see what helps make our collection Specific - and pay attention to what glad buyers must say. Europeans typically see in the usa: the degeneracy that goes While using the Dynamic. If he claims, 'I see a pretty Girl having a flowering hat,' that's not a sign of schizophrenia. Wow I'd no concept that pet dogs could truly pick up a great number of text.
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Imagine being the reptile catcher for the red haired pirates
The red force is docked at a desert island
You: *exploring a small ruin while the core crew is looking at some maps when you find a snake*
Rockstar: oh my god! That's a false Sand King Viper!
You: *grabs it below it's head* cool
Rockstar: *speechless*
You: *goes over to Shanks* look what I found!
Shanks: *turns his head to see a snake a foot from his face and he throws himself backwards* WHOA!
Benn: what the fuck (y/n)!
You: what I thought boys liked this sort of stuff? *Looks at the Snake*
Shanks: throw it away throw it away now!
You: but
Shanks: *Uses his captain voice and glares at you* THROW IT AWAY!
You: *yeets it* what's the big deal it's just a little snake?
Shanks: I can't stand reptiles
Benn: none of us can
You: why? They're virtually harmless?
Shanks: key word being virtually! Not totally.
You: okay, thought boys liked that sort of thing, but you don't, noted and won't do it again.
The red force is docked at a small tropical port
You: *sorting the ships map collection*
Shanks: *yells in panic on the other side of the boat*
You: *waits and listens for more yelling*
Benn, Yassop, and several other men: *start yelling as well*
You: *hears glass shatter some where on board the ship* I swear to the gods those sons a bitches better not have broken anything important or mine. *Goes to the galley where the noise is coming from*
Several crew members: *standing on a table*
Benn: *pushing yassop towards the sink*
Yassop: * holding a broom like a weapon*
Shanks: *squatting in the sink, wielding a ladle and pot lid in oven mit clad hands* I want that damn thing off my ship
Source of the noise: *a horny and scared lizard trying to run away from them*
You: *picks it up* what the hell are you guys doing?
Shanks: throw it off the ship throw it off my damn ship
You: but we're out at sea
Shanks: yes! Now get that scaley runt off my ship please
You: I'm not throwing it overboard
Few days later, the crew is hiking through a high altitude jungle to get some weird specific thing shanks wants
Shanks: we rest here for a few minutes *leans against a tree*
You: *goes over to him, hooks your fingers into the waist of his trousers, and pulls him towards yourself*
Shanks: *Feels the glide of your knuckles and the dull scraping of your ring along the skin of his pelvis making him gasp* what are you doing?
You: there's a leaf-tailed gecko on that tree
Shanks: *very flustered* oh, thank you
You: *walks off*
Benn: you alright?
Shanks: I... I think I'll go take a dip in the stream.
Yassop: but it's full of snow melt, it'll be freezing.
Shanks: I'm counting on it.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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anomieheld · a month ago
Healthy body , healthy mind. 
It was a principle Kou had to heart to follow, exercising daily. Both in his family dojo and following through classes- as much as his wandering mind permitted- and even during idol practices. Speaking of the later his unit had yet again bailed on practice, lately things weren’t good, motivation seemed all but faded in his unit. 
He had volunteered to clean up the classroom after classes were done, everyone else seemed to have deserted. The cleaning tools were on the teacher’s desk, while his mind wandered as he tried his outmost to erase some rather ill meaning scribbles on one of his fellow classmates. He didn’t really spoke a lot to him but if he at least made the insult unreadable the other’s day would be a bit better. It took him a solid half an hour but the desk was cleaned, then he focused on others’ and finally the floor.
At some points rushed footsteps echoed in the silent hall, odd he had figured most would have already returned home. But given the now angry shouts that echoed louder within the alleyway his assumtion was thrown off. And suddenly the class’ door burst open only to let out a lone figure rush in and jump underneath a desk furthest away from the door. Earning a perplexed tilt of the head as Kou stopped cleaning the floor. Broomstick now serving as a cane on which he perched his jaw observing the fugitive.
Until the pursuers came in maddly yelling profanities at the frightened shuddering ball under the desk. Kou’s reaction was instant arms unfolding and stretching forward as the brush part of the broom hit one of the guys in the stomach, a twist of his upper body as he turned around and the other two were both hit with the stick on the head. Angry cursing as the redhead swung the ‘ weapon’ in the air and stopped. The others mad barking for answers only earned Kou’s confused stare.
“ My bad ,my bad ~” Kou waved off the others’ aggression with a slow and innocent wave of hand , left hand still holding the broom casually by his side. “Y’all kind of barged in suddenly and i thought you were here for my a** so - ya know i figured i’d defend myself.” He replied with an innocent sheepish laught as he now proceeds to brush the back of his head. 
One of them stepped forward and grabbed him by his collar [ don’t interfere, Kamakiri ! ] he growled threateningly, well as threateningly as possible when one is one head smaller than his victim.  Kou’s hands sprung upward in a surrendering gesture and the broom went clattering on the floor. “ Hey, hey , now ! i didn’t meant to hurt ya but if ya keep acting like that even i will get violent ya know. “ Kou remarked, his tone ever so playful before he suddenly slammed his hands on the other’s shoulders. Grip viciously tight as he looked -down- on the other. “ i don’t wanna hurt people, really, so maybe drop it, i mean not against you guys but i’m basically a pro at martial arts, i can’t guarentee your bones won’t snap if i fight you all properly.” he remarked jokingly- as much as such a threat from a proffessional in martial arts could be counted as a joke.
He felt the other’s grip tighten and then his head was lowered, as the other had taken seconds to glance among themselves, their original target apparently forgotten. [ there won’t be a next time, f*cker. ] Then a strong hit connecting to his chin, his head violently turning to the right, but it was all. He was left alone as proven by the classroom door suddenly slamming shut. “_ maaaan ,that was so unwarranted and uncool, haha_” For a moment he had genuinely feared people would try to fight him. He sure had won a ton of martial art tournament and was known to be an undefeated pro at it, but it didn’t meant he loved violence. He just only ever used it when the situation called for it _ protecting the weaker ones_ for instance. 
He then snuck the tip of his foot under the broom , kicking it upward and grabbing the broom mid-air with ease, turning it around in his right hand before going back to clean the classroom as if nothing happened. Giving the other innocupant some times to sort out his feelings and calm down. If he could. Eventually whisting some tune from his unit, dawnbreak. His whisttling broken by the other’s sobs and Kou sighed softly, he knew it would happen. 
The redhead approached his bag and looked for the soda can, only sweet he would have allowed himself this week. Grabbed it, flipped it in the air to shake it and the slowly strode toward the corner where the other had hidden. Slowly walking toward the other as he hummed calmely before coughing and stopping a couple of meters away. He sat in the now cleaned floor and rolled the can over to the other. “ Here, for ya.” The red haired boy grinned as he pointed at the can who just hit the other’s foot upon finishing to roll. 
The other didn’t respond still sobbing. Kou tilted his head to the side. “ They left, ya know.” Kou remarked, with a softer grin, smiling did hurt his jaw, he probably would have a bruise. Eventually a few sniffles greeted him, a hand clumsily caught the can and opened it. He saw the bloodied nails and trembling fingers, they got him before he could run here. Kou didn’t try to get a good look at the other’s face, his identity wasn’t his problem as much as his wellbeing was. “ Still thirsty ? couldve given ya my bottle but that would have been an indirect kiss, not that i would’ve minded. ~” Kou innocently joked with a light snort. There was a cough then silence for a good seconds, before the empty can was set down beside the other. [ _ gross. ] Kou tilted his head ot the side a hand cupping his cheek. “ the drink ? my bad, should’ve figured cherry/ lemon wasn’t to everyone’s taste.” he commented lightly. [_ no _ you]
Kou rose both brows in surprise before a wider grin spread over his features no matter how much his now reddening cheek hurts from the punch. “ wow, i’m hurt ! ~” The redhead exclaimed a hand over his chest before bursting in laughter. He figured the perverted joke would help the other out of his panicked mindset the same way the drink should have, he wasn’t sure, plans and stuffs weren’t his thing, but taking care of others was. After another moment of silence he heard the other shuffle from underneath his hideout and crawling toward him. Kou made a point in not staring too much, didn’t want to scare him. 
[ did they hurt you_ because of me ? ], Kou shook his head negatively at the inquiry . “ nah because i was being a lil’ sh*t.” he replied proudly “ or because i handled their behinds with a broomstick, ya should’ve seen their faces. “ Kou remarked with a bright beam and heartfelt laughter, he wasn’t proud of it, violence was still violence, an unnecessary act that brought pain to another. [ i think_ anyone would have gotten mad for that. ] the other muttered , he had gotten closer but remained curled up, shut off. But at least they were chatting. 
The other craned his heck enough to look at the deep night settling in, and to reveal the bruise on his collarbone, much to Kou’s concerned frown. [ thank you Kam_] “ Want me to walk ya home? “ Kou suddenly cut him off, didn’t want the other to dwelve in self blame or worries over his safety when heading back. The other nodded and Kou just happily sprung up. Extending his hand to the other student. “ Upsie, daisy.~” Kou hummed as he easily picked up the other off the ground and then strode off to grab his bag. then the cleaning products, only to see the other had them in his arms. “ Thankies~” Kou grinned as he tilted his head to the side, opening the door wide for them both to leave. 
They put the cleaning products back in the storage room and headed out of the building when an adult caught them. The pair got an earful for being out way too late. And a frown when the other’s dishelved state and Kou’s bruised cheek was noticed, a sigh from the adult as he waved the pair off. Kou walked the other home, happily bragging about whatever nonsense, and then the fellow from Yumenosaki opened up about why he had been targetted. Kou nodded, while listening to the other’s story,another misfit, just because he was better than others in some things. Fitting in was hard when others were drown in their own envy. “_ ya know, life’s hardships are like a tunnel ,as long as ya keep walking forward you will always see the light at the end of it, no matter how dark the path gets.” 
They made it to the other’s house, and then Kou headed to his. His parents gave him a punishment for breaking curfew and getting into a fight, he didn’t get to eat that night. Just cleaned up, did his homework and finished them way too early in the morning. ate the half remaining snackbar in his bag and the water bottle he had kept on himself before collapsing to bed. The morning he headed to school, his now reddish cheek all too noticeable but he just waved it off when asked about. 
And then the news came out, he got a detention, for getting into a fight. The three offenders of the last night blaming him for attacking them_ which was arguably wrong_ and their victims. The other boy muted in silent horror, probably out of fear of the three sniggering guys, these kind of persons always had the upper hand in some ways. Kou lowered his head and accepted the punishment, seemed like he’d head home late tonight and get yet again deprived of dinner, knowing his parents never raised a violent monster. 
Neither would they accept one
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ciencias-humanidades · a month ago
Seasons of a Mind
Through the soft spring shrine Falls this shattered but joyful fate of mine Falls bright and still, Like the sweet lullaby of April, Following the blooming of countless flowers And the brooming of countable sowers.
The warmest air revives my lungs And reverberates its unsung songs Every qubit rejoices its presence And all words live in a sentence.
Then falls the Fall, oh my What a time to be born, and what a time to die, Leaves like hair, change their color, Trunks like feet, fight the floor.
Through the cold winter desert I no longer play, nor fear dirt, Whiter than milk or marble stones, Whiter than the sorrow I feel in my bones.
- Iva Leão
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hermitcraftheadcanons · a month ago
Responding to anon saying Ren was scared of vacuums:
Being unwilling to use or own a vacuum and living in a desert, Ren’s base ends up with sand *everywhere*. While that fits the Star Wars vibe, it’s still very annoying to visitors, and even to Ren at times. At some point when Ren isn’t on, the others do a secret HHH where they go clean his base, and leave him a gift of a broom and dustpan.
Aww! That's such a sweet gesture, I can totally see them doing that!
- Mod Shade
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sinitar-the-reborn · a month ago
Shortly after Artёm's grandmother had died, the state reclaimed her apartment and gave it to a young man named Viktor Ig-Chelovechanka Ya. The young man, no older than the mourning grandson a few floors above, soon became the subject to multiple police raids and beatings due to his illegal trade of pirated pornography movies and cheap sex toys. Artёm called him a cheeky bastard - the brave merchant was never short of witty remarks even as a metal baton was breaking his back. The issue of the ware was not the manner of its acquisition as much as it was the fact that those products were of Rosian culture, thus marked as anti-patriotic decadence. The year marked the peak of the pink scare and rising tensions with Kiliktins and so Chelovechanka became a cultural desert with few amenities and excitements. But in the gloomy, dreary atmosphere of the concrete jungle, the friendship between the grandson and the trader bloomed.
Artёm's father arrived home three months later. He was a man in his fifties, a pure Tymalian with beautiful ridges emphasizing his cheekbones. His eyes were purple and he wore a a heavy jacket with one sleeve empty and rolled up - it was a sight that secretly broke Artёm's heart. His father did not talk about his whereabouts, the ship or the military unit he was in. In fact, he did not talk much at all the first few days. Artёm had attributed it to a possible jet lag or exhaustion but a string of unprovoked anger outbursts soon made him concerned. Kolya would get angry at the sound of the water boiler, the elevator, even actors in movies, though he never got angry at Artёm. Even Viktor, Xin and Kasya were spared from his outbursts when they would come to visit, even though Kolya often used to voice his dislike of the "minx" he seldom called Elekasya.
During the next couple of weeks, Artёm could only sleep in in instances of 15 minutes as he would often get woken up by his father shuffling around in the kitchen. Kolya would open all windows, close them, open them again, and so on. Then he would grab his jacket and head out only to return five minutes later. Artёm noticed that his father did not sleep at all for days. At his pleas to go see a doctor, the man would only lash out and tell his son he knew nothing about the world or how it works. Eventually, Artёm had no choice but to give up.
During a late summer night, Artёm was tossing and turning in his bed. It was an oddly quiet night. Maybe his father had fallen asleep at last? Why couldn't he then relax? As he turned in his bed, he was suddenly met with the tall, dark figure of his father standing by the door. Artёm screamed.
"What the hell are you doing? How long have you been here? Father?"
His father chuckled as if it was some kind of practical joke. "You thought I forgot about you? Come, come. Don't be shy. Else we will be late." He gestured to head out of the room with him.
Artёm sighed deeply. He did not know whether he should be indulging his father's craziness but fighting against it was just as futile. He stood up slowly and put on a shirt, then he followed him out into the living room.
"Listen, father..."
"Ivanovich, so we meet again." Kolya's voice was terrifyingly different. Artёm could not recognize it. Neither could he recognize the name "Ivanovich". The mature Tymalian's gaze darkened with malice.
"Wh-... no, it's me. Artёm. Please go get some rest, father."
"Get on the ship."
"I said." Something klicked underneath Kolya's jacket. "Get. On. The. Ship."
Artёm's heart sunk to his legs as he saw the revolver gleam underneath the heavy denim. For the first time in ages, he burst into tears. "There is no Ivanovich here... I... what are you talking about?!"
Kolya held the door of the wardrobe open. "Just get in." He said in a stranger's voice.
Artёm obliged slowly. He stepped into the closet where darkness felt like a thick fabric pressing against his eyes. Kolya closed the door behind him and sealed it with a broom. A few steps shuffled outside and then the older Tymalian disappeared. He left the door to the apartment open.
The drumming in Artёm's ears was almost deafening as he screamed against the door. He tried to push it open, kicking with his legs and almost breaking his elbow on the metal but he was far too weak. It would take the strength of an android to snap the broom holding him trapped. Luckily, his voice proved itself to be more useful as he was heard in the hallway. Viktor, coming home with multiple plastic bags full of CDs and tapes heard the young man cry and scream. He reacted quickly and was wise enough to call the police on the insane man who was somewhere outside with a weapon.
Though there were no casualties, Kolya was soon arrested as he attempted murder on several officials in the main military base. At least he would get psychiatric care in prison, Artёm thought with relief. For the first time in weeks, he could relax.
While the post-war period weakened his bond with his father, he was immensely grateful for his group of mates and their families who happily took him in. Xin's mother was not only a great cook but also a great listener, Viktor had a rich library of movies he never imagined would be available on this colony, Zentir was capable of making him laugh no matter the circumstances. Elekasya, despite their differences, would also show care for the young man. It wasn't only once that he slept on her couch, waking up with a blanket that wasn't there the night before.
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adenei · a month ago
Hi! If you have the time, could you do 14 of the TSwift prompt list for Hinny?? It’d be awesome if Ginny said it (it seems Harry is the one who always says this kind of stuff), but I know anything you come up with will be great. Thank you!
Hi! Thanks so much for the ask! Sorry it took a while for me to get to this. I needed the right inspiration :) It’s an AU divergence from the start of HBP. Hope you enjoy!
Say that you wanna be with me, too.
There was a knock on Ginny’s bedroom door before Harry popped his head in. “Want to go for a fly?”
She looked down at her feeble attempt at completing one of her Charms assignments for the upcoming school year. She really needed to finish something so Hermione would get off her back about the amount of work she had yet to complete, but a fly sounded oh, so tempting.
Stoppering her ink bottle and setting her quill on the deserted parchment, Ginny leapt up from her bed, casting a wicked grin in Harry’s direction as she gathered what she’d need.
“Have I ever been one to say no to a fly?”
Harry matched her smile with his own. “That’s what I was counting on.”
“Well, what are you waiting for? Let’s go!”
She slipped by him, her body just grazing his, sending a shiver up her spine. Ever since Harry arrived at the Burrow this summer, she’d noticed a change in him. He sought her out more often, chose to sit by her side or across from her during meals, and would find her in the garden in the evenings when he needed some ‘space’ from his other two best friends. 
Maybe it was a good thing she hadn’t given Dean a firm ‘yes’ when he’d asked her out at the end of term. Ginny swore to herself it wasn’t because she was still holding out for Harry, even if maybe a miniscule part of her was. No, it was because of the looming summer holidays. Who started a relationship with someone when they wouldn’t be seeing them for a whole two months?
By the time they reached the broom shed, Ginny turned to see Harry was still trailing behind her. “Are Ron and Hermione joining us?”
“No. I was on my way back up to Ron’s room when I overheard Hermione nagging Ron about starting one of his summer assignments. I...wasn’t in the mood to do homework, so I figured I’d see what you were up to.”
Harry’s voice sounded increasingly wary as he relayed his story to Ginny. His eyes shifted a bit as he looked around, and Ginny wondered if he was fabricating the truth to spend time with her. As her heart began pounding at the prospect that maybe Harry was finally noticing her as something more than Ron’s little sister. 
“Ah, but you were in the mood to hang out with me?” She couldn’t help her cheeky response, or the fact that she was fishing for Harry to give her a little bit more.
“I, er—” Harry’s hand reached up to rub the back of his neck and his cheeks were turning a vibrant shade of crimson.
A smile crept over Ginny’s face. Reflecting on Harry’s experiences with Cho and how flustered he became then, Ginny was feeling more confident than ever. Perhaps that was why she felt so emboldened to say what came next.
“In case you’re wondering, I do fancy you, Potter. All you have to do is say that you wanna be with me, too, and I think we could get things sorted rather quickly.”
It was a risky move, that was for sure. But Ginny knew instantly that it was going to pay off as Harry’s head snapped up and his eyes met hers with a mix of surprise and excitement.
“Er, yeah, I mean, only if you want to…” he was mumbling again, and Ginny couldn’t help but let out a snort of laughter.
“I think I already did,” she said as she stepped closer.
She tilted her face up toward him, hoping Harry would take the hint. He could be thick sometimes, but she was confident he’d make the move. Sure enough, he leaned forward, dipping his head down to brush her lips hesitantly with his. 
Ginny felt herself smile against his mouth. The heat radiating off of him was intoxicating, and part of her could barely believe this was happening. And in the broom shed of all places! Harry pressed his lips into hers again, with more assertion this time. She eagerly met his advances before reluctantly pulling away.
“We should probably take that fly before Mum gets suspicious.”
“Er, yeah, right,” Harry agreed. “So, are we— Does that make us…” 
“That depends. Are you asking me to be your girlfriend, Potter?” 
Ginny decided to help the bloke out. Hermione wasn’t kidding when she said he was helpless when it came to women.
“Yeah. D’you...” Harry said quickly.
“I do want to,” she cut him off with a sly smile.
Harry beamed at her words. “Brilliant!”
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