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Fuck. Someone help me. The nights are the worst. I thought it was a dream the memory from last night. I woke up from a dead sleep and just sobbed hysterically. Guttural creature like sounds of soul crushing suffering. It wasn’t. Now here I am. With this pain that won’t leave me and all the people that will. I can’t do this. No one should have a body so betrayed by god. By science. I can’t be here anymore. It’s never going to stop. And no ones ever going to say there sorry. There wrong. I’ll be sorry. I’ll be wrong. I’ll be gone.

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Witches/Pagans/Wiccans of Tumblr:

Hi :)

I’m a baby witch. I thought Athena was one of my Godesses, but I was wrong. I let an entity into my house. Today, I did a banishment spell, but I believe the spirit attached itself to the candle that was supposed to be for Athena. How do I safely dispose of a haunted object?

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When you love and crave physical touch as much as I do, there’s nothing worse.

Nothing worse than being the one to initiate all touch. The ache of yearning for contact and never receiving it.

Nothing worse than someone pulling away from your touch. A piece of your soul rips away with that rejection.

Nothing worse than someone touching you only because they feel they must, but there’s no real intention or connection in it.

Nothing worse than never finding anyone who hungers for it the same as you.

Nothing worse than touch being perceived as exclusively sexual. There are so many ways to fulfill sensory needs.

Nothing worse than when someone does touch you they do so in a way they know you don’t enjoy.

Nothing worse than physical touch being your primary love language and having no one who loves you the way you need.

There’s nothing worse than when you love and crave physical touch.

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Smooth Fun Fact #1099: Insecure as a freshman in college, Smooth kept his dorm room door ajar and played his coolest compact discs, hoping to attract musically-likeminded strangers. (Bonus Fun Fact: Aside from a few head turns, Smooth didn’t receive any friendship takers, so he inevitably closed his people portal and rocked out alone. Extra Bonus Fun Fact: As a more formed adult, when he hears someone playing music unnecessarily loud, Smooth sees their lack of volume control as a subconscious plea for attention and he sheds an internal tear.)

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I’ve reached the level of desperation.

Hi, I know you guys won’t read this and scroll pass to it but reblogging this will help me a lot. I’m a failing pansexual medicine college student at the age of 26, I am failing because of stress I’ve been suffering for months. Because of Corona 19 I lost my job as a part time tutor and part time dishwasher at a local fast food. I can’t do tutor online as I am only borrowing laptop from a friend who went home to their province. I have to pay rent of my apartment and pay some debts as well. I am an only child and my grandparents obviously can’t work. I can do it on my own if the pandemic didn’t happen. Plus I have to buy more medicine books so I can surely pass the board exam next year. Please, help me. I have to buy toiletries and stocks for my grandparents as well, they are losing too much weight and it worries me. Any amount of donations will be highly appreciated.

PayPal: ( (

Edit : An amazing person just transferred money to me 😭😭 Thank you so much! And thanks for reblogging this as well 😭💝

$25/$1000 (Estimated, because the money came to my account in my currency.)

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