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cicidrawsa year ago
flight rising has only intensified my love for dragons and now i gotta learnn how to draw dragons
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prisiidon2 months ago
Tumblr media
*hands u an isopod* *hands you an isopod* *hands u a-* Anyway I remade my old Generalofthesea twitter of my zora oc Lionel, I haven鈥檛 drawn him in aGES. ye i slapped on some google image isopods for the shitpost effect dfGFG
Sometimes u just gotta cover urself in them so they can leech some depression off :鈥)
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hesitantxxdelinquenta year ago
Tumblr media
"Will the horny police arrest me for looking at a girl? Dad says they will--"
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potter-certeza7 years ago
No futuro o "te peguei no colo", "troquei suas fraldas", etc, dar茫o lugar ao "curti suas fotos de beb锚 no Facebook"..
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joshwhat92-blog-blog10 years ago
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