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The Almighty Mind-wipe!

Love is a memory wipe!

Get down on your knees you’ll feel alright with your Memory Wipe!

The truth is inconvenient.

The Almighty Mind-wipe!


He says, the scripture says that the heavens and the Earth will flee away you can even say that it spews or vomits out and away it goes.

See, I will create★† New Heavens and a New Earth †★

I create new heavens and a new Earth and the former shall not be remembered nor come into mind.

The former things will not be remembered, nor will they come to mind.

Lawson says it can’t be heaven if you’re spending eternity thinking about a lost loved one in hell. And so the indication from scripture is when it says the memory of the wicked shall rot.
The idea is that once you are in the presence of God if he allows you to remember what happened in this world it’ll only be for the good but for the most part, you won’t know anything you will not remember any loved one that went to hell and I’m glad for that I’m glad for it I’m glad thank God that he can wipe the memory clean.

It seems God wants to save you the horrors of thinking about your family that was butchered by this cold-blooded killer demanding you profess your love for him, or else!

If God is supposed to be so divinely right why would you need a memory wipe?

Can you see how the Devil, Christ, and the rest of the betrayers have twisted everything?

This will never happen because everybody will be dead!

Isaiah chapter 66 verse 22 says this for as the new heavens and the new Earth which I will make shall remain before me says the Lord so shall your seed and your name remain.

So shall your seed and your name remain.

Their plan after they manipulate the World into killing Our Father is to re-emerge with the DNA of life.

It’s a cube!

Lawson says

And he carried me away in the Spirit to a mountain great and high, and showed me the Holy City, Jerusalem, coming down out of heaven from God.

He says folks that’s home I’m talking about home I’m reading about my home to you.

This is a beautiful place the length of the breadth and the depth of it and the measurements of it are fifteen hundred miles it’s a cube. 1500 miles to the East 1500 miles into the West 1500 miles back to the East and then fifteen hundred miles straight up it’s a perfect cube of 1,500 miles.


This kind of devotion you will never get for a group of extraterrestrials dimensional extraterrestrials or otherwise like you will with God

Now let’s take a look at what this is really about


“Worthy is the Lamb, who was slain,

to receive power and wealth and wisdom and strength

and honor and glory and praise!

Then I heard every creature in heaven and on earth and under the earth and on the sea, and all that is in them, saying: “To him who sits on the throne and to the Lamb be praise and honor and glory and power, forever and ever!” The four living creatures said, “Amen,” and the elders fell down and worshiped.

Lawson says the Bible says in Revelation 5:12 Worthy is the Lamb to receive honor and glory and power and majesty and might this Glory continues it talks about the glory of God in Revelation that talks about the creatures in heaven giving glory to God it talks about all the creatures on the earth giving glory to God it literally talks about the creation giving glory to God because he deserves all the glory that can be given.

When you are in a state of Absolute Praising Glorifying Obedience you are in no position to ask questions. 

Listen to how the religious speak they will follow these beings trusting them with absolutely enthralled devotion! Therein lies the grave danger that we are in.

Nevertheless we, according to His promise, look for new heavens and a new earth, wherein dwelleth righteousness.

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Silencieux, les poings aux dents, le dos ployé,
Enveloppé du noir manteau de ses deux ailes,
Sur un pic hérissé de neiges éternelles,
Une nuit, s'arrêta l'antique Foudroyé.

La terre prolongeait en bas, immense et sombre.
Les continents battus par la houle des mers ;
Au-dessus flamboyait le ciel plein d'univers ;
Mais Lui ne regardait que l'abîme de l'ombre.

Il était là, dardant ses yeux ensanglantés
Dans ce gouffre où la vie amasse ses tempêtes,
Où le fourmillement des hommes et des bêtes
Pullule sous le vol des siècles irrités.

Il entendait monter les hosannas serviles,
Le cri des égorgeurs, les Te Deum des rois,
L'appel désespéré des nations en croix
Et des justes râlant sur le fumier des villes.

Ce lugubre concert du mal universel,
Aussi vieux que le monde et que la race humaine,
Plus fort, plus acharné, plus ardent que sa haine,
Tourbillonnait autour du sinistre Immortel.

Il remonta d'un bond vers les temps insondables
Où sa gloire allumait le céleste matin,
Et, devant la stupide horreur de son destin,
Un grand frisson courut dans ses reins formidables.

Et se tordant les bras, et crispant ses orteils,
Lui, le premier rêveur, la plus vieille victime,
Il cria par delà l'immensité sublime
Où déferle en brûlant l'écume des soleils :

- Les monotones jours, comme une horrible pluie,
S'amassent, sans l'emplir, dans mon éternité ;
Force, orgueil, désespoir, tout n'est que vanité ;
Et la fureur me pèse, et le combat m'ennuie.

Presque autant que l'amour la haine m'a menti :
J'ai bu toute la mer des larmes infécondes.
Tombez, écrasez-moi, foudres, monceaux des mondes !
Dans le sommeil sacré que je sois englouti !

Et les lâches heureux, et les races damnées,
Par l'espace éclatant qui n'a ni fond ni bord,
Entendront une Voix disant : Satan est mort !
Et ce sera ta fin, Oeuvre des six Journées !


Silent, fists between teeth, bent back,
Wrapped in the black mantle of his two wings,
On a peak bristling with eternal snow,
One night, the ancient Thunderstruck stopped.

The earth extended below, immense and dark.
The continents beaten by the swells of the seas;
Above blazed the sky full of universes;
But He was only looking at the abyss of a shadow.

There he was, darting his bloody eyes
In this abyss where life gathers its storms,
Where the swarming of men and beasts
Multiplied under the flight of angered centuries.

He heard the servile hosannas rise,
The cry of the slaughterers, the Te Deum of kings,
The desperate call of the nations on the cross
And the righteous bitching on the dung of the cities.

This dismal concert of universal evil,
As old as the world and as the human race,
Stronger, more relentless, more ardent than his hatred,
Swirled around the sinister Immortal.

He jumped back up to the unfathomable times
Where his glory lit the heavenly morning,
And, before the stupid horror of his fate,
A great shiver ran through his formidable loins.

And wringing his arms, and clenching his toes,
He, the first dreamer, the oldest victim,
He cried out beyond the sublime immensity
Where the suns foam breaks, scorching the light of the sun:

These monotonous days, like a horrible rain,
Are gathered, without filling, in my eternity;
Strength, pride, despair, all is vanity;
And the fury weighs me down, and the fight bores me.

Almost as much as love hate lied to me:
I drank the whole sea of ​​fruitless tears.
Fall, crush me, thunderbolts, heaps of worlds!
In this sacred sleep in which I am swallowed up!

And the happy cowards, and the damned races,
Through the shining space that has neither bottom nor edge,
Will Hear a Voice saying: Satan is dead!
And that will be your end, the Work of Six Days!


La tristesse du diable

Charles-Marie LECONTE DE LISLE  1818-1894


Graphic - Franz Stuck  1863–1928

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