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Di’s WIP Wednesday
Thank you for the tag @you-remind-me-of-the-babe and @angelsfalling16 💙💙💙
My goal is to write a total of three fics that are in the same timeline as I Choose You (my last year's COBB) and By the Sea (two first parts of I Choose You series), plus one that is happening after the events of Talk to Me (final part for now.)
Not to spoil anything but in I Choose You fic (my second snowbaz wedding fic 🥺🥺🥺), Simon and Fiona become best bros. That's sort of my go-to thing while writing. I live for them getting close and care for each other. 😭💙
That's why I really wanted to write more of the bonding between Simon and Fiona (who is my soulmate and deserves the best things, in this case an extra nephew to antagonise 🥰)
Today’s snippet is set in the first chapters of I Choose You. Which was one of the hardest fics for me to write, but I had the most supportive artist ever Roz @knittininja who is just amazing and got me through every crisis. 💙🥰💙🥰💙
Sorry this was super long, I'm just so excited. 🤩🤩🤩 Here's the snippet:
Simon’s pov
“You proposed to Basil because he was crying?” asks Fiona and I spill tea all over me. (Good thing it's just tea and not whatever she offered me at first, or I’d smell like a drunken sailor on the way home.)
“Not because,” I correct her, wondering where she's got the idea in the first place, or if Baz’s aunt is just messing with me. Would not put it past her, “while Baz was crying. There's a difference.”
A big one too. A huge difference is what I want to say but Fiona is a tiny woman and I'm terrified to say “huge” to her face in case she takes offence and kills me.
She's tiny yet strong. I'm pretty sure she's stronger than me. Maybe even Baz and he’s got vampire strengths.
“Oh relax, Chosen One,” she waves her hand in front of my face, (not in a threatening way, I don't think). “This isn't criticism.”
“It isn’t?” I almost drop the whole cup in shock.
That'd be the first. I feel like Fiona Pitch is the definition of someone who always criticises people. Me especially.
“Of course not. You proposing to my nephew is probably one of the few things that could make him stop crying.”
“Again, not why I proposed,” I snap despite my better judgment because I'm getting a bit worked up now.
I don't want Fiona to walk around telling people I proposed to Baz, the person I love the most, because he was crying.
“I disagree,” mutters Baz’s aunt, taking another sip of something that is in a teacup but most definitely isn't tea.
Tagging (no pressure 💙): @satsukii @dreamingkc @shemakesmeforget @wellbelesbian @otherpeoplesheartachept-2 @simonsnowsfreckles @simon--spooks @sleepdeprivedphilosopher @ineffable-grimm-pitch @itookthesenseofhumorinthedivorce @lilylemon12 @simonsknows @urban-sith @asocialpessimist @gampyre @themagic-est @spacepuff39 @nonbaznary @jasonfunderberkerthefrogexists @captain-aralias @tbasilpitch @maybebrilliant @sillyunicorn @aroace-genderfluid-sheep @ifsnowbazwerereal @anotherdisasterpan @confused-bi-queer @martsonmars @blu-riie @findingniamho @the-pandora-jar @palimpsessed @wolfywordweaver @xivz and anyone else who wants to do this. 💙💙💙
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lavfeyson · 15 days ago
mitski releases a sudden new song and the next day the zodiac killer is identified and there’s a new pjoverse book coming out she’s so powerful
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marukmpos · a year ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Avatar The Last Airbender! CyberPunk AU
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heyimboredtalktome · a month ago
Percy being a marine biologist is gonna be so funny because he can literally just talk to the sea animals and find out what exactly is bothering them like his partner is gonna be like Joe the goldfish hasn't eaten anything for two days and he's just laying there, we're worried that he's got some life threatening disease and Percy's gonna talk to Joe once and be like aww his girlfriend dumped him :(
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peepo · 4 months ago
le donations have stopped and i'm still in monetary distress has arrived. have no fear, i have comissions open but for me my one (1) fear is that nobody is commissioning me (because its true) so if you wanna give something that will be used on A. moving out of a house I feel unsafe in B. securing a method of transportation C. yes I still have medical debt because the healthcare system wants me to suffer specifically and not get the Medicaid i literally need to live/function
I have a gofundme, I also have commissions open I'm exhausted of ebegging and i just wish i was able to get employed and help others out for once & im getting there. (20/06/21)
venmo | paypal | cashapp
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Batman doesn't eat pussy because when he was a child a clitoris pushed his mother off a cliff.
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maxyartwork · 3 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
since I can’t learn to make high quality gifs to save my life here’s the two drawings from the sylvie animation thing
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