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Day 1 on ADHD meds and I finished my homework on time for the first time, and felt eerily in control of my thoughts
I thought I'd get more anxiety but I actually had less than normal
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Man I am grateful to be on ADHD meds now and having better energy and focus but it’s wild not being able to rely on my appetite to remind me to eat. I’m bad enough already at breaking away from whatever I’m doing when I’m hyperfocused even when I do get hungry. Now I don’t even realize I’m hungry until I’m too weak to think, and my metabolism has gone up too so it’s just a fucking shitshow. And I also can’t tell if I’ve eaten enough, or too much, so I’m having to pay more attention to my portions now instead of just eating until I’m not hungry.
Appetite suppression sounds nice, in theory. I’m glad it’s cured my binge eating and boredom eating problems but god, at what cost? I’m doing some research and coming up with strategies to manage, but man this is an adjustment. It’s nice not craving food when I’m not actually hungry but I wish I could still enjoy food? Now it seems I only enjoy it when I get super hungry, and I don’t want to deprive my body and make myself non-functional just to enjoy normal creature comforts yk?
Idk maybe this will wear off a little or I will get used to it, but right now I feel like complaining even if I really shouldn’t be complaining about getting on some potentially very helpful meds.
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hydromorphkid · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Morphine eslons 100mg x2, Dexedrine generic 10mg x7
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lovelybydecay · a year ago
wow pharmacies sure can be assholes about psychiatric medication
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panshiko · a year ago
Vyvanse vs. Adderall
Amphetamine molecules exist as two enaantiomers (two different molecules that are mirror images of one another). Adderall in generic is called amphetamine salts because these pills are a combined mixture of the two mirror molecules. Each Adderall generic or brand name pill is 75% dextraoamphetamine, which is the more active of the two, and 25% levoamphetamine.
This combination is relatively recent compared to dextraoamphetamine in a pill all by itself without its mirror, which is more commonly known as Dexedrine, and Dexedrine has been available for a long time.
Fun facts about Dexedrine: it was used in WWII to eliminate fatigue in soldiers and Ayn Rand was into it.
My experience with Adderall was, like alcohol but worse, very dependent on the contents of my stomach. So if it were empty the effects would be stronger, and if totally full, almost nonexistent even at a high dose. To be fair, my tolerance to amphetamines seems to have a high baseline, so others don’t take as much issue with this.
The duration was short, a little longer in extended release (XR) format. XRs are more expensive. They work one of two ways: as tablets which contain part of the dose in a wax coating, which takes longer to digest in your stomach, and so some of it is absorbed by your stomach immediately and the rest not absorbed until after the wax is dissolved during digestion. Or as capsules, containing many tiny beads that take various durations to digest. The capsule tech is a bit better but either way, I was still unhappy with duration of both XRs, so I don’t recommend them for the price.
If you are doing Adderall I would recommend getting the cheapest that are immediate and not extended release, get a 30 day supply of 10–20 MG tabs (90 pills) and use an average 2–3 times a day whenever the fuck you want, which for me was anywhere from 1–4 hours apart, which is about how long they last, depending on lots of different variables (but mostly hunger)
It is easy to skip lots of these smaller doses because you will forget. A drawback to forgetting is that it won’t always be active, you will sometimes realize in retrospect you forgot and will wish you hadn’t. A positive is that you will accumulate extra to use outside your typical schedule at will. Or share with your friends and their small children. Whatever.
In any combination, separately or all at once, I don’t want to take more than 60MG (more or less) for a typical day, and on rare occasions maybe twice that (120MG) at max if if I want it to be more recreational and feel really high and speedy. These were my doses at 5'4" and various weights between 140 and 120lbs, to determine a better idea of exactly what dosages you like, seek erowid for safety guidelines and experiment.
Adderall capsules can be crushed and snorted instead of swallowed. I’ve never done this.
Vyvanse was came onto the scene during the 21st century and isn’t available for purchase as generic but the generic/scientific name is Lisdexamfetamine, note the similarity to the name dextraoamphetamine (Dexedrine).
Vyvanse is a prodrug of Dexedrine. A prodrug is an inactive compound that, when metabolized, is converted within the body to a different compound that is active. Vyvanse’s chemical structure is one part identical to Dexedrine and another part an additional amino acid — the amino acid renders the Dexedrine inactive. The amino acid is removed by your liver, and when the amino acid is gone the drug Vyvanse transforms into Dexedrine.
Because the transformation happens in the liver, it becomes the active form of the drug Dexedrine only after it passes through your stomach. This is important because it means that none of the Dexedrine is absorbed by your stomach, most of it is absorbed by small intestines instead, making how full you are way less of an issue. For other reasons the contents of your stomach are not totally irrelevant but Vyvanse is much more resistant to the variables of your digestive system therefore its effect is much more consistent. The intestines also absorb the drug more slowly and steadily which is another reason why the effect is more consistent compared to Adderall.
Essentially, Vyvanse as a prodrug of Dexedrine is chemically similar to Adderall but subjectively quite different and IMHO better. As far as duration, it is far superior to a time release formula of Adderall. You can expect Vyvanse to last 6–12 hours. Most people who compare like Vyvanse better for productivity because it lasts, while some people enjoy the experience of Adderall because it hits the user much faster. But as Adderall hits more suddenly, it also wears off more suddenly, so there’s more of a feeling like you just crashed. The effects of Vyvanse fade away more gradually over a longer period of time, so it’s less likely to make one feel cranky when it’s over. Also, because it needs to be metabolized by the liver, Vyvanse doesn’t work if you snort it. So some people don’t like that about Vyvanse, but as a result Vyvanse is considered less vulnerable to abuse and so safer.
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jackiegaytona · a year ago
Tumblr media
*After late-night sexy times*
Me: Ok I’m getting up to work on more art
Him: Aren’t you tired?
My ADHD: .........
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ismentalillnesinit · a year ago
monday mornings
dexedrine; sweet ups
make me feel like im everywhere all at once
i remember the first time.
it was an evening of orgasmic conversations and ticks
gasping for air and craving cigarettes 
everything seemed so important 
i could feel so much more
but i used it to starve myself for a year and i dont feel those feelings of euphoria anymore. tho, i am still addicted and trying to feel that way again its just not the same
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observationsdreary · a year ago
Lucinda: "JEREMY! I am EXTREMELY angry with you! I found POT in your room!"
Jeremy: "Oh my God, Mom! I..."
Lucinda: "Shut up, Jeremy! I can't believe this!"
Jeremy: "I'm sorry..."
Lucinda: "I thought I raised you better. Why can't you do real drugs, like coke? Even Adderall would be better. For fuck's sake."
Jeremy: "Mom..."
Lucinda: "Stupid bitch-ass hippie."
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bagel-thot · a year ago
Nothin like dex and a shot of espresso in the mornin to make your anxiety skyrocket🔌
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everlasting-spun · a year ago
has anyone here tried "dexedrine"? in short, what was your experience in terms of weight loss and depression?
thanks so much!
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purscription · 2 years ago
[It was like my brain was operating at such intensity. It was so real, like I was space-walking again, zero-g with no suit.] 
- The 100 4x11 ‘The Other Side’
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fairest · 2 years ago
That’s Me
She took down the bluish-gray tablets, relatively new on the market. They were made from a combination of dexedrine and amylobarbitone, and the directions on the label stated: “Indicated in states of mental and emotional distress.” The first time she read that statement she had told herself, “that’s me. That’s me all the time.” 
The pill worked rapidly on an empty stomach. The tremendous physical stimulation provided by the five milligrams of Dexedrine was leveled off at a peak efficiency by the counteropiate of thirty-two milligrams of amylobarbitone, holding the brain, which had been sharpened to almost supernatural brilliancy by the caffeine contained in the two cups of strong black coffee, to an almost unbearable lucidity, like Hemingway writing a novel.
--Chester Himes, from The End of a Primitive (1955)
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raesand · 2 years ago
Here's a fun adult ADHD thing that nobody has ever told me about at all; hypersexuality! H*rny on main 24/7 babey!! Also, some medications make it worse? Or better, I guess depends on your point of view lol (not to be confused with the exact opposite; hyposexuality, which is also an ADHD thing, and can also be affected by medications)
When I was a teen, on and off Vyvanse, I assumed that it was probably just a hormone thing, because shitty Health Class teachers lead me to believe that puberty was really just 5 long years of feeling a constant need to fuck. "Normal", right?
The last two years, I figured it was just because I was bored and isolating myself and becoming more desperate for any kind of human contact. I mean, that probably didn't help at all, let's be real. And for most of February and March, I was preoccupied trying to deal with all the wonderful possibly life threatening side effects of Concerta, so I was feeling too shitty to care.
But now that I finally got my prescription changed to Dexedrine, wow it's really not subtle anymore. But hey, my heart doesn't feel like it's trying to break out of my ribcage, my hands and feet are a normal body temperature, and I don't feel like I'm gonna die, so you know what, I'll take it!
Wait, uhh, phrasing.. just, god that explains so much holy hell! ADHD and dyspraxia really are 99% of my problems, huh?
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actuallyadhd · 2 years ago
I saw in the dexedrine tag that you (J) have taken both Adderall and Dexedrine and felt there was a noticeable difference — was that difference just due to the different release speeds, or do you think the drugs themselves would affect you differently even in IR form? And was it just side effects that were different, or also your ADHD symptoms? I'm starting Dex soon, but I tried Adderall last year and saw no effects *at all,* so I'm wondering if Dex is different enough that it might affect me?
Sent January 31, 2019
Dexedrine has worked well for me in both IR and SP forms. I haven’t taken Adderall IR, just Adderall XR.
For me, Adderall XR was not good for my digestive system. It made me have sensory issues with food like yogurt, plus I had a lot of gas (and I am not someone who can burp on command, so it was not pleasant). Then it started making me hyperfocus on the completely wrong things and making my hands shake (when I wasn’t feeling anxious at all), and then it started in on the amorphous anxiety and I decided I’d had enough. But aside from those side effects it was okay at helping me focus. The biggest thing was the time I was able to stop an anxiety attack before it started because I was able to notice how I was feeling. That was huge.
With Dexedrine, I find that I’m more able to direct my focus where I actually want it to go, and it doesn’t do any of that bad side effect crap the Adderall did. It doesn’t increase my anxiety, either, and I can drink coffee if I want to in the middle of the day without having increased anxiety. I do find that if I drink caffeine later in the afternoon or evening then I’m up all night, though YMMV with that one since the Dexedrine SP only lasts about six hours so I’m taking it at 9 and 3 every day.
Anyway, it might work out for you. The first time I took Dexedrine (like, ever) I wasn’t hungry for three weeks but it was doing great things for me otherwise. So just be aware of that. I set alarms to remind me to eat so it was fine in the end. I never had that problem with Adderall.
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microsoft-bagel · 2 years ago
so here are my findings after years of trying different meds:
Vyvanse: gives me migraines
Dexedrine: makes me the most normal
Adderall: is like a pep-talk in a pill
Ritalin: n e v e r a g a i n
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recovering-sunshine · 2 years ago
First post! So I've started this tumblr to write about my addiction and recovery. I'm from the UK, and I'll hopefully be going into detox and then a 6 month rehab placement after that. So hoping to make some friends on tumblr to help me through my journey.
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zenzedi302015 · 3 years ago
Tumblr media
Valium 10mg x4 a day
Zenzedi 15mg x2 a day
Lyrica 100mg x3 a day
Suboxone 12mg🆕🆓 x? a day
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observationsdreary · 2 years ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
The Ideal Man
Moral, liberal, individualist.
Though recent events prove otherwise, some still believe that Roark is the ideal man.
Perhaps he is. Then again, any old slob can seem wonderful under the influence of two dexedrine a day.
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gashlycrumb-baby · 3 years ago
Who the fuck needs more than 5 hours sleep, 900 calories, and kidneys that can somehow process 10 units of alcohol + 40mg dexamfetamine daily anyway?
Every day. Every. Single. Fucking. Day.
Maybe for now, I can somehow be superhuman.
It's been 8 months now.
And for now.
I'm still superhuman.
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