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«22.05.2020» quarantine week 7

I had this in my drafts since a week!!!! lmao here goes. I tried this new editing tone from my light academia to this newer dark academia vibe…so lemme hear your thoughts about it 💭

I’ve hit a summer slump (which is really bad because my exam is in 2 months now) but I’m trying to get back on track !! I baked some nice fresh cheese bread though 🍞 🌾✨

🎶Highway to Heaven Eng. Version - NCT 127

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12/05/2020 // 1 week left until my first online exam! I’m really curious to see how that will work… This whole e-learning situation is really getting to me now, and I can’t wait to (hopefully) go back to normal in the fall!

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corona - work form home - desk / work space challenge: post a pic of your desk/work space if you’re in the above situation. you can be as descriptive as you want

what prompted this? the black headphones are tangled like shit and i pulled on the cord to see wtf is going on:


2 imacs, because i was delievered my work imac on day 1 of the quarantine

fingerless gloves i got in iceland and that i hoped to wear in order to stop biting my nails (failed cause they’re wooly and it’s too hot)

regular iphone earbuds, tangled with the earpods case, charging

glasses i need for my work comp but not the other, cause it’s smaller (that’s why i wasn’t wearing them)

headband for when curls get unruly

bracelet that got tangled in the mess

another apple charging cable

that lil blue thing sticking out is my only working pen for when i have to write things down on paper

the bank envelope is the paper i occasionally write things down on

gassy stomach medication

a coin

the plate i had my snack on (jam and nutella biscuits)

the black cord is from a second pair of headphones lOL

i am tagging @bed-dweller​, @sportsgaytm​, @theswimminglemon​, @2pcb​ and anyone else

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27.04.2020 I’ve been checking my emails for confirmations of application. All of my applications are through and waiting to be read. I’m trying not to stress about it by reading! Xx Emily

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Wrote an essay on French Naturalism and Italian Verism and one of its main exponents, Giovanni Verga. It took most of my afternoon and evening, but it turned out well and it was an effective way to revise.🌿

Day 18/? of My2020Decameron

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