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Quarantine Is the Introvert’s Dream✨

As an introvert myself, this quarantine is pretty great!

Check out the insane amount of pens that I’ll never get rid of

My thoughts and prayers are with all of you right now as the world is in turmoil.. don’t hesitate to reach out 💖

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I figured you guys are gonna get bored w/ the same setting always so I decided to throw a pic of my dog, his name is Kyoto. For today I have due a psycho exam but I have had it ready since friday so I’m focusing on a lit exam that I have due tomorrow. The lit exam is about “El libro de buen amor” and it’s in old spanish so it’s really hard to understand plus the moderns one are incomplete and don’t cover the verses that our professor wants us to discuss… life is great:)

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43 + 44 / 100 days of productivity

It’s been so gloomy where I am these days. It also doesn’t help that I only remember to take pictures of my workspace at night, when the sun is down and so is my brain.

Tunes: High - 5 Seconds Of Summer
(still super emotional about this album brb)

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hi yall! it’s been super crazy busy lately because i just started my new job and that’s been taking up a few hours a day at least ! but i love it so far and it aligns great it with my schedule. lately i’ve been getting all my work done when i want to and being super productive and it feels really good. i have also been working out most days which is something that I wanted to start during this quarantine!

so today i accomplished these things:

- finished my 2500 word essay ! (huge relief)

- literature discussion post

- sociology reflection paper

- work !

- workout !

- read a bunch in my book: “The Circle”

hopefully i’ll get back to posting regularly soon! see y’all, stay safe and healthy!

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How I Started a System (For work or for anything else):

I recently watched one of Rowena Tsai’s videos on how to set systems as a habit and it has helped me find the motivation to get back into the groove of doing my schoolwork and procrastinate a bit less. With the whole pandemic end of the world thing, I’ve definitely been unmotivated and I’m sure most of you are, too.

For school, my system is this post it note thing pictured. I have columns for:

To Do



The To Do column helps me remember what I still need to do, the Doing column helps me stay focused on the task at hand so I’m not multitasking, and the Done column is there so I remember that I completed something and I’m not a failure.

You can use this system for any other tasks you need to do, not just schoolwork! And remember, it’s okay to not be motivated or start some big passion project during this. It’s a global emergency, not a vacation.

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hellooo everyone! yesterday i totally forgot to post because the day was so hectic! i had another meeting with my new boss to set up for my first day of work (today omg !!) and then i did a ton of homework and hung out with my siblings all night. also i went on a run and did a workout yesterday for footwork and agility! but i promise it was productive day is the point! i am going to skip it as a productivity day though because i didn’t post, sorry ab that. 

so anyways here is what is getting done / needs to get done today!

done already wooo

german project 1

 german project 2

sociology notes

need to do still!

2 hours of work :)

workout (back and abs today)

finish my psychology paper (due thursday now)

attend my sociology lecture tonight!

duolingo / norsk studies

i’m super excited for today and i think it’s going to be a really productive rest of the day!

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Es ist ein ständiger Drahtseilakt zwischen der Verzweiflung über die Dinge, die weg sind und der Dankbarkeit für die, die bleiben. Die größten Glücksgefühle bringt der Kaffee am Nachmittag, die Sonne, die immer weiter scheint, Nachrichten von dir mit einem Herzchen am Ende, Nachbarn, die in Daunenjacke auf der Terrasse in der Sonne liegen, Zeit zu haben, Luft zu holen und zwischendurch mal kurz vergessen zu können, warum wir das alles gerade tun. Dass wir das müssen, ohne es zu wollen und uns vielleicht irgendwann nichts anderes mehr übrig bleibt, als es zu wollen, uns einzureden, dass wir es gerade gar nicht unbedingt anders haben wollen, weil sonst das Herz vielleicht nach und nach wirklich zerbricht an all der Sehnsucht nach den Dingen, die wir nicht mehr haben.

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The desk setup

Hi all! Looks who’s making a reappearance! My desk from high school has been revamped so I can complete all of my college courses! I have spent the last three days cleaning out and cleaning up my room to be ready for classes starting next week! Online classes will be an adjustment, but my teachers have been emailing us all this week with information about our online platform. I hope you all are doing well and have a safe and productive week!

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Tage, an denen das Viereck dunkelblau ausgemalt wird. Ein einziges Schleppen, von hier nach dort und zurück und im Kopf häng ich noch im Gestern und schon im Morgen, überall, nur nicht bei mir. Wie soll ich auch bei mir sein, wenn ich nicht mal weiß, wo ich bin, wenn die Welt an mir zerrt und mich gleichzeitig von sich stößt. Liebste Welt, bleib doch noch ein bisschen, ich möchte doch noch schreiben, über dich und ich möcht’s doch noch versuchen, mit uns.

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Manchmal bin ich kurz so stolz auf mich und das, was ich geschaffen hab, dass ich erschrecke und mich frage, darf ich das sein? Darf ich das sein, wenn doch alles jederzeit in sich zusammenfallen kann, wenn ich es doch niemals zusammenhalten könnte?

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