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#desk set up

Sorry I couldn’t think of a snappier title

As many of you know, I recently reorganised my desk, and I’ve finally got the time to do a walk-through of what I changed and why. I’m posting this in case any of you are thinking of changing your work space and want some guidance/inspiration. In that case - I hope this helps!

(Note: sorry about this picture layout, this is the only way it will upload)

Before                                           and                                                  After


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27.5.19 | reading & writing — this weeks constant cycle 💫💫 the semester is nearly done and im starting to get into that super reflective mindset but i have to put it off until i finish writing all these essays 😂

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Moving Day!

Spent all day packing up my stuff, and I’m moving into my new flat tomorrow. I’m excited to set up my new study space and I’m going to be posting on my Instagram and making a summary post on here. If you want to be tagged in any of these let me know!

Love you x

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spent this morning at IKEA, getting the bookshelf and the chair! then spent early afternoon putting them together. i had some kind of bad dream last night that woke me up at 2am and must’ve tensed my shoulders traumatically because holy fuck my traps are literally radiating pain, and sensitive to the touch. when i tried to give myself a bit of a shoulder massage i yelped because it feels like i just have two giant, overheated bruises there. ugh.

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hello! i had the day off of school today, so i’ve been catching up on some homework. i managed to get 12 pages of my world history textbook down into 6 pages of notes, which was exhausting. also here are pictures of my desk setup, my bullet journal, and my puppy. i’m heading up to penn state for the homecoming game this afternoon. i’m super excited (penn state is my dream school!).

heres what i’ve been listening to: x

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