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#dialogue prompt
Writing Prompt #1784
"You think that all made me stronger?" He balked at the idea. "All it ever did was teach me how to walk on broken bones and hide my problems. Don't act all high and mighty about my pain. You don't know the first thing about strength."
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givethispromptatry · a day ago
“Self-sacrifice isn’t as noble as you think it is. You are allowed to save yourself and, honestly, we want you to live.”
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prompts-in-a-barrel · a day ago
“You’re terrible.”
“You love it.”
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mzjmesa · 2 days ago
unrequited love prompts
1.) “i can't stop thinking about them.”
2.) “do you think they'll love me back?”
3.) “it's just a silly feeling, i'm pretty sure it'll go away.”
4.) “i love you!” // “don't ever say that again.”
5.) “i can't. i can't. i just can't anymore, i need to get it out my chest— i-i need to tell them! i need to- i need to tell them how i feel. it's too heavy.”
6.) “are you guys... uhm... together? like, officially?”
7.) “i can't stop falling inlove with someone who's too busy falling for someone else.”
8.) “i can't describe what kind of pain or feeling this is. it's like, i'm buried alive, 60 feet down, and i can't breathe.”
9.) “i want you! i love you! i-i always have.” // “well, i don't. you've done enough, maybe even too much this year, aren't you fucking tired?”
10.) “if there was some kind of pill to this kind of pain i'd overdose.”
11.) “i want them. but how could i possibly have them? they're so happy with someone else. they're perfect for each other— they're meant to be together.”
12.) “when i could finally get over this, i promise you, i won't be a menace anymore.”
13.) “please give me a chance. please. let me love you.” // “no. no. no. i-i can't. i-i love someone else, and i have no room for someone like you.”
14.) “i just wanna rip my heart out of my chest. i bet it hurts less.”
15.) “i love their smile so much. and that eyes, have i ever mentioned how that's simply the prettiest eyes there is? and oh, that cute spark on it when they're excited about something and it's like a little star that twinkles. fuck, i'm in deep, aren't i?”
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goevejonesworld · a day ago
Quotes from my dumbass classmates that can totally be used as dialogue prompts #3
“Her secret weapon is emotional damage”
“Switzerland! It is always Switzerland when something goes wrong!”
“I´m a facist. Or what do you call people who want peace?” “THAT IS A PACIFIST”
“I´m pro one-child-policy. I would not haven been born that way.”
“Life is happyness! You should be happy, that you live!” “I was born without my consent and life is crap in general.”
“Now don´t think my father is an alcoholic ...” *real happy* “Mine is!”
“Pleasy come to my family gathering. There´ll even be alcohol and pudding.” “Alcohol and pudding?! Bitch, I´m in!”
“I woke up an hour ago and just thought Tom was in fact Maya.” “Maya is a redhead. Tom is a small, dark guy.”
“Oh how I´ll enjoy my paste while you write your exam”
“Why are you all so overjoyed that Matt suffers?”
“We use the freetime to read incestous porn.” “Someone discovered Supernatural”
“I CAN kill small children. Doesn´t mean I`m going to. But in theory ...”
*looking at picture of weed* *nodding happily* “What a beauty”
“Gender norms mean nothing in the year 2021″
“In later life, you could become a soldier, or an astronaut” “Or a stripper.”
“How was your exam?” “Die”
“Are you crying because it´s so difficult?” “No, I´m simply enjoying Matt´s suffering”
“Mr. Spencer and Mr. Stone do have some homoerotic subtext.”
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mxvalentinee · 2 days ago
Fluff prompt list!
for headcanons, oneshots, etc. just state your number and character/s in my ask box! (some can definitely be platonic, and feel free to use these!)
One person secretly draws a portrait of the other
Going shopping together
One person tries to shield the other from the rain
One person puts together an outfit for the other
Going on a picnic together
Watching horror movies together
Holding hands (I know it’s vague but it has potential)
Playing video games together
One person is scared of spiders
Doing each other’s makeup/nails
One person tries to bond with the other’s pet even though they don’t really like animals
Keeping each other warm in the cold
One person thinks the other is hiding something bad but they’re just trying really hard to hide the fact that they just bought the other a ridiculous novelty item
One person thinks the other is hiding something bad but really they’re just in looove (this feels so cheesy)
“I just- well I was thinking- Jesus Christ you’re distracting,”
“I didn’t know where else to go.” (I KNOW it’s cliche but it’s also cute)
“You did WHAT?” “…I stole their ____…”
“Kiss me if I’m wrong but… cats have thumbs.” “Some cats do have thumbs, actually.” “Fuck.”
“I’ve missed you.”
“Miss me?”
“Oh, fuck you.” “Is that a request?” “god damn it-“
“Oh no.” “What?” “Nothing, nothing nothing nothing, just uh, don’t look in the mirror for a minute hang on-”
“Hang on, there’s something on your lip.” “Do you really think I’m going to fall for that?” “Maybe.”
“Hey, how’s it g- Jesus, are you alright?”
“No, you’re soaked! Here, I probably have something you could wear.”
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theworldofprompts · 14 hours ago
"I said defeat the witch, not marry her!"
"Hey look, she's my wife now. Things change."
"And you're incredibly stupid."
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Writing Prompt: Dialogue
"You're like... a good Scotch,"
"How so?"
"Mmm, your scent is... smoky. Kinda like a campfire meets a leather-bound book. It's just lovely,"
"And you've had a few drinks, haven't you?"
"Only a couple. Want some?"
"Thank you, but no. I believe you've had enough for the both of us this evening,"
"Oh poo,"
"C'mon. Let's get you to bed—to sleep. Only sleep,"
"Aww, you're no fun,"
"I know, I know. I love you too, [----]."
"Now you're not playing fair,"
"Not on this,"
"...I love you,"
"Pleasant dreams, sweet girl,"
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sleepyprompts · 2 days ago
Prompt #551
“You’re at my house. I found you and brought you back here. You saw your blood on my shirt, remember? I said I’d stay until you fell asleep."
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seafoamicecream · 2 days ago
"My parents sent me here to learn how to control my powers. But the truth is that I figured them out a long time ago. I just pretend I’m struggling.”
“Why would you do that?”
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givethispromptatry · 17 hours ago
“I really would like to hang out together for, like, a really long time. Like, the rest of our lives. I got us these cool rings we can wear if you agree.”
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prompts-in-a-barrel · 16 hours ago
“Sorry about... being weird when we first met. I’m a little out of practice.”
“With what? Flirting?”
“Talking. To other people.”
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mzjmesa · 2 days ago
prompt #26
person a: “i love you!”
person b: “oh really? well, if you do, you sure as hell knows that i'm a busy person and too occupied to care about whatever childish nonsense this is. am i right?”
person a: “but i—”
person b: “we're not in a romcom movie, honey. i don't care how deep those feelings are, i don't care at all.”
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goevejonesworld · a day ago
Quotes from my crackhead teachers that can totally be used as dialogue prompts
“If you don´t want to be called ´Pineapple´ in the near future, you should start writing you name on your papers.”
“Phase Three: Don´t worry, Matt, you won´t see my ass in a minute”
“You need to do things eight times before you master them. That´s why parent advice protection for the first time.”
“Get yourself a book out of the locker. No, that one´s for the TV”
“Did you get the funny bit, you son of a bitch”
“If you want to, you can hold hands during the exam.”
“And then we look at the car and say ´Oh!´ and the car will be very happy”
“I´m so venomous today. Like a viper.”
“That´s the third time I said ´Ass´ today.”
“We´re doing something called education. No idea what that means.”
“Did you smoke weed while making this?”
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theworldofprompts · a day ago
"Oh my god the city... is full of literal angels."
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Writing Prompt: Dialogue
"Oh, I'm not offended. You needn't apologize. My sisters found it quite amusing. Actually, if you were so inclined, my sisters found your boldness and ferocity... intriguing."
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