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#desk organization

Before and after of my desk reorganization today. 🥰 Also, peep the sign on top that says stressed, blessed, and coffee obsessed. Hint hint: that’s where I got my username from.

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NANOWRIMO Prep: Organizing your space


You can’t write if your space is cluttered. It’s a statement I’ve come to live by after using the KonMari method on my bedroom. 

I am aware that some people, myself included, are not lucky enough to have a special writing room or to even live alone as to sit at the kitchen table and be undisturbed. However, these are all excuses for not creating a special space just for you and you’re writing. 

My bedroom is a small space and until recently was taken up by a giant antique dresser. Once that was moved out, I moved my small wicker basket table next to my makeup desk (I make makeup videos and you can check them out here alongside my writing vlogs). At first, I used this as kind of a catch-all until I realized, this very small desk can be the beginnings of a writing desk. So that’s exactly what I did! 

I emptied out my drawers of anything that wouldn’t be productive in my writing, set up my NANOWRIMO To Read Books (check that out here), a cup filled with pens and highlighters of all color, a candle (for a relaxing smell), and a little cauldron for decoration. 

Any flat surface in your bedroom can be turned into your writing space if you get yourself in the right mindset. 

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i’m finally getting around to posting this journal thing i did before my first day of school a whole WEEK ago! i dunno why i was so nervous because?? it went pretty ok? but, as seen by the state of my desk, i have more homework than i was prepared for so rip me :”)

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Hello everyone!

I’ve just uploaded a video about desk organization, which includes some tips! Organizing your workspace is one of the most important steps of back to school season - a cluttered workspace will not make you productive, it will just make you procrastinate!

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6/100 days of productivity

today was actually so productive! I went to a yoga class, organized my desk, and read a lot!

ps the gold bit is cardboard bc I glued down the organizers on it to protect the inside of my desk! (instead of gluing them to the actual desk)

also the organizers are actually diy (woohoo) and those box sliding pen cases cut out AND that weird circular thing is just like a coaster for tea haha

enjoy my nice newly organized desk :)

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Hogwarts desk organizer :D
I was growing tired of my old desk organizers so I made this one using a tutorial by Lauren Fairweather (tutorial: ) ;) I Love how it turned out and it is really nice having my most essential supplies at hand: before all the supplies in the front space where located in different part of my art room but now they are easy for me to reach and get :D <3
I hope that you are all having a great Sunday out there <3

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