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e-mirus · 4 hours ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
More Freakazoid headcanons for Cyberspace:
OP note: I view the show in the original format it was created for, which was a superhero/ action with comedic undertones. There aren’t any fourthwall breaks. 
- Futuristic Wonderland: The mainframe of cyberspace looks like if you put outer-space into a computer; there are planets, spaceships, cyber-beings, historical artifacts, and lots of CPU structures and glowing lights. Dexter was actually quite mesmerized by the place before he realized he was in danger.
- Anybody Have a Map: Cyberspace is basically millions of different dimensions inside of one alternate dimension. These dimensions can be programmed to look like anything; That being said, it is very easy to get lost in cyberspace and freakazoid usually needs help trying to find his way around, however he has a type of “internal compass” when it comes to finding his energy field.
- Normal Rules Don’t Apply: Different dimensions obey different laws of physics which is why freakazoid loves snooping around cyberspace to find new places to explore. (it reminds him of his favorite video games)
- Citizen of Cyberspace: There are lots of cyber-beings found in cyberspace, most of them are some form of robot, android, or hologram, and they can look anything from humanoid to alien or monster; most are programmed to fit whatever job they have. Freakazoid loves meeting new cyber-beings but lots of them find him annoying. 
- Selective Gravity: In the mainframe of cyberspace, there isn't much gravity (other dimension can have different laws of gravity) Most cyber-beings are pre-programmed to adjust to their surroundings but freakazoid, being the exception, does have the ability to fly in cyberspace when he has enough energy. Freakazoid loves flying and is one of his favorite ways to use up extra energy, which is why he sometimes forgets he can’t fly in reality. 
- Computer Brain: Because freakazoid got the internet zapped into his brain, he knows a good bit about how cyberspace operates, however he has a hard time telling the difference between what he knows and what he thinks he knows.
- Clearance Level: Cyber-beings are programmed with the knowledge of how cyberspace operates but only to a certain level, more advanced cyber-beings have higher clearance levels. This doesn't mean that individuals can’t manual learn more but they would have to gain access to the information first. There are also different dimensions in cyberspace that require higher clearance levels. Because freakazoid had all of the internet zapped into his head, he accidentally actually has a high clearance level, but due system having trouble reading his to his program makeup, access and sometimes be denied.
- My Only Weakness!: Ironically, graphite is used very commonly in cyberspace due to its ability to conduct electricity. However, negatively charged graphite can cause a continuous stream of electrons to flow from atom to atom. When the free electrons move between atoms, it carries an electric charge. The human body has lots of atoms that can conduct electricity and when a new stream of electrons is introduced to a current, it can change the negative/ positive charge. This weakens freakazoid as it causes the electrical current in his brain to fluctuate; this can also be especially damaging to his human counterpart as any electrical disturbance can cause cardiac arrhythmia.
- Energy Vacuum: When an individual installs a pinnacle chip, it is supposed to enhance their internet speed; a “core” gets uploaded to cyberspace and amplifies efficiencies. When dexter triggered the flaw in his pinnacle chip, the core (big pink mass of energy) activated and overloaded, it began to absorb an insane amount of energy from cyberspace very very quickly like a black hole. When Dexter was dragged into the core (cause gravity) the internet went offline for a moment and got zapped into his head, this caused a HUGE disruption in cyberspace operations.
- I Insist, After You: Dexter won’t voluntarily go back into cyberspace unless he can go as freakazoid. Since he’s partially from cyberspace, its easier for freakazoid to travel back and forth to cyberspace than dexter, also dexter can’t protect himself in cyberspace. Even though freakazoid has been to cyberspace many times, dexter still gets anxious when freakazoid stays too long.
- Powerful Without a Choice: From freakazoid’s point of view, the core possesses an energy field that powers him, however its more likely that the core uses freakazoid as an outlet for all the energy that it absorbs; without freakazoid to burn through the energy, the core couldn't get rid of all the extra energy it absorbs which could bottleneck the system, or worse. The core supplies an endless (but not always strong) stream of energy to freakazoid that freakazoid must use; if freakazoid doesn't use up energy, his body can begin to physically shake.
- No Freaks Allowed: Due to his cybernetic/ organic makeup, freakazoid is considered a “cybernetic oddity” and there are plenty of cyber-beings that don’t like him for that reason. However there are a few cyber-being that think freakazoid is really cool and are usually the ones that help him escape cyberspace.
- Fight the system: There is a lot of order that has to be maintained in cyberspace that cyber-police are programmed to enforce, however freakazoid isn’t the only one who likes messing with the cyber-police.
- We Are Here to Help: Cyberspace works similar to a negative feedback loop, when a structure or system isn’t up to an operating standard, a maintenance program will be deployed to repair it. However the flaw in pinnacle chip is read as a non-operating standard and so maintenance programs are constantly deployed to try and fix it, but they can’t access the core due to the flaw. Freakazoid thinks its hilarious watching them try, Roddy doesn't find it as funny.
- Power Equals Importance: There are lots of rules and regulations to keep cyberspace running efficiently, and there are very important cyber-being that are responsible for transporting large amounts of data across dimensions and they are HUGE sticklers for order, and they especially don’t like any oddities.
- Ticking Time Bomb: Under normal circumstances, when a core is uploaded to cyberspace, it produces energy to improve efficiencies (which is why the pinnacle chip increases internet speed). However if the flaw is activated, it reverses the flow of energy. When dexter activated the flaw, the core began to absorb an extreme amount of from cyberspace and is now basically a powder keg of condensed energy. (normal core=produces energy/ flawed core=absorbs energy) Most cyber-being won’t even go near it out of fear. Roddy sometimes keeps an eye on it when freakazoid isn’t around and is trying to find a way to make it more stable.
- In His Element: Although he doesn’t realize it, freakazoid is at his strongest when he is in cyberspace since he is closer to his power source. If freakazoid absorbs enough energy from the core correctly, he can give off a reddish-pink aura (meaning his energy levels extremely high but are balanced to his output )
- Sinister Surveillance: The most powerful being in cyberspace is a vast and complex monitoring system called the Motherboard; a huge AI system that controls an expansive amount of cyberspace. Ever since freakazoid was created, the motherboard has been working to fix the disruption the outage caused. The motherboard can also deploy and program other cyber-beings to do her work. (personality: imagine the other mother mixed with GLaDOS)
- Mother Knows Best: The motherboard considers the flawed core as a “blemish on a near-perfect system” She despises the core for absorbing energy, instead of producing it. However she sees freakazoid as the flaw and the pinnacle chip program as the potential solution to becoming stronger ( “The most powerful energy system to ever be used in cyberspace...and its powering a teenager” )
- Apex Microchips: When Guitierrez created his microchip company, it created a new line of cyber-being being programmed in cyberspace labelled “APEX”. These cyber-being were very advanced and modern looking androids used to speed up information processes. However, after Guitierrez’s company failed, the pinnacle chips were discontinued and the Apex system in cyberspace went offline. The motherboard quickly gained access and took over the Apex systems but couldn’t access freakazoid’s core due to the activated flaw in his pinnacle chip.  
- FUBAR: After freakazoid defeated Guitierrez in Cyberspace, he was badly damaged and found by a maintenance program who, thinking he was the original freakazoid, captured him and experimentally removed his powers he obtained from the pinnacle chip. However due to the flaw fusing his cybernetic and organic makeup, when the maintenance program tried to remove his powers, it badly damaged his organic human side, and was replaced with normal robotics.  Guitierrez was then booted out of cyberspace and blames freakazoid for what they did to him. 
- Difference Between You and I: Freakazoid had the entire internet zapped into his head and was given superpowers, at the cost of his own sanity. Over time, freakazoid becomes better at processing all the information constantly running through his brain. When Guitierrez “improved” the flaw in the chip, it was able to make him stronger than freakazoid, and he didn’t lose his mind as a result (which is why he didn’t develop a different identity).  However when he had his powers ripped away from him, the damage did leave him without much of his sanity and he’s been driven crazy trying to get revenge on freakazoid. 
- Intruder Alert: It takes an intense amount of energy to send someone into and out of cyberspace, and is usually what alerts the cyber-police that someone has entered the dimension.
- No Humans Allowed: While it’s extremely rare for a human to learn how to enter cyberspace, they aren’t greeted with a warm welcome. Cyberspace and the internet contains information about the history of the human race, and most cyber-being are not impressed by humans from what they’ve seen. Most cyber-being consider the human brain inferior to AI due to the “human error” aspect
- Not So Dumb for a Human: Roddy was only able to last a long period in cyberspace due to his extensive background and skills in technology. Roddy helped create the pinnacle chips and it’s programs; one of the reasons he stays around in cyberspace is to find out more about the Apex systems and to keep an eye on the pinnacle chip. Roddy spent more time in cyberspace than freakazoid and probably knows more about the operating systems too. Freakazoid once asked Roddy if he ever had the chance to use the pinnacle chip to get superpowers, if he would take it, Roddy’s only response was “what, and look like you?” 
- Not Built For This: One of the reason its dangerous for humans to stay around cyberspace is because of their organic side, they create a type of static electricity (think of cyberspace as a carpet, and humans are wearing a wool sweater) However, if a human gets zapped or hurt in cyberspace it can affect their stem cells, including but not limited to the melanocytes in hair that can turn hair white. Freakazoid is very protective of his human friends when they are in cyberspace together. (freakazoid knows steff would find cyberspace very exciting but he really doesn't want her to go since its so dangerous) 
- Homesick: Freakazoid has to come back to cyberspace every couple of months to “recharge” and check on the core ( bridge the gap between him and the energy field) However he usually gets side tracked and ends up staying longer than needed.
- Always Gotta Ruin the Fun: Despite the dangers, freakazoid genuinely loves hanging around cyberspace because he feels like its the one thing he has that he doesn't have to share with Dexter, but he usually can’t stay long because the cyber-police will start to look for him.
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maristofeli · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Stephanie! Fanboy! Val! Jill!
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e-mirus · 10 days ago
Tumblr media
why so blue dexter dude
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charlieslowartsies · 14 days ago
Tumblr media
an old sketch or maybe lineart, who can tell really ill color anything that doesnt move, of the og boys from my childhood.
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superstarlimo · 18 days ago
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no one watches this show but
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azelforest-art-corner · 25 days ago
Tumblr media
“Come on Dex! DC ain’t gonna save itself!” --- work © Azelforest , do not repost, re-distribute, edit, or claim as your own, etc.
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rabbitsrun · 26 days ago
i’ll write a proper headcanon post for this later but freakazoid is perpetually in the 90’s, no matter what time period he’s interacting from. he will make references relating to the 90’s, the technology he uses is from the 90’s ( like the pager he uses ). even if he is in modern times and knows he is in modern times he will not reference modern media.
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enmitypark · 27 days ago
Please talk about freakazoid I really wanna hear your thoughts headcanons anything if nobody else will encourage you than by God I guess I have to so please TELL ME ALL
uhh hA--
well i can’t leave any sort of canon as it actually is, so i’ve spent the past week in a sandbox building a freakazoid reboot where everything is the same but it’s modern(ish)-day and there’s actual storylines and shit
here’s what i got for that:
-it’d be fun if freakazoid was created by apex to be a virtual assistant software, but the code seemingly ended up corrupted after its first exposure to the internet or smth like that? so the coding was allegedly scrapped, but somehow made its way into the new laptop dexter was given for christmas
-freakazoid’s personality is one part the whole ass internet banging around in his head and one part dexter’s subconscious. he becomes a superhero/looks approximately like one bc of dexter’s half-forgotten love of comics, for example
-i’m characterizing dexter as a kid who grew up too fast. relating to his peers never got him anywhere, because they all wrote him off as a pathetic loser, so he pushed down his enthusiasm and decided he’d be better off without people. he’s also pessimistic by nurture, and doesn’t see much of a future for himself outside of high school
-freak and dex don’t get along initially. freakazoid is jealous that dexter’s the “default” personality (and thus gets more attention), and hurt that dexter’s horrified by him and wants him gone (then is miserably resigned to his fate when he learns that’s impossible.) the dynamic between the two softens quickly, but it’s because dexter quietly accepts the situation and gets used to living life vicariously through freakazoid. freakazoid doesn’t notice this till dexter’s well and used to it, and by then he’s attached to dexter enough that he wants to help
-antics include:
"dexter’s date”, but instead of whatever actually happened dexter just wants freakazoid to handle the date to avoid getting rejected again
their powers get shorted out during a fight with a particular power-heavy enemy, and dexter has to use his wits to save the day
duncan temporarily finds out dex’s identity, which has freak & dex conflicted between accepting him into the fold vs. being petty and vindictive (they trade stances at least once over the episode till duncan’s memory is erased or something)
-all the villains are punch-clock villains (nothing new there, really), except for guitierrez, who hires all the other villains at one point or another to capture freakazoid. he considers freakazoid his sworn enemy, but freak’s just like “do i know you” every time they meet
-roddy & cosgrove “who the heck are you” to allies to lovers speedrun in the background. like they meet and then in the next season they’re living together and their behavior around each other never changes
-what the entire cast lacks in brain cells they make up for in a lack of brain cells
-roddy desperately tries to say “fuck” every chance he gets but he always gets cut off
-it’s implied that roddy makes money through some sort of white-collar crime i.e. stealing guitierrez’s identity ever since he got fired, and that’s how the freakalair is paid for
-alternatively or adjacently, the freakalair began life as guitierrez’s lair, which freakazoid and co. appropriated after guitierrez was arrested (the first time)
-steff is a closet fandom geek with a lot of internalized cringephobia banging around, which is why she barely tolerates dexter even after discovering he and freakazoid are one and the same. dexter doesn’t initially have a crush on her, but he is hurt by her cold shoulder, and he eventually calls her on it. not really sure i care about steff being a love interest for dex or freakazoid, but she and freak definitely get along better initially
that’s? all i got so far lol
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azelforest-art-corner · 27 days ago
Tumblr media
Ahhh, nothing beats a good ol’ cup a’ angst on a cool crisp springy day huh? Inspired by VanillaSpiders freakafic 404 Error! A very lovely fic regarding the split up of the two, it holds a very interesting concept in regards to how Freakazoid’s overall functionality crumbles without Dexter to balance him out. And I am living for it. --- Base by snuffybox. work © Azelforest , do not repost, re-distribute, edit, or claim as your own, etc.  
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dorkwingdad · 28 days ago
As if I don't have enough on my plate already: Thought of a villain Dexter AU, because he's contantly being overlooked, and Freakazoid who can't figure out why he can never catch this villain.
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enmitypark · 29 days ago
i'm a simple man, i see a geeky loser voiced by david kaufman who has nothing going for him in his regular life so he throws his entire identity into superheroics and i lose my mind
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