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Trying on my new outfit from Castle Too’s “The War Ended” collection!

Sometimes you’ve gotta look like Ciel Phantomhive/Donald Duck at 3 am and I think that’s valid.

Blouse: Bodyline

Shoes: Doc Martens

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Ohhhh that’s something I never considered looking into. When they started getting more popular I was really confused because I thought they were a known scammer so this is a good explanation. Thanks! 

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They’re okay but I find them to be a bit overpriced. They’re a taobao reseller so you can find pretty much anything they have to offer cheaper somewhere else. I recently bit the bullet and made two orders from them just to see if they were any good and found the experience to be fine, but I do wish I had just gone to the extra effort of finding the original taobao shops and bought the things through a shopping service instead which probably would have saved me some money.
They actually used to be really sketchy a few years ago if memory serves me, and then they kind of disappeared for a while and came back so I’m not sure what happened there?

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September 4, 2020

I have a coworker who recently went to my manager to complain about me 6 days ago. He now has the nerve to email me asking for a personal favor (because he can’t figure out how to work the printer fucking boomer) and is asking if I could print out his home schedule that his wife sent him. Now I have 2 options I could just delete the email since it isn’t work related in the slightest so it’s not like he can go complain to my manager about that or be a good person and just do it.

I feel like I’ve hit my mid life crisis or something. I want to quit my job because I just don’t want to be stuck their forever. I’ve gone as far as I can go here, I started as an admin and made my way to a Sales Manager. But there’s no other jobs right now due to the Pandemic unless I want to work for a grocery store or amazon delivery but grocery store seem’s really unsafe right now being exposed to so many ppl and I have not heard good things about working for amazon.

On the bright side today is my last day actually having to come into the office to work. I bought a computer so I could take advantage of the remote working my company is offering. I decided to wear a really cute pastel outfit to celebrate.

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the blouse and bonnet that i got in today! ordered it a while ago from Devilinspired and it was on hold for almost two weeks at a DHL sorting center and it turned out that i had to make a call back to set the new delivery date? anyway, i got them in and they look so elegant and sit so comfortably on me. dress is Suya Suya Toys by Angelic Pretty.

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Just ordedered my first dress from Devil Inspired! I’m not gonna actually use it in a coord because I’m still not ready yet but it’s cute and I’m going to wear it at my graduation next year! Its a preorder so I’ll have to wait for it but I have a while to wait to wear it anyway

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I ordered it!!! The “Ice Lemon Soda” JSK from LemonHoney! I’m so excited to get it!!!

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After 6+ years of longing I’ve FINALLY decided to treat myself and buy my first lolita dress and I’m sooooo excited. It’s gonna be so difficult waiting 2 months to see it…

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A while back, you said devilinspired seemed like a scam site. They're actually a Taobao reseller, and from what I've heard, a very credible and trustworthy one. Their reviews seem great, and I've seen a lot of lolita youtubers, including really big, influential ones like Lovelylor, recommend them.

They really do seem to have stepped up their game in recent years. They used to be super sketchy and if you look at old reviews circa 2014 there were a loooot of negative ones saying everything from “they just sell cheap knock-offs” to “they never shipped my package.” It appears that recently they have rebranded, started a new website, and started getting sponsored reviews from Youtubers and bloggers and such to try to get away from their previous image. I hope that they actually have improved as much as it seems they have.

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Once again I got the chance to review a product of my choice from @devilinspiredofficial’s website. Since I always seem to have too many dresses, but never enough tops to got with them, I chose a blouse this time. I decided on a “autumn or winter” (their words) blouse by Infanta. I already own a bunch of things by Infanta and especially like their blouses, so I knew that it was going to be a good one. 

The package arrived in less than a week and the blouse was well packed and protected. Unfortunately, it had quite a strong chemical smell, but it’s hard to tell whether it’s from the plastic wrapping or if the fabric itself was smelling so much. Luckily, after 2 days in fresh air the smell went away. My first surprise was that the description of the blouse as an “autumn or winter” item was no lie or exaggeration. The blouse is fully lined with a very soft fleece material and super warm and cozy. In fact, it might actually be a bit too warm for me, as I get hot easily. However, it will be the perfect item to wear to outdoor Christmas markets. The fit is great, the design is neat and I can find no flaws, except for a few longer threads around the button holes, which are easily removed. 

This is the part where I would write about Devilinspired’s customers’ service, timeliness of shipping and communication, but since I did not pay for the blouse, I feel like I can say very little about that. The 2 people that I was in contact with were very nice and answered promptly to my emails, but I don’t know if they also do regular customers’ service and if it is handled the same way. As you know, Devilinspired is a reseller of Chinese brands. Therefore they are not directly responsible for the quality of the products they are offering, but have choice over what brands they decide to resell. I appreciate that they don’t resell replicas (except for some bags by Loris), therefore making it easier for new lolitas to not accidentally buy a replica (Let me know if I overlooked a replica. I know a lot of brand designs, but definitely not all of them, so I might have missed one). Since they are a reseller and make their money by, literally, reselling stuff, the products are a bit more expensive than if you would buy directly from the brand’s store. In exchange, the ordering process is quite simple and their staff speaks perfect English. On Devilinspired’s website, the blouse is listed for 48,95€. If you were to buy it directly at Infanta’s Taobao store, it would be about 28€. This is quite a mark-up, so I went on to see whether I could order the blouse directly from Infanta’s Taobao store. Long story short: probably no. Taobao as a market place has recently tried to widen their customer base and now offer international shipping. Sadly, only to a few countries so far, and the European Union is not a part of it. I’ve heard of people contacting Infanta directly via email and asking if they would send them products, but that involves emailing strangers, dealing with translating Chinese and not having the total security of knowing whether you were understood correctly and will actually receive what you wanted. In my opinion, using a reseller (in this case Devilinspired), makes the ordering process a lot easier and clearer. You have to decide for yourself what you prefer.

Last, but not least, I want to thank Devilinspired that I got the chance to receive a free blouse and got to write about it. I really appreciate it and I hope I managed to write an honest review. <3 

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Yesterday I went to my second ever Lolita fashion meet-up! We were ment to be having a spring picnic in the Wellington Botanic Gardens but the weather wasn’t very nice, so we moved to one of the girl’s houses to eat~ A few of us took a walk over to the gardens and came across a lovely perfumery! It was a good day. ❤

I wore my “Rain of Sakura” OP from Penny House (which I got through devilinspired), Bodyline shoes, and off-brand hat, earrings and socks.

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