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This was made back in October but, here is Akira Fudo (Devilman:Crybaby) with some progress! Honestly I prefer the uncolored version! I’m also right now realizing how awkward/ stiff his neck looks but oh well….
I still don’t know how to take good pics :|

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hey all, i got a discord server that’s dying, but my friend and i created to find more online friends to interact with. been quite hard..

im not sure how to get it to be active because it’s hard when no one else ever wants to participate and just chat with us! can literally say anything and post whatever as long as it’s not racial or homophobic! its like pulling teeth getting anyone to talk, i always feel so alone because i only ever see my messages lol anyway uh

i’ll list off some of our interests and i hope maybe someone here would be interested in being acquaintances with us at least.

we’re into dragon ball z, naruto, inuyasha, kingdom hearts, yakuza, sailor moon, harry potter, legend of zelda, animal crossing, pokemon, kuroshitsuji, death note, hunter hunter, highschool dxd, dungeons and dragons, fruits basket, mogeko games, durarara!!, mystic messenger, etc

we have weird sense of humor, can be dorky, weeb, maybe dark it depends, 16+ preferred since we’re in our early 20’s, dont wanna make anyone feel uncomfortable, but i’ll dm the link if anyone is interested!!

(the server also has an introduction section about the admins and some interests if that means anything. list is outdated but we still love all that is on it)


Originally posted by maaji-maji-majima

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Redraw wooo

I still haven’t found a good brush I like for line art but that’s okay 💔

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Гледайте „Laura & Massimo | I fell in love with the devil“ в YouTube

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It’s going to die anyway 

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Probably has been done before but whatever

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Manga Ryo

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It is nearly going to be two weeks since I finished watching Devilman Crybaby. I am still not over the resemblance of Norman to Ryo. I am seeing them everywhere. 


Wait, I remember this stare from somewhere… (This scene is from Cyborg 009 vs Devilman). Where have I seen it? 

Oh, right.


In The Promised Neverland.

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In addition to being gorgeous also knows how to do beatboxing… Chrollo wow

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