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i’ve searched the entire ao3 website and i cant believe no one ever wrote a destiel fanfic where they end up trapped on isla nublar like camp cretaceous or something like this-

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Angry destiel deniers surfing the destiel tag is so funny to me

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random thoughts in the middle of the night…

does jensen use dean winchester gifs when he replies to whatsapp messages?

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So just thinking when */w fucked us over the Taylor Swift saved us. Thanks Tay

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So I sort of wrote a fix-it fic for the finale based on someone’s post where they said that they read a fic that was this (i just wrote it as a tv script) sorry if its bad I havent watched a single episode since the finale because it hurt too bad and I still dont want to go back and watch so ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Here it is

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What if Cas said fuck it and left Heaven to hook up with thee much fruiter AU Dean Winchester in Brazil

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supernatural rewatch: 13x03 & 13x07

the reason why this is my favorite episode is because we finally get to see dean blow up about cass, of course we see in the flash back where he asks chuck to bring him back and everyone else but what was the reason for them to make him said to bring cass back first.

the anger that dean feels towards jack is valid because to him he’s the reason he lost the man that he loves. jack promised a better future and to dean, him believing in that is what got him killed it’s the reason he’s dead. 


the anger that i can hear his voice.


the fucken pain man.

now i know that i said that dean hating jack is valid but that’s far away from agreeing with him that he wants to kill him. he doesn’t deserve that. jack missed cass, he loves him and to him, he is his father. 


and even though i’m sure he doesn’t fully understand what it is that dean feels towards cass he knows that he meant a lot to him because he blames him for cass’ death. later on we see cass in the empty once jack sort of prays for him it’s only then that cass comes back. to jack this is the only solution to dean not hating him, bringing cass back.

now in the end of 13x05 we see that dean gets a call, we don’t even see dean tell same who is calling or anything the scene instantly cuts off to dean driving off to god knows where. then we see him meeting up with HIS HUSBAND. but it’s not until 13x06 that we actually see them having a conversation


bby deans little smile when he says “too damn long.”


asdfghjkl them huggingggggg


then when cass and dean are finally alone dean admits that he’s glad he’s back 🥺 like ugh my fucken heart guyssssssss 


destiel working on a case together again asdfghjkl 


in conclusion 

i still am a fucken mess over this damn ship 

these two fucken idiots have both ruined and made my life better

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Children’s Book Author!Dean Winchester who

  • tells everyone he’s a mechanic, cause he’s embarassed, repressed and thinks his writing is pretty shit, but it pays the bills and he needs to get Sam through college
  • started writing and illustating his own stories for Sam when he was just a kid himself, cause John wouldn’t waste money on books and Dean had to keep Sam entertained
  • secretly wishes for kids, but knows he’ll never have any and would be a terrible dad anyway

And very tired Single Dad!Cas who

  • tries his best raising his two little children, Jack and Claire
  • has to read them a goodnight story every night and the kids refuse to sleep until they’re both satisfied with the story [which is very difficult considering how different the two of them are]
  • finally finds his salvation in Dean’s books and ends up becoming a fan alongside his children

[Dean knew he was fucked the moment he heard the usually awkward and stand-offish Mr. Novak read his words out loud to his children in such a loving way that it made his heart skip several beats. It made Dean yearn for something he knew he couldn’t have and didn’t deserve.]

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the final part of my deancas fix-it fic is up! here’s a little excerpt, feel free to read the rest on ao3!


“Yeah, um… about that… look Cas,” Dean starts awkwardly, “you told me before that your powers were failing and I totally blew you off. And I’m sorry. That wasn’t fair to you. Even when we were fighting, I should’ve put my crap aside and helped you.” 

“In all fairness, we were in the middle of a battle with the creator of the universe at the time,” Cas says, his smirk morphing into a soft smile. “But it’s fine. I didn’t expect you to drop everything just for that.” 

“I should have,” Dean insists. “I guess I just thought… you’d have more time, you know? At least… I dunno, a century or something.” 

“I thought so too. But we both heard Jack.” 

Dean lowers his head, staring down at his bottle, sliding his thumb over the label. “You sure there’s nothing we can do to help restore it?” he asks. “Can’t Jack fix it?” 

“I don’t know,” Cas says. “But he didn’t offer.” 

“Well- do you  want it  fixed?” 

“I don’t know,” Cas repeats. “There is a part of me that wants to keep what remains of my Grace. It’s my essence- everything that makes me an angel. And my last experience as a human was… less than pleasant.”

Dean looks away guiltily. “…I still think about that. How much I fucked up by kicking you out when the least I could’ve done was… I don’t know, given you some fucking cash, hooked you up with a place to go-” 

“Dean, you were doing what you had to-” 

“Don’t- don’t make excuses for me,” Dean says lowly. He musters his courage and meets Cas’ intense gaze. “Please.” 

“You already apologized. Besides, that was years ago-” 

“Yeah. And in all that time, I still feel like I’ve been the shittiest friend to you. And then after you-” 

Again, he chokes on his words. He still can’t bring himself to say it, no matter how much he knows he should. Cas had spoken his truth- so why was it so hard for him to speak his?

“Dean, listen to me.” Cas catches his eyes again, keeping their gazes locked. “Those things are behind us now. Besides, I haven’t always been the greatest friend to you, either. The memory of betraying you and breaking Sam’s wall still haunts me to this day.” 

Dean wants to argue- but he understands what Cas is getting at, and given how they both were, arguing about it would only be continuing to go in circles, and that’s the last thing he wants for either of them. “I just… I guess I’m just having a hard time believing it, man. We’re here. We’re  free. You’re here now, and there’s no strings attached- no deals, no cosmic consequences. And now, I just… I don’t know how to feel.” 

“…That’s understandable. But you’ll find your way. Free will has always been what you do best.” 

“I think that’s more  you  than me,” Dean argues. “You gave up everything for me.  Everything. Your Grace might not be failing if you hadn’t-” 

“Did you not hear my last words to you, when Billie was after us?” Cas asks. His tone catches Dean’s attention and he finds that Cas looks entirely, completely serious, like he’s ready at any given moment- at this very moment- to pour his heart out all over again. “My rebellion was my own choice- as was every decision I made afterwards. My only regrets are the fact that some of my decisions hurt you and Sam. It’s true that there are some things I would’ve done differently- but that’s… that’s  normal. Everyone feels that way. But don’t you  ever question my rebellion- because even if my Grace is failing, choosing you over Heaven was the greatest decision I ever made. And I’d do it again in a heartbeat.” 

Dean’s eyes go wide and his heart starts to beat faster as he recalls their last moments before Cas was swept away by the Empty. He’s not an idiot. He knows, deep down, what Cas was really saying to him, no matter how much he’d tried to convince himself otherwise, no matter how much he’d tried to insist that Cas couldn’t have possibly meant it in the way he thought he did- the way he wanted him to mean it. He just couldn’t allow himself to think about it, because thinking about it made it real. 

But it is real. It’s so very real. And the only person who ties him to that reality is sitting right across from him- alive. He’s alive and- and if he leaves again then- God, he doesn’t even want to  think about what he’ll do.

It’s real. And he has to think about it now, because Cas is sitting right here, and- how can he just  do that? Smile and laugh with Dean all carefree like that? Why doesn’t he feel as broken up about this as he does? 

“Cas,” he starts, “listen… about what you said-” 


read the rest here!

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Tumblr exploding when destiel became canon the first time was the same energy as when they added Steve to Smash and Twitter went down

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Watching people rediscover that Misha Collins did, in fact, first discover destiel in 2008 when he went online to vibe check his character and see if he’d be kept on for more than the season and instead found (and read) explicit fanfic involving blow jobs has just. It’s been so much fun. This is the first time I have felt like a supernatural tumblr elder. The eighth grade version of me that still resides somewhere within my ribcage is fully losing it.

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in the human cas endgame how long do you think it takes for cas to stop wearing the trench coat 24/7? like, he’ll have to change his clothes eventually. and of course he’ll still wear the coat when he goes out because of course he does, it’s his, plus dean likes it. but i mean just day to day, hanging out around the bunker. and what’s cas’ style like as a human? i don’t think he’d keep wearing the jimmy suit or go full on hippy like in endverse, nor would he go back to the homeless human cas look. does he start dressing like a hunter? does he do a half hunter half angel in a trench coat thing? these are things i need to know

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do you ever think about how dean wasn’t who kripke wanted him to be and cas wasn’t who chuck wanted him to be and neither of them were who their fathers wanted them to be. its about textually and metatextually disappointing the one who created you and finding your own path and happiness regardless

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heaven sends the fruitiest angel with a history of disobedience and a weakness for green eyes to go and rescue dean from hell, then have the audacity to wonder how things went wrong. he’s gay and fucking unhinged, what’s not clicking?

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