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#diamond is unbreakable

Hazamada doodles! I love him so much,,,

Btw the sleepy Hazamada is wearing the Garfield Neon Genesis shirt

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Well, I answered it a couple of asks ago, but it was buried in a ton of other rambling, so I can see how you’d miss it. I’ve heard of TL;DRs for that… Should I start doing those? Was it not formatted well enough? I hope I can be more accessible!!

I run a spa with my fiancée! It’s called Jo-An 4. To go into specifics, it’s built in the style of a Moroccan riad. That means it’s a two-story building built around a courtyard, with the upper floor for guest rooms and the lower floor for spa facilities (and regular house stuff). You can get an appointment without booking a stay, of course!

I could go on for hours about how fun of a job it is. Send me any more questions you have about it! I promise we’re not as hippieish as we sound…

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wait how the absolute megafuck did kira know about cinderella and its abilities

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SO THIS IS HAYATO !!!!!!!!!!!!!! she has ND vibes

i get bad vibes from this dude. is it the one whose face kira stole?? bc yeah i can tell already by the way hes been shown to try multiple keys to the door + the black hair
i wonder if he somehow got to learn about this dude’s whole life before taking his place, stuff like workplace, habits, routine oh no i am so worried about this lady

[kira turns on the radio]
[no children by the mountain goats starts playing immediately]

did they just fucking break into his hou se

OH MY GOD KIRA PLAYS VIOLIN. or at least used to! i think people should use this more in regards to visuals.

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josuke carefully followed every detail you explained to him, and had the chance to understand how much of a great addition to the squad the guy named eric had been. “old lady eiko spends her whole days in front of the salon… how could i not think about asking her… well done, really, well done.” he sincerely stated. “so this narrows down our chances to yamamoto gina and kawajiri kosaku, but to make it as realistic as possible, i’d keep an eye on kawajiri rather than on yamamoto.” the student reasoned. “plus if she came out before kira, gina can’t be involved.” josuke gathered up the information you had given him. “i’ll ask rohan to take some pictures of a regular day of kawajiri kosaku… and yamamoto gina too, just in case, in order to start investigating. thank you so much, eric.”

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Yukako: Okay, guys, I gotta say something. I think my feelings for Koichi may be resurfacing.

Josuke: Oh, please, they were buried in a shallow grave.

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Hello! I shall match you with…..


Originally posted by bloomingshadows676


Do I need to explain? He is extroverted, caring, fun, gorgeous, supportive and a Gemini.

He loves your style and character! He has quite the uncommon fashion sense as well and he fully supports you! He appreciates the way you show love to him and does the exact same!

Josuke loves spending time and talking to you, he relates to you a lot and likes socializing. He really likes cuddling, kisses, hugs ect and would love to travel with you in the future.

You are gorgeous and he always compliments you and shows that to you! He doesn’t mind you being clingy and really adores the attention.

You remind him of Okuyasu sometimes too. Also be prepared to meet the whole gang who will love ya!


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Thank you for your request, my precious anonnie💚

“I know everything about you, darling, and you’re so perfect.”

Yandere! Josuke x Fem! Reader

Word count: 1330

Warnings: yandere behavior, kidnapping

It’s only the beginning


Moving was really hard for you - going away from your dear home where you’ve spent your whole life, leaving all your friends you’ve known since childhood. It was painful, but it is what life was - you need to leave some things to get new ones. Your parents got promotion at work, so they were supposed to move to Morioh to develop and improve the quality of tourism there.

You was worried about how would your new classmates meet you and to your surprise they warmly welcomed you. Y/n quickly got along with new schoolmates and even made friends with a few girls, teachers were friendly and everything seemed fine, but there’s always a fly in the ointment.

This “fly” was one of your new classmates - Higashikata Josuke. Actually, he was a really nice guy - handsome, funny and witty. He was one of the firsts you’ve made acquaintance with, you two got along quickly, but there was something about him that put you on guard. There was this little sparkle in his eyes that looked kinda… insane. You felt his intense gaze all the time, you even though he could burn holes on your back.

As time went your worry seemed to completely dissolve. You got to know this weird guy a little better, but it’s not that you’ve become great friends with Higashikata. You two had fun hanging out at school together, you even came over to each other’s houses a few times to play video games and boast about collections of your manga. Josuke introduced you to Okuyasu and Koichi, four of you often had ice cream at the park after school, everything seemed fine so far.

It all begun one day, what you were coming home from school. God, it was such a long and tiring day, it felt like all your teachers conspired and decided to give a test for every subject at the same day. Finally, this hell was over.

- Hey, you hear me? - your friend’s soft voice got your head out of clouds. - You coming, or you’re gonna sit here for the rest of the day? - Your eyes met with /friend’s name/ eyes and she brightly smiled at you.

- Oh, sorry, I was far away. - You stood up from your seat, quickly picking all your stuff into your backpack and catching up with /Friend’s name/ that has already left the classroom.

The weather was just amazing - it was almost the end of the spring, sun shone mildly, slightly warming up the air but not hot enough to get really uncomfortable.

/Friend’s name/ was talking about new clothing collection from a brand you’ve never even heard about. She was so emotional, jabbering about how horrible those new looks were and that it was one of their worst presentments ever, and, suddenly, someone called you out.

- Y/n, hey! - when you turned your head to see who was calling you out, you noticed no one else, but Josuke, running towards you and waving his hand to draw your attention.

- Hey, - a boy said when he finally caught up with you, - I couldn’t find you anywhere, lemme catch my breath.

- What’s this, Higashikata? Did UFO attack our planet and you need my help to save this world? - Josuke giggled at your words, straightened up and looked downwards at you from his own height.

- I need to talk to you. In private, - he added last words as he glanced at your friend. /Friend’s name/ rose her hands in a sign of solidarity, winked at you and with a naughty smirk on her face said “Good luck, doves”, left you two alone.

- You rolled your eyes at this and then turned towards Josuke, paying him your full attention. At your intense sight Higashikata seemed to get a little nervous, but he slightly shook his head, to not break his hair, and looked you right in the eyes.

- Khm, so, it took me a lot of time and affords to understand all my thoughts and feelings together and to gather them all. It was bouncing in my head for a long time and I just wanted to tell you that, well, I really like you. Like, in romantic way. I want to go on dates and hold hands with you, and lots of other cheesy things, so… Will you be my girlfriend? - Josuke blurted out in one breath.

Wait, what? A confession was the last thing you’ve expected to hear. It has taken you aback, and Josuke could see it by the dumbstruck astounded expression on your face. He swallowed loudly and rubbed his wrist nervously.

- Y/n? Please, don’t be silent, - Josuke furrowed his eyebrows while nibbling on bottom lip You could see light blush covering his cheeks and ears, gosh, he was so freaking nervous.

- Oh, I’m sorry… But, Josuke, are you sure? I mean, we don’t even know each other, how could you fell in love with me? Don’t take slight attachment as real love. I’m sure that you’ll find someone way better than me and you two wil-

- No! - you were interrupted by teen’s loud voice, his fists were clenching and his breathing became louder. - Don’t say this! It’s not true!

His harsh loud tone frightened you a little, things started to heat up and you understood that it was the right time for you to leave.

- Josuke, calm down. There’s no need to get this emotional. I just think that I’m not the right one for you. And we don’t know anything about each other! We can’t just randomly start dating! We’re too different, I’m not good for you.

- What are you talking about? I know everything about you, Y/n, and you’re so perfect!

It looked like Higashikata didn’t hear you at all. Well, now you were sure that you gotta get out of there.

- You know, I think we better talk about it tomorrow, we both got to cool down. I need some time to think about it and-

- You’re not going anywhere. - You felt tight grip on your elbow as you started to back away from your classmate. When you rose your eyes up to meet his sight you froze - there wasn’t a Josuke you knew. A ruthless monster was standing in front of you, his piercing gaze was burning holes in your forehead.

- Let go, you’re hurting me! - you whined as his fingers started clenching tighter on your arm, causing pain growing stronger with every second.

- You’re hurting me way more. Just say “yes” and I’ll let go of you.

- No, you’re crazy! - tears started gathering in the corners of your eyes as you tried to shake Josuke’s hand off of you. You harshly pulled your arm and finally succeeded to release from his grip.

You turned around on your heels, running as fast as you could, but suddenly you felt somone grabbing your shoulders and turning you back towards Higashikata. You looked around and saw no one, but your classmate, standing a few meters away from you. But how? You still felt this strong hold on your body.

- Good job, Diamond, - brunette said he was approaching you.

- Who are you talking to? You’re scaring me! - Hot tears finally ran out of your eyes, quiet sobs started coming out of your chest as Josuke cupped your face, whipping tears with his thumbs.

- Oh, please, don’t cry! I didn’t want to resort to extreme measures, but you forced me to. If only you were a good girl everything could be different! But don’t worry now, I’ll take a great care of you! I promise!

Josuke’s smiling face, slightly worried, was the last thing you saw before world became dark and silent. Oh, it was only the beginning of your story…


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I read the Dead Man’s Questions and was hella pissed bc I was so hyped at what will happen to the next chapter, like what would the monk say and stuff. But it fucking ended.

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personal headcanons— ☆


13 - What gets them flustered

  • Being complimented, being told he’s done a good job, eating really good food, and meeting new people.
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nijimura okuyasu

tag: @gintokayy


13: what gets them flustered

it’s pretty easy to get okuyasu flustered after all, let’s not lie to ourselves, but there are some things he just can’t resist. for example, when you wear his jacket or his tank top, he just feels like you belong to him and it’s the best sensation he could wish for. okuyasu gets flustered when you give him the chance to spoil you with his cooking, and will blush when you compliment his dishes. he gets flustered when you hold his stand, and will shiver at the feeling of the hug on his own body too as you hug the hand. the student likes it when you study together, the way you look into his eyes as you explain your reasonments. he lives for it. he’s definitely into you.

15: what it takes to make them cry (asked by another anon)

we learnt pretty well that he cries for any little thing that ruins his day. examples are the koichi and yukako story, the fact that his favourite ice cream shop was closed and more seriously, his childhood’s story. but he can cry out of stress, insomnia, memories coming back to his mind. most of the time, when this happens, he calls you by the phone even if you’re asleep. okuyasu can cry if a date doesn’t go the way he had planned, he can cry if someone gets the chance to tell him he’s stupid or not that smart. but most importantly, he can cry with you when you feel bad and need someone to understand the way you feel.

disclaimer: nsfw headcanon. do not keep reading if you don’t feel like reading this.

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