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#diana × gwyn
hardlymatters · 4 days ago
So, TDA ended with Alec and Magnus’s wedding.
Guess TWP ends with Gwyn and Diana’s because Jem and Tessa are already married???
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nonconformityproceeds · 28 days ago
QOAAD final battle
Diana: *cutting all those bitches heads off from the back of Orion*
Gwyn: *riding Orion while smiling proudly* omg guys that's my girlfriend
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cuebooks · a month ago
Another TSC Ships as aesthetic book quotes because It’s my blog and I’m annoying:
Keiran and Mark:
Tumblr media
Dru and Ash/Dru:
Tumblr media
Diana and Gywn:
Tumblr media
Kit and Ty:
Tumblr media
Mark, Cristina, and Kieran:
Tumblr media
Magnus and Camille:
Tumblr media
Izzy to Simon:
Tumblr media
Simon to Izzy:
Tumblr media
Kit about Ty:
Tumblr media
Not a ship but some great siblings: Jace and Izzy to Alec:
Tumblr media
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jaceherondalefans · a month ago
Hi!! I was thinking about writing a Shadowhunter scene, but I can’t decide. What do I write among the below-?
Jace X Clary (Choose setting, I’m thinking about a scene at the Shadow Market, also romantic or action or both?)
Simon X Isabelle (On patrol; romantic, action or both?)
Magnus X Alec (Alec comes back after a long day of Clave politics, the guy is the new Consul after all, and Magnus waits for him at home, it’s romantic ‘course)
Now that the Main Three Couples are done,
Jocelyn X Luke (Married couple romance...?)
Jace X Alec (Patrolling parabatai)
Simon X Clary (Patrolling parabatai)
And the TDA couples/threesome-
Julian X Emma {Romantic Paris dinner (they did talk about talking vacay and roam the world at part of their higher studies)}
Mark X Cristina X Kieran (I think I will write this one, the mere thought of penning this is making my heart flutter) (Kieran comes home after a long ass day of being the king and finds Cristina sick, Mark comes in a little later after his own work)
Drusilla X Ash (Another dream encounter...?)
Diana X Gwyn (A romantic ride among the stars?)
Tell me!
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kevin-day-is-bi · 2 months ago
I’m so glad that you liked it!!! But like seriously though, Gotham is so batshit (hehe) insane that no Downworlder or Shadowhunter likes to even go near there. I follow so many Batfam accounts and there was this one post that was hysterical about Gotham vs the rest of the US and it was great. If I can find it I will give you the link to it. But yeah, I feel like Kit wouldn’t even be flustered by anything the Shadow world could throw at him, because honestly, compared to what the Rogues pull on a regular basis, it can’t be that bad.
Nonono but like. Johnny moves Kit back to LA cause Gotham is just Too Much which lets us keep the events of TDA so like.
*Demon attacking the Institute*
Kit: at least it isnt the fucking Joker
Shadowhunters: Kit I know you're not used to this, are you ok?
Kit: lol I got kidnapped by Two-Face once
Shadowhunters: this is dangerous get back!!!
Kit, who has 100% sassed Poison Ivy once: .....
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whatisbraincells · 2 months ago
Via Talks Ships Day One:
Randomly pick a number which means a ship!
Five a day!
Today’s numbers: 4, 22, 51, 67, 88
Tumblr media
Fandom: The Walking Dead Games
Characters: Clementine and Violet
Status: Can Vary
Type: WLW
Favorite Thing: Love in the time of a zombie  apocalypse
Small Little Extra Special Thing: Interracial(Clem is black and Vi is white) and interabled(at least by the end, Clem doesn’t have a leg and Vi doesn’t have an eye) relationship!
Dynamic: “Friends to Lovers”
Least Favorite Thing: TWDG Is filled with pain, and this ship is no exception
Sexualites/Gender Identies: Clem is bi and Vi is a lesbian
Ao3 Link:
Tumblr media
Render By: @grantyort
Fandom: Life Is Strange 2
Characters: Daniel Diaz and Chris Eriksen
Status: Friends
Type: MLM
Favorite Thing: Cute childhood friends fo lovers and saving each other
Small Little Extra Special Thing: Interracial(Daniel is half Mexican and Chris is white) baby boys
Dynamic: “Childhood Friends to Lovers”
Least Favorite Thing: Just the thought of the “Chris Died” ending
Sexualites/Gender Identities: Unconfirmed but I think Dan is ace and gay and Chris is ace and bi
Ao3 Link:
Tumblr media
Fandom: Star Wars Resistance
Characters: Neeku Vozo and Kazuda Xiono
Status: Best Friends/Found Family
Type: MLM
Favorite Thing: Kaz is so soft for Neeku it’s adorable, also they sleep so close to each other
Small Little Extra Special Thing: Interraciel(Neeku is an alien and Kaz is Asian) and interabled(Neeku is very autistic and Kaz is pretty ADD)
Dynamic: “Best Friends to Lovers”
Least Favorite Thing: SWRes fandom is so small I can’t talk to anyone about them
Sexualites/Gender Identities: Uncomfimed, but I think Neeku is trans and gay and Kaz is bi
Ao3 Link:
Tumblr media
Fandom: The Dark Artifices(I believe I spelled that right)
Characters: Diana Wrayburn and Gwyn ap Nudd
Status: Together
Type: MLW
Favorite Thing: Diana tells Gwyn she’s trans and he’s like “oh okay, please still date me you’re really pretty”
Small Extra Specal Thing: Interraciel(Both on the terms of skin and the fact that Diana is a Shadowhunter and Gwyn is a Faerie)
Dynamic: I don’t really know, “Hella Supportive Boyfriend”(he’s kinda a simp)
Least Favorite Thing: Nothing, I love them to bits
Sexualites/Gender Identities: Diana is trans and I think they’re both straight
Ao3 Link:
Tumblr media
Fandom: The Legend Of Korra
Characters: Asami Sato and Korra
Status: Girlfriends
Type: WLW
Favorite Thing: Paved the way for queer rep in kids shows which is beautiful
Small Extra Special Thing: Interraciel(Can you tell I’m a stickler for those? I’m not a hundred precent sure what their races are but they are both not white)
Dynamic: “Enemies to Friends to Lovers”
Least Favorite Thing: We didn’t get a kiss in the show and that’s a bit annoying
Sexualites/Gender Identities: They’re both considered bi, but I see Korra as pan
Ao3 Link:
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flowersonmymind1016 · 2 months ago
I finished Lord of Shadows. I don’t care for the Dark Artifices books though. I’m going to finish the series, but I haven’t been into them like I was with The Mortal Instruments and the Infernal Devices. Is this just me?
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kieran-lovebot · 2 months ago
I,,, accidentally logged out are we surprised
Anyway imagine kieran helping small faerie children, those who were afraid because of the cold pace, those who refused to go to sleep because of the visions they see in their dreams— their family killed by shadowhunters, being chased just for trying to see the human world... and so on.
He told them not to believe what they saw, because it was only a cruel trick played by an evil man. He told them that as long as they don’t believe in those horrible images, the evil man, that coward, would give up.
That night he sent them dreams. Dreams of them with their family, dreams of them with new toys, dreams of them eating their favourite food.
“So where were you all day?” “Windspear ran off.” He said simply. Mark raised an eyebrow, but didn’t question it.
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julescarstairs · 3 months ago
The Lake (Gwyn x Diana)
“Oh, Gwyn. This is beautiful.”
“Only the best for you, my love,” Gwyn sank down beside Diana on the picnic blanket. They were looking out over a large lake that was almost a royal blue, dark under the night skies of Faerie. White specks on the water, like stars, were the only indication that the water was rippling, moving with the soft breeze in the valley. The air smelt faintly sweet, like a saccharine fruit, with the bity undertone of mint and eucalyptus. Gwyn reached out and gently took Diana’s hand in his, stroking his thumb over her knuckles.
Diana smiled tenderly up at him, “You spoil me too much, really.”
“Whatever do you mean?” Gwyn looked down at her quizzically, “Diana, you deserve everything I have to offer to you. If I could place this very world in your hands, I would. It is impossible for me to indulge you too much.”
“Perhaps not,” Diana laughed softly, leaning into him. His large arm wrapped around her, blanketing her in warmth and comfort. The faint scent of acorns and lavender and eucalyptus that was Gwyn had become a comforting familiarity to Diana over the past few months. She pressed a kiss to his jaw as he dipped his head to nuzzle his head into her hair. “But let me indulge you, Gwyn. I have something for you.”
“For me?” Gwyn cocked his head to one side, not unlike a large, adorable puppy. Diana nodded, chuckling softly, and reached into the picnic basked she had packed and brought out with her. From it she pulled a small letter in an envelope out. She handed it to Gwyn, clearing her throat.
“Gwyn, I’m no Faerie, but I, too, can write a romantic letter,” Diana said, smiling. She watched, nerves pinching at her stomach, as Gwyn took the letter. His eyes lingered on her for a moment – measuring, contemplating, admiring. Then he looked down at the letter, unfolding it and holding it in the same manner that one would hold a scroll. His eyes skated across the page, his expression changing with every line that he read. One moment his eyebrows would furrow, the next the muscles in his cheek would twitch. What remained the entire time, though, was the ghost of a smile dancing across his face. Diana had never thought of Faeries as so expressive until she had met Gwyn.
“Diana,” Gwyn raised his head to look at her, his expression only able to be described as affectionate, “This is beautifully written. Are you sure you are not a Faerie?”
Not expecting this reaction, Diana laughed, “I’m sure, Gwyn. But, do you like it?”
Gwyn placed the letter down with utmost care before pulling Diana into his arms, squeezing her tight. It was such a humane gesture, Diana thought. It made her feel a rush of tenderness towards him. Under all of that detached Faerie-ness of him, there was some humanity. There always had been. There was humanity in all Fae, if they were willing to pursue it. Diana thought of Kieran, who had been such a distant and aloof young man when he had first joined them at the London Institute. He had grown and changed, learnt from Cristina and Mark’s mannerisms. The Lost Prince who had joined them and the Kieran Diana knew now were two different people. Incomparably so. The same went for Gwyn.
“I do like it, Diana. Very much. I will cherish it eternally,” Gwyn said. Diana let herself settle in Gwyn’s arms, and looked back out over the lake below them. It was shifting, changing, a marbled surface of blues and silvers. The water looked deep and viscous, and Diana couldn’t help but let her mind wander. Perhaps the nature of one’s soul was like the lake. Flexible, fluid, and deep. You can’t see the depths of it from above, only its surface. You need to watch and wait, wade your way in, until you can truly know what that person is like, deep down. Perhaps the lake represented the souls of the Fae. Alluring at the surface, but their true intentions lie deep below. Though, with the Fae, there was just as much of a chance that there was a bear-trap at the bottom of the lake, waiting to bite at your ankles and drag you down, as there was soft sand.
But with Gwyn there was only soft sand.
Gwyn’s rumbling voice spoke from behind her, “Are you contemplating? The lake has that effect. If you stare into it long enough it will induce a contemplative mindset. I come here often if I want to think.”
“Are you contemplating something, Gwyn?”
A long pause. Then, Gwyn nodded, “I am. I am contemplating whether or not to ask you of something.”
Diana felt momentarily uneasy, “Ask me. You can ask me of anything, Gwyn. The worst case scenario is that I will say no.”
“That is what I fear,” Gwyn was silent for a long moment. He glanced up at the stars, their colours and patterns astonishing. Diana followed his gaze, admiring one of the constellations unique to Faerie. “Diana, I would like to ask you if you would marry me.”
Diana bit down hard on her bottom lip, suddenly, out of surprise, “You’re—proposing to me, Gwyn?”
“I am,” Gwyn nodded, looking her in the eyes, “Faerie weddings are rather different to your Shadowhunter weddings, but I would like to wed with you. With one of my own late Hunters heading up the Shadowhunter-Downworlder Alliance, and Alexander Lightwood as your Consul, the laws constricting Faeries could be put at ease. We could wed, but only if you wanted to.”
“Gwyn, I would love to,” Diana looked up at him, unable to conceal her laughter. Her eyes stung with unshed tears, but she refused to cry, even if she was happy, “All you had to say was—‘will you marry me?’’ Though Diana greatly cherished Gwyn’s forthrightness. He would tell her what it was he wanted, without the hesitation or dilly-dally of most people.
“You will? Be wed to me, I mean?” Gwyn looked terribly vulnerable at that moment. Diana smiled, letting a few of her tears fall down her cheeks. She reached up and pulled Gwyn towards her, pressing a kiss to his lips. She held the gesture for a while, drawing on the taste and warmth of his lips. Then she pulled away, looking up at him affectionately.
“I will, Gwyn. I will.”
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julescarstairs · 3 months ago
I’m only just beginning to realise how often we sleep on
✨Diana ‘Wrayburn✨
In this fandom
Seriously this woman deserves the world and all the good things that come her way
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julescarstairs · 3 months ago
Gwyn and Diana are one of the most underrated ships of The Shadowhunter Chronicles
we really do be sleeping on their love 🥺👉👈
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kieran-lovebot · 3 months ago
Kieran appreciation post
It’s been so long since ive done one of these— the reason is kinda stupid, i misplaced my kindle and all my tda books are there bye-
Anyway i cant be sure if ive done this before but
Kieran’s eyes fluttered open. His face was gray with pain and hopelessness, but his smile was gentle. “So many dreams,” he said. “Is this the end? Have you come to bear me to the Shining Lands? You could not have chosen a better face to wear.”
I. Am not okay. In fact im full on sobbing.
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bytheangell · 4 months ago
Which ship do you think is the most underrated in modern time Shadow World and why is it Gwynburn?? 💙
You know, I think you’re right and you should say it. I wasn’t sure how I’d feel about them at the start, and then when I decided that yes, good, I like this, I was afraid I’d grow attached to them just to have one die in the battle or for them to be parted at the end and unable to return/reunite, but I was so pleasantly surprised that things seem to have worked out for both of them so far, all things considered! <3 
They just work so well together. For Diana to find someone who she trusts enough to be honest and open with, and for that person to accept her entirely for who she is, my heart is so happy for her. And for Gwyn to find in her someone who doesn’t fear him or judge him solely based on stories about him, someone willing to form her own thoughts and have her own experiences with him, I love that so much, too. I LOVE THEM A LOT. 
I wish there was more of them the way I wish there was more of everything in this series, but as far as relatively ‘side-character’s go, I’m actually really glad we got as much of them as we did! 
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thetoxicginger · 4 months ago
Tumblr media
I would like to point out she use "Their home" which tells me they're living together which is amazing and I love it ❤️
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carstairs-supremacy · 4 months ago
Tumblr media
I love Diana and Gwyn sm honestly they are so underrated
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sparklestheunicorn · 4 months ago
Tumblr media
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bananacerise · 4 months ago
When one person in your otp corrects the other in the littlest ways- it’s just ADORABLE
Person A: B, I want hugs.
Person B: Excuse me?
Person A: *sighs* *mumbles* can I have a hug please?
Person B: *coming towards them* of course, love
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bookswitchcraftandcats · 4 months ago
Gwynburn Headcanons
This one was also requested by @thehotfaeriethreesome . Thank you for supporting by writing so much and thank you for the requests. 💕 Enjoy!
Diana loves riding with Gwyn and they go out on horseback flights often. They also have a good amount of picnics, whether it is in faerie or  just a forest in the mortal world. 
Gwyn loves to take Diana for horseback rides, she always looks so happy and carefree. He also loves to show her all the beautiful yet hidden places in the world that he has seen while riding with the hunt. They visit lots of beautiful waterfalls hidden deep in forests and go to see a small river with koi fish that are just like the one Diana has tattooed on her cheek. 
Diana ends up teaching at the new Shadowhunter Academy in New York. She loves working with kids and really enjoys her job. She gets a small house not far away from the academy. 
Gwyn basically also lives at the house. They have dinner together there and love to go for walks around the neighborhood there. There is also a small lock box of acorns for Diana to use if she ever needs/wants to see him. 
They also go to visit the Blackthorn in L.A. a lot and even spend Christmas day with them. The Blackthorns keep in touch with Diana and know she will always have their backs if they need her. 
Between riding horses and visiting forests to just spending time together and enjoying each other’s company, Diana and Gwyn are a really cute couple and very underrated. I have a good feeling that there will be more content of the two of them in The Wicked Powers. 
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bananacerise · 4 months ago
So I was in English and we’re working on the mythology unit and we have this worksheet to complete and do research on the main Greek gods. Anyway one of them is Artemis also known as Diana (her Roman name), and I just realized she’s the goddess of the Hunt. And then it clicked that Diana Wrayburn is the partner of Gwyn ap Nudd—leader of the Wild Hunt in Faerie. I just wanted to share this as a little fun fact. I don’t even know if Cassie intended this or if it’s just a coincidence but it’s pretty cool to think about.
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