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Originally posted by stephklok

•▪︎°Greetings & Salutations°▪︎•

This is a blog about my firey passions, tech & innovation to put it super basic!

Weird Fact:

Growing up, I didn’t know anyone *especially girls sadly* that liked tech/coding/graphics/design at all [much less a deep burning firey passion] so when I wrote my first line of code when I was 10 as well as got my first editor [jasc psp8!] I thought I was doing weird shit that most don’t do.


I didn’t know I was coding, web developing, designing, graphic designing etc until I was 24


Originally posted by rhetthammersmithhorror

I mean my ignorance probably isn’t too shocking - especially for strangers but like how does that happen?!

  • Sadly I wasn’t welcome in tech clubs at my school even in college. I’m a bubbly, loud, charismatic girl who loves to have fun and make friends. So they deemed me a ditz.
  • I was literally laughed at, teacher ignored my questions, in college I was forced to partner up with a man that wouldn’t speak to me [on top of that he may have only known Spanish] he also would make whatever he wanted for each project with no regard to me, his films were the bare minimum if I was lucky, and my teacher wouldn’t listen to me
  • First website I made [dev & design] at 12 was my pride and joy. It was literally a text box in the middle of the page, surrounded by Dollz from dollzmania. <<SENT SITE TO CRUSH & HE SAID “UH WHAT?” MY DRAMATIC ASS DIDNT SHOW ANYONE ANY SITE I MADE UNTIL I WAS 27. THIS LAST YEAR

Long Story Short××

So stoked minorities & women are so much more accepted, that I found out I had a talent that was there all along, believe in yourself & find your community

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I still remember as a kid all this weird stories about great people …

Its not about richest and known people across the globe with all the respect,

I talk about freak minds ** which mean stories about people which are science fiction and the science even him self didn’t crack them

There are plenty of examples .. some knowledge lost with the time, fast forward to pharaoh of egypt, they tried to exploit or find the loophole …..

To live forever, the mummy tumb.

As a kid I was learn magic but very serious, psychology and science and art and mixing everything.. long journey and fast forward to this post I exploit ed things which are impossible..

By any means

I remember as kid all this stories about great people which leaved huge mystery behind them, while only the close ones to this type of people know about them the truth, yet on bigger scale simple mind can’t grasp it , taste it

When I was 15 .. I was faking money 1 on 1 as a kid for fun, it was when I was 15

My city was knowing this and some portion of my country


At age 15 to fake money 1 on 1 .. its signal about this mind and his capabilities to some sort of level, only signal,

When I grew(18,19-age) this stories about freak minds(alien view)

Died inside me, it’s only a story

It’s not real

I was very active on bunch of forums from science to art,psychology…

You know 99.99 % of the magicians today are clowns which dosent know anything..

Top magician is an a exploiter,hacker,scientists, artist

He have skills which cannot replicate by any means, years upon years of learning and studying and training.

So all this great stories about unusual people, died inside me in s0me p0int,

It’s not real,

Just story.

Even as a kid I was already very smart and well connected on the web and physical level…

Everything changed when some lady on reddit contacted me if I want to be part of an international group which research the nature and 0ther cool stuff…really it didn’t excited me because in my mind(black box)this great stories about freak minds it’s only a story and it’s not real, you know science is like wall for freak minds.

So basically her message on reddit didn’t hoke me or excited me in any way, because what can be new under the sun,

Here my journey begins.. while I am in army in israel…

Its huge international group around the world, and they freak minds which love to exploit the most impossible things

This is the first time in my life I saw how lady throw dice and the numbers always the same, hell it’s real dice not fake 0ne

From pharaoh to Albert einstein and other top scientists said

God play dice

He cannot control this.

In thia long journey with them, all this great stories lost of them real, it’s just so gucking rare because they far away from benn famous or even want this..they shine from their knowledge and skills and more compare to celebrities which all of their happiness come from the crowd, I dont say it’s bad to be celebrity, just the difference between them

Hint: life is stranger then any fiction ever created and will created combine them all and it’s even not close to what is



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Originally posted by wiccangoddes


Tumbler from the point view great minds is the best social network … compare to Instagram and Facebook and WhatsApp…

Tik tok is nice … really tumbler out perform all of them .. between comics and blog and social network

It will be also cool ** to sell idea for few millions dollars to tumbler live from this account

My 2 cent

Great minds hide here on tumbler and reddit … also other forums which not so popular yet the information there is top notch ..

Brother box


I will up load videos here from god play dice to forex and stocks and other things which cannot done while you expose your face .. but it’s very easy to prove …

Then you wake up ** and it’s a dream

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S0metime life is stranger than any fiction ever created and will created, combine them all together still not close to what is life

All what you read in this blog ** is real

Some things which I will show here…I must ** hide my face

You know top top scientists said

God play dice which mean from the old ancient times fast forward today to biggest scientists…


God play dice … which mean even God him self cannot control this…

Yet I kn0w people which know this secret…

It’s a secret like other secrets which the scientists them self cannot crack it …

I my self did more then 200 million usd in vegas while I masked my face…

It’s a secret

Pharaoh and other ancient smart people tried to get contact with different species and even to live forever yet … yet … ancient smart people

Siad god play dice which mean we see huge difference between secrets….

Which mean pharaoh was try to crack the secret of living forever which is the mummy tumb….

Yet the dice they never ever touch it … because it’s not impossible ** god play dice

Which mean he cannot in 0ther w0rds….secret!

Old very ancient secret the dice … what weird they tried to crack and live forever very logically…which is the mummy tumb and get to contact with different species … it’s a secrets

Yet the dice

And looking into the future

And other secrets they locked up

Yet there is people and we can count them like our fingers in the entire history which know this type of secrets

We are international group around the world researching the nature… we are exploiters in different meaning…

I have more then 5 million students around the world…

Sum it we see that ancient people like pharaoh and others tried to crack and live forever …

I know its sound crazy yet it’s much more easy to crack some things to other .. s0me time logic is scary…

Yet they never ever touch the dice or even try to crack it .. and top scientists said clearly

God playing dice

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