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I used to be one of those pretentious assholes who, when posed the question, ‘What three things would you take with you to a desert island?’ would reply ‘My guitar, a pen and a notebook.’ 

My reasoning at the time was so I could write songs all day long. At the time, I hadn’t spent the better part of a year writing nonstop. Don’t get me wrong, I still love to write. However, maybe the one thing I’ve learned during this quarantine is that I hate being alone with my thoughts. 

So, I want to swap out the guitar or the notebook for Spotify. I don’t know if that counts as one ‘thing’ because it’s a library of many things and we could argue about the parameters of that for hours. It would be like the equivalent of a library of books but it’s still many things contained in one whole collection. Anyway. 

Point is, I want to fill my head with thoughts that aren’t my own for at least a little bit of the day. Other people’s thoughts are beautiful and expressive and emotional and they make me feel like I’m not alone. 

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Just imagine someone angering a sorceress so much, she just banishes them. Into a dumpster

They’re not left stranded to burn in the desert, or freezing in the arctic, or screaming in the void of space. They are SENT TO A TRASH CAN

B/c the socreresses was irritated enough, but was too lazy to do anything more to someone that wasn’t all that important to do something drastic(you know?)

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i played the sims 2 castaway a lot as a kid (NOT stories just sims 2 castaway) and like im fully aware it’s not a good game i was just obsessed w it. i used to have it for the wii then our wii broke. then i spent a good 4 hours trying to get the game to work on a wii emulator. i got it for the ds but it just doesnt hit the same. it just realized today that i could try to get it to work on a ps2 emulator. why am i wasting more of my life trying to play this game

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If the Shepards managed to land themselves on a stranded island with the person they disliked the most for an indefinite amount of time who would eventually learn to work with the other one and who would end up killing them or at least abandoning them to go try to figure things out by themselves?

Blade: he would most likely work to cooperate with the person, his dislike doesn’t extend to violence unless the other person becomes an active threat to them

Trouble: he will never give up on the other person, they are in it together until they either get off that island or both of them die

Tallys: she would abandon the other person immediately and just try to have a peaceful life alone on the island

Shery: she would stick with the other person indefinitely no matter what. no matter how much she dislikes the other person, that would never overcome her fear of being alone!

Riel: he’d use the other person to do his bidding and to his advantage, but would discard them as soon as they become an active liability to him unless he’d come to like them

Chase: he’d stick around with the other person, mostly because he’d be bored out of his mind without human interaction… so he’d stick around even if they actively tried to kill him!

Red: he’d cooperate with the other person and win them over

Ayla: she’d abandon the other person within a week if things didn’t work out immediately

Briony: she’d stick with the other person through thick and thin and try to motivate both of them and keep their spirits high… but would likely still fight with them like cats and dogs…

Lavinet: she’d stick with the other person until it came to that final fight, at which point she’d get off the island out of pure spite (just to show them she could go it on her own)… but of course she’d send someone back for them

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