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Drew the Villain freshmen again lol
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gotta do the cooking by the book!
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choclatecoveredlove · 2 days ago
can i ask "Your Favorite???" with the first years + ortho (plantonic) please
Yes ofc! I love my first years :) I hope you enjoy!!
( ´ ▿ ` )/ not proof read bc i’m tired and going to bed
Tumblr media
he knows he’s super cool and attractive so ofc you’d like him
and he’s had a partner before so he must be desirable
he’s kind of an ass but you luv him i guess
he’s gonna brag to everyone he knows
especially riddle and deuce
underneath the smugness tho he’s flustered
“ Oh? Can i get a recording of you saying that? I want to rub it in riddles face- would help me win a bet too. Haha.. did you actually mean it? You did? Well of course you did!”
he is spouting gibberish at 100 miles a minute
his brain no longer works, it is mush that is only fueled by love for you
he honestly thinks this is a dream
he dreams about you so it’s not too far off
will stand there for a solid 30 minutes processing the whole conversation
“the- huh- whaaaa- i don’t?? sorry? i think- you’re- huhh??”
wag wag wag
he’s trying not to be obvious about how happy he is to hear you say that
but his tail gives him away
his face is bright red too
he won’t say much because he doesn’t wanna give away his feelings but he does, in fact reciprocate the favoritism
“Oh. That’s … nice of you. Um- Ruggie needed me to do something so I gotta go.”
thinks you’re trying to butter him up for something
he does not appreciate being used >:(
if you perhaps mean what you say he’ll be really pleased
cause he thinks you’re pretty swell too
he’s not super cheesy but he will tell you he cares about you
“ Are ya messing with me? You better not be. Well that’s all well and good ‘cause you happen to be one a my favorite people too.”
he thinks youre so sweet to say that!!
he’s never had anyone to say that too him before (except idia ofc)
he really loves that his second favorite big sibling said that to him
because of the sweet gesture you made saying it to him he makes sure he does a nice gesture for you
the nice gesture comes in the for of a gaming console so you and him and idia can all play together even if you’re not in the same room
“ That is very kind of you to say prefect! It truly means a lot coming from you. I would like you to know that you’re my favorite person too, other than Idia of course.”
he’s mad at you
malleus is supposed to be your favorite!!
he’s also extremely embarrassed and flattered
he’ll never tell you that though
it’s kinda obvious if you look at his face though
it is bright red and he is sweating profusely
“WHA- Human!! You can’t just say things like that out of nowhere! Especially incorrect things!! Malleus-sama is your favorite person! Silence!! I’m not blushing!”
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May i request some sleeping on them hcs for the first years? Thank you ❤️
Sure thing! Housewardens Version of this is here, and Vice-Housewardens version is here!
GN!Reader, They/Them Pronouns
Tumblr media
This boy is so incredibly smug, he's just got the most proud, devious little smile on his face as soon as you doze off against his shoulder. The ol' Trappola charm must really be working for him to actually get you to trust him enough to fall asleep next to him and not expect to be drawn on in marker or poked and prodded in your sleep.
Jokes aside though, deep down Ace actually is really happy that you trust him that much. He knows he can be a bit of a troublemaker and an instigator, but knowing that you still feel comfortable enough to use him as a human pillow makes him feel really soft and fluffy inside. He'll make a genuine effort not to disturb your rest.
He's probably gonna fall asleep on you in return. After trying to sit still for so long, it's basically inevitable that he'll get drowsy as well. He turns his head in his sleep to unconsciously tuck his face into the top of your head, nuzzling gently back and forth as you greet him in his dreams.
Tumblr media
Deuce is also incredibly happy and relieved that you trust him so much, though he's a lot more tense when you manage to fall asleep on him. He can barely believe that you feel so comfortable with him, and the last thing he wants to do is jeopardize that trust by accidentally waking you up with his nervous fidgeting.
He does everything in his power (without moving or speaking too loudly) to keep other people from accidentally waking you up as well. If you're out in like, the Heartslabyul common area, he shoots that delinquent glare at anyone who comes into the room making too much noise, even his own upperclassmen. Nothing's going to wake you up as long as he has anything to say about it.
From that point onwards, Deuce makes a concerted effort to be the one sitting next to you at any events and outings. Not that he didn't prefer to sit next to you already, but now that he knows how likely you are to doze off on his shoulder he's even more pushy about being the one seated next to you. He picks a lot of small arguments with Ace and Grim over it, flexing his boyfriend rights even though the use of the very word causes him to blush.
Tumblr media
Before he's even consciously processed what's going on, Jack has instinctively slung a protective arm over your shoulders to keep you from sliding off of his in your sleep. It takes a second after that for him to actually process what's going on, but once he does his face flushes hot and embarrassed, ears flattening against his head as he glances around to see how many people have noticed your current position. Regardless, he doesn't remove his arm.
Once he's sure no one is paying too close of attention to the two of you, he'll subtly turn his head to rest his nose on the crown of your own, silently taking in your familiar scent. It makes him feel dozy and comfortable as well, like laying out in a warm sunbeam on fresh, green grass. If he let his guard down even a little bit more, he'd probably join you in dreamland.
Pinned between his back and his seat, Jack's tail can't help but keep wagging away with what little space it has to move. If it were all that visible to anyone else he may make an effort to stop it, but since it's so hidden he doesn't really see the point. He hides most of his emotions already, but the ones he feels for you aren't ones that he feels ashamed of.
Tumblr media
He's sitting still and pretty on the outside, but on the inside Epel has gongs and fireworks blasting in his mind, a cacophony of celebration and cheers. I mean, letting his partner sleep on his shoulder is super manly, isn't it? And if you feel comfortable enough with him to do that, than surely you think the same!
He's doing his absolute best to tamp down all his excited, jittery energy though. If he gets too hyped up he might risk jostling you awake, and that is the absolute last thing that he wants to risk doing. Epel is giving everything he's got to keep still and poised, but the big, wobbly grin on his face is such a giveaway for his true emotions.
This specific incident burrows deep into Epel's mind and never lets go, so much so that whenever he sees you looking the slightest bit tired from this point on, he invites you to rest your head on his shoulder. "Yer tired, right? Rest for a lil. I gotcha." Those fireworks and cheers in his head return without fail every time you decide to take him up on that offer.
Tumblr media
Despite all odds, you've somehow managed to fall asleep on Sebek Zigvolt's shoulder. Congratulations! You've also somehow managed to catch him so thoroughly off-guard that for a few seconds he becomes genuinely speechless. You're... You're sleeping? On him? Did he bore you or something? How rude!
I won't lie to you, the first time you fall asleep on Sebek he quickly jostles you awake, asking if he was boring you so much with his words that you were able to fall asleep of all things. Once you clarify that you fell asleep on him because you felt safe and comfortable he flushes bright pink, turning to hide his expression while he barks, flustered, that he supposes sleeping on him under those conditions would be "acceptable".
Anyone walking past the two of you would see Sebek sitting like a statue, face gradually getting redder and his brow furrowed in intense concentration as you slumber blissfully unaware upon his broad shoulder. He's really not used to such open physical affection, so he isn't really sure how to channel or vocalize it. But if he makes you feel safe enough to fall asleep, he'll give it everything he's got to not wake you up a second time.
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mthra · 18 hours ago
Tumblr media
twst first-years as your roommate!
♯— what if you were roommates? sebek, jack, ace, jack, epel ortho. ortho’s = strictly platonic
cw: gn!reader, crack & fluff, pining, sfw, unedited.
notes: i’m just emptying my drafts. i think sebek is funny and i love him so much but i would NEVER live with him… likes and reblogs are appreciated!!!!
Tumblr media
𖧷 sebek zigvolt
• “malleus, oh malleus! you are truly illustrious, and above all benevolent! i pledge my life to you! I KNEEL BEFORE YOU MY KING!!”
• new drinking game. take a shot every time sebek says malleus
• you wake up every morning to sebek chanting to his malleus portrait like he’s truly standing with you in your room. you don’t need an alarm clock when you have him bellowing at 5AM. you press your pillow against your ears but to no avail. you can still hear him, he’s that loud!!
• he literally kneels down to the painting as if he’s getting a knighthood (he’s practicing for the future, okay?)
• tells you that you should also join him and prostrate yourself before his lord… if you tell him to shut up he will look at you with an incredulous expression as though you’re the crazy one. are you silencing him, and in association, lord malleus? your insolence besmirches you!
• if it gets too much for you he starts whispering aggressively instead, offended: “FINE.. ( •̀ - •́ )”
• sebek spends a long time getting ready. so if you’re running late in the morning, you’ll want to beat him to the bathroom.
• it’s because of his hair... he’s styling that thing with an abundance of gel. your bathroom cupboards have so many products for his hair there’s literally nowhere for you to put your things.
• it’s crazy because he would look so much better with his hair down. when you tell him that he refuses to believe it, stating that all the elderly in briar valley love his current hairstyle.
• he wastes 10 minutes alone hyping himself up in front of the mirror. flexing his muscles, practicing his smile, dimpling his cheek with his fangs. he rehearses saying “salutations, lord malleus!” or “hello, dear human!” but if you catch him in the act he’ll deny deny deny as pink bursts across his cheeks and the tips of his ears.
• he’s a bookworm, and that’s probably when he’s the quietest. yes, he’s quieter with his nose in a book than he is sleeping because he’s a sleep talker.
• ⇈ if you’re interested, sebek will recommend you some good pieces of literature!! he’s also really helpful if you need help with similar things in class. he annotates his books neatly with sticky-notes and highlighters, so if you ask nicely he might be gracious enough to let you skim over his hard work.
• in return, if you’re good at subjects like maths, please assist him. numbers and him are like oil and water—they just don’t mix. he’ll be so grateful, he might humbly tell you a story of malleus’ childhood
• you have to save sebek from lilia’s antics. he once told sebek balancing books on his head whilst sleeping standing up would help him become more resilient, so at night he would just be standing in the corner of your room… menacingly... it was honestly frightening.
• you thought he’d fall over and crash onto his desk, having to physically drag him to his bed and tuck him gently each time he tried. he never once made it through the night. yes, he tried several times.
• pretends the whole situation never happened. it was his lowest point.
• sebek always makes sure you’re eating well, since he’s a big eater himself. when he’s feeling particularly chivalrous, he’ll get himself extra food just to lend you some, a coy smirk playing against his lips when you thank him.
𖧷 ace trappola
• ace has a basketball hoop on his side of the room. he likes to practice his trickshots often, so he’s probably hit you several times with it when he misses. which is often.
• imagine you’re just walking into your room after a long day and—thwack!—you’re getting knocked out. he will laugh at you before pulling you up and making sure you’re actually okay. i’d be worried he has a vendetta against you or something.
• ⇈ says “it’s your fault for standing there”, pressing a hand against the point of impact tenderly.
• standing where??? in your own room??? where it’s supposed to be SAFE???
• makes a mess all the time in the bathroom. probably leaves toothpaste in the sink and water on the floor. he’s going to make you have wet socks and then he’ll roll his eyes when you complain.
• you have to push him to clean it as he feigns innocence. “maybe it was you and you’re just blaming me!” “just clean the toothpaste, ace!”
• he flicks tap water in your face.
• when it comes to doing laundry he makes you play card games with him. whoever wins has to deal with it. he is a cheater and proud! he’s doing whatever he can to win and grinning like the chesire cat the whole time as if you’re not already aware of what he’s up to.
• you have to force him to do his homework. he just so happens to always forget. but wait! you’re here! you’re instantly now his study buddy regardless of whether you wanted to or not. it doesn’t matter how smart you are, he’s always trying to copy your answers.
• when it’s late at night and he can’t sleep, he’s texting: ‘u up?’ to check if you’re the same. if you don’t reply he literally pads up to your bed and looms over you. he puts his face inches close to your yours and whispers your name because he never believes that you’re truly sleeping.
• brace yourself for a lot of late-night kitchen runs. he’s grabbing your hand and racing with you down the halls, telling you to hush and pressing a finger to his lips when he’s the one stomping and giggling outside riddle’s room.
• don’t worry, he doesn’t eat anything he knows is his housewarden’s. he doesn’t try to get collared, you know. then he practically steals someone else’s lunch (the ‘someone else’ in question being deuce) and then shares it with you.
• you get caught every time, ace’s stomping waking riddle up. he doesn’t even attempt to protect you, claiming it’s not stealing because it’s going to a good cause—your ‘date’.
• he’s only ever joking about the date thing. he just likes seeing your reaction.
• …but if he wasn’t joking, hypothetically… would you agree it’s a date?
𖧷 deuce spade
• he’s trying so hard to be a good roommate to you. he really is!
• at first, he tries to impress you with his full bookshelf. in an attempt to turn over a new leaf, he borrowed a ton of magic related from the library but he’s only read one
• every time you walked into the room he frantically grabbed a book from his shelf and opened it, placing a finger on his chin to suggest that he was deep in thought.
• “what’s gotten you so interested, deuce?” “oh it’s nothing. just a book about…psychology and stuff. really emotional. yeah.”
• intrigued, you approached his side only to find out he’s reading a children’s picture book. upside down.
• each time he thinks back to that moment he is filled with so much shame. whenever you bring it up he slaps a hand to your mouth with a shout, overly flustered. he’s always been honest about himself after that.
• he’s another messy guy. overall? he’s clean—but when he eats he leaves a lot of crumbs behind on his bed and himself. you have the urge to wipe them from his cheeks all the time. this could be reiterated for all the first-years except ortho, though.
• deuce excitedly shows you pictures of the latest blastcylces (he has posters all over his side of the room) and tells you all about his bleached hair days. he even lets you try on his blastcycle helmet and jersey. has a picture of you in it and treasures it as ‘a reminder to not go rouge again’
• you study together but the pair of you always get distracted by having silly little side conversations. one second you’re talking about pythagoras; the next, it’s a passionate discussion about what animal you’d be if you were reincarnated in another life.
• he moves around in his sleep a lot. he goes to sleep spread out like a starfish and ends up on the floor, bedsheets half-on him and the worst bed-head ever.
• you have to fix his hair in the mornings for him. he’ll barely be awake, sleep still in his eyes as you’re patting his head to keep the stray hairs at bay. he’ll lean into your touch but he won’t remember doing it till halfway through the day.
• ⇈ he’ll just be in the middle of flight class, randomly think about the proximity of your faces, then almost falls off his broom. ace laughs till he cries.
• when he comes to your room wounded he appreciates how you ask him if he’s okay before asking what happened. when it’s the other way around, he always rechecks your state even though the school doctor patched you up fine and deemed you well enough.
• he calls his mother often to make sure she’s okay, and you’ve gotten more than acquainted with her.
• she loves you and thinks you’re a great influence for deuce. she’s even happier that he’s made some friends!! she’s always gushing about how she’s proud of him, or asking you to come over with in the holidays.
• “deuce, when you come home bring your lovely friend okay? i like them.”
• he agrees without hesitation, because he can’t deny her wishes—and he likes you, too.
𖧷 jack howl
• your room either smells like sweat and the mens body spray he uses or caramel scented candles that he swears his younger brother and sister bought for him.
• it’s mostly the second option, because jack is good with hygiene and also doesn’t want to make things uncomfortable for you. (his side of the room is very clean, and he takes pride in that, so if yours isn’t he’ll tell you to fix up very bluntly.)
• he’s very perceptive and values personal space, so he’s thoroughly checking to make sure you’re comfortable. will give you space and alone time if you need it.
• he’s got ‘motivational workout quotes’ framed and hung up on his side of the room
• gives you a similar one for your birthday, in order to give you motivation for the rest of the school year. he’s given one to all the first years, even ortho, so you’re not special or anything.
• yours is just slightly bigger.
• from far away it looks aesthetically pleasing, contrasting nicely with all the greenery from the plants he’s raising (he’s a plant mom)
• then you get closer and read: “Train The Quit Out Of You.” “Single Taken At The Gym.” “In This House, Only Hard Work Matters.”
• he goes on morning runs, so he’s out before you can even open your eyes. sometimes, he leaves you notes behind wishing you a good day, since he’s not much of a texter even though you’ve exchanged numbers. sometimes you’ll find notes around the house just saying some words of encouragement.
• if you’re awake, he might ask you to join him. but it ends up being him running out of earshot so fast you lose sight of him. he’ll be running back as you’re still on the first stretch, out of breath. he’ll try his best to wait for you to catch up, though…
• ⇈ you might not enjoy it as much as he is but he’ll be really thankful that you came along anyway. you don’t even have to run if you don’t want to, just sitting and watching him somehow gives him a newfound burst of energy.
• as a reward for sticking with him, he’ll make sure you’re well fed. not that he doesn’t do that already; jack sits next to you, the two of you sharing a plate of breakfast together as the other first-years just share a look like (·•᷄‎ࡇ•᷅ )?
• you often find him talking to his cacti. his tone is so soft it’s endearing, conversing as though they’d speak back before watering them. in fact, you find out more from him speaking to the succulents than you do when he’s actually talking to you.
• it’s not that he doesn’t talk to you. he does!! but the conversations are always short because he’s too busy trying to hide the wag of his tail and twitch of of his ears.
• you speak to his cacti, because if jack truly believes it will benefit them you also want to help. he’s so fond of them. when he finds out you’ve been doing so, he tells you that he’s sure they’re standing stronger and looking healthier because of you <3
• he lets you name them
• Congratulations. you are both now Plant Parents.
• it might take a lot of convincing but if you can get him to cuddle with you in his wolf form you will get the best sleep ever. he’s super fluffy, which makes him really cosy to lean on and snuggle up to.
• ⇈ but you both tend to oversleep and end up late for classes whenever you do it. jack scolds you for it because he doesn’t want to be a troublesome student, but he won’t deny you when you ask again.
• everyone’s convinced you’re dating.
𖧷 epel felmier
• why are there apples everywhere
• the saying ‘an apple a day keeps the doctor away’ doesn’t apply to you! an apple a day is bringing you closer to the doctor. (epel has boxes of apples for his carvings. they’re overflowing, causing apples to spill out onto your floor creating a trip hazard.)
• he seriously doesn’t mean to make mess but the apples just keep on coming! at this point you both have enough apples to keep you going for at least a good few months—but you’re not allowed to eat them.
• okay, fine, you can have one… or two..
• pomefiore’s bedtime is 10pm, so both of you share the struggle of hiding that you’re awake. you’re both chuckling under your own bedcovers, messaging each other on your phones with your brightness at the lowest setting: ‘is he gone yet? u check’
• vil will be standing in the doorway, hands on his hips waiting for you to peek your heads up. he knows what you’re doing.
• you keep doing it anyway until vil threatens to split you up.
• the two of you will try to stay up till early hours of the morning doing anything and everything. on one occasion you tried to juggle with apples, ending up hitting yourselves in the faces. it left marks.
• plenty of times you’ll send epel a funny video of something or the other and he’ll double over in laughter, wheezing so loudly you’re sure everyone can hear you. your phones get confiscated for a week.
• he’s on his best behaviour now, he swears! and you are too—you know vil only sets specific guidelines for you to follow because it will benefit you both in the long run.
• if you’re injured, epel will tend to your wounds skilfully. he’s been in more than a few accidents being a wild child, and also knows a lot about medicinal herbs and magic pharmacy. arguably does a better job than school staff.
• when he’s injured, he’s rushing back to show them off to you like battle scars. look at the the one on his knee, quick! he stood his ground and won, isn’t he cool? (it’s absolutely tiny and will definitely fade away. he wants to be leona so bad)
• he always lets you see the process of his apple carving and even gives you lessons. he’s delighted that he gets to teach someone something he learned back in his hometown—it’s not much of a big deal, but whenever someone shows interest in it, his chest puffs with pride.
• and when it’s you specifically complimenting him and harveston, he’s super smitten.
𖧷 ortho shroud
• ortho is only just finding out about himself, exploring his tastes and developing his own opinion. (he’s really glad he can share these self-discoveries with you!)
• idia is Not Happy that his brother is being stolen off him, but wishes ortho well nonetheless.
• you will never be late to class from now on because he will wake you up on time. and don’t think about skipping or faking illness, because ortho can see right through you.
• asks how your day has been after school because he genuinely cares. he wants to know everything! school is just so fun to him. he’s so happy about going to class that you start to feel guilty for dreading them. he’ll tell you about his day too, very elaborately. you might be sitting and listening for a while because ortho does not miss a single detail.
• ⇈ you somehow end up finding out what scarabia resident B did last summer with his family, though you’re sure it had no relevance to ortho’s magic history class at all?
• asks you to take pictures of him around your room, literally even if it’s a mundane activity. half of your camera roll is just images of ortho studying. he also wants to take lots of pictures with you, so he can keep the memories he spent his first real roommate fresh in his mind forever, so say cheese!
• you make a bucket list together so he can check things off along the course of his life. you take him out to places he wants to go, and he helps you in return. need questions answered? he’s got the best results at the fastest speeds. hungry? he’s flying off to sam’s store. your preferences are already stored in his memory system, so expect something yummy when he returns!
• he gets very attached to you very quickly, and perhaps even a little protective. if you’re ever going to do anything reckless ortho is sitting you down and telling you the pros and cons, success to failure ratio and extra precautions you should take.
• as he’s only ever lived with his brother and never really had friends for himself, ortho is still used to idia’s social recluse/anxious ways. you could be ordering over the phone and if the person on the other end of the line mishears you ortho is suddenly speaking up for you very angrily.
ortho: excuse me they asked for NO. PICKLES. 😡😡
• introverts love him. fast food branch owners fear him. the ice cream machines won’t be ‘broken’ on ortho’s watch.
• if someone’s bothering you, just tell him. he won’t hesitate to dox a bully or two online. he learned from the best. NOT afraid to resort to physical attacks. has a high-intensity laser beam ready to fire whenever you need it.
• ortho is not rainbows and sunshine all the time. he’s a nrc student, after all.
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Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
💬 Have you heard...? The Magicless Student of NRC isn’t human! THEY ARE ACTUALLY… A GEM!? 😱 Sent by S-TAR
Tumblr media
Title: Accidental Fusion (ft. First Years) Synopsis: The First Years were having a study group session together in Ramshackle while calming music played in the background. Grim accidentally switches the magic which [character] and [name] seemed very familiar to. This led them to abadoned their studies ans dance while the others were cheering for them. Amidst the fun and laughter, the both of them started… fusing? Notes: Twisted Wonderland Scenarios. Reader is gender-neutral and uses they/them pronouns. Reader is Yuu and is not from Twisted Wonderland. Reader is a Gem. Reader is from Steven Universe.
Tumblr media
# acetrappola !
“Grim! Why’d you change the music?!” [name] scolded him until they see Ace approaching them, his hand out for them to hold, “Care to dance?” He said in feign suave voice, makiing you laugh.
You take his hand and he brings you somewhere where there’s more space to move. The rest of the First Years watched in the distance, clapping and cheering for them.
“I thought we’re having a study group session…” Sebek mumbled, not amused bye what’s happening as Epel elbows him playfully in the arm, “Come on, there’s no harm in having some fun, no?”
“Sure, but after this, we better get back to studying if we want to pass,” He chuckles before turning his attention back to Ace and [name] who were in total sync. Like they’ve done this before.
The both of them laugh at their own antics as Ace holds [name] for the upcoming dip. With their noses pressed against each other and blush dusting their cheeks, a bright light suddenly appeared, enveloping the both of them.
“Uhh… is this part of the dance?” “Ace? [name]?!”
The First Years called out to the two in a panic. Suddenly, the light disappears, revealing a confused looking person with four arms instead of two.
They had long messy [h/c] hair, and heterochromatic eyes, one was bright scarlet color while the other was [e/c]. They had a black heart painted on their left eye. They also had light red eyeshadow which contrasts to their black heart marking.
The person gasped as they look down on what they look like, examining their arms and legs, “What in the world…?!” They then place their hands on their cheek, a panicked expression on their face, “Oh no… oh no, no, no, no, no! NO!”
The bright light appears again and Ace and [name] appeared, tripping and falling back-first on the floor, the both of them groaning in pain from the impact.
“What the hell happened?” The First Years then turn to [name] who started hyperventilating, Ace approaches name carefillu, “Hey, what’s wrong?-“
[name] abruptly stands up and ran out of Ramshackle with Grim, Ace and the rest of the First Years following them:
Tumblr media
# deucespade !
“Grim!” Almost all of them yelled at the furry cat who nervously shrugs back in response. [name] hummed as they continue to listen to the song, “Hey Deuce, isn’t this song familiar,” They smirked as Deuce listens in as well.
“I think I know this one,” [name] closes the book they were reading before dragging Deuce out if his seat, a surprised yelp coming out if hismouth, “Come on Deuce! Dance with me!” A blush crept up on Deuce’s face, a crooked smile plastered on his mouth as he nodded continuously, following your lead.
“He’s such a simp,” Ace snickered, “I know right?”
Sebek narrowed his eyes at the two who started dancing to the music, “I thought we were supposed to study for the upcoming test,”
“Chill out Sebs, there’s no harm in relaxing for a while, we still have weeks worth of time to study!’” Ace throws his arm around his shoulder, “Do not call me Sebs,” He glared.
You suddenly picked Deuce up in a bridal carry, placing a kiss on his cheek, making his face go beet red. And as the two of you chuckle when the songs is slowly coming to and end, a bright light envelopes the two of you, startling the rest of the First Years.
“Woah, what’s going on?” Epel asks in concern.
“I have no clue either!” “Oi, [name], Deuce?! Stop fooling around!”
The light disappears, revealing a figure with four arms. Their hair was the same shade as Deuce’s but had a streak on their bangs that had the same shade as [name]’s hair. A black spade was painted on both corners of their [e/c] eyes. They also wore black sparkling eyeshadow that matches their spade marking.
“Woah…” Was all they said, “Talk about emo,”
“W-wha…? What’s going on?!” They panicked before a horrified expression made it’s way to theit face, “Oh crap, I’m sorry,” The figure started tearing uo.
“I didn’t mean to! I didn’t mean to—“ The bright light comes back, making Deuce and [name] appear as well. Deuce was hugging [name] close while they gripped the roots of their hair, tears streaming down their face.
“Hey…” They suddenly pushed Deuce off, running out that door and away from the group, “[name]!”
They all chased after them, with Grim perched on Jack’s shoulder, “I KNEW I SHOULDN’T HAVE COME TO THIS STUDY SESSION!”
Tumblr media
# jackhowl !
“Grim, seriously?!” “MRAHH! IT WAS AN ACCIDENT! I SWEAR!”
Jack grumbles until he felt a fingrt tap on his shoulder, he turned to see [name] holding their hand out towards him, “May I have this dance sir?” Jack’s face turned pale pink, his tail wagging faster than before, matching his heartbeat.
His ears fall flat while shyly looking sideways, “Well—“ He didn’t have time go answer since they already pulled him in to seay to the music while the rest of the First Years watched.
“I didn’t ask to be a third-wheel today,” “Yeah but no one cares,”
The two of continue to dance without a care in the world as you two slowly get lost in the music, not realizing a blinding light appearing between the two of you, enveloping the both of you:
“JACK? [name]?!”
“… I should’ve stayed back at the dorms,”
Suddenly, a muscular figure with four arms appeared. They had wolf ears and tail and silver-hair like Jack, and [e/c] eyes like [name]. Their hair was spiky and unkempt, their bangs sloghtly covering their eyes.
“What the…” The figure then started hyperventilating, the bright light appears again and reveals Jack who was looking around in confusion while [name] was covering their ears, tears threatening to spill from their eyes.
“[name]!” Jack snaps out of his daze when [name] started running out of the dorm, either because of fear or being overwhelmed by what had just happened.
Jack immediately chases after them without a word spoken go the others who also joined the chase:
Tumblr media
# epelfelmier !
“Wait! Don’t change the music!” Epel grinned mischievously becore dragging [name] to somewhere with more space to prance around to the beat of the music, “Woah! Epel, what’s gotten into you!” [name] chuckled.
“Come on dance, don’t tell me you have cold feet?” You laugh at his antics as the both of you started dancing, with Epel taking the lead:
“Rook definitely told him to do this,”
“Let the boy court them in peace,”
“Wait… they weren’t dating?”
Epel then twirls you around, the both of you being oblivious to the light that swallowed the both of you whole. This alarmed the rest of the First Years who immediately called out to you two.
Just then, a petite figure with [h/c] hair and dark blue eyes appeared out of nowhere. They had four thin limbs and wore light purple eyeshadow.
They suddenly had their hands up, ready for a fight. Seconds later, their aggressiveness turn into timidity as they suddenly scramble backwards, bumping into a wall.
The bright light appears once more, revealing Epel and [name]. [name] loing startled and Epel rubbing circles on their back, “Hey, are you—“ [name] pushes Epel away and booked it for the door.
Tumblr media
# sebekzigvolt !
“Hey Sebek,” The green-haired boy looks up at [name] who had their hand extended towards him, “You should loosen up a bit, you look tense,”
Sebek huffs, refusing to give in to theirbtemptations, “I need to ace this exam or else— hey!” [name] rolled their eyes, positioning Sebek’s hands properly, repeating the position of two who are ballroom dancing.
Sebek blushes and turns away in silence:
“Holy shit, Sebek isn’t yelling!”
“Nevermind, he still is,”
You distract him from your friends by cupping his cheek, making him tense up, visibly taken aback and flustered by your sudden intimate action, “Just keep your eyes on me,”
You then press your forehead against his as the both of you continue to dance to the music coming from the phone, with Grim backing the two of you up by turning up the music.
You two failed to notice the bright light that swallows the both of you in whole while the rest of the students in Ramshackle panics.
“..Sebek? [name]?” Jack’s ears twitch, waiting for a reply, but no one spoke back, “What happened?!” Deuce asked.
No one got to answer or say a comedic response when a figure with four arms appeared. Their hair was a mess of [h/c] that resembled Sebek’s hairstyle, and green eyes.
Their ears were pointy, much like Sebek’s as well.
“Who are you?!” All of them recovered from their shock as they pointed their magical pens at the stranger, “Wait, no!” The light comes back and revelaed Sebek who stood there, frozen.
[name] had their arms out, shaking his hands in defense, “Stop!” They went silent when they looked down on their hands, terror evident on their expression.
They immediately bolted out of the dorm. Epel, Ace and Deuce chases after them whole Jack and Grim stayed back to bring Sebek back to his senses:
“What happened to the both of you…?” Jack asked the green-haired boy who blinks, processing everything, “[name]… I need to talk to [name]!” He claimed.
Tumblr media
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italoniponic · 2 days ago
Can I request headcanons for deuce, sebek and ace getting detention because their homework had doodles about their crush like those heart initial or a chibi face on the reader or a random ass paragraph about how amazing they are (on like match homework)
𝐂𝐡𝐞𝐫𝐫𝐲'𝐬 𝐇𝐚𝐫𝐯𝐞𝐬𝐭𝐢𝐧𝐠 - 𝐖𝐫𝐢𝐭𝐢𝐧𝐠 𝐄𝐯𝐞𝐧𝐭
| Notes: Hi, anon! This was very cute to write and it has a special participation of Crewel and Trein. I managed to make each one a bit different from the other and had some fun imagining the class's subjects, especially the history one! Hope you like it! Thanks for the request <3 |
Deuce Spade, Sebek Zigvolt, Ace Trappola x gender neutral reader / headcanons / crush / reader doesn’t get too much involved / special guests: teachers + lucius / fluff / use of “you” pronouns 
Cherry’s Harvesting event 🍒 Masterlist
Detentions and Doodles
Tumblr media
Deuce Spade might not be the smartest student in school, but no one could say he didn't try hard. Even though he made mistakes at times, he never gave up and always kept moving forward. You ended up becoming another reason for Deuce to devote himself more to his studies. After all, he wanted to impress you and show you that he could be someone worthy of being your companion for life;
A particularly tedious pharmacy class was coming up halfway through, and although Deuce spent the first thirty minutes focused on jotting down elements, measurements and druids names, at one point he started writing his initials with yours on some hearts. So he started testing the same thing on spade suits and went on a tangent;
As strange as this comparison is, scribbling initials reminded Deuce of his old days of delinquency where he sometimes marked his initials on the walls of some neighborhoods along with his gang mates. It wasn't very honorable at all but, it gave him some basic minimalist drawing skills;
In fact, scribbling the edges of the notebook was becoming an addiction over these past months. Deuce had most of his notebooks filled with your initials, of every possible size, style and shape. And it was a real ninja art considering you sat next to each other. Either he was too brave, or too foolish;
But you were such a constant presence in Deuce’s life that there was no stopping you from reigning even in his books. Like the Queen of Hearts, all paths are yours and Deuce was only too happy to serve you, even if secretly. And somehow inexplicably, you never came to suspect it. Much less the scribbles in his notebook;
Whoever saw it would think that Deuce was writing down the same information over and over again. Perhaps Ace had a better chance of finding out what it really was, so the boy never let the material fall into his roommate’s hands. However, one cannot hide this kind of thing for a long time and from everyone;
“Spade, sit down. I want to take a moment to talk to you in particular,” Prof. Crewel said when the class ended. The students were dismissed, Ace and you fell a little behind as you faced the frightened and fearful expression of Deuce who had just closed the notebook. You touched his shoulder for a moment, wishing him a quiet “good luck”;
When there was no one else in the room, Crewel approached Deuce’s place in the class and held out to him the work papers about medicinal herbs that the students handed in yesterday. “You made a very good report, I was even impressed. But you'll have to stay in detention to copy your text again, Mr. Spade. Clean edges this time,” the professor said;
Deuce took the papers and quickly identified the problem. He was working hard on this report a week ago and on the last page, he got too distracted thinking about you. Hearts spliced into suits of Spades, your names together as if you were a couple... it was a pity that he couldn’t earn points for being so in love;
Deuce gaped, looking from his work to the teacher and vice versa. He began to imagine the consequences for the future all because of this little mistake. His high school years, his relationship with you, the professionalism, the jokes, the awkward looks. All because he didn't realize he was scribbling on a homework assignment;
“Yes, sir! I'll start copying right, sir!,” Deuce promised, rising and making innumerable reverences. He was extremely embarrassed, blood rushing fast to his face as if he were fleeing from an angry army of cards. Crewel patted Deuce lightly on the head, smiling to himself. Love at this age is really complicated.
Tumblr media
Sebek Zigvolt wasn’t known to be so easily distracted in classes and always turned in completely impeccable homework. His gaze was always sharp as a sword, completely focused on the teacher in front of him and the teachings he was receiving. Sebek would actually like to be tutored by Lilia but, he assumed that the teachers at the renowned NRC are good enough for the job — although he detests Lucius in Prof. Trein’s classes;
But on that morning of an even particularly interesting 1-D history class, Sebek wasn’t watching the teacher or even getting annoyed by Lucius’s occasional meows. In fact, he had his eyes on his own notebook almost the entire time. What started as notes turned into a tangent of thoughts that led to you;
Oh, surprise! He was thinking of you, secret owner of Sebek’s heart — or “crush,” as Lilia taught him to speak. Sebek didn't know what to do about his growing feelings for you. What began as a simple acquaintance became an interesting friendship that evolved into something more. Passion, love, devotion. He couldn't tell;
Words weren’t enough to describe Sebek's love for you. He was very well versed in literature and poems, especially the classic gothic poems of the Valley of Thorns, so he could categorically state that a twenty-page thesis about you wouldn’t be able to fully compress or express his feelings;
Somehow, between writing down about the migratory journey of goblins from proto-Pyroxene to the Fairy Valley and sharpening his own pencil, Sebek began to draw some doodles on the edges of his notebook. He began by testing the first letter of your name in various handwriting and then began to write his name next to yours;
At one point, Sebek was one step away from finding the perfect monogram for your wedding invitation. Arts might not be his forte but, with a little practice, he managed to find a way to make his “S” marry your letter and he was very happy with the result. Sebek would look at some references later to make more arabesques — and let their vines look more like leaves and thorns than sausages;
“Mr. Zigvolt? Can you take your place for a moment?,” Prof. Trein asked cordially when the class was over. Sebek looked up from his notebook and nodded, closing his notebook quickly. The room was already empty when Sebek approached Trein’s table, Lucius was lightly wiggling the tip of his shaggy tail while on top of some paperwork;
Trein opened a folder, pulled out a bundle of stapled sheets that was Sebek's last history work. The old teacher sighed for a moment, opening on the penultimate page. “Your report on the rise of the first dynasty in the Lands of Sunshine is magnificent but...,” and on this, Trein gave the papers to Sebek. “... I'm afraid you have to complete the rest because the Ramshackle’s Prefect has definitely not participated in any of these events.”;
Sebek ran a quick glance through the middle of the penultimate to the last sheet of his work, every paragraph describing your beauty, superiority, elegance and grace, things he imagined he had thought to himself and not actually written in his own schoolwork. It was very late at night when he finished that work, too distracted and daydreaming to repair this mistake;
Trein watched Sebek’s face initially turn pale white and then turn violently red, almost going up in flames. He just dismissed the student for detention and that the deadline for delivery was until midnight. Lucius meowed in Sebek’s direction — amused by his static expression — and as he got down from the table, brushed his head against the half-fae’s leg;
“I swear, professor, by my love for the Prefect and the Young Master’s honor, that I will serve my detention properly and deliver the right work!,” Sebek promised, beating on his own chest. Trein just nodded, taking Lucius in his arms and letting Sebek fall dramatically onto his desk, desolate and embarrassed. The teacher ended up laughing with the cat himself, however. Young people in love are so energetic!
Tumblr media
Ace Trappola — despite the first name — couldn’t exactly call himself an “ace” in school. He wasn't stupid, he just got bored easy in most theory classes and for very little, he managed to keep most of the average grades. Ace was one of those people more focused on fun or sport, things that got him moving. So no surprise that he sought any other distraction during very boring subjects;
It was one of the last classes of the morning and Ace was doodling things in his own notebook. He had put the notebook right next to him, a little tilted up, but not enough for the people at the top of the stand to see, let alone the people next to him — Deuce and you. Especially you;
While Prof. Crewel was giving a detailed explanation of the basic effects of a Belladonna-based potion, Ace kept all his concentration on drawing your face in a cuter version next to his face. It was kind of embarrassing to do that, but, he was bored and he already had every excuse up his sleeve to tell you in case you questioned him about;
Ace could tell that it was a mere joke with you or that he was just training a little for art classes. And in fact, playing around with drawing your chibi face with blush face scratches and heart eyes for him was actually making him better at it! Before they were just strange polka dots with not very articulate expressions, now they were a little more professional;
He practiced a bit how to do your hair, drawing your chibi into various hairstyles and also different card suits in your eyes like all Heartslabyul students had. Obviously Ace thought the suit of Hearts suited you perfectly. He sometimes gave a satisfied smile to himself when analyzing this;
But if you turned to him, Ace would cover the edges in the notebook with his arm and disguise the fact that he was busy drawing you. You had no idea how much Ace was in love with you and these feelings were eating him away from inside in a violent mix of euphoria, energy, embarrassment and tiredness;
Ace felt ridiculous for doing those doodles — and a little frustrated that he could come off as kind of weird. It was like he was twelve years old again, childish and clueless. To make matters worse, it was an unnecessarily dangerous situation for Ace to doodle your little faces together just as he sat next to you and in the middle of class!;
But no one had ever noticed until that moment and Ace felt relieved by it. “Trappola, I need to talk to you,” Prof. Crewel stopped Ace before he could leave the room with you and Deuce. Ace swallowed hard, worried if the professor had discovered something he did — and he didn't even know what it was to prepare an excuse. You said goodbye to him and wished him good luck;
Crewel was smiling when Ace waved back at you and turned to the professor, aware that his smile wasn't a good sign. It never was. “I'm sorry to say you're going to have to spend the day in detention to hand me your homework a little fuller and cleaner of drawings, Mr. Trappola,” Crewel showed the alchemy quiz to Ace;
Ace didn't even know how his heart didn’t stop at that moment. In fact, the quiz had some blank answers but, what was that to notice when two very well drawn chibis of you were holding hands as Heartslabyul’s leader and vice — and on top of a very angry Riddle. Ace wanted to find a rabbit hole to throw himself down and disappear;
“I… a-am… I'm going to do that... t-thank you, professor,” Ace somehow managed to answer. If he hadn't finished that questionnaire in a hurry so he would have noticed the doodles he left. Crewel chuckled a little, amused by the student's bright red face and how he tightly hid the paper behind his back. Ah, young love!
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fuzzybonefluffy · 2 days ago
Will you love me if I'm a worm?
★synopsis: There was a disaster in the alchemy lesson and the Reader became a worm. ★warning: no! (except for my bad English) ★comment: I have a runny nose and a slight fever, I am not allowed to get close to my mother, and this is the result of my attempts to occupy myself. :D
Tumblr media
Deuce Spade.
Tumblr media
Azul Ashengrotto.
Tumblr media
Vil Schoenheit.
Tumblr media
Kalim Al Asim
Tumblr media
Malleus Draconia
Tumblr media
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yaksha-lover · a day ago
What about a yuu who likes enjoy living there?
I mean, it can be because they are introverted and they didn't have many friends. But after they come here they don't feel as lonely as before?
So basically a yuu who enjoys living in the mansion
For vampire au
Other than the initial fear/uncertainty, if you didn’t really have a life you wanted to go back to then living at the mansion wouldn’t be too bad actually.
For one, Lilia loves having you there and will try to make your life as nice as possible, with him trapping you here after all. He’ll spare no expense in getting you what you’d like, whether that be the nicest clothes or foods you’ve been craving. Lilia will try to grant you any wish he can, aside from letting you leave.
You’ve made a good group of friends, with Epel being your best friend. He’s easy to talk to and maybe the first real friend you feel like you’ve had. Not to mention Ace, Deuce, and Jack who all spend time with you. Here, you have people who actually like you, and actively want to spend time with you.
Malleus takes a special interest in you too, and you understand his loneliness better than anyone. It’s hard for both of you to make friends, but if you’re willing he’ll gladly become yours, and even something more if you’re interested.
Even the others who appear less friendly at first introduction would soften to you over time. Rook’s intial interest would develop into real friendship, which he then uses to force Vil to actually get to know you. Trey invites you to his and Riddle’s tea times; you, Ruggie, and a grumbling Leona take care of the stray cats together; Jade and Floyd drag you out (with Lilia’s permission) to dine at Azul’s fine establishment (their treat, of course). You and Jamil become friends through sheer force of Kalim’s will and constantly forcing you two to be in each other’s presence. You catch a glimpse of Idia playing a video game you’re interested in and force yourself to be social and talk to him about it. He’s as awkward as you are, which actually makes both of you feel better, and now you regularly play games with him.
Overall, living at the mansion isn’t lonely at all. You could come to be very happy there if you wanted to! It’s certain that the residents wouldn’t want you to leave anytime soon.
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saayatsumu · 2 days ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
there’s more: this time with even more cater lilia and idia
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koihamako · a day ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Apparently Cater's hair isn't actually tied up, it's not even half it's a pompadour. I'm guessing he added the hairclip so it would look like his hair is tied
Tumblr media Tumblr media
( pompadour ; in which the hair is turned back off the forehead in a roll )
Tumblr media
: you can find this in the magical archives
Tumblr media
All this time my whole life is a lie 😭😭😭
Tumblr media
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tezret · a day ago
Helen’s Sister
Trey: Did you buy eggs like I asked?
Deuce: Even better!
Trey: huh?
Deuce, holding a chicken: Her name is fluffy.
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mlk082 · 2 days ago
May I request a platonic Deuce x female reader where Deuce and the reader are adoptive siblings
Deuce With an Adoptive Sibling
It doesn’t matter that you aren’t related by blood. Deuce doesn’t care about that, and he considers you family.
He considers himself your only brother, even if you happen to have a biological one. You’ve helped each other as siblings more than blood relation is worth.
But if you ever want to find your biological family, Deuce would help you if you want him to.
He’s protective of you. Especially after his delinquent self.
During that time of his life, he pushed you away instead of looking out for you. He ended up hurting you, as well as making mom cry.
It didn’t matter how many times you tried to knock some sense into him, he wouldn’t listen, or it would only keep him out of trouble for a day or two.
Deuce only now realized how many times you’ve cleaned his cuts from fights.
Keeps you away from trouble, and never lets you go along with Ace’s schemes, once you meet him.
Always tells you what’s he’s been doing to change, and never fails to call you at least once a day.
Brings you and mom some gifts every time he comes home from NRC
Gave you tickets to the cultural festival, and he was really happy when you voted for him.
Introduces you to everyone in Heartslabyul and NRC Tribe.
Anytime you come to visit him at NRC, he never leaves your side and shows you around.
Doesn’t appreciate you nagging at him for keeping a messy dorm, and tells you it isn’t that bad.
How dare you agree with Ace, oh the betrayal.
Will do almost anything if you ask.
The two of you have a thing where you go blastcycling every Monday morning before school starts. Loves racing you, and you keep score of wins and losses.
You also go blastcycling anytime one of you needs a break from what’s happening in life.
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saccharinesolitude · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
I am designing prom dresses based on all the twst boys. because i can idk i’m having fun. more dorms coming soon!
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vivalaluciforever · a day ago
Who Does The Prefect Like? (Female Reader)
It was like any other day at Night Raven College. The birds were chirping, the gargoyles were glistening with the water they spouted from the previous night's rain, and mayhem was afoot. Today's form of trouble came in the shape of two cats. Leona was currently chasing Grim around the halls of the school, much to the surprise of the other students. It is historically more likely to find Leona lazing off somewhere trying to avoid his classes, but on this rare occasion, he was exerting enough energy to dead sprint after a certain resident of the Ramshackle dorm. This was, of course, noticed by the squad of first years that had become friends with the prefect, (Y/N). Leona almost bowled over Ace and Deuce in his haste with a fierce growl to move or they'd be fresh meat.
Turning to the others, Jack raised a single eyebrow, "I wonder what that's about?"
"I have no idea," stated Epel, his huge boyish eyes tracing the scene in shock, "What do you think (Y/N)? (Y/N)?!"
Looking around, there was no sight of the prefect who, just a moment prior, was with the group. Shaking his, Ace shrugged his shoulders and heaved a heavy sigh, "Where has she gone to?"
"She has been disappearing a lot lately. Skipping lunch plans we made, always texting someone, even disappearing over the weekends for extended periods... Do you think she has a boyfriend?" questions Deuce, gathering his scattered paperwork. 
Looking up from his apple carving, Epel blanches in disgust at the thought that just entered his head, "As long as it isn't Vil, I don't care who she's seeing."
"I swear," starts Ace, "if it's Riddle I will puke up everything in my stomach and then some."
Jack seemingly nods along with the conversation but his eyes show him to be in his own thoughts, "She does attend all of the unbirthday parties; however, she is strangely close to Jade Leech isn't she? I'll admit, that's one person that makes me wonder if her taste in relationships is... safe to say the least."
"Well, I think we should ask Sebek when we see him. After all, he's always attached to Malleus's side, except for supper. I'm sure we could find him during supper in the cafeteria and ask him what he knows. Maybe even Grim knows and will tell us. After all, he does live with her," states Ace as the group of friends continue their walk down the long hallway. 
Little to their knowledge, the clubroom door behind them was not locked. Normally it was school policy to lock the clubroom doors when the clubs are over, but this club never locked their door. A handy thing to know when you're in a pinch. Posters and other book-inspired illustrations adorned the literature clubroom's walls. Desks placed in a circle sat in the middle of the club room, while the pulled blinds kept the room dark and cool. An ideal location for any nerdy meetup or secret meetings.
"I think they're gone." whispers (Y/N), her voice piercing the tense silence that had filled the room.
Pulling her close, the man who abruptly and secretly yanked her into the room pulled her to him, "Yes, I suppose so. They are surprisingly unobservant."
"Vil... can you blame them?" she softly chuckles, worry and a twinge of guilt lacing her angelic voice. "I mean, Grim and Leona did almost bowl them over a couple of minutes ago."
Kissing her forehead, Vil gently smoothes (Y/N)'s hair while holding her in his arms, "Well, in the end, it helped us. I'm sure we'll be able to get out of the school what with the end of the day and clubs letting out it will be chaotic, but why don't I text Rook and have him meet up with us in the Pomefiore courtyard, hmmm?"
"While I don't put it past Rook to cause a big distraction," begins (Y/N) with a chuckle, "I'm pretty sure Leona and Grim have that handled all on their own for the majority. How about we see when we get there."
"Mmmmm... I'd believe so. Alright, my love, we'll plan as we go, and when we get there I'll order some food from my room for us to share. How does that sound to you?" whispers Vil, his mouth dangerously close to (Y/N)'s ear. 
Cupping Vil's perfect face, (Y/N) lets out a dreamy sigh, "Sounds perfect my love."
With a soft smile, Vil gently detaches from (Y/N) AND carefully pokes his head out the door. Once sure the coast is clear, he motions to (Y/N) quickly. Sprinting through the halls, the pair of lovers quickly make it out of the school and to the entrance of Pomefiore. They weren't so lucky as to avoid the evening throng of students coming in after their clubs. As predicted, Vil was right and Rook was exactly who they needed at this precise moment. Hiding, behind an apple tree in the open-air courtyard, and while letting out some tired laughs, the pair quickly dial Rook. 
"Ah! I had a feeling when you both disappeared you'd show up here. It seems my intuition was correct yet again." comes Rook's excited voice through the phone. 
While (Y/N) got a good laugh out of Rook's normal antics, Vil quickly explained the situation to the vice-housewarden. After a couple of seconds, Rook's voice comes back through the phone's speaker, "So you want me to stir up the little students Roi de Poison? Sounds like a challenge. Give me five minutes!"
As Rook said, five minutes was all it took for the dorm to be in a tizzy over some useless matter and for Vil and (Y/N) to sneak right past the Pomefiore student body, Epel included. Quietly slipping into Vil's room, the couple flops down onto the plush bed to cuddle each other. Pulling out his phone, Vil orders the normal meal for the two of you while you scour the internet for an interesting movie. 
"(Y/N) dear?" whispers Vil, gently pulling you away from the screen and down onto the bed with him. You quickly snuggle into his awaiting side while he plays with your beautiful locks of hair. "We've been dating for a while now, and I was wondering if... maybe, you would, uhm, consider going on an official date with me?"
"Vil, I thought you wanted to keep this quiet to shield me from fan hate. The whole reason we're hiding in the first place is that you wanted to." whispers (Y/N), nervously into Vil's side. "I don't know if I can handle it yet, and I don't want to make you feel like you have to go public,"
Grabbing his phone, Vil opens it to a certain site while continuing to massage down (Y/N)'s arms. "I was thinking about that. We could go public and if needed I would hire you a personal security agent. You wouldn't even know they're there, and I can get you a specially made phone. This site has enough information that I could find whoever I need. I'll look through and block all of the hate mail before you even look at it. I promise I'll protect you my darling. Regardless of the outcome, we'll handle it together side by side. As for me, I'm ready. I don't want this to make you feel like I'm keeping you tucked away like some secret. I just wanted time for the two of us before we got hounded by the fans and paparazzi."
"Alright, Vil... if that's how you feel, then I suppose I should roll with it and love you no matter the situation, after all, I love you Vil Schoenheit," whispers (Y/N), tiredly as her hunger starts to invade her body and mind. 
Gently running his finger over his cheek, Vil places a soft kiss on your forehead, "And I love you more, (Y/N) (L/N)."
Suddenly the door banged open, "I don't know why you ordered in food Vil, but I don't really care, just be grateful I brought it to you warm instead of letting it get... (Y/N)?!"
"H-Hey E-E-Epel..." stutters out (Y/N) nervously, afraid of the younger student's reaction to the situation. 
Swiftly, Vil is gracefully and meticulously in front of Epel, "Epel, thank you for running up the food but please remember that a gentle knock is always appreciated. I do believe this is our personal space and I'm spending some quiet time with my girlfriend, so I'd kindly appreciate it if you could give us some space now. Thank you very much."
Brighter than a red apple at harvest, Epel swiftly runs out of the room and disappears from our line of sight. Probably running to the nearest toilet available to puke up that ruby red apple he was eating earlier. With a sigh, Vil gently closes the door, and this time he turns the lock. Turning around, he walks back over and climbs back into the bed starting to take the food out of their to-go bags. 
"I'm sorry my dear," he whispers out eventually, "I should have taken better precautions and remembered to lock the door."
Chuckling, (Y/N) wraps her arms around Vil's waist after resurfacing from the throng of blankets that she had dived under, "Well, I suppose the cat's out of the bag now. It's okay my love. It was bound to happen eventually be it us going public or someone catching us. I suspect Rook kept it a secret for the mere fact that he could make bursts of organized chaos on the occasion."
"Maybe so," laughs out Vil, "so how is that phone sounding now?"
"Uhm... well, maybe a little better than not," chuckles out (Y/N) nervously.
Setting her food in front of her, Vil gently holds (Y/N)'s hand, "I'll get started on it first thing in the morning then."
"Alright, thanks Vil," whispers (Y/N) before kissing Vil quickly and diving in on the food.
In another part of Pomefiore, a very different night was unfolding during Vil and (Y/N)'s date...
"What happened again?" asks Ace, his and Deuce's faces crammed onto one phone's video call. 
Frustratedly, Epel slams down onto his dorm bed with his phone in his hand. After taking the food to Vil's room and subsequently puking up his supper, he rushed to dial their immediate circle of first-year friends; however, the situation quickly escalated after that. Upon seeing the odd behavior of their younger classmates and dormmates, the upperclassmen ended up joining the hectic video chat. Leona, getting thorough entertainment out of this matter, ended up calling Floyd, who subsequently dragged Azul and Jade into the mix. Floyd, then after hearing the story, called Jamil; hence Jamil and Kalim's involvement. Adding to the already growing fire, Kalim decided that they shouldn't just disclude Idia, and so both Idia and Ortho are now involved; bringing the entirety of the friend groups into this crowded and very loud video call. 
"Just quiet down and listen!" exclaims Epel frustratedly, "Vil ordered take-out and I happened to be the one to grab it, so I figured I might as well just take it to his room. On my way up there I walked by Rook, who at the time laughed and gave me a wink. I thought it was odd, but then again it was Rook and he has some really weird moments. Vil normally works on his potionology experiments after school on Thursday especially and makes a point of telling us to leave him be. Despite that, he had ordered food, and I figured I better get it to him warm instead of cold and one thing led to another. I ended up in the room and (Y/N) was there and they were snuggling in bed scrolling through movie selections. He just got up and told me that he appreciated me bringing the food but to knock first and to please leave him and his girlfriend alone so that they could enjoy their personal space. Taking the opportunity, I sprinted out of the room and to the nearest toilet. Then I video called the first-year group which ended up having the entire group of everybody in here listening.
Silence came across the phone until finally, Leona decided to break the silence, "Well, the herbivore has a boyfriend so give up boys. Abort mission because the star has shot, went overhead, and is gone so save your pathetic hearts the heartbreak. I, however, am going to go take a nap. Thanks for the entertainment though, I'm sure there'll be more to come."
Oh and was Leona right, because sure enough, the video call blew up after that. Somehow at some point, someone dragged Rook into the call; which only made the call explode even more. In the end, the friends found out who (Y/N) was dating, and the happy couple woke up to many many text messages in the morning. All was good... well it's NRC so there's plenty of mischief yet to come!
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twisted-lusty · a day ago
Oh. My. Goodness. ☠️ Requests are opened and I'm squealing for your freakin' amazing work!
Could I have a slight fluff and lemon with Deuce and female reader taking a bath together in the Heartslabyul Dorm? Some of the students can hear the two getting it on, and when they get out of the shower, Deuce gets teased by Trey and Cater. Thank you in advance, Lusty-Senpai~ ✨️
Sure sweetie!~ I hope it was good for a little sinner like you, fuhuhu~ I truly hope you had some fun...
Relationship type: FlM
Tumblr media
Deuce Spade is not used at all with all this sinful kind of touch, my dear sinner… so, at the moment both of you are submerged under the water and he can feel the contact of your warm body so close to his, of course he gets nervous. He doesn’t quite know what to do at the bathtub… should he act normally? Should he try to do something? None of his questions seems to have an answer at all.
You should be the one who does the first move… and when you do it, he will treat you like royalty, craving for your sweet lips that carry a very special spell able to make this male completely yours. His touches against your waist bring you closer to his body as he marks your whole neck with kisses and hickeys, kindly damaging your delicate skin.
He doesn’t take much time to start getting desperate to move things one and consume every single sinful thing you can offer to this boy. Deuce’s movements at your insides are just so gentle… he just adores sharing this lustful intimate moment with you, my sweetie! From his bruised lips, diverse moans and compliments end up getting out of them, making clear how much he is loving fucking there.
After one or two rounds, Deuce and you finally stop, cuddling with each other a little bit at the bathtub before getting out of the same… However, it is better you two be ready, sweetie. The thin walls of the bathroom didn’t make it impossible for the other members of the dorm in the name of the Queen of Hearts to hear such sinful acts. Cater is pretty chill over it, only making some jokes about what happened, and, as much Trey is clearly a little bit more nervous over the situation, he ends up joining the Diamond to make a bit of fun of you two. Only be careful… if the dorm head Riddle Roseharts discover about what just happened inside that bath tub, heads will surely roll.
Tumblr media
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