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It’s pride month and I really wanted to draw The Doctor and The Master from my human au with pride flags! The Master is genderfluid and the Doctor is genderqueer whoop. The Doctor is not happy to bump into him though hahaha

A little about the au, since I never post about it here - Thirteen is an investigative journalist with amnesia, the TARDIS is a campervan and the Master is a pain in the butt (some things never change).

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this is the final part in the series, Ladies and Gents! I sincerely hope you’ve all enjoyed it! I’d love to hear you thoughts on it! thank you all for your continued support!

Part One   Part Two   Part Three   Part Four


word count: 2.9k



Originally posted by sopheirion

Standing outside the vault, you wondered how on earth you were meant to open it. The door of it was woven metal, with no clear lock or other mechanism. Frustrated, you frowned and directed angry thoughts toward the door, just wanting it to bloody open. Suddenly, the door made a heavy clunking noise, followed by something shifting inside the framework. A creak, then the door began opening. Slightly bewildered, you stumbled back, allowing it to open all the way.

The door was psychic? You had to think for it to open?

What a stupid idea.

Steaming forward, you found yourself in a large room, in similarly dark colours and oppressive metal decoration as the hallway outside. A medium sized podium was raised slightly in the middle of the room, where the Master was sat on an armchair. The Doctor, Yaz, and Ryan were stood at intermittent points around him, presumably watching him. However, when you walked through the door, all eyes in the room turned to you.

“(Y/N)! You’re awake,” Yaz spoke, seemingly unnerved that you had walked in on their confrontation and trying to cover it up with false happiness.

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The Master’s return:

The Master’s last words “All of you, through here, now!” seem significant, it’s not just him surviving… even though the CyberMasters do seem like a bit of a one ep gimmick to me and could have easily been blown up while the Master escaped (hell, the Master’s survival didn’t even need to be signposted explicitly), they are the Cyber army for the Cyberium, who still resides within the Master.


In Villa the Doctor took control of the Cyberium in a frustratingly brief and anticlimactic scene, given that it was saying interesting things about both the Cyberium’s choices and hitherto unforeseen hubris in Thirteen’s character:

“And it chooses me. Interesting. Time Lord magnetism. Looks like I’m the true Guardian. …I’d be very careful with those execution threats. I can feel it already, fusing to me. It feels very at home. Recognising great host material. Not to big myself up, but I don’t think it’ll vacate me without a fight.”

There was some payoff two episodes later in the Master taking control of the Cyberium… but I feel there was potential for more? There was foreshadowing with the Doctor telling the Master: “You’re looking peaky.”  

As I posted here, I think it’s likely that the next time this Doctor and this Master meet, the power roles will be reversed, which after the brutal finality of the events on Gallifrey would be the only way to realistically progress the story of their intense intimate frustratedly angry dynamic. Let the Master be vulnerable, let the Doctor deal with him like that. I think the Master will lose control of the Cyberium; either he starts to burn out from the inside from the insanity, or he actively struggles to get it to do what he wants, or it threatens to leave him - possibly for the Doctor.  

Jack’s return:

Jack has promised to come back when the plot demands, and I think the reunion with the Doctor is bound to go in one of two ways: kissy flirty (which even though Jack had made his intentions clear, I think is REALLY unlikely, given how Thirteen has been written so far), or conflict (that prevents this scenario). If the Master is actively carrying on the Lone Cyberman’s legacy that the alliance Jack was working with tried so hard to send into the far past, Jack is bound to have a continued stake in it and have some strong feelings about the fact that the Doctor failed.

It seems with the Series 12 finale ending with the Judoon turning up and arresting the Doctor after the still unresolved story of their contract with the Time Lords in episode 5, that Chibnall is feeling bullish about carrying continuity forward (as opposed to the handholding of Series 11). So referring to Series 12 events when Jack finally catches up with the Doctor doesn’t seem to be unlikely. (RTD expressed frustration when crafting Series 1 that casual audiences weren’t ready for an arc-heavy series beyond a “Bad Wolf” motif, but now? Now arcs are so common in tv - and genre movies too - and it’s so easy to binge and catch up, I have this idea that audiences actively prefer it on the whole these days.)

I think it’s pretty likely that Jack will show up in the already-filmed holiday special. Partly because it was such a big deal to engineer his secret filming in the first place and apparently he did appear to spend a bit more time doing it than necessary for just episode 5. Partly because his return to see the Doctor has been signposted and expected by audiences. Partly because the holiday specials are generally a bit over the top in tone, like Jack, because they’re meant to be consumed with alcohol and lots of family members. Partly because Chibnall’s promised the special to be fairly fun too. Partly because “When she needs me, I’ll be there” could very well refer to the Judoon prison or trouble with the Daleks. (I hope the UNIT rumour is true!)


The ship Jack stole - any significance or likelihood of finding out more about the battles he was amongst? Anything to do with the Judoon, or with the CyberWars? The ship looked quite a bit like the Gallifreyan warship Starbane from a BBC game, had a TARDIS-y console plus repeated hexagon motifs and shiny brass & golden arrangements. Clearly was from an advanced civilisation if it had nanogenes (the two we’ve seen so far use them have time travel too). 

I somehow doubt that the Master or Ruth!Doctor will be in the special… I feel that’s heavier content saved up for Series 13. Whenever that gets filmed when they feel it’s safe. I guess none of it in South Africa now; with Series 11 and 12 so big on the warm naturalistic aesthetics, the crew will have to rush out to at short notice (probably in the chilly months) to catch all the local sunshine they can in the grand tradition of UK soapie tv crews then slap a bright golden filter over the top. 

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Okay, I lied. It’s going to be in four parts, now. I started writing and I kinda couldn’t seem to stop. This is part two of the ‘Forgotten’ series, with is a Master x Reader. The first part can be read here:

Part One     Part Two      Part Three     Part Four


Word count: 2.4k



Originally posted by wonderworldmotion

The five of you travelled to Sector 7 of the Minor Galactic Alignment, where you could allegedly see the most amount of stars in that particular section of the universe. Of course, travelling with the Doctor means that nothing ever really goes to plan, and you ended up being threatened by a scavenger race who had come across a junkyard full of Dalek and Cybermen parts. When everything was over, you somehow knew that you could never go back to your monotonous life back on Earth. So, when the Doctor offered for you to stay on, just like how Graham, Yaz, and Ryan did, you didn’t even hesitate before saying yes.

The next couple of years flew by. Well, you guessed it would have been just over two years – keeping a track of time in a linear format was hard to do in a spaceship, not to mention all the trips back and forward in time that you took. You grew closer with everyone else on the ship, and while you had a great relationship with Graham, Yaz and Ryan respectively, those relationships couldn’t compare to the relationship you had with the Doctor. The two of you had a great chemistry, able to banter with one another easily while also having serious moments when necessary. There never really seemed to be any awkward ‘getting to know each other’ stage in your journey on becoming good friends, because it was almost as if you already knew each other, you just hadn’t met each other yet. You knew easily what made her tick, how to calm her down, how to rile her up, how to make her smile and laugh and what made her sad. Your relationship with the Doctor was easy, even with how eccentric she is sometimes. You had once made a joke to her about reincarnation, and about how the two of you must have known each other in a past life to be such good friends now. She had laughed, the kind of laugh where you know something the other doesn’t. You had wanted to press further, but the sad look in her eyes stopped you.

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