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adhd-community · a year ago
What can you tell me about adhd medication and using it for a long time? Like are people ok? Do they need to increase dosage over dosage after years of using them? Am I too paranoid to think that they can cause addiction? PS- i havent looked into it on the internet before. In fact I’m strongly suspecting I may have it just this month, and then for a while I got happy that meds may be able to solve my problems of inactivity as I struggle a lot because of it. Thanks in advance.
These are definitely questions to raise with your prescribing doctor! They are an expert and will be able to give you impartial, scientifically-backed advice (hopefully...).
In the meantime this is a bit of what I know:
Stimulant medication is classified as a drug of addiction in many countries. Many people misuse it by taking it at times or in ways that the medication is not prescribed for. This is the difference between taking your medication and "drug-use". If you take your medication as prescribed you are very unlikely to get "addicted" in the way that you are thinking, although you may experience a little withdrawal on days you don't take it (kinda like when coffee drinkers quit coffee - you feel tired and a little headachey for a bit).
You shouldn't need to continue increasing your medication over time. It may feel less effective because you start getting used to that just being what your brain feels like, or you may be undersleeping/ not exercising enough etc. If you do develop a tolerance to your medication you and you doctor may need to consider medication holidays (taking a day or two off a week) or changing medications. The aim is to find a medication and dosage that best helps your symptoms while producing the least side-effects. It's worth remembering that while medication is helpful there is no "cure" for adhd and you will still need to do behavioural things to help like exercise, scheduling etc to get the most out of your wonderful brain.
As to long-term effects of stimulant medication on the brain? We've only been prescribing it for around 40 years so there is still research to be done on that before we have definitive answers, but studies on medicated ADHDers followed up after 33 years have not found any long-term negative consequences on the brain (in fact, treatment through behavioural therapy and/or medication can reduce our chances of things like going to jail or dying prematurely due to... well... being distractable, and impulsive).
I know a lot of this isn't particularly reassuring but I, like you, wanted to know what I was taking before making the decision. For me personally it has been worth it. I have taken medication now for around 6 years and it has helped me feel calmer (sometimes), more focused (sometimes), and more able to connect my thoughts with my actions (... sometimes - I really need to get back to regular sleep/ exercise to help). I had to try a few medications and a few dosages before it felt right but after around 6 months to a year I settled on the same medication and dose I take now.
Not everyone with adhd takes medication, and those that do don't always take it every day. Remember that this is your journey and it is important to makes decisions that feel right to YOU. If you feel "gross" or anxious or not right, chat to your doctor about it - if you are feeling weirdly happy or overly driven, talk to your doctor about it - if you are feeling chill and more able to deal with stuff (yay) also mention that to your doctor!
Good luck with whatever decisions you make around trialling medication(s).
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clunts · 2 months ago
Reminder to myself that Yes, Your ADHD Medication IS Working You Stupid Bitch
I haven’t taken it in 5 days and I currently cannot sleep because I’m planning on making ribs for the first time tomorrow and I can’t stop thinking about the trip I’ll have to make to the shops to get ingredients but also how I’ll have to research which ingredients are the best, and also weigh up the pros and cons of doing a bind for the spices and how long to marinate them before cooking and which spice blend I want to make and also maybe I should just buy a premixed one but what if I don’t like the flavours on offer and - OH MY GOD ITS NEARLY 4AM
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s9acex · 6 months ago
This literally took me forever to mod for aesthetics. ps: TAKE UR MEDS RESPONSIBLY, I’m not glorifying them in a ~cool~ way I’m glorifying them because they are cool and they do help me, so does Sailor Moon n machines :-)
Tumblr media
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kazooie · 4 months ago
Tumblr media
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panshiko · a year ago
Vyvanse vs. Adderall
Amphetamine molecules exist as two enaantiomers (two different molecules that are mirror images of one another). Adderall in generic is called amphetamine salts because these pills are a combined mixture of the two mirror molecules. Each Adderall generic or brand name pill is 75% dextraoamphetamine, which is the more active of the two, and 25% levoamphetamine.
This combination is relatively recent compared to dextraoamphetamine in a pill all by itself without its mirror, which is more commonly known as Dexedrine, and Dexedrine has been available for a long time.
Fun facts about Dexedrine: it was used in WWII to eliminate fatigue in soldiers and Ayn Rand was into it.
My experience with Adderall was, like alcohol but worse, very dependent on the contents of my stomach. So if it were empty the effects would be stronger, and if totally full, almost nonexistent even at a high dose. To be fair, my tolerance to amphetamines seems to have a high baseline, so others don’t take as much issue with this.
The duration was short, a little longer in extended release (XR) format. XRs are more expensive. They work one of two ways: as tablets which contain part of the dose in a wax coating, which takes longer to digest in your stomach, and so some of it is absorbed by your stomach immediately and the rest not absorbed until after the wax is dissolved during digestion. Or as capsules, containing many tiny beads that take various durations to digest. The capsule tech is a bit better but either way, I was still unhappy with duration of both XRs, so I don’t recommend them for the price.
If you are doing Adderall I would recommend getting the cheapest that are immediate and not extended release, get a 30 day supply of 10–20 MG tabs (90 pills) and use an average 2–3 times a day whenever the fuck you want, which for me was anywhere from 1–4 hours apart, which is about how long they last, depending on lots of different variables (but mostly hunger)
It is easy to skip lots of these smaller doses because you will forget. A drawback to forgetting is that it won’t always be active, you will sometimes realize in retrospect you forgot and will wish you hadn’t. A positive is that you will accumulate extra to use outside your typical schedule at will. Or share with your friends and their small children. Whatever.
In any combination, separately or all at once, I don’t want to take more than 60MG (more or less) for a typical day, and on rare occasions maybe twice that (120MG) at max if if I want it to be more recreational and feel really high and speedy. These were my doses at 5'4" and various weights between 140 and 120lbs, to determine a better idea of exactly what dosages you like, seek erowid for safety guidelines and experiment.
Adderall capsules can be crushed and snorted instead of swallowed. I’ve never done this.
Vyvanse was came onto the scene during the 21st century and isn’t available for purchase as generic but the generic/scientific name is Lisdexamfetamine, note the similarity to the name dextraoamphetamine (Dexedrine).
Vyvanse is a prodrug of Dexedrine. A prodrug is an inactive compound that, when metabolized, is converted within the body to a different compound that is active. Vyvanse’s chemical structure is one part identical to Dexedrine and another part an additional amino acid — the amino acid renders the Dexedrine inactive. The amino acid is removed by your liver, and when the amino acid is gone the drug Vyvanse transforms into Dexedrine.
Because the transformation happens in the liver, it becomes the active form of the drug Dexedrine only after it passes through your stomach. This is important because it means that none of the Dexedrine is absorbed by your stomach, most of it is absorbed by small intestines instead, making how full you are way less of an issue. For other reasons the contents of your stomach are not totally irrelevant but Vyvanse is much more resistant to the variables of your digestive system therefore its effect is much more consistent. The intestines also absorb the drug more slowly and steadily which is another reason why the effect is more consistent compared to Adderall.
Essentially, Vyvanse as a prodrug of Dexedrine is chemically similar to Adderall but subjectively quite different and IMHO better. As far as duration, it is far superior to a time release formula of Adderall. You can expect Vyvanse to last 6–12 hours. Most people who compare like Vyvanse better for productivity because it lasts, while some people enjoy the experience of Adderall because it hits the user much faster. But as Adderall hits more suddenly, it also wears off more suddenly, so there’s more of a feeling like you just crashed. The effects of Vyvanse fade away more gradually over a longer period of time, so it’s less likely to make one feel cranky when it’s over. Also, because it needs to be metabolized by the liver, Vyvanse doesn’t work if you snort it. So some people don’t like that about Vyvanse, but as a result Vyvanse is considered less vulnerable to abuse and so safer.
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jaynnie-jane · a year ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Hey tumbls, it's been a while so have a bit of a photo dump.
I've been chilling out with my parents for the last few days in Walpole, Western Australia.
I've been playing a heap of pokemon and just exploring a little. I even rode a bike for the first time in 12ish years!
Life has been good since I started the dexamphetamine, I finally feel as if I function just as much as anyone else and I'm loving it!
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borntobaeddel1312 · 17 days ago
ommggggg I fucking love dexedrine + valium
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adhd-community · a year ago
ADHD and Medication
One problem I've had with my recent adult diagnosis is considering medication - every time I search for ADHD meds (specifically Adderall) all I get is either:
1. People with ADHD lauding the miracle drug. or
2. Medical websites talking about the dangers and side effects of abuse. I'm not asking about abuse, I need patient information.
One big concern for me is that a large portion of my ADHD issues stem from hyper focus - often on the "wrong" thing. I'm concerned that there's a chance that medication could exacerbate this problem and affect my ongoing studies. 
I get that you aren't a medical professional,  but you seem to have a great wealth of information about ADHD and related information.
Any leads on unbiased and reliable information regarding ADHD medication and possible side effects before I take the step of going to a doctor for a script? I would like to know the risks beforehand without the wild binary between these two sources of information.
As always, thanks for your help
Honestly the best way to get medical info on medication is to talk to a health professional who knows about ADHD meds. Let them know your concerns and what you're hoping the medication can help you with and work together on finding the right fit.
Which medication will work for you has more to do with body chemistry than anything else. You are unlikely to find the answer online or from reviews because everyone is different.
In terms of hyperfocus, personally medication can make me hyperfocus wayyyyyyyyy worse, but it also often makes me more aware that I am hyperfocusing so more able to change my behaviour while I'm doing it (rather than 12 hours later).
I still have to do things like set alarms and decide what tasks I will do in the next, say, 20min, and try to keep to that to avoid getting too involved.
It's important to remember that medication is a helper and not a cure. You will still have to work hard on your behavioural toolset (setting alarms, creating accountability, external deadlines etc) even when you are taking meds to get the best outcomes.
Good luck!!
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oceancha0s · 4 years ago
I learnt today that mixing dexamphetamine and ventolin is okay, you'll feel like you've just gone for a sprint (which is okay when you know this), but adding a strong coffee to that makes it a bit scary. Decaf, grace, decaf.
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i-am-god-fear-me · 2 months ago
This blog was created after I Xan (follow my main blog @smolvampiregirl ) accidentally consumed a monster energy drink after forgetting I had taken my ADHD medication and proceeded to feel all the power of the universe before eventually crashing harder then the Air France Concorde did in 2000.
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exnihilodolor · 4 years ago
40 mg Dex 50 mg Metoprolol 300 mg Caffeine 100 mg L-theanine
+ A bunch of cig’s.
Almost feels like im doing this everyday now. Dex makes examns much easier to manage prep for however.
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rosegaarden · 2 years ago
  Hey man, this is totally out of the blue bc it’s...
not to butt in but i think you’re talkin about two different kinds of internalization here! the anon is talkin about the sociology term of someone using something they were taught to demean them against their own group, while what you’re talkin about seems to be just grooming & passing on of views from ppl in power to their inheritors. like they technically ‘internalise’ that, as in they take in and learn the racism, but it’s different from the sociology term
THANK U FOR POINTING THAT OUT that makes a lot of sense actually
a couple friends pointed out what “internalisation” meant. Man I wish that language wasn’t so subjective LOL -- I apologise to that anon for not understanding!!
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yukhellno · 9 months ago
wow I just reread my tags under that language post.. I just took my first adderall and my head was running on top speed
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adhd-community · a year ago
I have been judged for wanting to get a diagnosis, for wanting to take meds, for not taking my meds, for not seeking a diagnosis earlier and I want to make this abundantly clear.
Getting diagnosed, getting treatment, and/or taking medication responsibly for AD/HD is YOUR CHOICE.
You are not annoying. You are not an addict. You are not pretending to be someone else. You are not irresponsible. You are not naive. You are not a burden. You are not boring. You are not taking the easy way out.
You are responsible for the treatment of your AD/HD. That means making YOUR OWN CHOICES about your mental and physical health, and the treatments you do/don't find helpful.
People have vastly different experiences with treatments/medication/ADHD and can need vastly different things.
Friends, please remember not only to respect the choices that other people in our community make, but also respect your own choices. In the end, only you have to live in your brain - it's up to you to make it the best place it can be, what ever that might mean.
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