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euesworld · 2 days ago
"You transcend the very stars that I look up into at night, you transcend even love itself.. you are the fabric that binds the universe, the very energy itself, and when you smile it lights up my life like a trillion stars in the sky.. you are the one that makes looking into the stars beautiful, you are the sweetness that livens honey the way it does.. you are the drive that makes things get up and move, you are the reason for desire, the need and craving to see beautiful things. You are you and there is no other like you, when I look at you.. I see myself in your eyes reflected by the very light that your smile gives off. When I look at you, I fall in love.."
Falling ever softly into the warm depths of eternity and your smile - eUë
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thehumanfront · a day ago
Tumblr media
Learning to let go
This week we are investigating the placement of Buddhist philosophy in Star Wars! And soon we will release a full article.
Until then here is something to consider.
In The Empire Strikes Back (1980) Luke Skywalker fails his initial training with Yoda on swamp-planet Dagobah. In a vision Luke sees himself in the helmet of Darth Vader (pictured). What does this vision mean?
Answer: Yes, Vader is a source of evil in the galaxy but Luke is too fixated on killing him; he becomes his suffering. Vader is the poster-boy for the dark side. He embodies giving into desire. To avoid this path and eliminate suffering in his own life—and find enlightenment—Luke has to extinguish his immediate human desire to kill Vader and find greater answers: he must resist what feels right now and transcendentally adhere to the will of the Force. Only then will he become strong enough to bring about the return of the Jedi Order.
In the end Luke tries to save Vader.
Can you let go, too? The dark side is always alluring—not just in a galaxy far, far away but here on Earth.
May the Force be with you.
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wolvesnkittens · 3 months ago
when you slide it in for the first time and all she can do is look at you like 🥺🥺🥺
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theviralwitch · 3 months ago
I like that “morning baby” kinda relationship. The no games, great communication, lots of kissing, lots of cuddling, lots of flirting, lots of being goofy kind of relationship. That makes you want to run 100 miles, read books, clean up your bad habits kind of love.
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ryan-perera · a month ago
Tumblr media
The most beautiful love stories are written when two have done the soul work and embraced unconditional love - to love and totally accept themselves and each other for who they are, and without resistance, to open up their vulnerable heart to the other so the frozen places can be melted.
Daniel Nielsen
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wolvesnkittens · 2 months ago
deep in ur guts bf 🤝 please cum inside me gf
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