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#desired reality
rainydayathogwarts · 6 hours ago
shifting tips
Hi, can anyone who’s shifted before give me some tips or like tell me your first time shifting story so that I can get motivated?
please and thank you from someone who’s desperate :)
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babyrealityshifter · 8 hours ago
I was starting to lose faith.
I continued to attempt to shift but I felt like I was hitting a brick wall. I would get itches or lose concentration and give up.
I continued to try until I got closer then ever before.
I felt a warm weight all over my body. Something I have never felt before and I was excited then I feel asleep. I have not shifted but my faith is restored.
We will shift
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i just found you and 1) thought u had stolen one of my names (lucy and lynn are close) 2) discovered that we're both genderfluid and bi (pog!!!) 3) learned you use neopronouns as well (ALSO POG!) and 4) you shift! that's so cool, i want to do it but i don't know anything about it lmao
Looong post ahead I am so sorry
TW: suicide mention, respawning/permanently shifting mention, and reality shifting negativity
Hi hi!!! I really love the name Lucy because of the Lucille Ball so the name Lucy brings back wonderful memories of my childhood. My name Lynn comes from my middle name because it’s the most androgynous part of my name that I could find. I like the name Aegis too (aye-gis hard g).
And broooo hell yeah I’m Genderfluid; I’m mostly nonbinary as I mostly feel outside of the binary most days, but some days I feel more boyish or girlish or some days not even a gender at all.
Yeah I do use neopronouns!! And when I say all pronouns I mean you can all me it, kit/kitself (example there are loads of neopronouns like that) and even emoji pronouns! Although I do have preferred they/their/them and xe/xir/xem. So if you end up calling me something different it’s okay! It’s a pronoun in my book
Below is reality shifting
I suggest @fuckingrealityshifting @shifting-lark and @shifting-inspos (sorry for the tags but you guys came to mind) for more information on shifting and how to do it. If you want to dive right into some communities I suggest asking Guts (shifting-inspos) for a Minecraft server they made awhile back (although it’s shifters only so if you decide not to become a shifter then I’m sorry!) and for a coffeehouse dr that Lark made (it’s like a dr for all the shifters to commune!) then ask @chaos-bb for the link!
(Both are discord chats)
There are loads of people with different drs and where they want to shift to. There’s a small community of Dream SMP shifters, One Piece, and etc! I particularly want to shift to Bungou Stray Dogs. The most famous Desired Realities are MHA and Harry Potter.
Essentially shifting is moving your present consciousness into another reality where you also exist. This is not the act of “making up” a reality but narrowing in where you actually exist. Like there are desired realities where you exist as yourself but in that reality. This goes for alternate realties where you probably are doing the opposite of what you’re doing right now, book realities, television realities, anything and everything that has the potential to be its own universe.
It sounds crazy because of the unlimited possibilities and of the use of multidimensional planes (not the right word but anything goes for right now) but it’s true! It’s alright to be skeptic and it’s okay to even not believe in it after this post.
A lot of people like comparing lucid dreaming, maladaptive daydreaming, and reality shifting but that’s simply not true. Lucid Dreaming is taking control of your dream state and where everything isn’t real, while reality shifting is taking your consciousness to a real place that is your desired reality.
Maladaptive Daydreaming happens when you’re awake, conscious, and sometimes you have control over it. I have MD (also known as MaDD) and not that. Plus it’s daydreaming and reality shifting is not.
Although I haven’t shifted (and I don’t plan to try for a little while) I know that it’s real. To me it feels real, and it’s not hurting me because I’m genuinely happy with my life here in this reality.
Since you are new, and if you do further research I will say this. Respawning is the act of killing yourself (and in some cases some say killing your soul) to go to your Desired reality. This is highly toxic and untrue no matter what anyone tells you. Some will even try to say in a delicate manner that it’s permanently shifting; which is the same thing as respawning.
I highly suggest that you do not support creators that support that idea and do not dive into the act of that yourself, but I’m not the parent of you and I have no say in what you do. I do however want you to be safe when researching.
That said reality shifting is 100% safe. There’s just that side that takes it a bit too far and turns it into something it’s not.
If you do make a shifting blog (my main is actually @lynnthegarbagebin!!) then please share it I’d love to shout you out!! The community is nice and everyone is welcoming.
Hopefully this helps and I hope this is well articulated!!
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shiftingsage · 11 hours ago
besties im bored and i wanna script friends into my actress dr so like send an ask/and or reblog with a picrew of u your name pronouns and personality and like job[like actor or dancer or singer etc.]
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shiftingsage · 17 hours ago
ahshdhfbfh so i fgured i should make a list of all of my dr selves sideblogs
hp: @sage-bishop
mcu: @katerina-stark
famous dr: @sage-downey
x-men: @kaia-wailani
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lil-shifting-shit · 19 hours ago
Is anyone else super excited to shift because of powers or abilities they scripted for their DR?
I was never one of the athletic kids so I’m pretty curious to see how the tables turn with all the parkour and combat skills I’ve written 👀
ALSO SUPERPOWERS!!! LIKE THINK ABOUT IT, all our lives we thought powers were only possible in comics and movies.... BUT NOW you can literally be superhuman in another reality. LIKE THATS SO COOL!!! I’m still not over how there are no limits to reality shifting ahsklakj
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shifting-inspos · 20 hours ago
hello, i love your blog! i have a question: can i keep my eye contact lenses in when i'm trying to shift?
Thank you nonnie! I would advise against it. Just in case you stay longer than you were planning or fall asleep during/after your shift. Stay safe!
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sockkq · 20 hours ago
Im lowkey gonna try to shift to a reality thats a ninjago and monkie kid crossover and im going to be Mei bcause i kin her sm <3 I cant wait to vibe there!!!
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chaoticshiftingblog · 20 hours ago
been taking a shifting break because school is a lot, but made some picrews of my dr self and sister
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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naboosunset · 21 hours ago
What is reality shifting?
it’s shifting your subconscious to an alternate reality. this little article does a good job of summing it up:
this is a really simplified answer and I'm probably butchering it (I’m still learning), but the way I understand it is planning my maladaptive daydream and incorporating that into my subconscious as I lucid dream. instead of maladaptive daydreaming where you can still go about your day and it’s just kinda...there, reality shifting takes incredible focus and a clear mind and lots of meditating. elements of my silly little interactions in my maladaptive daydream are still there, but I don’t control what the characters say or how they act. it’s the closest I can get to actually inserting myself into a fictional universe to see how characters would react to me as a person. 
I still personally have some doubts about it--sometimes I don’t know if I’ve actually shifted, or if my imagination is just so vivid that I will myself to dream. but I’m trying 😩
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canni-shifts · 22 hours ago
I think shifting is going to save my life.
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naboosunset · 23 hours ago
y’all I’m so mean to Crosshair in my DR 💀
Crosshair: your hair looks stupid. 
Me: your hairline looks stupid. At least I can fix my hair. you can’t grow yours back.
Me: can you just not be rude for like 5 goddamn minutes? 
Crosshair: or what? 
Me: there is no ‘or what,’ asshole! just be fucking nice!
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shiftingstories07 · a day ago
Shifting stories
Me: if you two got married what last name would you take?
Sirius: he’ll be a Black
Remus: no way, you’ll be a Lupin
Sirius: no, what type of last name is that?
Remus: it’s better than a depressed colour
Sirius: Lupin is weird
Me: my job here is done
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favodywritesweekly · a day ago
Tumblr media
Running away from social media is how I’ve been feeling for quite some time now. Oh, spoiler alert; I’ve already put it in shape.
Did This Urge Always Dominate My Life?
On the contrary, I really loved the social media life. The buzz and excitement and whatnot. I used to be so willing to put it all out to get that following, though I haven’t gotten much follows. Lol. But still, it mattered to me.
Then on one sunny day, it went south. Where was that zeal, that interest to make the most of my moments? Where was it? I couldn’t see it. I couldn’t believe it was there no more but honestly, it wasn’t there any more.
What The Hell Happened?
I honestly don’t know or maybe I do know.
It’s kind of a pattern that seems to work with me. I get hyped to get something done and I’m really passionate about it but somewhere along the line, my interest zaps back to zero .
The short attention span is becoming a problem. I didn’t think it was a problem before but now, I see, it’s affecting everything I do.
For those who believe in zodiac sign, would say it’s my birth sign, scorpio, that’s at work. Like seriously, who still believes in all that…?
To me, I think it’s easier to blame elements than facing the root of the problem. It makes it seem like you’re proactive and every other thing is the problem. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying you should blame yourself instead but, you need to figure out what needs to be fixed and get it fixed.
Back to the social media fiasco, I seriously want to put it back in track.
Yes, social media is a bit toxic. Ok, very toxic. It makes you loose touch of reality, no matter your purpose of getting on the train. BUT, IS IT ALL THAT BAD? No, it’s not. There is still good aspects of it and I want to make the most of those.
One of the reasons I’m having so many problems on the gram and thinking running away will answer all my problems, is lack of consistency. I’m not consistent. I draw out a plan but don’t follow through. Then, I proceed to blame the elements.
As a content creator, I need to be in the loop of things. I’m supposed to be consistent with my followers. And if I can’t do that when I have so little gathering, will I be able to achieve it when I have a million gathering? I always say this, it’s the little things. You need to enjoy and max the little things so that when the big things come, it doesn’t suck you into a pud.
I love my work. But, I want to do it my time. When I’m relaxed and not going crazy. This is all good but knowing that time matters, should also be put into consideration.
I’m thinking through things as I write. And, funny enough, I’m seeing things a bit clearly than before. I’m seeing that not only is the work aspect of my social media suffering but the fun aspect. The part where I need to interact with my friends/family on social media.
Oh dear, to connect my WhatsApp has become a problem. I have this image of horror cropping from nowhere when I see the icon.
I don’t know if anyone goes through the same thing but you don’t need to have messages there at all but, the feeling that you ought to say hi to so and so can be overpowering. Is it not? It’s like a duty and you feel you’re not doing it, just right.
I just run away by looking at something else on my my phone. This is the truth as I see it. I’ve not yet figured out how to make this part less daunting and more calm. Chatting should be a way to relax but, sadly I’m not feeling it. Lol.
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shifting-inspos · a day ago
Me after writing 111 in my fogged up car window:
this is my sign. It’s happening. The angels have spoken. It’s here, it’s coming. My sign, my dearly beloved sign, has blessed me. It shall commenceth tonight. My S H I F T.
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gravezshiftz · a day ago
my drs woahh
only two of these r scripted =,) but anyways here
fantasy au based on my hometown, multi-fandom au based on my hometown, danganronpa (both despair (canon) and normal highschool au), my hero academia, monster high, bungo stray dogs, and eventually i want to make a horror multi-fandom au !! 
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shaysrebellion · a day ago
So I've been trying to shift for a bit now and I think I'm pretty experienced. I've seen my DR like 2 times now. I also did a tarot reading a little while ago basically saying I was SUPER close to shift so I'm going to shift really soon.
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theariesseer · a day ago
Going through a breakup is hard enough in the real world
But when it happens in a DR
There’s nothing else like it.
I can’t even enjoy tumblr and tiktok because my dash and fyp is infested with posts about Sebastian Stan.
I LOVE HIM WHOLE HEARTEDLY! He’s such an amazing guy he really truthfully is.
We broke up in my DR
and it’s not sitting right with me right now.
I’m so heartbroken 😔
What sucks even more is I know he’s just as devastated about the fact that we can’t be the same anymore.
It wasn’t like our relationship was private. He loved including me in selfies and would encourage everyone on live chats to talk to me too. We were more than just a couple and it hurts because Chris knew the whole time how I felt about Sebastian and he knows how I feel about him too. Just isn’t fair that we have to go through these emotions like this.
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