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What’s In A Name? (coffee shop au / 10.1k words / barista!cas / mentions of alcoholism)

Castiel had always enjoyed the smell of coffee. 

His parents were both lawyers with long work hours, which meant they always had a pot of coffee brewing in the kitchen to keep them going. The smell was the blanket of Castiel’s childhood. 

That was one thing that led Castiel to open his own coffee shop in downtown Chicago. His parents had actually disowned him when he’d quit law school and decided he wanted to try something different but it was still the memories of rich coffee that made Castiel open ‘Angel Delights’.

Nearly a year on from first opening his doors, Castiel couldn’t be happier with how things were going. 

At first, he couldn’t afford extra workers so he went for many weeks without a day off or even a lie in. But welcoming customers from all walks of life into his shop, and seeing them leave satisfied was worth the tiredness. 

He’d since been able to hire a few members of staff to help him out. But he still found himself spending as much time as he could at the shop. It was his favourite place to be and he was proud of what he’d achieved. 

And spending so much time in the shop meant that he could get to know his regulars. 

There was the guy who came in always looking a little worse for wear. He’d ask for their most basic coffee and pay for it with scrunched up dollar bills. Castiel always made sure to give him a snack on the house, waving off any protests from the man until he relented and gave Castiel a grateful smile. 

Then there was the gaggle of young mothers who met every Thursday morning to swap stories of what their little ones had managed to get up to that week. They even wrenched Castiel in to look at pictures of their children as they grew. Castiel couldn’t complain. He loved children and was sure to have special cookies tucked away for when he had the pleasure of having well-behaved, smiley kids in the shop. 

But none of them compared to Batman. 

Of course, Castiel knew that Batman wasn’t the man’s real name. But it was all he’d had to go on so far. 

Batman first appeared in Angel Delights one Wednesday afternoon. The lunch rush had just ended and Castiel was manning the counter while Charlie went on her break. 

Castiel was wiping down the surfaces and rearranging the mugs when the bell above the door jingled. He turned to stand at the counter, giving the new customer his best customer service smile. 

But his smile faltered slightly when he took in the man before him. 

Simply put, he was beautiful. 

Well, Castiel couldn’t actually see his whole face but what he could see was wonderful. Short, perfectly styled hair, which complimented sun-kissed skin. A dark leather jacket that hugged his torso in all the right places. And a whispering of stubble across his cutting jawline. If only he wasn’t wearing those sunglasses. Castiel would have loved to have seen the eyes that surely would be as beautiful as their owner. 

But, despite catching Castiel’s attention with his good looks (and a few of the other customers, it had to be said), Castiel couldn’t help but notice that the man didn’t carry himself with the confidence that his appearance suggested he should have.


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Suptober Art Day 26: Walk of shame

“Dean, I’m not trying to sneak out of your room. Sam is well aware of our bedroom activities last night,” Cas said, slightly annoyed.

“Whatever, just smile for the camera!”

Cas held his hand out in front of him, blocking his face. “I refuse to take a picture to honor a walk of shame.” He walked forward and pressed a kiss to Dean’s cheek, reaching out and pressing the camera button. “I will however honor our first night together with a kiss to the cheek.”

Dean looked over his shoulder, a wide grin on his face. “Maybe you should kiss me again, just to make sure we got a good picture.

For my friend @shadowywerewolfqueen who wrote this lovely caption for me.

I love your imagination!

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Destiel endgame spec. TFW. And how I stick to the happy ending.

Hello gorgeous people, I know a lot of you are mad with the world because where is our beloved Destiel? Or because you are feeling EVERYONE IS GONNA DIE! Or just because STOP MAKING OUR ANGEL BE SO SAD and all.

I know I know…


Originally posted by alyrm

But here I bring to you my last spec compendium, I hope I can convey all the craziness in my head…

Destiel Spec

Okay you all know about my “Hands and Foreshadow”, I which I based my Destiel holding hand and kiss spec, but if you didn’t read it, here you have the links:

Hands and foreshadow

Destiel addition

So, yes, I’m still clowning, sue me, I won’t lose my hopes until the end graphic is on the screen. So.

1) I’m confused about the Destiel talk, and the moves, I thought would happen in this season because this Good Omens scene here…


Originally posted by occamshipper

Is like we had been robbed heheheh. But also this…


Originally posted by destielette

Could be taken as a talk? Dean using his own words? But preserving the I LOVE YOU for later, because is gonna be VERY MEANINGFUL.

2) With the incoming Sacrifice of Castiel in episode 15x18, we are all asking, who’s gonna say the priceless three words? Is not the place I would put Dean’s I LOVE YOU to Castiel, because it has to be more, more meaningful. So, I assume maybe is Cas the one confessing his feelings before go to the Empty. And this…


Originally posted by uhyoushotme


Originally posted by verobatto-angelxhunter

(last gif credit is for @agusvedder )

Gah Berens, he likes to play with mixing scenes, and I knew something bad will happen when the scene was jumping between Sam/Rowena and Destiel, the horrible foreshadow, if you don’t believe me , go read the meta here. Just let me place the Destiel Kiss here, a because my kissing good bye spec is burning my ears… So yes. I would put it here, but I will love it in the Rescue from the Empty heheheheh. Oh Boy, I’m a huge 🤡.

The Sacrifice for the son again? And for everyone…

But but… If Cas goes to the Empty, and Dean won’t be able (again) to respond to that I LOVE YOU with words…

3) The I Love You could be said to find Castiel in the Empty, following the profound bond, as Dean followed by intinction in Purgatory 2.0, or when Amara made use of it in season 11 to find Dean, or how the Nougat Boy woke up Castiel in the Empty helped by Dean’s longing… Dean will find Cas in the dark, and will wake him up, it will be a MIRACLE, just like Cas was told when he woke up Donnie and saved that kid in the woods in 15x05.

But could be Amara the one in revealing Dean the truth about the profound bond? And the one coming out with the idea? Because… She was dressed in pink in 15x15…


Originally posted by rainbow-motors

4) So the second villain will be THE EMPTY (the big Impostor who will take Billie’s shape) and Dean will defeat him, just as he did with the monsters in episode 14x16 and 15x16, both of them maybe, foreshadowing Dean rescuing Castiel from the Empty.

5) What about Castiel’s vessel? You know about my spec based on @emblue-sparks insights about a Destiel sharing vessel? You can read the spec here. But mostly, because Cas won’t have a body once out the Empty, so… Dean would say yes to share his for the rest of the eternity with the love of his life.

TFW spec

1) I talked extensively about the second chance they were foreshadowing these lasts episodes, you can read the spec here and here. But basically, this is how I think is gonna happen:

Cas will Sacrifice himself to defeat Chuck, instead Jack, but that’s not gonna work as they expected. So, they will have a second chance…

In this second chance, Dean and Jack will reset time to get another opportunity against Chuck. Maybe they will come back time until the previous minutes before their failure.

Who’s gonna defeat Chuck? I don’t know my fellows, because at first I thought CAS WAS THE KEY, because he was the one Chuck was avoiding and the one Chuck couldn’t write because Castiel’s unexpected decisions, as you had read in plenty of my metas. Maybe his self Sacrifice won’t be in vain, and will give the key to defeat Chuck with the reset button. IDK. Let’s see.

2) The balance is given by Jack, the new god, the one who brings Darkness and Light. He’s the perfect balance between humanity, heaven and Hell. So, they don’t need to kill Amara, but I’m feeling part of her arc will be giving her life in Sacrifice, because color pink, and all the pink dying this season too. Let’s see.

Jack is Shiva. The god that brings a new world.


Originally posted by thepunkpotato


Originally posted by occamshipper

3) Death is there to put everything in it’s place.

Angels in heaven, demons in hell, entities in their places. Defeating Chuck, Everything will work again as it should, with a new world without monsters (maybe?) In which Sam will live with Eileen his peaceful life, Dean and Cas together for the eternity and Jack ruling the new world.

To Conclude:

We will get Becky’s fics ending, Destiel happiness and normal life for Sam, because that’s what fans want. As she said in episode 15x04. That’s the ending I’m expecting. And I hope that 4 episode could be enough.


Originally posted by samxdean


Originally posted by blogofabingewatcher

Love you all! We are together in this last countdown! Hugs!

Tagging @metafest @gneisscastiel @emblue-sparks @magnificent-winged-beast @weird-dorky-little-deana @michyribeiro @whyjm @legendary-destiel @a-bit-of-influence @thatwitchydestielfan @misha-moose-dean-burger-lover @lykanyouko @evvvissticante @savannadarkbaby @dea-stiel @mybonsai1976 @anarchiana @angelwithashotgunandtrenchcoat @trashblackrainbow @destielshipper221b @mishtho @dancingtuesdaymorning @feathered-castiel @bre95611 @zoerayne2426 @justmeand-myinsight @that-one-fandom-chick @proccastinate @studio-hatter @pepevons @poorreputation @mrsaquaman187 @dizzypinwheel @jawnlockwinchester @dwstiel @thislunarkiss @ladygon @shippsblog @la-random-fangirl @lets-try-this-again-please @mychemicalobsession514 @destiel-shipper-11

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Buenos Aires, October 26th 2020, 3:23 PM

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Dean looks up at Castiel when his rough voice lowers and finally fades out, giving room to a comfortable silence that falls over them, accompanied by a symphony of craking sounds, the whirring of machines in a distant room, the low humming of the ventilation system, the tickling of an old clock on the desk, the one Dean keeps saying he will fix soon and that never gives the right hour, stopping from time to time before, out of pure spite Dean thinks, starting his work all over again.

Dean is going to joke about the fact Castiel just tried singing him to sleep, even if, he can’t lie, he is feeling far more relaxed than he was before, when he finally could rest his aching back after a long trip back home in the impala. Sleepy, but still able to wait a bit, to make the moment last a little bit longer.

But he doesn’t, that part of him, trying to keep a mask on, that wants to recoil and hide isn’t as strong now as the part that tells him that here it’s okay to be himself. Here, with Cas’ arms around him, a gentle hand rubbing circles over his back, he can show all that he is, all the parts that compose him, he is okay here, safe.

“That was enochian, right?” He says instead, he presses his forehead against Cas’ chest, the steady rythm of it as it rises up and falls down with each calmed breath the angel takes lulling him to sleep, Cas only tightens his embrace. He knows how enochian sounds better now, he is still learning, basic things, so he can surprise Cas, he is sure he heard some words he has heard before falling from Cas’ lips, said staring at him intensely, adoringly. Cas hums in confirmation, the fact he doesn’t need to sleep, not really even if he actually can, doesn’t mean he doesn’t get tired too. But it’s the good kind of tired, he has told Dean when he has mentioned it, the tiredness that comes with a work well done, knowing his efforts and energy served the purpose of bringing someone back home alive to their loved ones, that many other wouldn’t have to lose their lives. He always says he is happy.

“What was it about?” He asks, “ ‘Cause I doubt you guys had lullabies, no one to put down to sleep, you know?” He slurrs, Castiel laughs quietly at that, Dean can’t hear it, but is clear by the way Castiel’s chest trembles under the weight of his head, it makes Dean smile sleepily, his eyes already closed.

“No one remembered who sang it first, but every angel learned the verses of that old song about the universe, the stars, the rings around Saturn, the moons and the meteors. I guess I forgot about it, until now.”

Cas always says he is happy here.

“Do you miss it?” But Dean is insecure, scared, and his fear, it is ugly, it curls around his heart, sometimes takes the reins.

Castiel is quiet for a while, looking for the right words, Dean is sure, absentmindedly scratching the nape of Dean’s neck as he gets lost in his own thoughts.

“I still have my memories,” he starts, “they will always be there, I can see them now in a different way I used to see them when I was surrounded by that vast darkness and the glowing of the stars, I appreciate their beauty more now, what made it special, after being among humans for so long, with your dreams of knowing more about those skies above you, your dreams of being able to travel there, discover each and every secret they keep,” Dean feels him move his hand away from the back of his head, he feels the feather-like touch of Cas’ fingertips grazing over the freckles dotting the bridge of his nose, the movements seem to follow patterns, he can hear castiel muttering the name of the constellations under his breath, “as much as I might have lost, Dean,” he says, bringing Dean back from his reverie, “I have won many other things, things I treasure.” His fingers stop moving, he cradles Dean’s cheek, pressing a lingering kiss to his forehead. “I never lie when I say I’m happy here, with you.” Dean burrows even closer, impossibly closer, “go to sleep, you need to rest.” Dean doesn’t need to be told twice.

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So I amvrewatching Supernatural since it is coming to an end. I am not exactly new to the fandom, I ’ve been watching spn since 2011. This show is like a habit you don’t really know how to live without now that you will have to. I am dreading the end as much as anyone.

Something that has always wondered me is the early times of the show. I am watching Dean witnessing Cas for the very first time, all that charm and thehandsomeness and all I can think is “ What was the reaction of the spn fandom”. I mean this is where it all started right? So What was it like to see them for the very first time. I was not there unfortunately so I wouldn’t know. But I am dying to know how did the fandom react? Did they think" Wohh! Dean is looking at him weird. He is looking at Dean weird. Is it weird tbh? What’s happening Who is this guy? “. The storyline is great in s04 and all, everyone is enjoying the angel arc and then again the dude in the trenchcoat.. What’s his name again? Castiel.. Dean calls him Cas? Hmmm.. Interesting.

And then the first clue drops, second one drops.. writers are hinting or not but something is happening. Before you know it Balthazar is telling Dean ” the angel in love with you", Cas betrays Dean and Dean has lost trust in anyone and Dean is mourning Cas’s death.

This must be a train wreck to swallow when you least expected it right? Or was it slow burn and wonderful? I mean tumblr was there in 2008 but When did the destiel fandom really started get going? What was it like to witness the very first seasons with Cas in them?

Anyone up for discussion? I would really appreciate any stories you have to tell. Consider it a the senior telling the junior all the merry stories of a past with angels and love..

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Do you mean s7? That’s when he sang “I’m all out of love”

The beginning of season 7 has a lot of turmoil between the brothers in the aftermath of Sam’s soullessness and some bro drama over Sam’s old friend/girlfriend, who Dean killed because she was a kitsune. Later in the season there’s grieving over Bobby’s death (Bobby 😢) but I don’t think you’re there in your rewatch yet. A lot of Dean’s conflict at the begginning of S7 comes from that aforementioned strained relationship with Sam, but a lot of it has to do with Cas too! I mean…just look at how he holds the trenchcoat. And at this point Dean’s dealing with his death without ever having healed their relationship from the s6 betrayal played out in 6x20.

Cas’s death is among his nightmares shown at the beginning of s7, and when under the Leviathan burger’s trance of apathy, one of the things he’s freed from is his guilt/grief over Cas’s death, which means it was present without the trance. As for “I’m All Out of Love,” it probably wasn’t intended to be about Cas since at this point since DeanCas didn’t become a noticeable subplot until s8. That more likely had to to with the MOTW, with whom Dean actually has a…monster child. Weird season. But yeah, the realization that the woman he’d started to build a little something with was a monster, and then Sam having to kill the child that resulted from the brief relationship was probably the intended motive for the sing-along. (You could totally read it as DeanCas though. Dual meanings in narrative are a thing. And Robbie wrote that episode so that lends credence to a DeanCas reading.)

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down the narrow rocky road

Author: d_claiborne

Artist: purzelndesbaeumchen

Rating: Mature

Pairings: Dean/Cas, background John/Mary

Length: 25000

Warnings: past death of a parent (Cas), discussions of internalized homophobia/coming to accept your identity

Tags: enemies to lovers, angst, pining, Sam & Dean tight relationship

Summary: Every summer, Dean has to face Hell on Earth: two weeks at a secluded, tucked-away cottage in the middle of Nowhere, Maine. This year’s vacation’s cherry on top is the family friends coming along - John Winchester’s boss Chuck and his son Castiel, Dean’s enemy number one. Dean’s hated the guy since a fatal birthday party five years ago. The last thing he needs before going off to college is to fall in love with him - though the fact that Castiel is suddenly hot and interesting doesn’t help matters at all. Turns out two weeks of Hell on Earth will be extra Hell-ish this year.

Link to Fic | Link to Art

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