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hunter-the-capricorn · 16 minutes ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
I just love how the game let's me wear these ridiculous clothes like metallic tight booty shorts as a male character lamo Even on the third playthrough I find it hilarious and also kinda nice that you can wear all kinds of clothes no matter what gender they were designed for. I wish more games would do that lol Also I noticed again how damn detailed all of the clothing is. Look at the shoes, they even have shoe sole textures! There's so much detail on everything.
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Modernism is the poverty of the arts!
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miraculous-ladyfrog · 45 minutes ago
Luke and Aloïde
Ft.Stola the service owl
Tumblr media
Poses in awkward lesbian artist 👩‍🎨
Aloïde is the kid of my Mc mint and @beelspillowpet Mc Jin!!!! Feel free to ask questions in the comments about her !
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artificialarteries · an hour ago
gonna rb ask memes or smth bc my brain is full of bees 😔😔😔 yall can also just??? ask me whatever u want?? if u like
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fashion-runways · an hour ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
CHRISTIAN DIOR at Paris Fashion Week Spring 2010 if you want to support this blog consider donating to:
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When you hyper focus on one detail you are told about a world and spend hours finding the perfect pictures to create a whole moodboard based on that one detail.
Tumblr media
Anyway, im working on character stuff lmao
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eulerami-art · 2 hours ago
//thanks for the nice words about the Nacho portrait, I didn't expect the reception at all 🥺 I'm still working on him structurally and trying to simplify shapes and shadows and not overwork paintings so hard, but I feel a little better knowing I painted something at least. He's definitely getting closer. Might be able to write tonight since I'm at work forever
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fashion-runways · 2 hours ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
CHRISTIAN DIOR at Paris Fashion Week Spring 2010 if you want to support this blog consider donating to:
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steviethenarwhal · 2 hours ago
Ooooo survivor au? Do you mean like got in an accident now stranded on an island or wilderness somewhere and having to fight to stay alive ?? Cause man that would be so good especially with a pairing that’s enemies like mattdrai and they’re forced to get along for sake of survival and along the way they realize they actually give a shit about each other ??? ... or do you mean literally a fic based off the show survivor? LOL
Okay I’m sorry but I actually meant the show survivor for that post but...
Anon you and I are kindred spirits bc I have had an outlined MattDrai plane crash/deserted island fic for months now. As a huge fan of LOST and a mild fan of The Wilds, I love survival fics.
Basically my premise was that James Neal is getting married (idk if he’s already married, but it doesn’t matter) and he’s having a huge bachelor party on a Caribbean island (or somewhere) And since he used to play for the Flames he invites a bunch of those guys down (I don’t actually think he’s friends with the Flames guys, but again whatever) And since the party happens close to the beginning of camp all the Oilers and Flames players fly back to Alberta together on a private jet (again idc if this makes sense, but I needed them on a private jet bc that raises the chances of crashing exponentially)
And then the plane goes off course a la LOST and they end up crashing. The pilot immediately dies and the co-pilot dies soon after. Then the whole premise of the fic is that Flames players start dying while the Oilers players live and it forces Matthew to bond with Leon as he tries not to go into a psychotic breakdown and then eventually things settle down and they build a society and fall in love and friendships are made. Around 7 players live on the island for like 2 to 3 years together until finally a little plane sees them and they get rescued and a joyous reunion with families occurs. 
It was a pretty dark fic tbh.
If you’re wondering the fates of everyone:
Sean M*nahan, David R*ttich, Johnny G*udreau, Noah H*nifin all die
Zach K*ssian and Ethan B*ar build a boat and leave shore after a few months to try to get help. They presumably die.
Connor, Leon, Matthew, RNH, James, Darnell, Kailer all get rescued
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mattastr0phic · 3 hours ago
Tumblr media
Hey Blizzard can we have a Catboy Hanzo skin... as a treat? Please?
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michaels-blackhat · 3 hours ago
Would you ever write… that villain Forrest scenario you just described in your latest post? (sorry, I had to)
Oh man. You don’t even know. I have it planned!!! I never plan anything!!! I want it so badly!
I want Forrest to be evil and he’s trying to put the moves on Alex so he can abduct him for Deep Sky nonsense or whatever it is. And he thinks he’s in. He thinks he’s got this. He was NOT PREPARED for Alex’s mountain of issues and slowly as he tries to endear himself to Alex he actually really starts to like him and oh no, he’s rethinking his whole stance on his work and his evilness!!!
And then Alex is all “dude, no I don’t want to be with you wtf you tried to abduct me????”
And Forrest is all “I will try even harder to get him to love me...” and sometimes it then goes into Forrest attacking Michael to “get him out of the way” and Alex just being all “my dude... did you really think... attacking my ex... would get me to like you?????”
Can’t decide how it would end, but yeah I want to write it. I want to have the time and energy to write it. But I also want characterizations I can base it off of, and unfortunately the only thing about Forrest as a character I have it “boring” and “he somehow makes me hate poetry, which sucks because poetry is my first love”
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fashion-runways · 3 hours ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
CHRISTIAN DIOR at Paris Fashion Week Spring 2010 if you want to support this blog consider donating to:
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terrminallycapricious · 4 hours ago
Gamzee: Get rid of her.
Gram was surprised he even slept for a single hour. Waking up, he didnt want to waste any time. He fed the dogs, fed the snake, fed the kitten. Got this and that done in the house, before getting ready to go to Alternia once again.
Can't be too careful, so he slips on full protective clothing. Nothing heavy, or anything. Just to cover his exposed skin enough, except his head. The sun wasn't up, that wasn't the issue, here. Though, he wishes he had some bulletproof vests or something. Oh, well. The boots are the last to go on, and he's out to the transportalizer, putting in the coordinates, and appearing in the nearest port closest to the palace.
Stepping off and making his way closer, his heart starts to race, knowing what hes going to be doing. Luckily, things don't seem horribly busy, but a few trolls keep noticing him and talking amongst themselves, pointing. The Empress may be alerted before he even goes there, not like she would hide, though. She has way too much pride to be hiding or stepping down in any way. Soon, that won't be even a thought.
Gram makes his way straight into the palace. Guards run up to him, not too many, but he is now in full focus. He shoves away guards, some he just ignores quick enough to not get hit or shot. He didn't want to wear himself down using his power already for just the guards, so hands are good enough. Some poor guards even suffer a large claw wound from him, which makes gram have to shake his hand off before entering the throneroom as quickly as possible. The clown runs straight in the large doors, kicking out the guards, punching them, tripping them, just so he can close the heavy doors and lock them. He had learned how when he was working under the Empress. So much gold on them, though. Was that reaaaaally a good idea? Anyway.
Once those are closed, there are about 6 guards in the room, and outside the other currently closed doors, and there she is, the Empress. She knows exactly who is here, she doesn't need to see him at all. She sits up a bit more, looking in the direction she hears him breathing in. "You came back?"
Gram glared at her, and spoke in a sarcastic tone. "Oh yeah, I missed ya real bad. Can't stay away."
He walked up toward her, which makes her guards stand in front of her throne. Stopping in front of them, he stares in their eyes, like needles he fries their eyes quickly with his power, just as similar to the empress, though they were easier, and they have a chance of healing. For now, they hold their faces, going to the small block in the palace through the side door, for medical emergencies. Since Gram's last incident, they thought to move all that much closer to the throneroom. The other guards step in now, though hesitant seeing what just happened, and seen others they work for get harmed by this clown. One of them steps back to where they were standing, the other comes up to Gram, then backs up again once he gives them a look.
"Thats fuckin right." he laughed.
The empress looked down in Gram's direction once again, having heard what just happened, but not bothering to step in to avoid those guards getting hurt. "Do you plan on killing me?" It was almost as if she had read his mind, maybe she did.
Gram glared again. "I don't know, how far can I get?" 
Without letting her speak up, he starts up his chucklevoodoo once again. Going straight for the brain. She screams and grabs her head, and immediately kicks him down with her sharp heel. This knocks him down and makes it stop, grunting at the impact on the hard floor. Things start quickly. The other guards that were hesitating before, point their weapons at Gram. One shoots him in the same leg that he was shot in before, making the clown growl in pain. He got up, though, attacking the guard and knocking that gun out of his hand. He goes right for the guards neck, biting a chunk out of it and spitting it away. They were too in shock to bother to try to make it to the medical block, as they were bleeding out quickly.
He was cut short, not by a guard, but by the Empress, who kicked him down once again, aiming her trident right at his torso.
"You wont get very far, your friend is just going to have to come back to save you again. You already took my eyes from me, I wont let you finish the job, you filth."
Gram laughed and looks up the gold trident, and then at her face. Still with a smile, though he will admit he is afraid of getting hurt beyond repair, or at least, wont be repaired easily.
"Ya won't, 'cuz you dont know anyone else like me. I know you wanna use me for somethin, don't you? that would be a damn shame."
"You think I won't?"
"Yeah, no, that would be a bad fuckin idea."
"You haven't taken me down yet, and you wont. I can easily replace you. Goodbye, Gamzee."
He grabs her trident above the points, just right at the handle, and shoves it away, right as she stabs down toward him. This stabs into the floor, JUST right below his armpit. He lets out a goofy laugh, at just barely missing that. He rolls to the side immediately. She realizes she missed him and raises the trident toward where she can hear his footsteps.
"Havin trouble motherfucker? lemme fix that." Once again he aims his chucklevoodoo at her, with all he can put out, stronger than ever, driven by his adrenaline. She screams once again, grabbing and scratching at her own head. She tries to fight back once again which makes the pain worse, but it shoots back to gram. This makes him wince, but he doesnt stop. Not until she is down and not fighting. So much for taking her brain, hes sure it'll be like soup in there once hes done. She swings her trident and stabs wildly to get him to stop. A few times, her trident cut into his arm, his side, and one point of the trident even stabbed into his left shoulder. He grunted in pain, gritting his teeth together, but he still kept going. She finally fell after a while, unable to keep herself up from the pain. She couldn't fight back anymore, not after the damage from the first time that the others at the palace could not repair a hundred percent. The Empress did however have new bionic eyes being made, but now that won't matter.
Gram heard the other guards that were left in the room that didn't run off, coming at his back. Only two. His powers were still going hard, he looked away from the Empress only for a moment to knock those two down, which wasn't hard as they didn't expect it. Not the smartest guards you have here, Ma'am. He then turns back to her, continuing to fry her, coming toward her as he does, picking up her trident she was frantically reaching for after she fell. His eyes glowed brightly and he could feel his own eyes getting tired, his brain was wearing out. Now was a good time as any. he stepped beside her, and raised the trident high above her writhing body, and stabbed right into her heart as hard as possible, til it went all the way through and hit the hard floor. Once again she screamed, and lost her voice immediately. Clawing and grabbing at the trident, she tried pulling it out, with what life she had left. How could she let someone so easily take her down? It's all so pathetic, and embarrassing. She won the throne, she worked hard for it.
Gram pulled the trident out, and stabbed again, twice, into her mess of a heart. This finally silenced her. She writhed still a bit longer. Gram watched silently, stopping the chucklevoodoo. His new rainbow drinker DNA, was screaming hungry. This is what he's been preparing for. No time to think. He pulls the trident out, putting it in his sylladex, and drops to her freshly dead body. He bit right into her, drinking as much as his body could take. Gotta make SURE she is dead. If the other guards were still in the room, they're out now. Gram can hear them faintly panicking outside the doors, but all that's in his mind, is that she taste delicious. He goes at this for a while, until he is just about too full. Part of him comes in behind, and goes right for biting and chewing her flesh. Ripping it all to pieces, some he spits out in the bloody mess on the floor. What a messy eater.
She's unrecognizable at this point, and grams body feels like he's drunk. But his energy is high and happy. He laughed, sitting up and taking out a knife, cutting up what was left, taking bones, and putting them in the sylladex, one after another, until she looked like animals had gotten to her. He had also filled up a few bottles with the leftover blood, putting that away too. He stood up again, and by the time he did, he looked over, and there were terrified guards, and people who worked in the palace, staring at him. The news had gotten out already. He felt he had somehow intensely colorful tunnel vision toward them. But he didnt say anything to them, he just walked ahead to the side door, moving straight to where he knew the prison was. His own blood, and her blood and meat, dripping off of him. One thing he had in mind after he would be successful - Release the prisoners. He makes his way down, still having those keys he was given. What a fool Empress, never asking for those back. He took them out, and started releasing them, one by one. He didnt bother to speak, his mind was just on autopilot. He felt floaty, and he's just going to silently enjoy this til he can think clearer.
After maybe 30+ prisoners were let free, a lot less than last time due to some being sadly killed off, he scanned the area for more, then headed back up. It didn't seem like anyone was mad at Gram. Maybe scared. Some of the higher up people next to the Empress seem to have come out to the palace aswell. Gram tried to avoid them as quickly as possible. He will return soon, but for right now, no talking, just leave. He quickly finds the nearest port again, and puts in his coordinates, stepping on straight to home. He had just barely avoided those older trolls.
As soon as he was home, he laid right down on the floor in there. Just for a little while. God hes so full, and his head is spinning, not terribly though but it is. His body wants to get up and move around, do more, but it also wants to just lay here for a long time. Staying here is good. He'll treat those wounds later. Well done, Gamzee. You caused chaos on Alternia. Hopefully for the better. He has many plans for when he heads back, hopefully he wont be greeted with anything horrible. He was very very proud of himself, though. What's best? He didn't get horribly disfigured. Time to rest.
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reigensmeowmeow · 4 hours ago
oh my god im so big brain
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arthistoryclasses · 5 hours ago
Tumblr media
José Echenagusía - Samson and Delilah (1887)
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