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Finally watched Detective Pikachu after putting it off for so long. I thought it would just be a gen 1 pandering piece of shit commercial, but I think this may in fact be the last Pokemon creation of high quality before everything went down hill with LGPE, Sword and Shield, and then as of recently Unite. 

It’s one of my favorite movies now. So much love and care put into a single movie, it makes me cry that it exists and kick myself for not giving it a chance a year ago.

Review under the cut. Spoilers, some ranting, and a couple of spoiler spoilers too.

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Day 26: Favorite video game movie.


Detective Pikachu! I’ve never actually seen it! But I’ve never watched a video game movie. Literally never. So I’ll just go with the first one that popped into my head!

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Recently, I re-watched this short film I saw on YouTube back when I was in high school called Pokemon Apokelypse. It’s a fan-made short structured as a trailer for a non-existent film and the basic premise is that several years after the events of the Pokemon anime, Pokemon battles have now become illegal and instead continued in underground arenas, where the fights have become much more brutal. It’s a great short, although the CG Pokemon look kinda laughable. They were probably impressive for an online short film made in 2010, but today they look pretty ridiculous, especially Pikachu. I mean, just look a him! He looks so skinny and malnourished, and what is up with those big toes of his? He looks pretty bad compared with the Pikachu in the live action Pokemon film that we actually ended up getting. Watching it nowadays, he kinda looks like a post drug addiction Detective Pikachu, which gave me the idea to do this.

Also, after re-watching that short film, I found out that the guy who played Ash later went on to play Agent Stone in the Sonic The Hedgehog movie. That blew my mind a little.

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