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#dewey riley
gothamstreetcat · a month ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
you look awfully young to be a police officer. i'm twenty-five years old ma'am. twenty-five, huh? in a demographic study i proved to be most popular amongst males, 11-24. i just missed you.
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floralcyanide · a month ago
amygdala masterlist
Tumblr media
amygdala: "a roughly almond-shaped mass of gray matter inside each cerebral hemisphere, involved with the experiencing of emotions, most notably fear."
in which the reader knows something they shouldn't about their two best friends.
can also be found on ao3 and wattpad.
warnings: mentions of blood, death, gore, alcohol, and knives, strong language, major character death
important notes: gender neutral reader, slow burn
masterlist below the cut (no pun intended)
>> chapter one
>> chapter two
>> chapter three
>> chapter four
>> chapter five
>> chapter six
>> chapter seven 
>> chapter eight
>> chapter nine
>>. chapter ten (final chapter)
>> epilogue
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sehuns-boy · 27 days ago
Tumblr media
Stu after Sidney told him she called the cops
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msookyspooky · a month ago
Set Up
Part 17: Final
word count: 3,770
Tumblr media
"What-" You jerked your hand repeatedly, the clanking metal and the handcuff making you feel claustrophobic. A nurse saw you and rushed down the hall to get someone.
Your face dropped when the older Sheriff walked in. Showing you his badge.
"What the hell is this?" You felt the panic rising in your voice as him and another officer fully walked in and took a seat beside your bed. Your body felt like a mac truck ran over it, your shoulder was bandaged and it hurt to move, you had an oxygen tube in your nose, you didn't know where anyone was. And now, you had police in your room.
"We have a few questions to ask you, Young Lady."
You scoffed. "Well, can you do it without handcuffing me to the bed? Please."
The older Sheriff considered you before nodding to the younger officer who unlocked your handcuffs.
"Where's Dewey and Randy? Are they okay?"
"Yes. Deputy Dewey and Randy Meeks are in recovery."
You breathed out a sigh of relief, even if it was short lived. You sat up, rubbing your wrist as they started bombarded you with questions.
"I'm going to give it to you straight, kid. We have two teen girls dead at this party, three wounded, one was a deputy on my police force. Three bodies not found-"
Your eyes widened. "Not...Not found?"
"That's right. Now, because of the fire; most evidence is gone. How convenient...All we do know is that we found you in the killers costume and another victim testified against you."
Your eyes narrowed. "...Gale." You mumbled under your breath.
The Sheriff sighed rubbing his nose and leaning back in his chair. "It doesn't look good, YN... Your boyfriend turned up dead and rumor around town is that you had something to do with it...An affair with one or both of the boys involved."
You shook your head in disgust. "So, what? Rumors are facts now? A bunch of teens also said Sidney was a slut and that was far from the truth."
"A few students saw how enraged Billy Loomis was with Randy Meeks when you returned to school. Something about defending you for being accused of being the killer...You were close to Mr. Loomis, weren't you?"
You gawked at him. "Of course I was! I am with Randy and Tatum and-"
He interrupted you with a stern voice. "But they weren't the killers, were they?"
You felt your brows turn up and your mouth tighten into a frown.
He continued. "Eye witnesses saw you dancing very intimately with Stu Macher while his girlfriend Tatum Riley went missing. What are the odds we find her dead in the garage?"
You felt your throat burn. "...I. Had. No. IDEA." You gave through your teeth. "Stu was distracting me while Billy killed her. Okay?! I had no idea!"
"How would you know that?"
You faltered and the officer and Sheriff gave each other looks. "Now, you clearly knew the killers on a very personal level. You're going to tell us everything we need to know at the station."
"What?" You were shocked as they forced you out of the bed, your body screamed in pain, especially your left arm and shoulder as they went to handcuff you. "Hey! I can answer everything here! You can't-"
You all turned to see Dewey enter the room in a hospital gown, out of breath as a nurse yelled after him.
"Deputy, what are you doing out of bed? Son, you had a knife to the back!"
"Listen, don't take her into questioning...I can testify she wasn't involved."
Dewey fully walked into the room. Tugging at his hospital gown to keep it closed. "Because...We both had a plan to take down the killers...Behind your back...Uh, Sir." He sheepishly gave.
You both told everything. Every detail. School, the night at your house, your call to Dewey, the party, your plan behind Billy and Stu's back. Dewey had to come clean about sneaking off with Gale as well. After he was stabbed in the back, he had no further details. You told the rest.
"- And if you need more, Randy was awake for a solid 10 minutes afterwards. But GALE was only there for 2 minutes at the max. She had no idea. She just saw me preventing her from shooting Billy with a costume on and ran with it."
Dewey looked torn as you talked about Gale. But nodded along at what you said regardless.
You sighed sadly. "...But the only one there for the entire thing was Sidney...And she's gone."
The Sheriff eyed you. "...Let me ask you this one thing...Why? Why didn't you let Gale shoot Loomis and save a life?"
You frowned deeply. "...Because they may have been sick but they were my friends too. If someone you cared about turned out to be a murderer; would you want them dead or apprehended? Even if they were trying to kill someone else you cared about...Could you let them be shot in front of you?"
The Sheriff stared at you for a moment before sighing and running a hand over his head. He walked over to the hospital window, thinking as he looked out of it.
"...Deputy, go get a statement from Meek." The officer nodded and left. The Sheriff turned to both you and Dewey. "Dewey, we'll talk about this after your healed up at the station. Monday."
"Y-Yes, Sir." He muttured with a nervous swallow.
He turned to you. "You're still under investigation but your free to go for now. Rest up, kid. Regardless, you've been through Hell."
You nodded and dapped at your eyes as Dewey handed you a tissue from the table with a small smile.
You took it but stopped the Sheriff before he left. "Wait. I have a question for you."
He raised a brow but turned to you. "Yeah?"
You rolled your lip before staring at him. "...Why the hell did it take you guys so long to reach us?"
He blinked in surprise. "We got there when we could-"
"Bullshit." Your temper flared, the entire night too fresh in your mind. Just a few hours ago, you were fighting for your life. "I called as soon as I found Tatum's body. It was 9:06 according to the clock in Gale's van. I saw the clock as me and Sidney and Randy were sitting on the floor....It was 9:56. God knows how much more time passed before the house caught fire. There is no way you all came 'as soon as you could.'"
The Sheriff was tight lipped. "Young Lady, we are under a lot of pressure-"
"Pressure? You call sitting behind a desk and riding around in a car patrolling the empty streets 'pressure'?!"
"YN, we were. Please..." Dewey softly begged as you sighed.
You continued. "I want to know...Why weren't you there within at least 15 minutes of my call? I have the right to know."
The Sheriff looked guilty, sighing and folding his arms. "...We've had a lot of prank calls."
You gave a humorless huff of laughter before it turned into a glare. "So you're telling me; that you thought my call was a prank?"
He froze in his tracks, looking away but nodding.
You shook your head. "My friends are dead. We couldn't save Tatum but Sidney and Neil could be alive right now, Gale and Dewey could have not been wounded, I could have prevented being wounded, maybe even Randy! Most of all, Billy and Stu would have been caught. This entire night of HELL could have been avoided; but it wasn't. All because your office thought it was a prank."
He didn't look at you. Dewey's eyes darted between you both as the Sheriff nodded. "YN...I know. I have a lot of guilt over a few cases in my career...But this one takes the cake. I apologize for that."
You felt your chest ache as you hissed through clench teeth, trying to prevent a sob from escaping. "With all due respect Sheriff, that apology will never be good enough."
He nodded firmly. "I respect that and understand...Blood of those innocent kids is on my hands and my precinct...Take it easy, YN." He mumbled before leaving. Head hung low and shoulders tense.
You watched him leave before you turned to thank Dewey and blew your nose after wiping your eyes on the tissue. Sniffling after what felt like the thousandth time crying within the last 48 hours. You opened your arms wide, your left one not as much.
"Uh, you sure?"
"Yes, Dewey. I need a hug and I think you do too." You mumbled with a sad smile.
The bullet wound Gale made on your trapezius muscle hurt worse than any pain you had ever felt. You still offered him a hug and he eagerly took it. Stooping down over the bed to hug you.
"Watch the back, kiddo." He chuckled against you as you felt the wrappings under his gown. You hugged him with one arm, your other one too sore to even raise up. He tried adjusting the gown open in the back with one hand while hugging you. He sheepishly laughed when you did. "Sorry, damn hospital gowns. Why can't they give you pants as an option?"
You scooted over, offering him a seat on your bed instead of bending over. He took it, hugging you with a long tired sigh.
Moments passed in each others arms. You felt him stiffen against you as he mumbled. "...I can't beileve she's gone."
Your lip trembled as you heard the pain in his voice. You felt his shoulders shake against you as you buried your face in his shoulder and cried as well.
"Dewey...She fought hard. I hope you know that. She-" You couldn't finish your sentence as he cried against you.
His voice trembled, his chest rumbled against you as he spoke. "It's all my fault. If I wouldn't have left with Gale...I could have saved my baby sister..." He released a soft sob that made your stomach twist. Dewey had always been so good to you, he felt like family. Hearing him cry like this for the first time over someone you both loved felt like torture in its own way.
You pulled away a moment, sniffing back a choked sob. His brown eyes wet and red rimmed. You shook your head furiously. "Dewey, it's Stu and Billy's fault. Okay? You did everything you could...Tatum would be calling you a wuss and an idiot right now to tell you that." You forced out a laugh and Dewey smiled, a small chuckle escaping him that quickly faded. You hugged him again as he gently cried against you.
"It's over...It's finally over." You mumbled, closing your eyes and hanging onto the man that felt like everyone's older brother and the last piece of Tatum you had left.
One Week Later...
You watched the ceremony held on your football field for those that died. Casey Becker, Steven Oarth, James Davis, Kenneth Jones, Arthur Himbry, Tatum Riley, Sidney Prescott and Neil Prescott. The Macher's fought the school claiming their boys name should be up there; that they had no proof...The Loomis's, especially Hank...They knew. He had to quietly mourn his son in private...So did you.
You and Randy were encouraged as the sole survivors to say a few words on stage. You felt all eyes on you, cameras flashing and reporters trying to get a glimpse of you both.
You stood next to Randy, both of you looked at one another before he spoke.
"Uh.." He got to the mic, a nervous smile twisting his lips. "I'm not the best at public speaking...I mean, what do you say? I didn't know the other victims that well... Well, except Principal Himbry. Tatum was the most insufferable jerk but...She was our jerk. And Sidney..." He hesitated, a distant look in his eye. "Sidney Prescott was the most amazing, kind, strong willed girl I ever met. There hasn't been a day that I haven't thought of her." His voice cracked and he cleared his throat to cover it up. You gently reached out to touch his arm. He looked at you and you smiled sadly to take over.
You stepped up to the podium with a heavy breath. Camera's flashing and microphones up to hear you. You saw the glares you got, the whispers, the rumors that you were involved. You were secretly grateful for the lights in your eyes obscuring your vision of the crowd.
You pushed it aside to speak. "Tatum and Sidney were my best friend's and James was my boyfriend. This last summer, we all made good memories together. Unforgettable ones. I only knew these people less than a year, and yet, they forever touched my life in ways I will never forget..." You smiled and laughed under your breath. "One time, I was upset over a fight I had with James. It was something stupid he apologized for by getting me a stuffed bear with an ugly bowtie... Anyways, I went to Tatum and Sid's to talk. I always joked that Sidney was the mom friend of our group and Tatum was the messy Aunt. "
You heard a few chuckles from the crowd along with sniffles and cries before continuing. "Tatter told me that life was too short to not love yourself while Sid told me life was too short to not love others. That loving yourself leads to love for others...I thought it was dumb at the time...But now that they're gone; I'd do anything to get that night with them back. And tell them how much I loved them... " You tightened your mouth to keep it from wobbling. Randy wrapped an arm around your shoulder as he helped lead you away and the cameras flashed. The Vice Principal taking over to talk.
Randy led you back to the chairs next to your parents, his parents and the Riley's up front. You quietly cried in your hands as Randy hastily rubbed his eyes. You heard someone behind you make a remark about 'crocodile tears' to someone else...You clenched your fist against your face.
'Don't turn around. This is about Tatum and Sidney; not you.'
The ceremony ended with balloons being released. All white. People left trinkets and candles at their pictures. You felt a strange sadness at James picture. Awful to you the last month or not, things were good in the beginning. A memory of him lifting you over his shoulder over a football game as you laughed until you couldn't entered your mind. Or him kissing you in the rain when he first started dating you. Then the heart ache came from seeing Tatum and Sidney. Every memory you had was in the eyes of those pictures. Forever haunted by what they looked like in their final moments. You covered your mouth to prevent a sob as you walked by.
You left, leaving the back way as Dewey guided both you and Randy to your ride. The media followed you regardless.
"YN! YN! How does it feel to hear the rumors?"
"YN! As the final girl, what helped you survive this tragic ordeal?"
"YN! Is it true you had a relationship with one of the killers behind your friends backs?"
"YN! Can we get a statement to tell the world? As the final girl and survivor of the Woodsboro Massacre; what do you say?"
You slammed the car door and buried your face in your hands. Randy sat next to you at the window.
"God, what a circus." He muttured, sagging back into the seat with his eyes closed. Both of you were exhausted.
You wanted to ride with Randy and Dewey instead of your parents. You insisted, especially with the move already in progress. Your parents left the ceremony early just to get home and pack. People were harassing you and your family. Woodsboro just didn't feel like home anymore...
You glanced over at Randy, a few minutes into the ride. "Randy?"
You only got a hum as he kept his eyes closed to decompress. You fidgeted with your fingers, glancing over at him.
"I'm...I'm moving."
He opened his eyes, staring up at the car ceiling but not at you. "I see...Well, I hope everything works out."
You turned in your seat to stare at him. "...That's it? Your friend is moving far away and that's all you have to say?"
He released a groan before looking at you. "YN...What do you want me to say?"
"I don't know...Gee, I'll miss you?"
Randy sighed but didn't answer. You shook your head and talked with your right hand in exasperation. "Randy, I haven't talked to you for an entire week! What is it? Just say it."
"Fine. Ya want me to say it? You're the reason Sidney is dead."
Your mouth hung open at how much that stung. Dewey was driving and he interjected. "Hey! That is completely unfair and not tru-"
"Oh cut the crap, Dewey. You were knocked out for most of the night. " He turned back to you, a strange emotion on his face. "...Why didn't you just let Gale shoot that greasy fuck in the head? Huh!? What was the world missing with one less psychotic kid with mommy issues in it?"
"Because that greasy fuck was my friend regardless of what he did! I wanted them to get help, not die!"
Randy huffed with tears in his eyes and a humorless smirk. "Yeah, good for you. Good for you, YN! Because your kind heart got her killed."
You felt like someone shot you in the chest...The only friend you had left wanted nothing to do with you.
He looked out the window, a single tear rolling down his cheek as he rested his chin in his hand. You chewed at your fingertips to distract yourself as you looked out your window as well. You saw Dewey twist his mouth into a frown and give you a sympathetic glance in his mirror as he drove you both home.
He stopped in front of Randy's house. He opened the door, turning his head over his shoulder to you one last time. "YN...I'm sorry...But I just can't look at you without thinking of her."
You fought back tears as you nodded. "I understand...Is this a...Permanent goodbye?"
"...Yeah. I think so."
"Randy...Thank you for everything. I hope you have...A great time in college." You forced a smile even when your stomach felt like throwing up.
"You too...Bye YN." He shut the door and your entire world crumbled. You tried to fight back tears as Dewey drove, sadly looking at you in the mirror.
"YN...He's missing out on a wonderful person. It's not your fault for wanting to do the right thing."
"Then why does it feel like it?" You whispered sadly before he drove a bit more, pulling up to your house. He parked the car and got out of his seat. He went to your side of the car and opened it, pulling you into a hug. Treating you how he would have his own sister. You sobbed against him. He truly felt like the only person that knew and understood.
"God I sure am going to miss you, kid...You remind me of Tatum so damn much..I know that's wrong but you leaving feels like I'm losing her all over again..."
You held him close as he rubbed your back. "I feel the same way about you...You feel like that last connection to her. To everyone." You pulled away to look at him. "You were a good brother to her, Dewey. You were."
"I'm going to miss you for you too, ya know. You were the best chauffeur." You joked and you both gave a slight chuckle at that.
"You too, YN. You're a fighter. You are going to do great things no matter where you go."
"Well, maybe you'll be Sheriff next time I come to town?"
He gave a tight smile and shook his head. "Afraid not...I was fired."
"What? Why?!"
He didn't answer and you felt guilt wring you dry, as if you didn't have enough as is. "...It was our plan, wasn't it?"
He released a breath and looked down. "Yeah...Yeah, it was. My superior blamed me for not letting him know."
You clenched your teeth. "That stupid balding fat fuck! Even if you told, he wouldn't have taken it seriously! It took a fire alarm and neighbors seeing smoke to send their asses out there! Fucking prick!"
He gasped at you. "YN, language! Geez..."
You both stared a moment before laughing. You rubbed your eyes with a smile. He leaned against the frame of the car door laughing. "God, you really are Tatum's friend."
You chuckled as he helped you out of the car. "Well they're losing one hell of a deputy. You're better off at another district anyways if Woodsboro can't appreciate you."
"We'll see." He walked you up to your door. Your parents cars were there. "...Guess this is goodbye, YN."
"I guess so." You opened your door, Dewey behind you when you both saw furniture laying everywhere and red blood stains on the carpet. You clutched your mouth. Your world shattering again as you whimpered your parents names. You felt like screaming and throwing up. You thought this nightmare was over! Dewey instantly got his carried to concealed gun he owned. He got in position and told you to get behind him. Your heart hammered as he crept in and you slowly followed. Your eyes searched for your family, heart thumping and body shaking as you walked into your house.
Both of you screamed, jumping and practically falling onto each other as a box flew in from the other room just to see your parent shoving another box out into the room. You released a groan and Dewey put his gun away as they explained the mover cut themselves on a box cutter.
You turned to Dewey with a shake of your head. "One last final scare, huh?"
"Yeah, I don't need anymore of those." He gave a stressed laugh before waving goodbye and heading out.
After a talk with your parents and calming down; You went up to your room to finish packing. Your cat rubbed on you as soon as you entered the room. You saw all your pictures on the bed and sighed heavily. Tracing the peoples faces in them as if they were actually there. Tatum, you and Sidney doing the can can after secretly sneaking off into the park at midnight. Stu kissing your cheek as you laughed. Randy and Stu making funny faces behind Sidney and Billy kissing. Dewey unknowingly in his boxers with coffee and Tatum giving a thumbs up behind him. You and Billy sitting side by side smiling at each other on a bench; unaware that Tatum took the photo. You and Sidney hugging after a dance with your hair done up and gowns on. The entire gang in Billy's camero watching a movie at the drive in.
You released a shaky breath and closed your eyes. Wondering so many things. Things that would never be answered now. While everyone mourned only Sidney and Tatum...You mourned both Billy and Stu as well. Crying softly at night as you remembered Stu's laugh and Billy's smirk. Stu's cinnamon gum he constantly chewed and Billy's spicy cologne. The kiss you shared...It was a heavy burden that you kept secret.
Halfway through packing; you noticed a letter on your desk. It had your name on it. You scrunched your brows, thinking it was either another death threat in the mall or someone wishing condolences. The writing felt strange. It felt familiar. You hesitated before opening it. You clutched your mouth and gasped as you some the handwriting and what it said.
"Sweetcheeks, this ain't over. Not by a long shot...We're coming for you. Tell your folks to prepare the funeral."
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thirsting4slashers · a month ago
Dewey Riley x GN!Reader
Tumblr media
(Dewey brainrot :p)
WARNINGS: nsfw, face fucking (duh), swallowing, oral (amab receiving), slapping, old man dewey bc the trailer had me weak for him, not proofread but im proud of this 
He loved seeing you like this. On your knees for him, palming yourself roughly while his cock is shoved down your throat, tears rolling down your cheeks. You were gagging around him as he face-fucked you, his large calloused hands holding your head in place as he thrust into your mouth. One particularly hard thrust has you slapping at his thigh and he lets go of you immediately, letting you pull off of him and cough, sucking in a few breaths.
“Shit, sorry honey. You alright?” Dewey asks, his voice dripping with anxiety. He hated when he would accidently go too hard and even if you assured him you were okay he’d feel guilty about it for hours after. You smile up at him and he can’t help but think you’re perfect; your face is covered in drool and precum, your hair a tangled mess. 
“M’okay, promise. Just took me by surprise.” You start to pump him slowly, reveling in the moan you pull from him and the way his eyes flutter shut. He always told you he was too old for you, that you should go for someone closer in age to you, someone who could keep up. But you know that no one, and I mean no one, could fuck you the way he does. “You close?”
He nods his head slightly before gingerly placing his hand on the side of your head again, hesitating. You roll your eyes slightly before leaning in, taking his tip into your mouth and sucking lightly. His hips buck into you involuntarily and his other hand rests on your face, gripping it tightly. 
Dewey forgets all about what just happened and picks up where he left off, fucking into your mouth at an animalistic pace. Cupping his balls and squeezing hard you’re taken by surprise when he smacks you, your cheeks burning from the hit. His eyes were dark and you knew he was close. 
You let him use you, focusing on breathing in through your nose and relaxing your throat. Dewey loved the way your throat squeezed against him the deeper he went, how you would moan around his cock like you were getting off by him face fucking you. “Fuck, I’m close. You gonna take my load? Hm? Gonna be good?” He grunts, his thrusts faltering, falling out of rhythm. 
You hum around him, staring up at him through your eyelashes as he shoves you down further onto his cock and cums. He spills into the back of your throat and you stroke him slowly, draining him. You didn’t want to waste a single drop. When Dewey pulls out of your mouth you stick your tongue out, showing off the white liquid before swallowing it down greedily.
“You’re so sexy, you know that?” He says with a large smile. Seeing you swallow him without any coaxing was fucking hot. He tasted salty but not so much that it was hard to swallow. He had a good diet and though his cum had thinned with age it was enough for you to feel full of him every time he came in you, whether that be your mouth or your hole.
He kisses you softly, his thumb brushing along your jaw gently. “Can you fuck me now? Or are you gettin’ tired, old man?” You ask with a smirk, pulling away from him. The teasing was evident in your voice but Dewey couldn’t help the way his cock jumped at the insult. 
“Never too tired to fuck that tight hole of yours, beautiful. Get up on the bed. Now.”
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taylorkellyreporting · a month ago
i hope no one minds if i liveblog this bitch: scream edition 👻
i usually don’t watch scary movies alone cause i’m a wimp but since these are slashers…should be fun!
“i wanna know who i’m looking at” nope nope nope
“i’ll gut you like a fish” 😭
“who’s there?” bitch who do you think?
“i’m shaking in my boots” dkfjfjfjsn
how do you watch a movie 20 times and still get the answer wrong
damn that was overkill
skeet ulrich is so fine
“she sits next to me in english” “not anymore” pls?
wow stu almost gave them away so many times and the movie is just starting 😭
“nobody said you did” “thanks buddy” oooh the looks billy gave him…he’s annoyed
wondering if the mom’s murder is connected
wow gale is a real bitch
“the janitor is your superior” lmfao
Tumblr media
“how does it feel to almost be brutally butchered?!” gahh they really are savages
let me guess, he didn’t murder her mother?
“do you know what that could do for my book sales?!” oh she’s evil
not this man telling her to get over her mothers murder omg?
“when my mom left my dad, i accepted it” HELLO???
“nobody said that” i just.
hmm maybe the principal deserves rights
mr himbry continuously getting scared by his own reflection is killing me
why would he kill him tho?
“why would he want to kill his own girlfriend?” to run away with you of course
“sexually anorexic” that’s…a new one.
dewey is such an idiot but i love him
“no please don’t kill me mr ghostface! i wanna be in the sequel!” oh she’s such a bad bitch
tatum deserved better
“i’m on duty” pls 😭
“look behind you” baby take your own advice 😭
“omg does dewey die?!” i ask knowing damn well he’s in the trailer for the new movie 🤦🏻‍♀️
“fuck you both” that’s the correct energy
“fuck you!” “we already played that game, remember?” dkgjvjvfjfks
billy and stu i know what u are
Tumblr media
let’s talk about how the way billy and stu stabbed each other was gay
“she looked dead, man. still does.” HELP
“i’m far too sensitive” 😭😭
this is such a badass shot
Tumblr media
that was a really good movie, i totally see why it’s so popular.
i know that billy and stu were evil, but damn did i ship them lmfao
Tumblr media
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floralcyanide · a month ago
amygdala || scream
chapter seven
amygdala: "a roughly almond-shaped mass of gray matter inside each cerebral hemisphere, involved with the experiencing of emotions, most notably fear."
in which the reader knows something they shouldn't about their two best friends.
story masterlist
Tumblr media
>> welcome to chapter seven! I’m kind of iffy about this chapter /: idk if I like how I wrote it but I’m trying to upload daily. if this isn’t posted on the 13th, then it will be on the 14th. thank you all for your feedback and love! I hope you enjoy <3 (also some editing may be done to a few chapters since I’ve noticed some words that are supposed to be italicized were not)
edit: I have a giant headache rn so I’m just gonna post this. yolo. if I hate it later I’ll just edit! 
pairing: billy loomis x reader, stu macher x reader
warnings: language, nsfw language, hinting of innuendo, paranoia, stalking
word count: 1187
      You know the sensation you get when you feel you’re being watched? Ever since Tatum, Sidney, and you arrived at the grocery store, you’ve felt like there are eyes on you. Of course, yes, eyes are on you along with Sidney because of what’s happened, but this was different. Whenever you turn your back, no one is there. There aren’t many people in the store at this time, it’s nearing 7 o’clock now, but there’s enough to know someone was deliberately watching you.
      “Am I being paranoid or does it feel like someone is watching us?” you finally say something when the three of you reach the chip isle.
      “Well, obviously people are staring at us. You two are the hottest story right now in Woodsboro,” Tatum says, skipping to the cart with a bag of Tostitos and some salsa.
      “Yes, I know, but I mean watching us. Like, stalking,” you say quietly, looking around to make sure no one is within earshot.
      “Hey, let’s try not to think about that kind of stuff and just enjoy Stu’s party,” Sidney says, putting a supportive hand on your shoulder.
      “Did Tatum tell you that earlier?” you mumble, annoyed, but knowing it’s definitely something Tatum would say.
      Sidney doesn’t respond, which is a response enough for you. You loved Tatum but sometimes she just wouldn’t let you wallow in your emotions long enough to get over them. And Sidney would just reluctantly follow Tatum. 
      After a few more minutes, the three of you are checking out and ready to head to Stu’s house. But before you leave, you turn around one more time. This supermarket has one of those big mirrors that reflect the whole store on the rear wall, giving you the leverage to see the person in the mask staring at you from behind a shelf. You don’t say or do anything, you just glare at them through the reflection, hoping they see you. You knew someone was watching. But, you weren’t about to cause panic and ruin the night, after all. So you say nothing and follow the girls to the car.
      “The party has arrived!” Stu shouts with a huge grin upon you three’s entrance.
      He’s sporting his dad’s red robe and you can’t help but laugh at how ridiculous he looks. Cute, but, ridiculous.
      You head to the kitchen and put down all of the chips, making sure to keep Billy’s spicy ones in the bag for him later.
      Once you’re done setting up the snacks you and the girls brought, you take some with you to the living room where most of the party is, surrounding the television. Randy is there with numerous VHS tapes from his job at the movie store, and everyone was trying to agree on a movie. All of them have Jamie Lee Curtis in them, which doesn’t surprise you at all. This is Randy we’re talking about, after all. 
      “Why do all these movies have Jamie Lee Curtis in them?” Sidney asks, and Randy has the stupidest look on his face.
      Before he can answer, you interrupt with, “Boobs. It’s because of her boobs, Sid.”
      Randy opens and closes his mouth like a fish, knowing he’s been defeated, “Yeah, pretty much.”
      Rolling your eyes with a smile, you feel a little guilty for dogging on him, cause hey, who doesn’t love boobs?
       “Hey, it’s all good Randy. Everyone likes some boobs every now and then,” you say, slapping his back. He smiles and excitedly puts in Halloween.
      Stu falls onto the couch next to you, Tatum sitting on his lap. The television is barely audible over the music playing and the numerous conversations going on at once. But it’s not like you haven’t seen the movie hundreds of times, especially with Billy. You wish he could be here, but Sidney would probably be upset. A part of you detests her for it, but you know it’s only because of your crush on the brown-eyed boy. You begin snacking on some of the stuff you brought from the kitchen, offering everyone else some. 
     After about 15 minutes, the doorbell begins to ring. Stu moves Tatum off his lap, telling her to go get some beers while he answers the door. 
      “What am I, the beer wench?” Tatum jokes, and you just laugh at her.
      Stu returns with Dewey and Gale Weathers from Top Story. That woman annoys the hell out of you, not just because she treated Sidney the way she did, but because she was just a flat-out insulting liar. 
      “What is she doing here?” Tatum burns her eyes into her brother.
      “We’re just checking the party out, is all,” Dewey says with a goofy smile. 
      “Whatever, just keep her away from Sid, alright?” Tatum rolls her eyes before descending down the hall to the garage.
      You and Sidney go to the kitchen to get away from the excited crowd. Thankfully, you don’t stay in there very long before Gale and Dewey eventually leave.
      “She’s a real bitch,” you say, leaning against the kitchen counter.
      “Yeah. I don’t know what Dewey seems to see in her,” Sidney shrugs, looking around the corner to check if they’re gone completely.
      “Please tell me they’ve left.”
      “The coast is clear, come on,” she says, motioning to follow her.
      A few people start leaving as curfew was approaching, including Sidney. But you said you’d stay until you’re ready. 
      “Tatum, let’s go!” Sidney calls upstairs, to her dismay, Tatum hasn’t been around for quite a while.
      While you, Stu, and Sidney are standing at the front door, suddenly Billy appears out of nowhere.
      “Oh, hey Billy. Didn’t expect to see you here,” Stu says in a mock-convincing voice, looking between you and Sidney.
      “If Tatum was here she’d beat your ass,” you joke and Billy makes an odd face.
      “I came here to talk to Sid,” Billy says.
      “Well, how about you two lovebirds go up to my parents’ room and uh, you know, talk it out,” Stu says, and you know he’s trying so hard to not sound promiscuous.
      “Subtlety, Stu. You should try it sometime,” Billy retorts with a roll of his brown eyes.
      “Actually, we do need to talk,” Sidney says softly, and the two head upstairs.
      You have a weird feeling in your stomach. Your crush on Billy and Stu are possibly the stupidest things you could have ever come up with, but your feelings were still valid, even if no one knew about them.
      “Where even is Tatum, though?” you wonder aloud, turning to go back to the living room.
      When you do, Stu places a hand on your back, dangerously close to your ass, leading you to the couch.
      “No idea. Probably pissed at me or something,” Stu laughs as he sits down.
      Your face and stomach burn at the intimate touch, and you turn your head towards the television to hide it. You know it’s wrong, and maybe it was just an accident, but you wish he’d touch you again. Still, you don’t want to hurt any of your friends, no matter how you feel.
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