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#destiny answers
fireteam-valor · a day ago
12. Mai
12. Your Guardian is in charge of arranging takeout and a movie for the fireteam to enjoy together; what kind of food and genre of movie would they pick?
Mai: A movie night? Well knowing my brothers, anything other than kebab or pizza and an action movie wouldn’t pass in most cases.
Or sometimes something like those „Step up“ movies, because Wilhelm likes the music and Volk likes to dance.
And if it doesn’t have to be actual dinner I would probably just go with Popcorn, mostly for me, and Nachos and Salsa for the other two.
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fireteam-valor · a day ago
9. Wilhelm
9. Does your Guardian have a favourite planet/location to visit?
The Light cannot save you. Seek us out on Europa.
Wilhelm: I often go to the EDZ, for a few reasons…
1. The scenery is really beautiful and calming, unless you go to Firebase Hades that is…
I hate that thing, not just because of what the cabal did to us during the war but also what they did to the land.
2. It… was my home before I became a guardian, so I still feel quite at home there, even if I don’t think I lived in Trostland its similar, I believe…
I often try to picture what it would be like if we could reclaim earth and make new settlements in places like Trostland…
3. Volk and I built a hideout somewhere in Trostland and I go there from time to time too.
4. I visit Devrim from time to time, drink coffee or tea with him and just chat from sniper to sniper. It can be quite relaxing, if he doesn’t decide to send me off to help some blueberries with a Fallen excavation crew and then drink all the tea by himself.
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asilcorner · a day ago
Alright okay so I know approximately 3 vague details about ratchet and clank. and apparently brain has decided that it reminds me of banjo-kazooie crossed with crash bandicoot??? and i have only played one of those titles???? still trying to find out the actual plot over the however-many games in ratchet and clank, i did find a video that has the cutscenes from each game or something, if i can't find let's plays I could just watch that
There are dozens of playthroughs and non commentary videos, so that isn't a problem! And the story is pretty easy to get behind!
It's literally just a kitty cat looking for his family lost in another dimension after a big, big war and his tiny robot friend, who wants nothing more than for his friend to find that family.
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midaminijuul · 3 days ago
Is this lady waltzing into danger...
Without sleeves?
europa is a danger magnet whether or not she has her armor on
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Chapter 20 of Death and Destiny annihilating me emotionally i still haven't recovered 🤣😭
Heh 😅😂 I'm sorry friend! I am glad that chapter is memorable, though! 😂🤣
Thank you for the ask 💜
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heretherebedork · 4 days ago
Francis... I just... I just watched the Y Destiny episode, and man oh man. I kept on seeing people talk about the disturbing ending and I'm just... I just... like 13 Going on 30 is one of my guilty pleasure movies, I love it. And they added elements - namely the similar head injuries causing Sat to think he's 11 again - from a book I love. And honestly the episode was weird but it was sorta fun... And then that ending??? Why???? I'm just... why... Good gods
On the bright side, I finally watched Private Lessons from Strongberry xD it was very good! So at least I had that 😂
Yeah, the ending was... iffy. Very, very iffy. And poor Sat keeps telling Choke that he's in this altered state but Choke isn't... well, I mean, he pretty obviously doesn't totally believe it. And I just feel bad for Sat because he's all young and innocent and Choke is treating him like he's still 18. And the ending just cinched it pretty hard and was... yeah, hard to watch. Poor Sat. I hope next week helps out with this a bit.
Private Lessons is so good and cute, right!? Strongberry is the best, honestly. They just do such good stuff!
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destiny-islanders · 4 days ago
What gets me with the field note grind is that it's essentially got a time limit, too. Once EW hits Save the Queen will drop off like Eureka & likely be pretty inaccessible for latecomers without a discord. So Yoshi P's 'don't burn yourself out' speech rings really hollow when the drop rate is apparently like 1% for these duel notes. If they wanted us to be able to take a break & still get what we want before STQ dies then they need to buff drop rates for field notes >_<
The drop rate is fuckin abysmal. I only need one more note in the Southern Front and I have been trying to get it for two days. I wish there was a way to exchange something for the notes you need. Even if it's like a stupid amount in order to let the mount keep its elusive status. I'd rather reliably grind for currency or materials than spend hours and hours camping out for a FATE for the miniscule chance RNG will favor me.
There are a couple of relics I would have like to have gotten but I don't plan on setting foot in any Bozja content ever again once I finally get the field note. OTL
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piningbisexuals · 5 days ago
ton avis sur l’épisode 11 ????
a MESS. literally understood nothing, was so lost as to why they were speaking english half the time & was extremely creeped out by an 11 years old in an 18 years old body giving a grown ass man a handj*b... truly the worst ep ever, yikes
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inkworthywords · 5 days ago
Feeling this whole-ass reincarnation romance enemies-to-lovers story in my head... I should... write it down
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heretherebedork · 5 days ago
This episode of y destiny was trying to be 13 going to 30(iconic movie btw) right? Or did I get it wrong? I hope I have it wrong cause man that last scene. What the actual fuck... Like what. I have no words... Seriously they didn't thought this through at all did they?
Hoo boy. So, honest statement, I've never seen the movie 13 going on 30.
Now, is that exactly what they're going for? Maybe not. But I'm not sure either.
Man, if people thought Mon and Team were problematic because Mon was child-coded WTF are they gonna say about Sat and Choke?
Because Sat is LITERALLY A CHILD currently. He has the altered mental state of a child and that bothers me so much more than Mon's affectations and teddy bears and cuteness.
But Sat is literally a child, he is a child in the body of an adult. He cannot comprehend or act on this information the same way an adult would.
Ugh. I am very worried about this plot, okay? This scares me.
Also, Choke, your former friend has literally admitted to losing multiple years of memories. How can you tell him to move on and that you're past that time when he genuinely doesn't remember any of that?!
Like. Seriously. This entire plot just scares me a little. I won't deny that. I am down for questionable shit and weird tropes and kinky stuff that presses the line but this just... hits me differently, okay? Because Sat is definitely acting like a child who found himself in an adult body rather than someone with childish mannerisms and that's just so awkward.
Ooof. I'm really questioning where this is going. Because I need Sat to regain his adult memories before I can see this going anywhere but apparently Choke doesn't? It's such a weird dynamic.
I think Choke genuinely doesn't believe that Sat has lost his memory so thoroughly. And I kind of get that? But it makes it so much more awkward because we're definitely being shown that Sat has no memories of his growing up.
I wish I had a subtitled version of the text messages. Because they seem pretty plot important!
Also, I miss all the other days of the week boys so much. Where are they?
Aaand the very end is very much me just staring at the screen and hoping that Sat isn't truly as lost and childlike as he seems to be because ohhh nooooo.
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beastenraged · 5 days ago
Just got here from latest MOOP finally (I'll be getting to Tell Me in the next few days). After Riku's offhand comment about the sea spirits, and thinking back to Xehanort in Tell Me explaining the ritual that led to his name, I'm wondering if you have any Destiny Islands cultural worldbuilding you wanted to share!
Ah, happy to share!
Well...I see Destiny Islands as an animistic culture. Since that is quite literally how Kingdom Hearts as a series works, the idea that every living and nonliving thing can grow a heart/soul depending on how one interacts with it, an incredibly Japanese idea from that kind of belief system (the concept of kami and so forth).
The most important spirits that are honored are those of the sea and stars. The sea you honor because that controls your everyday life, reliant on the ocean's resources. Offerings to the fish, the water, anything of the sea takes care of that.
(Storms/typhoons are symbols of both destruction and change that brings life. They say before this world begun, that there was a huge storm that destroyed everything in its path, swallowing all, and that the islands were birthed from the wreckage of that last world.)
The stars...the stars rule over fate and the future. You honor the stars in hope they gift you a good fate. The paopu fruit and everything about eating it to share destinies is due mostly to it being star-shaped, like those fate-ruling spirits.
A common story is that of the star-warriors, which are beings born from the reflection of the stars on the sea at just the right time. They walk out of the ocean to offer guidance to those lucky enough to run into them before mysteriously disappearing.
(Riku thought, for the longest time, that his memories of Aqua and Terra were just dreams influenced by those stories. Funny that it wasn't, huh?)
I'm operating also off the idea that there was a huge cultural shift that occurred sometime before the Destiny Trio was born and after Xehanort left the islands. In that time, Christmas and Fantasy KH Christianity whatever was introduced.
(The last is mostly to explain why Sora knows about Santa, but also because I thought it would be funny if Xehanort has no idea who the hell Santa Claus is.)
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littlelightacademy · 5 days ago
Can we pls see more Ada?
Tumblr media
Have a lil Ada-1
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destiny-islanders · 7 days ago
Hey! How're the shaker charms going? Do you have an estimate for when they'll be shipped?
Hi Anon! I've finished assembling all of the charms (each of them has an accessory that I have to attach by hand, and I had almost 600 of them to work through) and have begun shipping today! :D
I am optimistic that I'll be able to ship everyone's orders out by the estimate listed when they placed their preorder!
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ohdrifts · 8 days ago
Tumblr media
hands drifter an eel  //  “ i got u a gift. ” “ is it an eel ? ” ( softly ) “ no.... ”
It’s an eel. A live eel. And it feels... odd, compared to other potential foods he held. Has he ever eaten fish ? He doesn’t remember the last time he did. The Drifter held the eel with one hand, watching it flop once before staying limp. Certainly dead from lack of water for it to breathe, though the rogue isn’t sure what he can do with it -- eat it obviously -- but cook it in what way ?
He’ll figure it out later.
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solanumz · 8 days ago
must witness hollys variks voice
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slayanyhivegodslately · 9 days ago
re: your Styx post, continuing the theme, the eververse ornament for The Lament from a couple seasons ago is called 'Lethe's Mercy' so... use that info as you will
Duh! I was looking at that little blurb trying to see if I had seen any of those other terms in game and totally missed that. And I even have that ornament lol.
And the I went and hurt myself OOPS
Tumblr media
Also makes perfect sense to name the ornament that.
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quccnscars · 10 days ago
it runs in the family (Barney)
Tumblr media
❛ NEITHER OF US CAN SAY NO TO A FIGHT ❜ Oh sure, Claire can hide it better than Barney does, but both are the same with their bloodlust; with their need to punch things to feel better. They probably got it from their raising - two small kids watching violence be perpetuated every day of their lives until they're adults ( in which case one heads to war and one to the criminal undergrounds; continuing the cycle that they've been stuck in ) probably doesn't lead to non-violence in adulthood. At least, in their case it didn't. Maybe there are lucky ones and they managed to escape the ugly parts of life, but Barney's doubtful - he's been on both the pretty and ugly side of life, he's seen what normally happens to kids like him and Claire. ❛ We've both always been scrappy ❜ him less once he hit puberty and grew into a less angry version of their father, ❛ Anytime we feel like we have to defend what's ours, we have tendency to punch our way out of things; it's a blessing and curse if'n you ask me as it helps show we're not afraid to fight, but at the same time, shows that we're less than willing to be full team players. ❜ That ones more him than Claire, but she has it in a smaller scale.
@murder-popsicle | meme | accepting
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ahammkara · 10 days ago
hello! ive been following someone for a while who posts a lot of destiny content after i left tumblr for a while, and as much as they talk about it and love it, i still know nothing about it? but their enthusiasm about it is legitimately so refreshing and i'm interested to know more
with this in mind. is Drifter just Some Guy out in space. does he have alien friends. he looks like he's friendly
hi! drifter would certainly like you to think hes just some guy in space, its very much a vibe he actively tries to give off. in reality hes very strong, not only on the merit of being a guardian, but because he has what is effectively an entire legion (with BIG BOYS) at his disposal. he is friendly to the player character, and other people here and there, but really at the end of the day his main goal is to live (by his own terms, i should mention). sometimes helping other people is the way to do that, basically in almost any situation he has some angle. all that being said he has some fascinating characterization and you can clearly see why he is the way he is. i wouldn't say he has any alien friends based on the fact i don't believe he has any real (living) friends period due to trust issues, and probably a bit the fear of loss, but he does have alien associates! ultimately, drifter is a wonderfully written and beloved character, but historically is just a bit of a bastard
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transbisidney · 10 days ago
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