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“It’s like I was made for this” - Me, on being quarantined

– Thomas Watson, chairman of IBM, 1943

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Hi hi hi!! I made a list today of all the lectures from last term I need to catch up on and you guys I might as well do the entire term again from my own house, which is a nice feeling. I guess self isolating has its perks, but I’m still too anxious to sit myself down and whiz through lectures like I normally would when push comes to shove. 

Which is okay, because, like, I know this is a totally uncertain time. I’m going to try and focus on things that make me happy, like writing projects - I’m currently wondering how to take up writing in a way that isn’t just recreational and in a way that’s like, structured and maybe ever  content that I’m able to put out in the world? Not neccessarily on a super large scale, but it would be nice to dip into something I’ve been using as a coping mechanism all this time. 

Leave me a message/ask/comment telling me how you guys have been and how you’re coping, I’m always looking for new things to try out and hearing from you all always puts a smile on my face :)

♫ Fine China, Lana Del Rey

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Hello everyone and welcome🌵🌙 The first official post of The Average Learner. What’s that!? Well according to … okeay okeay STOP!! It won’t be like that!
I have been following so many #studygram accounts and it clicked “hey if you really decided to study some new languages, then why dont you create an account to get some inspo on the bad days”. Waoo that’s a cool idea specially during corona 🦠 #whencannotdecide to watch 10 more episodes of your fave series or play 7 more hours with @thesims . Well that’s me, and actually I play 8h.
I truly enjoy creating videos and pictures, therefore it should be fun. Let’s see!
My goal is to learn this absolutely beautiful and crazily #hardtopronounce language 🇫🇷 If you are in the same shoes as me join, to the language club or any kind of learning, reading, singing or sleeping clubs and let’s have fun together!
btw: we can play w @thesims too
Welcome: the average learner .
#study #studygram #studymotivation #studynotes #studying #studyaccount #studyhard #studytips #studytime #motivation #inspiration #hardwork #tanulj #tanul #magyar #tanuljfranciaul #theaveragelearner #desk #studydesk #pomodorotechnique #welcome #newinstagram #instastudys

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It’s been hard, lately. My school decided to take up the gov’s offer on doing mock exams next week. And the thing is. I haven’t finished studying yet. I’m not ready. And we were informed about the mock exams one week before them. This is madness. So basically I spend my whole day studying because what else I can do. I also have lost some kids to tutor because of those mock exams and my actual exams because the parents of the kids I tutor can’t understand, even tho I keep telling them the same thing, that I’m an HS student with upcoming final exams on her plate. Not a uni student or a freelancer. I put my education before money. I also don’t really have support from my mom who I think would rather want me to earn money during the quarantine. I feel like the next two months are going to be full of mental breakdowns.

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43 + 44 / 100 days of productivity

It’s been so gloomy where I am these days. It also doesn’t help that I only remember to take pictures of my workspace at night, when the sun is down and so is my brain.

Tunes: High - 5 Seconds Of Summer
(still super emotional about this album brb)

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molecules and social distancing //

I easily become bored and I can’t study for too long, or else I’ll get distracted and easily frustrated ~ the Pomodoro method works decently well but it’s hard to keep up with it, so I just take breaks when I can’t concentrate and play video games instead

// listening to: “Sweet Night” by V

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