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Feel free to use any of these dialogue ideas in your writing. Be creative with the context!
"I don't need your help"
"look at this"
"I kept my promise"
"I'm not feeling well"
"this one is my favorite"
"it's too hot"
"I can't afford it"
"I didn't know what to do"
"my head is pounding"
"I'll take care of it"
"it's now or never"
"I have bad news"
"let's go together"
"I can't think straight"
"we can't risk it"
"I'm too scared"
"this feels wrong"
"I want one"
"it really hurts"
"that was really nice of you"
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gogys · 19 hours ago
Techno: Yeah, I’m gonna be flexin’ on my doctor “Yeah, I raised, like uh... 300,000-ish for sarcoma research, so if you guys can give me the real medicine, that would be... you know.”
Phil and Ranboo: [laughing]
Techno: I’ve been concerned that the nurses are actually just pluggin’... pluggin’ dyed bags of water into my IV to save money.
Phil: Oh-
Techno: Had to tell ‘em I knew GeorgeNotFound and they’re like “Oh, one second” and they unplugged all my bags and replaced them with ones labeled “Real Chemotherapy”
Phil, Ranboo and Techno: [laughing]
Techno, over laughter: True story. It’s a true story
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casualwriter · 2 days ago
Dialogue Prompts: “Listen…”
1. “Listen!”
“Oh. Yeah that’s the rat, I kinda think of him as a roommate by now.”
2. “You never listen.”
“I would if you talked to me.”
3. “I need you to listen to me right now.”
“I could listen to your beautiful voice for the rest of my days.”
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I love large casts because I love different personalities. When writing scenes with a lot of people, how do you balance appreciating each character while focusing on the important ones? For example, is it considered “cheap” to mainly focus on the dialogue that the main characters say while writing important reactions from the side characters?
It's absolutely okay! It's not a visual media, you can't capture everyone's interactions at the same time. Like extras in a movie shoot, some of your characters will be shoved in the background if they have nothing vital to add.
When trying to decide how many people to have an active role in the scene, ask yourself the following questions:
Is this reaction plot relevant? (Jim angrily interrupts the reading of the will, Hiroki corrects a historical fact, etc)
Is this reaction character relevant? (June reacts emotionally to learning of a childhood lie, Ji-Hoon reveals he let the thief go)
Can the reactions of others be stated later? (Sarah and Monique discuss how they felt about the will-reading, Wenting angrily fumes in her room about the house being sold)
If 1 person is driving the conversation, and 12 people are present, 2-3 people will have the most active role in it, with some inserts from 5-6, and the rest of the cast will be reacting in the background.
Every Avenger is present, but the conversation is happening between Steve-Tony-Bruce, with a few comments from Vision, some exchanged looks between Natasha and Clint, a brief flash of Wanda frowning, etc. Each character is important, but you have to prioritize scene by scene.
Some good recent books juggling large casts:
The Inheritance of Orquídea Divina by Zoraida Cordova
No Gods, No Monsters by Cadwell Turnbull
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skriveting · 2 days ago
A bunch of different dialogue prompts #30
"If only one of us is can make it out of here alive... it's gonna be me."
"Honey, what's going on? Why are you crying?" "*sniffs* What if they don't like the wrapping paper on the gift?" "They will, honey, don't worry. Go back to sleep." "Are you sure?" "One hundred percent. Trust me." "Okay."
"This is outrageous!" "Sweetheart, you have to calm down."
"Back then I honestly didn't think it could get any worse. But then I met them, and I thought, uh oh." "And we've been inseparable ever since."
"How was your day?" "Nice. Why do you ask?" "Because I wanted to make sure you had a nice last day before I kill you"
"Where are the others?" "You mean the scum you call friends?" "Yes, now where are they?"
"You're an idiot." "Takes one to know one."
"Why did you do that?? I got what you were saying, I didn't need a demonstration!"
"Listen, we don't want any trouble." "Well I guess that's too bad, cuz I do."
"What are you laughing at?- Actually, I don't wanna know."
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ghostly-prompts · 2 days ago
Prompt #41
“Could you just—just not be a villain? Everything would be so much simpler then.”
“Perhaps it would be simpler, but it would certainly not be easy.”
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levimoid · 16 hours ago
Regis: This used to be my castle.
Geralt: What? You didn't think to mention that we're robbing your old house sooner?!
Regis: It's no longer mine. I forgot a few things
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theliteraryarchitect · 23 days ago
Quick editing tip: Passing time
Hey all, here’s a quick tip about showing the passage of short amounts of time in a scene. I see a lot of beats like this:
She hesitated
He paused
A few seconds later
There was a long silence
He waited for her to answer
She didn’t respond
Instead of telling us there’s a brief moment of silence or pause in your scene, try showing us by creating the feeling that time has passed through action, description, or inner monologue. Here are a few examples.
“Are you coming or not?”
He waited for her to answer, but she didn’t respond.
“Clare? Did you hear me?”
“Are you coming or not?”
Clare scrolled through her phone, her face illuminating with a eerie blue glow.
“Clare? Did you hear me?”
Jared lingered at the suspect’s front gate. If this guy didn’t answer Jared’s questions, he was screwed.
“Hey you!” a voice shouted. “Get off my property!”
Jared hesitated. Finally, he turned to face the man. “I’m afraid I can’t do that.”
Jared lingered at the suspect’s front gate. If this guy didn’t answer Jared’s questions, he was screwed.
“Hey you!” a voice shouted. “Get off my property!”
Jared patted his holster. He had a gun, but he certainly didn’t want to use it. Taking a deep breath, he turned to face the man. “I’m afraid I can’t do that.”
Not only does creating a pause instead of describing a pause allow your reader to feel the moment more vividly, it gives you a chance to explain what exactly that pause is about. People hesitate, pause, don’t respond, etc. for all kinds of reasons. Give us as much insight as you can into your weird quiet moment.
Of course, you don’t need to do this every single time. Sometimes it’s fine to say “he paused” or “the room was quiet for a moment”—it could be the best choice for that scene. But look back through your draft and see if you’ve used those “telling” descriptions more often than you needed to. If so, try to create the feeling of a pause—perhaps one that gives the reader a bit more information—using these techniques.
Hope this helps!
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vicea · 28 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
dream: that’s 21 thousand dollars that goes to a really good cause… and to anybody out there who has a loved one or they themselves are suffering from cancer - or have in the past, hearts out to you guys and your family and everything. It’s an amazing cause- oh god I'm about to cry *forced laughter*-- but yeah! yeah! a lot of money for a good cause.. and yeah I love you guys :)
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write-it-motherfuckers · 5 months ago
Person A: “I’m going to kill you!”
Person B: “Understandable. Could you at least wait until I finish my coffee though?”
Person A: “...What?”
Person B: “It’s a really good coffee.”
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casualwriter · 13 hours ago
Dialogue Prompts: “Try…”
1. “Just give it a try, okay?”
“Yeah, I’m gonna go with a definite no on this one.”
2. “I tried.”
“And now you’ve forgotten why.”
3. “It’s like you’re not even trying.”
“Neither of us would be here if that was true.”
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howunexpectedlyso · 3 months ago
Responses to “I Love You” Prompt List
“I love you.”
“I know.”
“No, you don’t.”
“Don’t lie to me.”
“Don’t give me hope.”
“Don’t joke like that.”
“You do?”
“Is that so?”
“I don’t.”
“I’m sorry.”
“Don’t die on me, after saying something like that!”
“Took you long enough to say it.”
“I should hope so, we’ve only been together x amount of time.”
“I don’t believe you.”
“I love you... as a friend.”
“Thanks, I love me too.”
“Are you sure?”
“Woah, that came out of left field.”
“... I’ve got to go.”
“Wow. Um, okay.”
“Who are you and what have you done with name?”
“You mean me? Me?”
“Now’s not really the time for dramatic confessions.”
“Well that’s an utterly terrifying thought.”
“And you’re just realizing now?”
“That's improbable.”
“Are you delirious?”
“Please don’t.”
“Even after all this time?”
“About time.”
“All I did was offer to do x menial task.”
“You still have to pay your bill.”
“Great. Fantastic. Wonderful.”
“That’s new.”
“Okay. Okay, okay, okay.”
“Do you mean that or is it the alcohol talking?”
“Like as a friend, right?”
“That doesn’t matter anymore.”
“I wish I could say the same.”
“... Is this a prank/joke?”
“That’s old news.”
”I will never get tired of hearing you say that.” and of course...
“I love you, too.”
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the-modern-typewriter · 3 months ago
if it's not too much, could you please write about a protagonist who is tipsy/drunk and flirts with the antagonist? if you could make it a bxb, it'd be very very grateful. love youuu ❤
"You know," the protagonist said. "You have a very kissable mouth."
"And that's you cut off."
"I'm not even drunk!" The protagonist clutched his wine closer, pointing a warning finger in the antagonist's direction.
"No?" The antagonist's voice was a low, low rumble - somewhere between amusement and danger. He leaned against the table, crowding the protagonist effortlessly into the booth. "Then what's your excuse?"
"Excuse?" The protagonist's brow furrowed. His heart skipped. His death grip on the glass loosened.
"Mm." The antagonist said, tucking a finger beneath the protagonist's chin. "Your excuse for thinking you can get away with saying something like that to me."
"Oh." The protagonist's cheeks coloured. God. He had just told his nemesis he had a very kissable mouth, hadn't he? What kind of idiot move was that? Of course, it was true. Otherwise such blatant facts wouldn't slip out while he was staring at those exquisitely kissable...The protagonist's gaze snapped back to the antagonist's eyes. He bit down on his lip, then, measuring.
Okay, yes, he was probably a little tipsy. Yes, he could probably pretend he had absolutely no idea what he was doing. But, he did. Just as he knew the words might just make his nemesis look at him like that, all dark and heated. Just as he knew the antagonist would glance at his mouth at the bite.
"You know," the protagonist said, jutting his chin up. "I wasn't really planning to get away with anything. Not this time. Thought maybe you'd find a creative way to shut me up."
The antagonist's expression flickered, no doubt registering the protagonist's intent and deliberation. The tectonic shifts of their convoluted relationship, ready to shatter the world.
"A few ideas did cross my mind," the antagonist mused, after a moment. "But, you see, given you're drunk...."
"Now you care about ethics?"
"Not ethics." The antagonist leaned in.
"Me? Aw."
"Not you." The antagonist huffed, but for a moment he seemed - fond - something. "Well, you, I suppose. In a way."
The protagonist raised a brow. He leaned in, leaned up, so there was only a few inches between them. "In a way?"
"Mm. The way in which...when you end up in my bed, golden boy, you will be of clear mind and sanity, so that you can't pretend you begged my name for any reason other than that you wanted to."
The protagonist swallowed. His mouth dried. He felt a grin curl the corners of his lips; challenge offered, received and matched.
"It was just a statement of fact, you know."
The antagonist reared back. "Excuse me?"
"That you have a kissable mouth." The protagonist's eyes gleamed. "Just a statement of fact. Very objective. You're the one who took that and jumped straight between the sheets. Something on your mind there?"
The antagonist opened his mouth and...spluttered.
The protagonist's grin grew. "I'm flattered," he purred. "Really. Now, I believe you were saying something about cutting me off-"
The antagonist grabbed him by the shirt, and kissed him.
Goddamn, but it was a kissable mouth.
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prokopetz · 24 days ago
Video game dialogue options that are delivered way more aggressively than you assumed they’d be based on the prompt are bad, but the actual worst is when you see a prompt in a dialogue tree that you assume must be the sarcastic or smartass option because there’s no other conceivable reason to say something like that, but then you choose it and the actual delivery is totally sincere.
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