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#desktop of bundle note machine
notecountingmachine · 2 months ago
BNC Desktop - Bundle Note Counting Machine in Delhi, India
Phone: (+91) 8750-788-788
Memory : permanent storage of Accumulated number
Functions : CHECK-BATCH-FREE-ADD (STAMP IS optional)
Display : 4-digit Accumulation (ADD) 3 digit Batch display
Counting speed: 100 Notes in 4 seconds
Hopper capacity: 200 Notes
Power Supply : 220V / 50 HZ
Power Consumption: 400 Watts
Dimensions (Floor type): 360 (W) * 300 (D) *800 in mm.
Weight (Floor type): 30 KG.
#BNC #Desktop #Bundle #Note #Counting #Machine #Delhi #India
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rainworldslugcats · 11 months ago
Hi ! Just wanted to ask , how do you put your own slugcat skin in game? I know it's works with fancy slugcat mod,,, but i don't know how to use it ;-; , can you teach me
Tumblr media
i can try! although i only learned most of this very recently, so i’m not the most knowledgeable. i also use BepInEx as the modloader.
im going to start with the assumption that you already have fancy slugcats installed and working, after this you’re going to need the custom assets and custom tails mod. both can be found on RainDB.
keep in mind, each of these mods contains a read me with more information, so reference those if you don’t understand something in my explanation. everything is under a read more as this post is very long.
ive also attempted to be as detailed with this tutorial as possible.
and lastly, please read through the entire tutorial before starting work as it’s very likely you’ll end up having to redo things otherwise, mostly because of the way custom tails functions.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
part 1: custom tails
we’ll start with adding a custom tail, the custom tails mod requires ConfigMachine, fancy Slugcats and Custom Assets. (publicity stunt is only required if you still use Partiality, not if you use BepInEx) download and apply these mods first. (the .dll files)
once you’ve downloaded custom tails you’ll find an “examples” folder in the .zip file, this contains the files you’ll edit to make your own custom tail. 
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
each of the example tails is shown on the thumbnail for the custom tails mod, so you can get an idea of how they look in action.
sidenote: the devil tail png is completely white, and thus it can be hard or impossible to see on a default photo viewer, open it on something like paint tool sai and add a colored background. once you’ve selected which base you want to use, extract (or just copy and paste) that tail png along with its txt file somewhere you can work on it, desktop works just fine. now you can make whatever modifications you want to the tail, i’ll use my firecracker tail as an example.
note: if you leave parts of the sprite purely white, it will get colored in with whatever color you choose in the fancy slugcats menu, its essentially transparency.
Tumblr media
once you’re happy with how it looks, it’s time to apply it. firstly, change the tails name into something recognizable, like FRtail.png
now take your txt file and name it the same thing you named your tail, and make sure to be exact or things might break.
then open said txt file and change the default tail name into your tails name.
Tumblr media
once all that is done, you have to navigate into the atlases folder in your rain world install. to get there open up steam, find RW and right click it in the menu to bring up this text box
Tumblr media
choose “properties” at the very bottom to open up this menu
Tumblr media
select “local files” on the side, and when you see this screen press “browse” and it will open up the root folder of RW.
Tumblr media
(i have quite a bit more stuff in my install folder due to mods, so don’t worry about not having all of it) from here you want to open the “Assets” folder near the top, from there you open Futile > Resources > Atlases.
now all you need to do is put both your tail png and txt files into Atlases like so:
Tumblr media
note: capital letters matter, if you used capital letters in your name you have to use those same capital letters in every name, for example if you use frtail.txt and FRtail.png it wont work. it all has to be the same in every case.
once that’s done, go back to your RW root folder (the one where RainWorld.exe is located) and open the “ModConfigs” folder, from there go to Fancy slugcats > custom heads. it will be empty if you haven’t made any modifications yet.
Tumblr media
once youre here, make a new txt file and name it the same name you’ve used for your tail.png and txt files. then open it and type the same name inside it, don’t forget to save.
now you should be ready to open up RW, remember to enable the required mods: fancy slugcats, custom assets, custom tails, config machine and publicity stunt (partiality only)
note: if your game opens up to a black screen and wont start, it usually means something is wrong with the txt files, either you forgot to add a name inside one of them, you forgot to save when you added the name, or you’ve misspelled the name. double check all the names for your png and txt files.
now then, let’s get to adding your tail to your slugcat
Tumblr media
once the game is open, navigate to settings and open mod config, from there you should see custom tails in the menu. once here type your custom tails name into the “sprite” box, remember to be exact with the name.
if the name shows up red, you’ve made a mistake somewhere in the process, if it shows up as white, its been successfully added!
if you touch the sliders it will add a gradient to your tail and undo/cover up any sprite changes, so keep them as black. you can also change your tails size in the fancy slugcats menu as usual.
Tumblr media
now you have a snazzy tail to show off to the world! “.......but wait” i might hear you say “my tail isn’t the same color as the image i made!”
that’s because whatever color you apply to your slugcat in the fancy slugcats menu gets applied on top of the image you made. meaning if your slugcat is a rather more dark color, it will make your tail darker as well. meaning not only will bright aspects of it not be bright anymore, the base of your tail will be darker than your base slugcat color, thus it wont match. this is a problem i ran into as my slugcat is purple with bright accents.
the transparency i mentioned earlier helps with this “if you leave parts of the sprite purely white, it will get colored in with whatever color you choose in the fancy slugcats menu, its essentially transparency.“
you can use this transparency to make the base of your tail match the rest of your slugcats body, now all the white will be filled in with whatever color you’ve chosen in the menu, however it still wont fix all other parts of it having the base color applied to them.
Tumblr media
now if your base slugcat color is white, you don’t have to worry about any of this at all! the tail will stay how you made it!
if your slugcat will be lightly colored but not completely white, or your dark slugcat will have dark markings, this is all stuff you can reasonably account for while making the markings themselves (once you’ve made the txt and png files and put them in the right places, you can edit the png in the atlases folder directly) but if you want to do something more close to my slugcat, we’re going to have to do it by changing the color of slugcat using sprites.
part 2: sprite edits
so, to get around this problem and to get the freedom to edit the sprites however we like we’re going to be editing each sprite separately. this way you can virtually add anything you like to your slugcat, antlers, spikes, fur. although this might require you to change the position of the sprites to get them to line up properly in-game.
i’ll only touch on recoloring sprites as i haven’t edited the shape of any of them yet, i’ll update this tutorial with extra info once i’ve tried it out myself.
some of slugcats sprites have multiple versions that will get bundled in order to make the animations you see in game (head, arms, legs)
others are static sprites and only have one version (tail, body, hips)
Tumblr media
firstly, you’ll need to find the sprites you’re going to edit, all of these sprites are included in the custom assets zip file you downloaded from RainDB.
you’ll find slugcats sprites in Unpacked Atlases > RainWorld, extract this folder to make looking for the correct sprites easier.
note: all of the sprites are white by default, this makes them incredibly difficult to see in a folder without opening them in some external program, thus i’ve changed my windows settings to make the folder background dark (this can be found in Personalization)
Tumblr media
this folder includes the sprites of most of the creatures in RW, so picking out slugcats sprites can be a tad... difficult. thus i'll name every single sprite you’ll need to hopefully make it easier. BodyA, HipsA, PlayerArm0 to 12, FaceA0 to 8, FaceB0 to 8, FaceDead, FaceStunned, HeadA0 to 17
aaand all the leg sprites are in a png because they have so many names
Tumblr media
most of them can be found bunched up together in the RW folder, a tail texture isn’t included as that will still be handled through custom tails as detailed above.
now i suggest you make some way to store all of slugcats sprites neatly, as it will save you a lot of hassle in the long run. i separated all body part sprites into folders.
Tumblr media
now you’re free to make any edits you like to the sprites. however, i’ll go about this tutorial with the expectation the only edits are color edits, not shape edits, as again i don’t have experience with those.
once your sprites are all colored and neatly organized its time to compile them, each body part gets compiled into their own bunch (arms in one, legs in another) for this you’ll need a program called texture packer, i can’t provide a direct link because my post might get thrown into the void by tumblr, there is however a direct link in the custom assets read me.
once you’ve downloaded texture packer, heres an easy to follow short video tutorial made by AndrewFM on how to use it.
once your sprites are bundled you’ll go through the same process as with adding your custom tail. i’ll use arm sprites as an example.
Tumblr media
you’ll get a png file with all of your edited sprites in them, as well as a .json file that contains placement information, turn that json file into a txt by renaming it (yourarmname).txt
now open the txt file and rename every single part to whatever name you decided to give your arm sprites, but keep the numbers at the end of the sprite names, they are important.
note: do not rename the individual sprite png’s before they are packed
Tumblr media
now that your txt and png files are ready, drop them into the same Atlases folder in your RW install as you did with your custom tail, and similarly add another new txt file into ModConfig > FancySlugcats > CustomHeads and rename it to the same name you named your sprite, and add that exact same name inside the txt file itself.
if the game yet again refuses to start, remember to double check the names in the txt files.
now we’re ready to apply the sprites in-game, open up RW and head to setting > mod config,
Tumblr media
depending on which sprites you’ve edited, you’ll need to enter the sprite name into the specific field it belongs to, for me i’ll add the name to the arms section. you’ll get more details about what goes where when you hover over the text field.
for some of them, you’ll need to include A at the end of your sprite name, but only in the mod config menu
Tumblr media
this shows where they are needed.
now you need to repeat this process for each bundle of slugcats body parts and apply them. note: body and hips despite both being part of slugcats main body gets applied separately, and even though they only have one sprite each you still need to pack them with texture packer and go through the same process as for the others.
this all might seem tiresome, and in certain ways it definitely is, but once you’ve gotten the hang of the packing, adding to folders and applying the process gets a lot faster.
once all of your sprites are applied, legs, hips, body, head, arms, tail. you want to make sure in fancy slugcats settings to make your slugcats color pure white so it wont affect your custom sprite coloration in any way. however you can apply color to slugcats face through the menu as usual.
there is a known issue where slugcats fists when climbing poles don’t get colored, this issue currently can’t be fixed easily.
the end result? quite a fancy slugcat indeed!
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
if i made any mistakes, or there’s extra info i should add, then message me and i’ll edit the post accordingly!
if there’s anything you can’t figure out no matter what you try, join the RW discord and ask people in the modding support channel, thats where i got most of my information from!
hopefully this is helpful to some of you! i spent quite a while making this tutorial so reblogs would be very much appreciated!
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gracefox619 · 6 months ago
Xcode Dmg Download Link
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Xcode Dmg Download Link Windows 10
Xcode Dmg Download Link Creator
Xcode Dmg Download Link Vpn
Xcode Dmg Download Link Download
There are several options for installing Git on macOS. Note that any non-source distributions are provided by third parties, and may not be up to date with the latest source release.
Download macOS Mojave dmg file, therefore, macOS Mojave is one in all the most recent versions of the macOS package, once macOS chain. That freshly supported new options of this outstanding like macOS Mojave Black screen mode, and plenty of completely different interfaces. MacOS Mojave black screen mode is one in all the nice options among the freshly free features of macOS Mojave. To update the CLT, go to app developer website and download the command line tool.dmg. If you have never installed Xcode before, you may be able to update with your Terminal by typing in xcode-select -install instead of visiting the developer website. The extracted Archive/System/ folder contains the diagnostic tools and can be used to create a bootable USB stick, as with the other.dmg files downloaded from Apple. Bundle MacBook5,1 Mac-F42D89A9. If you have an earlier release of Mac OS X, you may download the latest version of Xcode for Mac OS X 10.5 (Xcode 3.0 and Xcode 3.1 Developer Tools) or 10.4 (Xcode 2.4.1 and Xcode 2.5 Developer Tools) from the Apple developer website.
Install homebrew if you don't already have it, then: $ brew install git
Apple ships a binary package of Git with Xcode.
Tumblr media
Xcode Dmg Download Link Windows 10
Follow the below steps so as to install Xcode on Windows 10, 8, or 8.1 and Windows 7 desktop or laptop for iOS SDK. Step 1: Initially, download and install VMware or VirtualBox on your Windows computer from the above link. Step 2: Now, you need to download and install OSX Mavericks ISO as a virtual machine.
Binary installer
Tumblr media
Xcode Dmg Download Link Creator
Tim Harper provides an installer for Git. The latest version is 2.31.0, which was released 10 days ago, on 2021-03-16.
Building from Source
If you prefer to build from source, you can find tarballs on The latest version is 2.31.1.
Xcode Dmg Download Link Vpn
Installing git-gui
Xcode Dmg Download Link Download
If you would like to install git-gui and gitk, git's commit GUI and interactive history browser, you can do so using homebrew $ brew install git-gui
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rapload270 · 6 months ago
Microsoft Remote Desktop For Mac Big Sur
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Microsoft Remote Desktop Mac 10.11
Remote Desktop Connection Manager Microsoft
Learn to use Apple Remote Desktop on your Mac to remote control other computers, copy files, automate tasks, and file reports. Apple Remote Desktop User Guide. For macOS Big Sur. Search the user guide Clear Search. Use the Remote Desktop. The macOS 11.3 SDK provides support to develop apps for Macs running macOS Big Sur 11.3 beta 4. The SDK comes bundled with Xcode 12.5 beta 3, available from Beta Software Downloads. For information on the compatibility requirements for Xcode 12.5, see Xcode 12.5 Beta 3 Release Notes.
Microsoft Remote Desktop Mac 10.11
San Francisco: With an aim to allows users to access their computer through another device remotely, Microsoft has updated its Remote Desktop client for macOS.
Microsoft Remote Desktop on Big Sur. Posted by 8 months ago. Microsoft Remote Desktop on Big Sur. Is this working for anyone? All of my old connections carried over, and the sessions connect, but keyboard presses aren't passed to the remote machine. Mac mini also makes weired noises right after reboot!
In addition, version 10.6 of Microsoft Remote Desktop for macOS also adds support for client-side IME when using Unicode keyboard mode, integrated Kerberos support in the CredSSP, and improved compatibility with macOS Big Sur.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
The latest update brought native support for the M1 chip, as well as some new features, 9To5mac reported on Friday.
With native support for the Apple Silicon platform and the M1 chip, the app runs with better performance and more energy efficiency, which means that it should consume less battery power when running on a MacBook.
In addition, version 10.6 of Microsoft Remote Desktop for macOS also adds support for client-side IME when using Unicode keyboard mode, integrated Kerberos support in the CredSSP, and improved compatibility with macOS Big Sur.
In this release we've made some significant updates to the shared underlying code that powers the Remote Desktop experience across all our clients, the company said.
We have also added some new features and addressed bugs and crashes that were showing up in error reporting, it added.
Users can download Microsoft Remote Desktop for free on the Mac App Store. There's also an iOS version available that works with iPhone and iPad.
For all the latest News, Opinions and Views, App.
Tumblr media
SelectLanguage To Read in Urdu, Hindi, Marathi or Arabic.
Microsoft this week updated its Remote Desktop client for macOS, which allows users to access their computer through another device remotely. The latest update brought native support for the M1 chip, as well as some new features.
With native support for the Apple Silicon platform and the M1 chip, the app runs with better performance and more energy efficiency, which means that it should consume less battery power when running on a MacBook.
In addition, version 10.6 of Microsoft Remote Desktop for macOS also adds support for client-side IME when using Unicode keyboard mode, integrated Kerberos support in the CredSSP, and improved compatibility with macOS Big Sur. You can check out all the changes in the release notes below:
In this release we’ve made some significant updates to the shared underlying code that powers the Remote Desktop experience across all our clients. We’ve also added some new features and addressed bugs and crashes that were showing up in error reporting.
• Added native support for Apple Silicon. • Added client-side IME support when using Unicode keyboard mode. • Integrated Kerberos support in the CredSSP security protocol sequence. • Addressed macOS 11 compatibility issues. • Made updates to improve interoperability with current and upcoming features in the Windows Virtual Desktop service. • Made fixes to address mispaints when decoding AVC data generated by a server-side hardware encoder. • Addressed an issue where windows from remoted Office apps were not visible despite being present in the app switcher.
Users can download Microsoft Remote Desktop for free on the Mac App Store. There’s also an iOS version available that works with iPhone and iPad.
Read also:
Remote Desktop Connection Manager Microsoft
FTC: We use income earning auto affiliate links.More.
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psychicanchortimemachine · 6 months ago
12 Terminal Commands
Every Web Developer Should Know
The terminal is one of the foremost vital productivity tools in a developer's arsenal. Mastering it will have an awfully positive impact on your work flow, as several everyday tasks get reduced to writing a straightforward command and striking Enter. In this article we've ready for you a set of UNIX system commands that may assist you get the foremost out of your terminal. a number of them square measure inbuilt, others square measure free tools that square measure reliable and may be put in but a moment.
Curl may be a program line tool for creating requests over HTTP(s), FTP and dozens of different protocols you will haven't detected concerning. It will transfer files, check response headers, and freely access remote information.
In net development curl is usually used for testing connections and dealing with RESTful APIs.
# Fetch the headers of a URL. curl -I HTTP/1.1 302 Found Cache-Control: private Content-Type: text/html; charset=UTF-8 Referrer-Policy: no-referrer Location: Content-Length: 258 Date: Wed, 09 Aug 2017 11:24:01 GMT   # Make a GET request to a remote API. curl 29 is the number of days it takes Saturn to orbit the Sun.
Curl commands can get much more complicated than this. There are tons of options for controlling headers, cookies, authentication,and more.
Tree may be a little instruction utility that shows you a visible illustration of the files during a directory. It works recursively, going over every level of nesting and drawing a formatted tree of all the contents. this fashion you'll quickly skim and notice the files you're trying to find.
tree . ├── css │   ├── bootstrap.css │   ├── bootstrap.min.css ├── fonts │   ├── glyphicons-halflings-regular.eot │   ├── glyphicons-halflings-regular.svg │   ├── glyphicons-halflings-regular.ttf │   ├── glyphicons-halflings-regular.woff │   └── glyphicons-halflings-regular.woff2 └── js ├── bootstrap.js └── bootstrap.min.js
There is also the option to filter the results using a simple regEx-like pattern:
tree -P '*.min.*' . ├── css │   ├── bootstrap.min.css ├── fonts └── js └── bootstrap.min.js
According to its Wiki, Tmux may be a terminal electronic device, that translated in human language would mean that it is a tool for connecting multiple terminals to one terminal session.
It helps you to switch between programs in one terminal, add split screen panes, and connect multiple terminals to a similar session, keeping them in adjust. Tmux is particularly helpful once functioning on a far off server, because it helps you to produce new tabs while not having to log in once more.
Disk usage - du
The du command generates reports on the area usage of files and directories. it's terribly straightforward to use and may work recursively, rummaging every directory and returning the individual size of each file.  A common use case for du is once one in every of your drives is running out of area and you do not understand why. Victimization this command you'll be able to quickly see what proportion storage every folder is taking, therefore finding the most important memory saver.
# Running this will show the space usage of each folder in the current directory. # The -h option makes the report easier to read. # -s prevents recursiveness and shows the total size of a folder. # The star wildcard (*) will run du on each file/folder in current directory. du -sh * 1.2G Desktop 4.0K Documents 40G Downloads 4.0K Music 4.9M Pictures 844K Public 4.0K Templates 6.9M Videos
There is also a similar command called
(Disk Free) which returns various information about the available disk space (the opposite of du).
Git is far and away the foremost standard version system immediately. It’s one among the shaping tools of contemporary internet dev and that we simply could not leave it out of our list. There area unit many third-party apps and tools on the market however most of the people choose to access unpleasant person natively although the terminal. The unpleasant person CLI is basically powerful and might handle even the foremost tangled project history.
Tar is the default Unix tool for working with file archives. It allows you to quickly bundle multiple files into one package, making it easier to store and move them later on.
tar -cf archive.tar file1 file2 file3
Using the -x option it can also extract existing .tar archives.
tar -xf archive.tar
Note that almost all alternative formats like .zip and .rar can't be opened by tar and need alternative command utilities like unfasten.
Many trendy operating system systems run associate expanded version of tar (GNU tar) that may additionally perform file size compression:
# Create compressed gzip archive. tar -czf file.tar.gz inputfile1 inputfile2 # Extract .gz archive. tar -xzf file.tar.gz
If your OS doesn't have that version of tar, you can use
to reduce the size of file archives.
Unix has many inbuilt hashing commands together with
and others. These program line tools have varied applications in programming, however most significantly they'll be used for checking the integrity of files. For example, if you've got downloaded associate degree .iso file from associate degree untrusted supply, there's some likelihood that the file contains harmful scripts. To form positive the .iso is safe, you'll generate associate degree md5 or alternative hash from it.
md5sum ubuntu-16.04.3-desktop-amd64.iso 0d9fe8e1ea408a5895cbbe3431989295 ubuntu-16.04.3-desktop-amd64.iso
You can then compare the generated string to the one provided from the first author (e.g. UbuntuHashes).
Htop could be a a lot of powerful different to the intrinsic prime task manager. It provides a complicated interface with several choices for observation and dominant system processes.
Although it runs within the terminal, htop has excellent support for mouse controls. This makes it a lot of easier to navigate the menus, choose processes, and organize the tasks thought sorting and filtering.
Links in UNIX operating system square measure the same as shortcuts in Windows, permitting you to urge fast access to bound files. Links square measure created via the ln command and might be 2 types: arduous or symbolic. Every kind has totally different properties and is employed for various things (read more).
Here is associate example of 1 of the various ways that you'll be able to use links. as an instance we've a directory on our desktop referred to as Scripts. It contains showing neatness organized bash scripts that we have a tendency to ordinarily use. on every occasion we wish to decision one in every of our scripts we'd need to do this:
Obviously, this is isn't very convinient as we have to write the absolute path every time. Instead we can create a symlink from our Scripts folder to /usr/local/bin, which will make the scripts executable from all directories.
sudo ln -s ~/Desktop/Scripts/git-scripts/git-cleanup /usr/local/bin/
With the created symlink we can now call our script by simply writing its name in any opened terminal.
With the ssh command users will quickly hook up with a foreign host and log into its UNIX operating system shell. This makes it doable to handily issue commands on the server directly from your native machine's terminal.
To establish a association you just got to specify the proper science address or URL. The primary time you hook up with a replacement server there'll be some style of authentication.
ssh username@remote_host
If you want to quickly execute a command on the server without logging in, you can simply add a command after the url. The command will run on the server and the result from it will be returned.
ssh username@remote_host ls /var/www
There is a lot you can do with SSH like creating proxies and tunnels, securing your connection with private keys, transferring files and more.
Grep is the standard Unix utility for finding strings inside text. It takes an input in the form of a file or direct stream, runs its content through a regular expression, and returns all the matching lines.
This command comes in handy once operating with massive files that require to be filtered. Below we tend to use grep together with the date command to look through an oversized log file and generate a brand new file containing solely errors from nowadays.
// Search for today's date (in format yyyy-mm-dd) and write the results to a new file. grep "$(date +"%Y-%m-%d")" all-errors-ever.log > today-errors.log
Another nice command for operating with strings is
. It’s additional powerful (and additional complicated) than grep and may perform nearly any string-related task together with adding, removing or replacement strings.
Many OS commands, together with some featured during this article, tend to urge pretty long when you add all the choices to them. to create them easier to recollect, you'll produce short aliases with the alias bash inbuilt command:
# Create an alias for starting a local web server. alias server="python -m SimpleHTTPServer 9000" # Instead of typing the whole command simply use the alias. server Serving HTTP on port 9000 ...
The alias are offered as long as you retain that terminal open. to create it permanent you'll add the alias command to your .bashrc file. We will be happy to answer your questions on designing, developing, and deploying comprehensive enterprise web, mobile apps and customized software solutions that best fit your organization needs.
As a reputed Software Solutions Developer we have expertise in providing dedicated remote and outsourced technical resources for software services at very nominal cost. Besides experts in full stacks We also build web solutions, mobile apps and work on system integration, performance enhancement, cloud migrations and big data analytics. Don’t hesitate to
get in touch with us!
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Vista Home Premium 32 Bit Oem Iso Download
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Processor: 800-megahertz (MHz) 32-bit (x86) processor or 800-MHz 64-bit (x64) processor. Windows Vista Home Premium Download ISO 32 Bit 64 Bit Click link on below to start Windows Vista Home Premium Download ISO 32 Bit 64 Bit Free. This is complete Windows Vista Home Premium ISO 32 Bit 64 Bit. This would be compatible with both 32 bit and 64. Disqus Vista Home Premium For Oem Dell Oem Iso Download Windows 10 Available for download. The Windows Vista keygen has the role of producing valid, and I have to emphasize, valid product keys that will latter be used in the activation of the operating. There are no legal/official Vista ISO downloads available. You can borrow and use a Microsoft Vista DVD (Retail or OEM System Builders License), that contains the files for the various Vista Editions (Home Basic, Home Premium, Business and Ultimate) to be installed.
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Security in Windows Vista ISO is really great.
Vista is secure by windows defender which defend windows for the virus.
Most of the drivers will come pre-install with this version.
Windows Media Center is also available in it.
If you want then you can easily customize everything.
Different beautiful and interesting wallpapers and themes are available.
It can also automatically detect all the devices and drivers.
Network Map feature is also available in it.
Performance center which you can use to look at your PC.
There are also thousands of other features that you can use in vista.
How To Install and Download Download Windows Vista ISO File?
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It is pretty simple to do that don’t worry. First of all, you will need a Bootable USB/DISK. Which you can learn to create from our site After that, you will have the plugin. And vista will ask few permissions allow and also done.
System Requirements:
512 MB (32 Bit) or 1 GB (64 Bit).
1 GHz.
12 GB is enough.
Download our recovery and repair disk for Microsoft Windows Vista (also for Windows 7, 8, XP or Server editions) that can be used to access system recovery tools, giving you options of using an antivirus, System Restore, document and picture backup and recovery, automated system repair, and a command-line prompt for manual advanced recovery.
Looking for recovery disks for other Windows versions?
Easy Recovery Essentials (or EasyRE) is a 55 to 135 MiB download image ready to be burned directly to a CD, DVD or a USB stick.
Features of Easy Recovery Essentials include:
Automatically find and fix errors
Works even when you can’t get into Windows
Recover from virus infections
Restore your PC to a working state
Access and back up your important data
Use your PC even when it doesn’t work
Advanced tools for IT experts
Compatible with PC manufacturers
Disk for recovery & repair
If you’re like most PC users, you probably got Windows Vista with a new PC or laptop. And if you’re like 99% of the population, you get your new machines from one of the major manufacturers.
Dell, Acer, HP, Toshiba, Lenovo, they all have one thing in common: they don’t give you a real Windows Vista installation disk with your purchase.
Instead, they bundle what they call a “recovery disk” (that’s if you’re lucky – otherwise you’ll have a recovery partition instead) with your machine and leave it at that.
It doesn’t matter that you just paid a thousand dollars for a machine that comes with a valid Windows Vista license – your computer manufacturer just don’t want to spend the money (or perhaps take on the responsibility) of giving you a Windows Vista installation DVD to accompany your expensive purchase.
The problem is, with Windows Vista, the installation media serves more than one purpose. It’s not just a way to get Windows installed, it’s also the only way of recovering a borked installation.
The DVD has a “recovery center” that provides you with the option of recovering your system via automated recovery (searches for problems and attempts to fix them automatically), rolling-back to a system restore point, recovering a full PC backup, or accessing a command-line recovery console for advanced recovery purposes.
Download recovery disk for Windows Vista
Easy Recovery Essentials repair process is non-destructive, recovering PCs without formatting or reinstalling Windows.
The powerful repair process can fix many issues that Microsoft’s own Startup Repair cannot. In addition to the industry-leading automated repair features, this disk will give you access to the following:
System Restore
Web Browser
Partition Editor
Antivirus Scanner
Data/File Backup and Recovery
Commandline/Terminal Access
Later update: Please note that this download is no longer free, due to licensing restrictions imposed upon us.
Our recovery disk supports x86 and x64 platforms and all Windows Vista versions, including 32-bit and 64-bit editions:
Windows Vista Ultimate (32-bit and 64-bit editions)
Windows Vista Enterprise (32-bit and 64-bit editions)
Windows Vista Business (32-bit and 64-bit editions)
Windows Vista Home Premium (32-bit and 64-bit editions)
Windows Vista Home Basic (32-bit and 64-bit editions)
Windows Vista Starter (32-bit edition)
And all Service Packs:
Windows Vista Service Pack 1 (SP1)
Windows Vista Service Pack 2 (SP2)
This disk is a 120 MiB download in standard ISO format that you’ll need to burn to a CD or DVD before you can use it as a bootable recovery medium. You can also burn it on a USB stick.
You cannot use a recovery or repair disk to install or reinstall Windows Vista.
Burn to CDs, DVDs or USB sticks
NeoSmart Technologies has published a guide on how to burn an ISO image to CD or DVD with your favorite burning program, which you can read if you need more information or help on this topic. You can burnt it with ImgBurn, Alcohol 120% or ActiveISO:
You can also burn it on a USB stick if you don’t want to use CDs or DVDs. We published a guide on making a EasyRE recovery USB.
Compatible with PC manufacturers
This recovery and repair disk is compatible with desktops, workstations, laptops, notebooks, netbooks, ultrabooks and servers from major PC manufacturers, like Dell, HP, Asus, Acer or Lenovo plus more.
Dell, HP, Asus, Acer
The disk is compatible with all Dell laptops and desktop computers, including all its manufactured series like Adamo, Inspiron, Studio, Vostro, XPS, Latitude.
Do you have a Dell computer running Windows Vista? Read our Dell recovery and restore guide.
The disk is compatible with HP computers: ENVY, EliteBook, Essential Home, Pavilion and x2 for laptops and ENVY, Essential Home and Pavilion for desktops and All-in-One Desktop PCs.
Do you have a HP computer running Windows Vista? Read our HP recovery and restore guide.
It’s compatible with notebooks, ultrabooks, laptops and desktops from ASUS.
It works for any computer that was manufactured by ASUS, if it runs Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8 or any of the following Windows Server editions: 2003, 2008, 2012.
Do you have an Asus computer running Windows Vista? Read our Asus recovery and restore guide.
It’s compatible with any Acer computer that has Windows installed, including these manufactured series:
Aspire R, Aspire V3 and Aspire E for notebooks
Aspire S7, Aspire S5, Aspire S3, Aspire P, Aspire M, Aspire V7, Aspire V5 for ultra-thin computers
Aspire One for netbooks
Aspire M and T, Aspire X and Predator G for desktops
Do you have an Acer computer running Windows Vista? Read our Acer recovery and restore guide.
Lenovo, Toshiba, Samsung
You can download the repair disk for any Lenovo computers, such as:
ThinkPad, IdeaPad, Essential series for laptops
Thinkcentre, Ideacentre and Essentials series for desktop PCs
Do you have a Lenovo computer running Windows Vista? Read our Lenovo recovery and restore guide.
It’s compatible with any Toshiba computers running Windows:
Satellite, Qosmio, Portege, Tecra, Kira family series
All-in-One desktop series
Do you have a Toshiba computer running Windows Vista? Read our Toshiba recovery and restore guide.
The disk is compatible with Samsung line of laptops and desktops, including:
ATIV Book, Gaming and Business PC series for laptops
ATIV One for All-in-One desktops
IBM, Compaq, Gateway, eMachines
IBM personal computer business division was acquired by Lenovo in 2005.
This disk supports IBM desktop and laptop models, most notably the ThinkPad line.
Compaq was acquired by HP in 2002, but some of its famous PC line series are still used by our customers.
Our disk works with Compaq notebooks and desktops PCs, including Compaq Presario series.
Gateway Computer was acquired by Acer in 2007.
Our disk is compatible with Gateway Computers netbooks, notebooks and desktops PCs, such as:
Vista Home Premium 32 Bit Oem Iso Download 32-bit
Series SX, DX and One ZX for desktop systems
NE and NV series for notebooks
LT series for netbooks
Vista Home Premium 32 Bit Oem Iso Download 64-bit
Do you have a Gateway computer running Windows Vista? Read our Gateway recovery and restore guide.
eMachines PCs were manufactured up until 2004 when Gateway Computers brought the company. Gateway Computers was later acquired by Acer in 2007, but the eMachines PC brand was used until 2012.
If you own a computer from this computer brand, our disk is compatible with eMachines PCs.
Disk for Windows 7, 8, XP or Server editions
Windows 7
You can get our recovery disk for Windows 7. It supports all versions: Ultimate, Enterprise, Professional, Home Premium, Home Basic and Starter.
Download for Windows 7.
Windows 8
You can also get the recovery disk for Windows 8.
Download for Windows 8.
Windows XP
Easy Recovery Essentials is available for Windows XP users and it supports all Service Packs: Service Pack 1 (SP1), Service Pack 2 (SP2) and Service Pack 3 (SP3).
Windows Server 2003, 2008, 2012
Easy Recovery Essentials supports Microsoft Windows Server editions: 2003, 2008 and 2012.
Our disk supports all Windows service packs (Windows XP SP1, Windows XP SP2, Windows XP SP3, Windows Vista SP1, Windows Vista SP2, Windows 7 SP1, Windows 7 SP2, Windows 8.1, Windows Server 2003 R2, Windows Server 2008 R2, and Windows Server 2012 R2.
Please don’t ask for help below, it’ll get real cluttered real soon! Open a support thread at and we’ll help you resolve your problem ASAP.
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oldmacnewlife · a year ago
Meet the Mac
PowerMac G5  2.0 DP Early 2005 M9747ll/A A1047
Tumblr media
The Specs
The early 2005 PowerMac G5 2.0 DP introduced in April 2005 with dual PowerPC 970 fx G5 processors running at 2 GHz. The base model came with 512 MB of PC3200  DDR memory, clocked at 400 MHz. I’ve upgraded my machine to the maximum supported amount of 4 GB. This model was discontinued in October of 2005.
This PowerMac shipped with Mac OS X 10.4 Tiger and supports up to version 10.5.8 Leopard. Applications designed for Mac OS 9 may be run in Classic mode, as this computer will only boot into OS X. I have set up my Mac to dual boot both Tiger and Leopard.
Storage was originally provided by an 160 GB  7200 RPM SATA hard  disk, with a second  bay available for an additional hard drive. I’ve installed two 1 TB hard drives to my system, allowing the two supported versions of OS X to each have their own drive. A 4X DL SuperDrive also came standard, enabling reading and writing to DVDs and CDs.
The G5’s graphics are powered by an ATI Radeon 9600 with 128 MB of VRAM, installed into an 8X AGP slot. This card provides two DVI ports, permitting either dual or mirrored displays at a maximum resolution of 1900x1200.
For networking, you get 10/100/.1000Base-T ethernet standard. AirPort Extreme wifi, Bluetooth, and modem were all optional and not originally installed on my machine. I have since added these.
Connectivity is fairly generous for a machine of the period, with 3 USB (2.0) ports, 2 Firewire 400 ports and a single Firewire 800 port.
For expansion, you get the aforementioned AGP 8X slot, occupied by the aforementioned ATI Radeon 9600. There are also 3 open PCI slots.
OK, that pretty much covers the specs, Let’s take a look at what you can actually do with this thing in the modern era.
The Internet
 I’ll get this out of the way first: you’re not going to want to use this Mac as your daily driver on the internet.  Safari, Firefox and Chrome all left the G5 behind along time ago. Internet  Explorer? Even Microsoft has moved on from Internet  Explorer. Sort of. But...There is a web browser actively supported  for these machine. Built on an older version of Mozilla, TenFourFox is intended for PowerPC Macs running OS X Tiger or Leopard. It’s objective is to bring the modern web to these old Macs and, considering the limitations of the hardware, it doesn’t do a terrible job. Those hardware limitations are a  pretty severe bottleneck, though. It’s just too slow to keep up with today’s internet. Social networking sites like Facebook and Tumblr don’t seem to function correctly. YouTube does technically work if you can accept watching videos at 144p. Higher  resolutions bog the computer down to much, leading to buffering or choppy video. Basic, text heavy sites work tolerably well, though, and I have done quick research on the web while working on other projects on this machine. Still...Verdict: No.
Video Editing.
 Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha . No.
Audio Processing
 My needs in this area are very simple., and, I’ve been able to do very basic audio recording and editing on this Mac using a Blue Snowball USB microphone and Audacity. A quick note, though: if you’re Audio files  absolutely need to be in MP3 format, Audacity requires  the LAME library for MP3  encoding, which I have not been able to get to work with the old version of the software compatible with this old machine. I’m not saying it can’t be done. I’m saying I haven’t been able to figure out how to do it. Verdict: meh.
Retro Gaming
From a hardware perspective, this Mac should be a pretty capable retro gaming  rig. The chief problem here is simply the availability of games for the platform. Game studios tend to focus resources on where  the customers are, and in the computer gaming world, that’s going to be Windows  and gaming consoles. Back in 2005, the Mac community mainly got ports of games that had already been out for other platforms for some  time already, sold for full “new game price”, of course. If retro or any other type of gaming is your primary interest,  the Mac probably isn’t be your first choice. Still, it’s not a total wasteland out there. MacSoft put out some decent ports - Civilization IV? OK, I’m in for that. Verdict: meh.
I spend most of my time on this Mac in OS X Tiger. The two office suites I’ve found  available for this operating system are Office  2004 and an equally ancient (  version of Open/LibreOffice. Whether this PowerMac can meet your needs in this area depends on, well, what you need. I use Office 2004, which includes  Word, PowerPoint  and Excel, and for me, that does pretty much everything I need it to. This old version of Office can’t open anything saved in Microsoft’s XML format, though. Those can be identified by an x at the end of their filename extensions, such as .docx for a Word document. OpenOffice can deal with these files, so if you find yourself frequently exchanging files with other people, that’s probably the way to go. Verdict: Qualified yes.
Desktop Publishing
 Ah, now we’re getting to what I consider the Mac’s strong suit - desktop publishing. With the right software installed, this old Mac is still pretty capable. I got lucky and was gifted a G5 with Adobe Photoshop CS2. That’s CS2 as in “Creative Suite 2”, so, it’s the bundle - Photoshop, Illustrator, Acrobat Pro, and InDesign.  I once read something to the effect that “your Mac will always do the things it did on the day you bought it just as well years later.” That’s not absolutely true - see Internet and Video Editing - but here I think that statement holds up. I’ve used this Mac to create newsletters. My typical workflow looks like this: rough drafts of articles are written in Word. I’ll also handle the proofing in Word (if InDesign has proofing features, I haven’t found or seen a peep about them anywhere.) I’ll copy and paste these into InDesign, and begin to design the layout. I’ll use Aperture for quick touch-ups to photos (color or contrast adjustment, brightness, etc.) while actual photo editing (cropping, compositing, etc.) is done in PhotoShop. I’ll then import these into InDesign and finalize the layout. Although very old, these are professional grade tools. Could a professional use them in 2020? That might be a bit of a stretch, but a hobbyist can absolutely use them. Verdict: Yes
 Hardware and software limitations make this Mac poorly suited for the modern web. Limited availability of software hobbles it’s capabilities as a retro gaming rig. But, for basic office duty and desktop publishing tasks, this old Mac can still be a productive member of the family.
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delicateflowerduck · 10 months ago
Z600 Ram Slots
Tumblr media
Z600 Ram Slots Slot
Z600 Ram Slots App
Z600 Ram Slots Games
It’s been a few months since HP launched their Z400, Z600 and Z800 workstations, and we’ve finally got the company’s mid-range Z600 on the SlashGear test bench. A dual-processor monster that HP envisage being used in midrange CAD, financial modelling and even high-end DCC, the Z600 would also make for a storming video editing workstation; HP also claim it’s environmentally friendly. That’s the theory, anyway: can the Z600 really deliver performance in a home or small-office friendly way?
The specifications of our test machine certainly make for impressive reading. Packing dual Intel Xeon X5570 processors (each running at 2.93GHz with 8MB cache and 1333MHz FSB), there’s also 6GB of DDR3-1333 RAM, two 160GB 10,000rpm SATA hard-drives, an NVIDIA Quadro FX1800 video card with 768MB of memory, slot-loading 8x DVD burner and Windows Vista Business 64-bit.
HP squeeze all of that into one of their latest Z-series workstation cases, complete with tool-free access and construction, along with a FireWire card for media-friendly connectivity. There are two PCIe Gen2 x16 card slots, one Gen2 x8, one Gen1 x8 and two PCI slots, along with four eSATA ports. To put the same system on or under your desk would cost $7,501; for $450 more you can double the RAM to a whopping 12GB, though the maximum on offer is 24GB.
To the right of the PCI card slots are 2 hot swappable Hard Drive bays. With my Z600 workstation HP filled the drive bays with 2 150GB 15000 RPM SAS drives. They also put in a single 1 TB 7200 RPM data drive in one of the lower slots. The bays slide out fairly easily, but getting them back in can be a challenge.
Intel Xeon processor1,2 E55603, 2.80 GHz, 8 MB cache, 1333 MHz memory, Quad-Core Intel Xeon processor1,2 E55703, 2.93 GHz, 8 MB cache, 1333 MHz memory, Quad-Core Chipset Intel® 5550 Memory4 6 DIMM slots, up to 24 GB (expected availability May 2009), 6-channel DDR3 1333 MHz., 3 channels per CPU (.actual memory speed dependent on processor.
Build quality is excellent, and the tower case is slimmer than you might expect: just 6.5-inches across. A hinged panel at the front hides the 5.25-inch bays, one of which is taken up by the DVD drive, plus there are a few USB 2.0 ports on the front-right bezel. All in all HP offer six external USB 2.0 connections (and a further three inside), two of which will be used up immediately since they bundle a USB keyboard and mouse in with the workstation. The side-panel – which has a key lock for casual security – opens smoothly and reveals well laid-out drive bays and some clever fan positioning. Both CPU fans are upright and pull air from front to back, rather than pushing it parallel to the motherboard; there’s also a large fan duct with its own fan which covers the memory.
Various green tabs indicate sections of the case which pull out, such as the tool-free drive bays which slide out from the side and into which the hard-drives snap. The power supply is a non-standard size and shape, and runs across the entire base of the Z600 with a single pull-handle for removal; the benefit is fewer cables criss-crossing the case space, as they all connect at the back and are routed behind the motherboard. Finally, there’s also an integrated grab-handle at the top, front and back, making transport straightforward.
The benefit to this non-standard internal layout and thoughtful ducting is that the Z600 is surprisingly quiet. You’d expect a dual-CPU workstation with six fans to sound like a minor tornado, but in fact it’s incredibly quiet. We’ve tested basic notebooks with more noticeable fan noise than the Z600 puts out, and according to HP their 80PLUS Bronze compliant PSU is 85-percent efficient and means the workstation is ENERGY STAR v5 qualified. In standby, the Z600 uses under 1W too, meaning you won’t be paying over the odds for the benefit of quick start-up times.
Of course, frugality and quietness are no use whatsoever if your workstation lacks grunt, but thankfully the Z600 isn’t short in that department either. Needless to say, standard day-to-day productivity tasks make little to no difference in the Z600’s stride, with several browser windows, Outlook, HD media playback and other concurrent routine apps having a negligible impact on the system.
6 DIMM Slots for DDR3 ECC Memory: 9. Rear I/O: 6 USB 2.0, PS/2 keyboard/mouse 1 RJ-45 to Integrated Gigabit LAN 1 Audio Line In, 1 Audio Line Out, 1 Microphone In. HP Workstation z600 - MT - Xeon X5660 2.8 GHz - 8 GB - 2 TB overview and full product specs on CNET.
We then loaded up Geekbench, which measures processor and memory performance, to get an idea of exactly how potent the Z600 is. Total score was 12,828, with the Z600 scoring 14,814 and 17,622 in processor integer and floating point performance respectively, while memory and memory bandwidth performance came in at 4,965 and 4,832 respectively. By way of comparison, the HP Z400 Workstation we reviewed four months ago – which has a single Xeon 2.93GHz processor and 6GB of RAM – managed 7,613 in Geekbench.
Finally, we ran PCMark and compared the Z600 with a Dell Precision T5500 workstation. The T5500 has dual quad-core Intel Xeon X5570 2.93GHz processors, 6GB of third-party DDR3 1333GHz memory, NVIDIA Quadro FX1800 graphics and a 300GB Western Digital VelociRaptor hard-drive; the final build price was around $7,700, two hundred dollars more than the HP. As the graphs show, performance of the two systems was, unsurprisingly, on a par, with the Z600 edging slightly ahead in its overall PCMark score (8396 versus the Dell’s 8355) while both machines comprehensively bested the HP Z400.
The Z600 range starts from $1,800, though it’s worth repeating that for the dual-processor machine we’ve been testing you’re looking at just over $7,500. That’s a whole lot of money, but then again you get a whole lot of performance for it, and in a form-factor and package that, before now, would have far more demands to accommodate its space, power and noise. It’s overkill for anybody but the most extreme of video editors, but if you’re living and breathing CAD and high-end design, or running plenty of real-time modelling, then the HP Z600 Workstation should be high up on your shortlist.
The HP Z600 V2 Workstation has all the base components to be converted in to a solid gaming computer. HP Z600's are a dual socket Xeon based workstations. The Z600 V2 supports up to 96GB of DDR3 memory and 2 Internal SAS/SATA Hard Drives. It is important to note that it has an standard 600W Power Supply, which limits the Graphics Cards that you can install. Let us show you how you can build an effective HP Z600 V2 Gaming PC.
How do I check to see if my HP Z600 is a V1 or V2?
Open your side panel and check your system board PN.
Version 1 has system board PN: 461439-001 (460840-002)
Version 2 has system board PN: 591184-001 (460864-003)
Where to buy?
If you haven't already acquired a HP Z600 Workstation we'd recommend checking out a company called Serverworlds. They sell the Z600's cheap and they provide free ground shipping to the lower 48 states. You can also try to snag them cheap on Ebay. However, Ebay can be a bit of a gamble because you never know what you are going to get.
The goal is to purchase the Z600 with a good processor(s) and memory already installed and then you can source the graphics cards, hard drives, and other optional components from other sources.
What Processor(s) should I get?
High Clock speed cpu's are the way to go.
In most cases you can get by with a single processor listed below. If you plan to stream your gaming on youtube or twitch, we recommend getting 2 processors.
Recommended Processors:
Up to 2 x 6C Xeon X5660 3.33Ghz 12MB 6.40GTs Processors | 3.60Ghz Max Turbo Frequency (SLBV6)
Up to 2 x 6C Xeon X5675 3.06Ghz 12MB 6.40GTs Processors | 3.46Ghz Max Turbo Frequency (SLBYL)
How much Memory should I get?
The base line should be a minimum of 16GB of memory. However, 16GB to 32GB would be ideal.
Memory PNs:
4GB PC10600R 2Rx4 ECC Reg Shielded (NN876)
4GB PC10600R 2Rx8 ECC Reg (7H8J8)
4GB PC10600R 2Rx8 PC3L ECC Reg(9J5WF or H5DDH)
8GB PC10600R 2Rx4 PC3L ECC Reg (P9RN2)
8GB PC10600R 2Rx4 ECC Reg Shielded (X3R5M)
16GB PC10600R 2Rx4 PC3L ECC Reg (MGY5T)
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*12800R modules will work as well, they will just clock down to 1333Mhz depending on the CPU speed*
Recommended Memory configurations:
4 x 4GB PC10600R Modules (16GB)
6 x 4GB PC10600R Modules (24GB)
4 x 8GB PC10600R Modules (32GB)
6 x 8GB PC10600R Modules (48GB)
4 x 16GB PC10600R Modules (64GB)
6 x 16GB PC10600R Modules (96GB)
It's very important to use 10600R modules because they will run at the max speed supported by the system board and processor.
What Hard Drive should I get?
Ideally you would want to have a Solid State Drive as your boot device as well an NVME.2 SSD to store your game libraries/large programs on. If you are limited on budget you could go with a small SSD for your boot device and a larger capacity 7.2K SATA drive to hold your larger files/programs/games.
Recommended SSD Drives:
Samsung 860 EVO 2TB 2.5 Inch SATA III Internal SSD (MZ-76E2T0B/AM)
Samsung 860 EVO 1TB 2.5 Inch SATA III Internal SSD (MZ-76E1T0B/AM)
Z600 Ram Slots Slot
Samsung 860 Evo 500GB 2.5 inch SATA III Internal SSD (MZ-76E500B/AM)
Recommended large Capacity SATA Drives:
Seagate 2TB BarraCuda SATA 6 Gb/s 7200 RPM 64MB Cache 3.5 Inch Desktop Hard Drive (ST2000DM006)
Z600 Ram Slots App
*NVME.2 Drives cannot be used as a boot device with this model workstation*
NVME.2 PCIe Adapter (You need this if you plan to install an NVME.2 Drive in to this system):
NVME.2 SSD Adapter *Required to Install NVME.2*
Recommended NVME.2 SSDs:
Samsung 960 EVO Series - 500GB NVMe - M.2 Internal SSD (MZ-V6E500BW)
Samsung 970 Evo Series - 500GB NVMe -M2 Internal SSD (MZ-V7E500BW)
Samsung 960 EVO Series - 1TB PCIe NVMe - M.2 Internal SSD (MZ-V6E1T0BW)
Samsung 970 EVO Series - 1TB PCIe NVMe - M.2 Internal SSD (MZ-V7E1T0BW)
What Graphics Card should I get?
The HP Z600 has a 600W Power Supply. This will limit your Graphics Card options.
Recommended Graphics Cards:
NVIDIA GTX 1060 6GB Graphics Card
NVIDIA GTX1660 Ti 6GB Graphics Card (takes up 3 PCI slots)
NVIDIA GTX 1070 8GB Graphics Card
NVIDIA GTX 1070 TI 8GB Graphics Card
NVIDIA RTX 2060 6GB Graphics Card
NVIDIA RTX 2070 8GB Graphics Card
What type of Monitor should I get?
Ideally it would be nice to get a monitor with a 144Hz or 244hz refresh rate or better monitor. However, it really depends on the games you play. If you play first person shooter games a 144hz or 240Hz or better monitor is a must. If you play other games that do not require quick response time then a 60hz monitor should work fine.
Z600 Ram Slots Games
Recommended Monitors:
ASUS PG248Q Full HD 144Hz 1MS 24' Gaming Monitor
ASUS VG278Q Full HD 1080P 144Hz 1MS 27' Gaming Monitor
ASUS XG258Q ROG Strix 24.5' 1080P 240Hz 1MS Gaming Monitor
Using the criteria above you can build a good to borderline high end gaming system using a HP Z600 Workstation.
Sample Configuration:
HP Z600 Workstation
1 x 6C Xeon X5675 3.06Ghz 12MB 6.40GTs
32GB PC10600R (4 x 8GB)
Samsung 1TB 6GBPS SSD
GTX1660 Ti w/6GB Graphics Card
1 x 10/100/1000 Network Port
600W Power Supply
10 Pro 64Bit
We have tested this system with games like Dota 2, CS Go, PubG, and The Division. The frames can range from 60FPS to 160FPS depending on the game and settings that you choose. The system was tested using a 144Hz 27' Acer Monitor.
SteelSeries QCK Heavy Cloth Gaming Mouse Pad (Click Here)
SteelSeries Apex M750 RGB Mechnical Keyboard (Click Here)
Logitech G502 Proteus Spectrum RGB Tunable Gaming Mouse (Click Here)
HyperX Cloud II 7.1 Gaming Headset (Click Here)
El Gato Game Capture HD60 Pro for a Streaming Capture PC (Click Here)
Tumblr media
Secretlab Premium Gaming Chairs (Click Here)
Tumblr media
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lynneshobbydomain · a year ago
Vengeance Chapter 12
((Thank you all so much for the likes and the reblogs and the support. Thank you to @sinfulwonders who works tirelessly with me to beta this. I also wanted to apologize for not updating. As, you all know I was busy with shipweek but I also had a family matter that was very crucial. I am grateful that you all cherish this story as I do. Without further ado, let me continue))
Rating: M
Previous                         Next
You can read below the cut or at my AO3
It was the first time Shuichi entered Aki's room since her disappearance, and there was still a heart-sinking feeling that stuck with him as he looked at the place. The faint scent of blackberry and vanilla hung in the air, and the smallest little knick-knacks hadn't been moved or fixed. Her desk was still the organized mess that it was, a planner even folded to the week that she went missing. The planner had different colored inks scrawled across the page, each color symbolizing priorities, and reminders written in quick shorthand. Her curtains draped closed, as they were when she wasn't in the room. There was a corkboard hung on the wall with pictures thumbtacked into its surface. Many of them were of D.I.C.E, of family photos, and some of just him and his cousin. There was only one picture on there of just her back to the camera, and her profile hidden with a wide brim hat. She was walking down the beach with her hands clasped behind her back. The wind must've been blowing since her hair was all over the place. It was a stylistic photo, and the only one he knew of that could wield a camera like that was Ovetere. Which meant this must've been a spontaneous trip that some of the D.I.C.E members took, or they had met up somehow and just decided to mess around with the camera.
His attention left the board to the laptop that was sitting idly on the desk. He knew that this day would come sooner or later. Digging up secrets, he couldn't think of any that Aki would keep, but Takahashi told him one already. She wanted to travel around and keep a distance between her and the Saihara name. Shuichi couldn't fault her for it. He sat down at the desk and turned on the laptop, noting with amusement that the surface covered with different kinds of stickers. Her collection was endless, and it was everywhere. On the consoles of her video games, on the corkboard, on the laptop. He knew if he dug around her bookshelf, he could find her albums of stickers. He waited for the computer to load as he looked around her room again. His furniture matched the dark aesthetic of trying to keep his place as cold and minimalist as possible. Her furnishings were light wood and reflected the light from the overhead fan and the sunlight when she opened the curtains. 
He could almost hear the soft twang of her guitar playing, and he could just visualize her sitting on her bed with her guitar on her lap, curling around it as she focused on practicing a chord or a song. It was a typical scene—a standard memory. Even before Kokichi showed up in their lives, him reading in her room while she practiced was commonplace. It was hard to believe that during fits of insomnia, he wouldn't hear her play anytime soon—no random knocking on doors to check in on each other and trek up to the vending machine. 
Shuichi saw that her laptop was password-protected, but he didn't need to be a hacker to know what it was. He typed it in out of memory and stared at the desktop picture. It was last year's New Year shrine visit. Their arms wrapped around each other's shoulders -Shuichi had to bend down to compromise the height difference-, and they were grinning at the camera. Shuichi's smile is a little more timid and shy, and her bright and beaming. She wore a yukata even though it was freezing and that she should've worn a jacket, and Shuichi bundled up in a scarf and earmuffs. They had taken the picture away from the crowd, but close enough that it could still be seen a little in the background, showcasing the line and the people who were trying to get a wish. 
It startled him to see that this was the picture on her laptop. He didn't think that anyone kept the photo besides Keiko or Koji. He didn't remember Aki requesting the picture, but maybe he hadn't paid attention when he got dragged into the embrace. He felt his eyes burn and a lump form in the back of his throat as he tried to swallow past all of it. He needed to stay focused. Right now, traversing memories wasn't going to solve this case.
Just like that, however, his mind decided to be helpful and remind him that Takahashi said that she was planning to leave the Saihara household. Bracing himself to find nothing but apartment searches and universities for music, he got himself back upright and went onto her internet. 
If anyone wanted to know anyone, whatever they searched on their history told a fair amount of their story. Composing contests, youtube channels dedicated to guitarists and musicians, discussion forums on music...a twitter. Shuichi didn't doubt that Aki networked, trying to see who would bite if she was actively trying to leave, but...there was not a thing that she recently posted on her account that said anything about wanting that. The youtube videos she watched were of people that she admired and actively supported. There was nothing to indicate that she wanted to leave. 
If she was bait, chances were, Danganronpa didn't have a clue until they started researching a little more heavily into her about who she was or didn't have a clue at all since Aki was firmly silent about her name. If it wasn't bait...then, Danganronpa really went out of their way to try to find her. Shuichi just couldn’t imagine his aunt making such a massive wave with a case that it would result in something dramatic as a kidnapping. At the same time, considering that it was nothing more than a snuff game, and everyone was a contestant....he couldn't put it past them. Everything was a possibility right now, and until he heard more from his uncle or his aunt about the Jabberwock Case, nothing was set in stone. 
It didn't fit with Danganronpa's MO. They went after local celebrities, and they stuck with local newspapers. Unless...Shuichi cupped his hand over his mouth as he tried to put himself into Danganronpa's shoes. If they were so slighted about the case that his aunt took, that they were willing to go out of their way to remind the police and law force what kind of power they would be granted...then it wouldn't bother them to research Aki. Take her hobby, and her talent...and taunt her with it as they did with the rest of the contestants. Only instead of being accomplished, they were belittling the fact that she wasn't, and that pissed Shuichi off. 
He confirmed once again that there had indeed been a "reason" for the kidnapping. Shuichi felt confident that Danganronpa just didn't randomly take her from the street. Now to confirm the other piece of the puzzle. He opened her Discord as well as he decided to scroll as much through her history as he possibly could, she seemed to have kept it clear and clean most of the time. Getting on to her Discord, he noticed that she was only a part of two servers, D.I.C.E, and the Musician Symphony.  
The Musician Symphony wasn't an active group, but he could see that there were people that occasionally touched base. Going through the backlogs, Shuichi noticed that Aki tended to lurk more than participate in this server. He roamed through the channels before figuring out that the entire reason why she was there was to see what other people were doing and supporting them. He saw some of the tweets people were posting onto the channel. Some had been re-tweeted by her as a boost. She went through the youtube videos and commented on them, but she'd never discussed how she came across them. 
There was a notification on a familiar icon. Shuichi clicked on it, already having an idea of what he was about to walk into. 
[ Shuffle: Shuichi-chan-san's telling me that you're missing. You're not missing, right? You're home, or you're late or something… ]
[ Shuffle: Aki...please just go home? Please? If you guys had a fight or something, I know Saihara-chan-san will be willing to hear you out...or Ouma-sama-san! ]
Those were all...on the day Aki was reported missing. Shuichi closed his eyes and let out a soft breath. 
A couple of days later, Shuffle tried again to reach out.
[ Shuffle: I know that this isn't going to reach you, we don't know where you are, but I feel like I have to say something anyway. ]
[ Shuffle: I'm really, really scared Aki. ]
[ Shuffle: I'm scared we're going to find you dead. I'm afraid that we're going to find you traumatized. I'm worried that you're...not going to be the Aki that we all know and love. ]
[ Shuffle: I feel so dumb. ]
[ Shuffle: I should've done something. ]
[ Shuffle: Called you, met you closer than the intersection. ]
[ Shuffle: I'm such a terrible friend. Asuka says that I'm not. Tohru says I'm not. Everyone's saying to me that I'm not. ]
[ Shuffle: But I can't even help our leader like you can, Aki. I don't think Saihara-chan-san can help either. ]
[ Shuffle: he just sits at his laptop, all scared. ]
[ Shuffle: Maybe I should just ask for a pancake night. ]
[ Shuffle: There's no point in talking to a ghost that's not gonna reply. ]
Discord didn't shed any new light. Not that Shuichi was expecting it. He clicked off the website and rubbed his eyes, trying to think. Danganronpa knew that something was up. They knew that they were being investigated or that someone was poking around. Getting called up by Jabberwock over the technology only made them paranoid. It was the only theory that Shuichi had that didn't feel like he was stretching to reach a conclusion. 
Maybe they thought someone was getting suspicious over the newspaper clippings and decided to target using other methods? If that was the case, then who got close enough to make Dangnaronpa sweat? Shuichi curled a finger against his chin. He doubted his uncle was the one that pressed them against the wall. At the same time, the theory that Ando had about Aki being bait was...still useful even if Shuichi hesitated to believe it. 
Just what was happening on Jabberwock? What was the technology that was apparently stolen or lost? Why would Danganronpa admit to having it? Why would they even use their name? 
What was their cover story? Shuichi sat straighter. A gut feeling stirred into his stomach, and he decided to just see if he was right. Instead of going into her history tab, which he knew would have nothing, he scrolled through her bookmarks. They were neatly categorized and organized from music to school work, and the abundance of files told him enough that everything had a place. There was one folder that was hidden in the music section; however, that caught his attention.
Travel Plans
Clicking on it, Shuichi saw a list of hotels and maps that were in her bookmarks. They were hot spots in each prefecture. Touristy areas as well as places that were off the beaten path. Shuichi picked one from the list, and saw that there was a museum that was dedicated to the Tragedy. It had been one of the several areas that had been annihilated. It wasn’t too much of a stretch to assume that Aki was looking at history. Her interests were vast: psychology, history...the Tragedy was just both lined into one common event. There was a stigma that surrounded people who studied it and there was shame around those who talked about it. There was an underlying fear that it could happen again, or would happen again. No one wanted to teach the subject besides a quick overview, just in case.
It was probably the same shame that kept Jabberwock Island from being talked about too. Shuichi pursed his lips together as he decided to click on Jabberwock Island’s website. 
The screen turned black, and for one horrifying moment, he thought he was going to see the emblem of Danganronpa spin around in a loading mode. Instead, what appeared to him looked to be like a flower with five sharp petals that were in a circle. As the page loaded, a flower petal colored itself a bright magenta. The page finally came into view, and Shuichi could not believe what he was seeing.
Welcome to Jabberwock Island.
The header had a large white font, and the picture was of the island's map of six islands. The tiny main island that was in the middle of it, and the five larger sections that made up the home. It was an island that was a few months away on a ship, and a decent six-hour flight from Japan.
He quickly found the "history" tab, and he stared in surprise as he read the blurb.
"An island that once used to be an amusement park was abandoned during the Tragedy in 20xx. The Future Foundation had renovated the amusement park into a military base in 20XX and had used it to help rehabilitate the Despair 15, otherwise known as the Remnants of Despair. The Despair 15 have decided to stay on Jabberwock Island after the Tradgey's conclusion in 20xx and self-exiled themselves from Japan. What used to have a horrible history is now flourishing with tourism and immigration.
Hinata Hajime is the island's current Leader alongside Nevermind Sonia, who has strong political ties to the Novoselic Kingdom in Europe."
Shuichi doubted that a website mostly created to try to get traffic into their island would talk about the technology that they once housed or the people that were on the island. The Tragedy. Despair 15. 
Despair 15….
Did...Danganronpa has some sort of history with the Tragedy or with the Remnants of Despair? Shuichi never heard of someone mentioning the Despair 15 before, or of them being called the Remnants of Despair. Shuichi leaned back against the chair, the gears in his mind whirling. Remnants of Despair and Danganronpa. The missing technology. Something prodded in Shuichi’s mind to dig deeper at this. 
First thing first: there was one person that he could talk to during the game that would probably offer him some insight about the event. Maybe there was something that was glossed over in class that would bring all of this together. 
The second thing that he had to worry about was that Aki was going around to explore where the Tragedy hit the hardest.  Her knowledge that she knew about the Island and in turn knew where the Remnants of Despair were located. Not only that, but it was odd to Shuichi that Dangaronpa and Jabberwock had a connection involving the Kamukura technology.
It pained Shuichi to think about it. How much didn't he see because he thought everything was okay? He thought about her statement in the first episode or two. When she proclaimed that she felt lighter. I keep thinking about the cars. I keep seeing them. He didn’t ask where, did he? His stomach turned iced and he felt the world darken at the corners of his eyes. He assumed she was talking about the school, and Aki, who probably didn’t want him to worry any more than he already was, went with it.
He clicked out Aki's computer and shut it down. He went back to his room and booted up his own computer. The darkness of his room helped with the small headache that was starting to pound behind his left eye. He hated stress headaches, and he didn't want to get off track to get medicine when he was so close to the finish line. At least, a finish line of one mystery.
Usually, the episode started at the dining hall when everyone was gathered, but to Shuichi's surprise, the episode started in a room that gave off an unsettling vibe. There was a large monitor that hung from the dorm's ceiling with prominent speakers, which amplified the volume. There weren't any windows in the dorm, and even if there were, the windows would be slated and bolted down so that there was no thought, no hope for escape. The bed was pushed up against the wall. There was also a desk that had a fair amount of papers on it. It's a dorm room, it was neat, and Rantaro was sitting on the edge, running his hand through his hair deep in contemplation.
There was a soft ring of a doorbell, and Rantaro picked his head up. There were superficial circles under his eyes that spoke of a hard night's rest, and he looked disgruntled. He rubbed his eyes and stood up, walking over to the door and opening it. "Kokai-kun?"
"Sorry, da bodder, you." The Ultimate Falconer gave a smile, but it didn't quite reach his eyes. He, too, looked as tired as Rantaro looked. "I jus' wanna check in on you."
"I think there's a lot of other people that you should be worried about, I'm fine," Rantaro assured gently. "How are they?"
"Dunno. Came da loo' a' you." Kokai gestured, "You are na fine, an' dat's o' ay." His drawl was a little worse than Shuichi remembered. He wondered if it was from the exhaustion, or if Kokai wasn't trying too hard to speak correctly. He still didn't know where to place that accent...if that even was one. "I was gonna fin' Mayumi-chan an' Shirogane-san."
"Shirogane-san is probably heartbroken," Rantaro murmured. "...Why don't we go looking for them together? How about we start with Shirogane since she's the one that was probably hurt the most? Maybe we can work our way around the school as well."
"Dat' sounds good." Kokai nodded firmly and stepped out so that Rantaro could leave the room. "Where da begin?" He frowned. "I' dough of maybe her lab, bu' I'm na sure where id is."
"It should be in our monopads." Rantaro took the said monopad out and started tapping on the screen.
"I ha' nology," Kokai grumbled. "Pre' y sure id ha'es me do." 
Rantaro blinked, and he looked at Kokai curiously. "You... don't look at the monopads?"
"I can' ge' id da work!" Koka gave his monopad to Rantaro. He merely flicked the screen, and it turned on. The look of incredulity was astonishing, and Shuichi couldn't help but laugh, just as Rantaro chuckled. "I have done dat a dousands dimes! How?!"
"Maybe it's because I'm nice to it?" Rantaro offered as he handed it back to the flabbergasted student. "If you talk to it nicely and you touch it kindly rather than poking and prodding at it, it may be nice to you, and you can actually see where everyone is."
"Id shows you where people are?" Kokai blinked.
Rantaro quickly went through his and proceeded to show him a map. Shuichi frowned deeply, cupping his hand around his mouth. It was a little...eerie that students could keep track of each other. A good thing for a victim to have an understanding and a warning ahead of time. He had to doubt if anyone would use the monopads like that. Maybe some did. 
While they were busy talking about the monopads, Shuichi turned his attention to the chat room and decided to see if Shinigami was on. 
[ Seeker: Everyone's so quiet today. ]
[ Shinigami: Good evening, Seeker-san. It has been quiet. I have not seen Loki-kun around, which is to my pleasure. How are you? ]
[ Seeker: Struggling with History homework. ] It was probably a good thing that Kokichi wasn't in that chat room. Shuichi knew that was a terrible lie, but he hoped that it was hard to tell through the internet. 
[ Shinigami: Perhaps I can be of assistance? I am a scholar of sorts for cultural history. I may not be able to tell you a whole lot of whatever you are trying to accomplish, but I may be able to clarify a few facts. ]
[ Seeker: We’re learning a bit about the Tragedy. I don't really know what to look for online. Any advice? ] Shuichi had to cringe at how bad that lie sounded. He wasn’t getting any better at this.
[ Shinigami: The Tragedy is a complex subject, but...let me see if I can't put it into more... more detailed terms. No one is certain of how the Tragedy began. Some say it started with Hope’s Peak Academy, and the unethical human experimentation that they were doing. Some say that there was a group that made something called Despair Disease and decided to spread it around. My belief, as well as other scholars, is the fact that it was a combination of all these things at once. There were experiments done, just not by the Academy. The Despair Sisters had a hand in it as well.]
[ Shinigami: Allow me to further the conversation about the disease. It would twist the personality into something that was the opposite of them or enhance a part of the depending, and they would act on it. Some were liars, some would follow orders to the death, and some were….some were actively trying to become the same as the Remnants of Despair. Unfortunately for them, the longest they could survive the fever and the dehydration, along with the hallucination, was about three days. ]
[ Shinigami: It was rumored to have happened anyway. Some survivors claim that they saw the disease with their own eyes. ]
[ Shinigami: You have to understand the Remnants of Despair and the people that befell the chaos were….people that would actively torture and kill victims. Torture that included but certainly did not stop at unethical practices of doctoring and experimentation. ]
[ Shinigami: The Tragedy came to a conclusion after the Despair Sisters met their demise during the Hope's Peak revival. ]
[ Shinigami: It took five years after that to rebuild, and another ten to fully recover. ]
[ Seeker: I see. Why is it hard for people to study the event without being cast in a terrible light? ]
[ Shinigami: Humans are afraid of things that they can’t control or predict. The Tragedy was one such instance and there’s a fear that someone will think it’d be a good idea to bring it back. Scholars like myself are even warned to tread carefully around the Tragedy, as there was once a superstition that even mentioning it, let alone studying it, would cause the Despair Disease to flare up again. Ludicrous yes, but...people want to pretend that it’s not as scary as it is. ]
Shuichi let out a long breath as he let the information sink into his mind. 
[ Seeker: Does Danganronpa have anything to do with the Tragedy? ]
[ Shinigami: No. But they were inspired by an aspect of it. ]
Shuichi thought for a moment that Shinigami would go off again and give him the information, but for some reason, that wasn't happening. Shuichi had a feeling that even if he pressed, Shinigami wouldn't say. It must be something to do with his contract about watching the killing games and writing that paper of his. 
There was something about those games then that they were mimicking or were trying to do. Despair 15...
Would it really be off of the mark to think that Danganronpa was attempting to see if falling into despair would be as easy as the Tragedy made it appear? Would it really be off of the mark to think that someone thought that the Remnants of Despair weren't all on Jabberwock Island?
Hope's Peak Academy...Shuichi grabbed his notebook and quietly wrote down the name. He was going to have to do more digging. Here he had hoped that the mystery would be done and over with, but Danganronpa was good at keeping the questions coming. 
They were good at keeping an audience captivated at the screen.
It appeared that Shirogane was indeed in her lab, the boys took a daring look at each other, probably preparing themselves for hysteria, or tears, or other things. Shuichi wondered if he was going to cringe at how they would try to comfort her or be moved that they actually attempted. Rantaro was the one that decided to be brave and knock on the door.
It took a few tries, but Shirogane appeared, looking distraught and heartbroken as Rantaro predicted. Her cheeks were covered in tear stains, her nose was running and red. Her eyes are blotchy and swollen. She did her best to look presentable, but even the Ultimate Cosplayer couldn't hide her misery. "I'm sorry you have to see me like this. I know I'm being so boring right now and-"
"Enough of that." Rantaro frowned as both of the boys moved to be in her lab. The area reminded Shuichi of the backstage or a green room of a show. She had racks of different types of costumes, some of which the backlog chat were animatedly discussing who their favorite anime characters were, and whether or not she'd reference them later in the long run. "Hey...can I hug you, Shirogane-san?"
"I'm all crying and snotty!" Shirogane cried out, her cheeks stained red. "You couldn't-"
"I offered." Rantaro gently coaxed, "Come here." Shirogane didn't seem to be able to hold her ground as she walked towards him as though hypnotized. Kokai watched from the sidelines as they hugged, and Shirogane sniffed. "It's okay," Rantaro whispered, gently stroking her hair. "It's okay. I'm so sorry, Shirogane-san. Yesterday was horrible. For all of us."
"I just wish Chatani-senpai said something." Shirogane whimpered. "I could've done something. I could've told her not to do it. I could've told her to wait. I could've…"
"Done nading." Kokai gently broke the conversation. "She made ‘er choice an' she knew dat id hur' people. Chatani-san an' Yadori-san did deir bes'. Dey wan'ed da escape. Id was a price dey paid."
Rantaro gave him a sharp glare, gripping a little tighter around Shirogane's shoulders and quickly shook his head, as though to warn him about going further.
"No, I know." Shirogane gently pulled away from Rantaro, wiping her eyes and trying to gather herself. "It's just like Death Note when L died, you know? You had all of this hope that they'd wind up friends only for it to be backstabbed and proven wrong." Rantaro and Kokai gave her blank looks, and she giggled nervously. "I'm sorry I don't know how to put it any other way. I'll be okay now. Just gotta keep my chin up. Like Naruto. Believe it!"
"I mean...if that's what makes you feel better." Rantaro rubbed the back of his neck. "It's okay to feel sad though Shirogane-san. We're here to support you no matter what."
"Thank you. You two are excellent friends to me. I'm so happy that a boring and dull girl like me has someone like you two." Shirogane beamed brightly.
"I'm surprised that Mayumi-chan hasn't come by to see you." Rantaro frowned deeply. "I wonder if she's okay."
Tsumugi waved it off. "I told her to go away." She looked down at the ground, distraught and upset. "I said some things...I was really, really angry. I'm a lot calmer now than I had been. I'm sure she's upset with me."
"I dob dat," Kokai assured softly, "Songbird isn' da type da hold a grudge. She understands. Promise."
Shuichi wanted to nod empathetically. While she could be found curled up against someone's door if they were having a hard time, she knew when she wasn't wanted and did leave people alone. Sometimes she knew when someone was just saying it, just to say it rather than mean it. He could remember the times she sat next to him, arms draped around his shoulder as he went through an anxiety attack, trying to shield him. Trying to comfort him. She never wasted her words, she was more than happy to stay silent and just be there. 
Tsumugi nodded as well, seemingly getting a hold of herself. "I'll have to make it up to her. Oh, ask her what kind of cosplay she'd do." She looked at the boys. "Please?"
"Sure." Kokai agreed, and Rantaro also nodded his agreement. "Bu' are ya goin' da be okay?"
"I'll be fine...I just...need today is all…" Tsumugi looked at the ground for a moment. "Have you checked in on Yuya-san?"
"No." Rantaro folded his arms. "You think she might need someone to talk to?"
"She loved Yadori-san, so I imagine she'd be just as heartsick as I am over Chatani-chan." Tsumugi shrugged helplessly. "I don't know if anyone's willing to reach out to her since she's a little out there."
[ Loki: Awwww, is this going to be another boring episode? So lame!!!!! ]
[ Shinigami: Ah, that's right, you missed the brutal execution and murder episode, didn't you? ]
[ Loki: Oh no, I saw that with my boyfriend <3. We were ecstatic that the two more boring ones died first. Looks like it wasn't the chemist, after all, Shiny! ]
[ Shinigami: Much to my displeasure, but I still hold the belief firm that she'll be a culprit sooner or later. ]
[ Loki: Are you still thinking that the cosplay chick and guacamole are going to be the survivors? ]
[ Shinigami: You know, my bet on Shirogane-san is wavering just slightly as Mayumi-san has proven herself to be survivor material. At the same time, I have a different theory about her. ]
[ Loki: Are you going to tell? ]
[ Loki: Hey! ]
[ Loki: Hey! ]
[ Loki: Hey! ]
 [ Shinigami: it really is a shame that we're merely separated by a screen. I would love to tear your vocal cords out. That being said, yes. I do have a theory. Yes, I will share it. My first theory is that Mayumi-chan is a Mastermind. ]
Aki? A Mastermind? That was too far off the grid. What good was a mastermind that couldn't remember that they were a mastermind? That just...does not make any amount of sense. It would be a cheap shot as well to try to get her murdered. 
[ Seeker: I highly doubt that. ]
[ Shinigami: Granted, that does seem a bit off. My other theory is that she is going to be playing this season's Traitor. ]
Shuichi wondered how much of this was a hidden message, and how much of this was Danganronpa's actual plan. He was going to have to get his uncle to ask about those case files sooner rather than later. He was going to have to see for himself just what kind of an impact this case had made, and why they'd get so angry only to find Aki.
It made him worried about why they didn't bother to go after him…
If that was indeed the case, then this was beyond fucked up. Shuichi decided to stomp that theory down until he had more concrete evidence to say that was the case. For now, he needed to focus on what he actually had and what he even knew. 
"Danks. Can dat ding find her?" Kokai asked as both of the boys decided to exit the room. "Yuya-chan may na wanna 'alk da us."
"No, but we should try and let her know that she and Shirogane are in the same boat so that they have a support system." Rantaro frowned. "Then we can see how everyone else is doing. We may come across Mayumi-chan that way too."
"...Why do ya care?" Kokai frowned suddenly. 
Rantaro froze, and for a moment, Shuichi thought he wasn't going to try to reply. "Do you have any siblings, Kokai-kun?"
"Yes." Kokai nodded. "I have a sis." 
"Older or younger?"
"Does id madder?" Kokai frowned a little but thought for a moment. "I'm de old one." 
"So maybe you'll get it kind of," Rantaro muttered softly to himself. "Let's just say... I'm an older brother too."
"....Wow." Kokai paused. "You're a bedder, big bro 'han me."
"Why do you say that?"
"If dat was my sis cryin' in dere." He gestured towards the lab behind him. "I'd dell ‘er da suck id up loser."
Shuichi covered his face with his hands and groaned loudly. Rantaro let out a startled laugh, as though he hadn't been expecting that.
[ Loki: Wooow. That's cruel. Then again, I'd do the same thing easy peasy. ]
Instead of bantering, Shinigami went oddly silent. Shuichi wondered if this was an intricate subject for the person on the other end of the computer. Not everyone had a good or decent relationship with their sibling.
Shuichi thought back at his relationship with his cousin. He couldn't keep track of how often his cousin went after him and made sure that he was okay. How often she talked him down from an anxiety attack after an anxiety attack, how often she saw him cry. He couldn't remember the last time he saw Aki burst into tears. They fought...but Shuichi couldn't even call those fights. Everyone around them, Kokichi included, tended to say that they acted as though they were on a debate team. 
Shuichi remembered when Aki made him cry. He couldn't remember the fight, but he remembered her words: at least my parents didn't abandon me like a puppy at someone's front door. Shuichi held a grudge against her for a while for it; he wondered if he got her back. She always seemed to have such a firm grip on made Shuichi worry. He couldn't remember the last time he saw her cry.
He turned his attention back to the episode. Rantaro and Kokai were at a tiny little shack that was pretty far away from any of the school buildings. The shack looked as though it were about to crumble. It was barely being held up by anything but nails and some wires. Gonoji was standing on a ladder outside. His pliers were in his hands, and Yuya was standing outside, hands on her hips as she watched.
"What are you two doing?" Rantaro asked.
"Oh, hey, guys! What's crackalackin?!" Yuya grinned, turning to face them. She looked as though she just had gotten a little fried from something. Her clothes were smoking slightly as well as the ends of her hair. "I was trying to fix up my lab, but the wires were all messed up, so I asked Gonoji-kun if he could take a gander at it! Voila!"
"Da need help?" Kokai called up.
"No man, I got it." Gonoji grinned as he jumped down from his position on the ladder and looked at Yuya. "I think we might want to ask Monokuma to give you a better lab. This isn't exactly safe."
"But, it's gonna burn down anyway." Yuya pouted. "What good is a good building if I can't burn it down? The outdoors is my lab anyway, not that tiny little thing."
"Okay, okay!" He laughed, holding his hands out. "I get it. Well, I'll get out of your hair then. You got company, and I don't want to be in the way."
"Actually, I was going to come to find you anyway," Rantaro gave them both a kind smile. "I was just...seeing how you two were doing. Since...yesterday."
"I'm a firm believer that when things go bad, they go bad," Gonoji said simply. "Work keeps the demons away. I'm grateful that I was able to provide it too. I may just be in my lab trying to do something or another." He looked at Yuya. "Unless you think that Shimhara might want me to make the lights brighter on his stage or something."
"God, I don't know with that dick." Yuya frowned. "You can try, but he might just tell you off for thinking that his place is less than perfect."
"Or call ya da help." Kokai's shoulders slumped slightly.
"Now, now, it was a bad day." Rantaro gently chided. "Let's give him a chance to redeem himself."
"Oh, there's no redeeming people like him, Ran-Ran, but you sure as hell can try." Yuya scoffed. "Good luck, Gogai-kun I don't want to be you."
Gonoji laughed but walked off without another word. Rantaro and Kokai watched him leave before turning back to the arsonist, who was looking at her shack with a big smile plastered on her face. Yuya looked exactly like Kokichi would when a big idea hit, and decided to cause problems on purpose. Shuichi wouldn't doubt that her knowledge of fire and explosives would also go into firecrackers and gunpowder. 
"You sure you're okay? Shirogane-san…"
"Yadori-san lied to me." Yuya broke Rantaro off. "I know you mean well, but... I'm not really grieving here; I'm fucking furious. I'm gonna lit a bitch and watch it burn. I'm just trying to figure out the best way to do that, which gets the message across. You dig me?"
"You're scary." Kokai let out a short breath. "I dun wanna be on your bad side."
"Aw. You're lovely, Kokai-kun." Yuya beamed, "I don't want to be on yours either. So let's make a promise to not make promises, yeah? They're just gonna get broken in the end. If you excuse me, lads, I have a date with a fire extinguisher. Later, crocodiles." 
".... That's not exactly how that phrase goes." Rantaro watched her slam the door of the little shack, and it rattled violently enough that it threatened to fall. 
"'Elling her dat will be a mis'ake." Kokai winced, sweating beading down the side of his face. Shuichi didn't doubt that at all. Yuya was stubborn for the sake of it. Talking to her when she was angry wasn't going to get anywhere. She might want to speak when she calmed down some, but...Shuichi couldn't blame her if she decided to hold a grudge. He didn't like people lying either. Kokichi was terrible at it, he drove Shuichi up the wall, but there were differences in the lies that he told and the ones that Yadori had said. 
There was a difference in someone murdering to protect someone, and killing because they thought it was the right thing to do. Shuichi tugged on his hat, despite that there was no way they would be able to see him.
The episode ended without any mention of the flashback light, but Shuichi didn't doubt that was going to be the next thing to be touched upon in the next few episodes. That is if no one decided to go after each other without needing much more than a reason. It was disturbing how easy it had been for the first murder to take place. Just a seed of doubt and that was that it took for two people to wind up dead.
That flashback light may not have to even try hard at all to get the rest of the group paranoid enough to kill each other. Shuichi quietly logged off of Danganronpa, his mind whirling over the information that he had received, and the knowledge that he was slowly obtaining. 
It wasn't going to be a comfortable night tonight. 
[ Stolen Heart: I don't think Aki-chan would be a traitor, do you? ]
Shuichi glanced at the corner of his phone to see that it was nearing three in the morning. Currently, he was trying to figure out a way to sleep, but his mind kept mulling over the information that he had gathered from the game and from Aki's laptop. He couldn't help but feel the same disconnect that most families felt when they were confronted with evidence that the person that they loved wasn't who they thought. 
At the same time, Shuichi didn't really ask her about any of it. If he had...would he still be surprised? Maybe. He doubted Jabberwock would've come up in conversation. Regardless, he decided to respond to Kokichi despite how late it was at night. He needed the distraction, and perhaps so did his lover. 
[ Me: It's more of a possibility than a mastermind. ]
Shuichi closed his eyes as he rested the phone against his chest, feeling the exhaustion creep upon him. Just how badly did Keiko fuck Danganronpa over?
That night he had the weirdest dream of a train going by, Aki was dangerously close to the edge of the stop. Her hair violently whipping across the wind. He remembered reaching out. He didn't remember the conversation, but he remembered her turning her head towards him, and a simple sentence crashed him awake.
Don't you choke now.
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