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dailydccomics · 18 hours ago
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the spirit of WonderBat ♡
Future State: Immortal Wonder Woman #1
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description: The Waynes and Kents decide to have Thanksgiving together. But that's not even the drama of the day.
a/n: the version of conner kent/kon-el i use for this is from new 52.
Father of Mine – Masterlist
Tumblr media
“OK. What’s wrong?” Y/N had enough of her boyfriend’s silence.
Jason’s grip tightened on his steering wheel. But he responded with, “Why would something be wrong?”
“You’re being quiet.”
Which honestly wasn’t fair. Jason might have sass, cleverness, and sarcasm… but he also loved comfortable silence – though, really only Y/N and maybe Alfred knew that about him.
So it wasn’t fair to attack his silence.
But Y/N also knew there was something behind it in this specific moment.
“Nothing’s wrong,” Jason shrugged. “Just…not really looking forward to this.”
“This being spending Thanksgiving with our family?”
Jason didn’t say anything, but it answered her question still.
“J,” Y/N’s voice was serious now. “If you’re that stressed about it, why didn’t you tell me? We could’ve spent the quietest and most boring Thanksgiving with my grandparents?”
As in her mother’s parents – who also happened to despise Bruce Wayne after how he treated their daughter.
Y/N fully believed if they knew Bruce’s secret, they would come to understand the situation fully like she had.
But Batman wasn’t her secret to tell – and somehow Bruce had learned to not care about people hating him for what they didn’t know.
“I’m not stressed,” Jason corrected roughly.
“Well, what exactly are you so worried about?”
He looked away from the road for a split second to give her a look. “You’ve never been to a Wayne/Kent function.”
Y/N squinted in confusion. “So? I’ve known Clark and Lois longer than I’ve known all of you. And Jon is such a sweetie.”
“Yeah,” Jason sighed. “Well, you haven’t met Conner.”
“Clark’s brother?”
He just nodded.
But they both knew that was not the real relation. Conner was a clone of Clark and Lex Luthor, making him half-kryptonian and half-human, with a genius intellect.
“I don’t know much about him,” Y/N admitted.
“With him and Tim, and then Jon and Demon Spawn, it’s gonna be chaotic.” His eyes flickered to hers. “I mean, like shit-show chaotic.”
Y/N smirked. “Sounds fun, honestly.”
“Not really,” Jason mumbled. “He’s probably gonna hit on you.”
“Hit on me?!” Y/N blurted out. “Conner?”
She rolled her eyes. “And how can you be so sure?”
“Because he’s hit on me. And you’re completely out of my league. Obviously.”
Y/N’s jaw dropped. That was not at all the answer she was expecting.
“What?” Jason asked when she didn’t respond. “He’s bisexual,” he added with a shrug.
“Yeah, and that’s fine. I just wasn’t expecting that answer.”
Y/N finally reached over and gripped Jason’s thigh. “It’s gonna be fine.”
Then she let out a heavy sigh. “To be honest, it feels weird going to a different Thanksgiving. It was always my mom’s side of the family. But all my cousins are married with kids and doing their own thing.”
“Sorry,” Jason told her softly. “I didn’t even think about how hard the holidays were going to be for you this year.”
“It’s OK,” she mumbled, but was frowning still.
“You miss her, huh?”
Y/N just nodded.
Jason gently took her hand that was on his thigh and placed a kiss to her knuckles. But instead of putting her hand back down, he held it with his right hand for the rest of the drive to Wayne Manor.
And she was grateful for it.
Jason was right: Wayne dinners were chaotic, but Wayne/Kent ordeals were even crazier.
It was a full house with Clark, Lois, Jon, and Conner. But Dick also brought Barbara with him. Meaning it was only 12 people, but it felt like three times that much with the loudness and the various boys running around.
Y/N was drinking wine with the adults when Clark looked around as if he were trying to find someone.
“Wonder when Diana’s getting here,” he thought aloud.
Y/N’s brow furrowed. “Diana?”
Somehow Y/N’s confusion made Lois and Clark even more confused. The couple shared a look with one another. As did Barbara and Dick. Y/N swore even Jason suddenly tensed at her question.
“Diana Prince,” Lois took pity on her.
“Sorry. I don’t know her,” Y/N muttered.
But a few minutes later, the extravagant doorbell of the manor rang and Y/N watched as Bruce hurried to the door.
Usually he let Alfred answer. So she was now intrigued.
As she tried to observe the new guest, a new face stepped in front of Y/N, blocking her view of the front door.
“You must be Y/N,” a young man greeted with a cocky smirk.
For being half-kryptonian, Y/N expected Conner Kent to be towering over her. But it was the opposite. With her height and heeled boots, she was looking down at the young man.
“And you must be Conner,” Y/N answered, and offered her hand politely.
But her eyes kept bouncing back to her father as he talked to a woman, whose face she couldn’t fully see yet.
To her surprise, Conner took her hand gently and brought it to his lips, kissing the edge of her knuckles and then giving her a flirtatious smile.
Y/N had no choice but to give the young man her full attention with such a gesture.
“Uhhh,” she managed to laugh out.
“Way to be creepy.”
Y/N looked over her shoulder to see that Jason had moved close behind her. He must’ve been waiting for this moment, and stayed close to her since they arrived.
“Jason,” Conner greeted with a half nod. “I was just about to tell Y/N here how beautiful I find her.”
Y/N completely ignored him, too busy staring at her father.
Jason made a grossed out noise. “Aren’t you like 12? And you look like you could be her little brother,” Jason teased as made a point to look down at Conner, making his shorter height part of the joke.
“You’ve been saying Im 12 for years now, Jason. Get a new joke.”
“Well, maybe grow the fuck up and then I’ll stop.”
Conner looked Y/N up and down. “And for the record, I don’t have a problem with women being taller than me… or older.”
But she was not at all mentally present. Otherwise she would give Conner a piece of her mind.
Jason was actually surprised she hadn’t already. Even glancing down at his girlfriend, wondering what had her so quiet.
Then he followed Y/N’s gaze and realized she was too preoccupied with watching Bruce and Diana conversing.
Jason growled, “Leer at my girlfriend like that again, and I’ll put a bullet in each of your eyes.”
Jason wasn’t always around Conner, but when he was, he wasn’t very fond of him. Jason thought Conner was cocky and far to into himself. (Why couldn’t he hate himself like the rest of their generation did?) And if Jason were really being honest, he didn’t always like that people sometimes compared the two of them to each other. On the outside, they both looked like angry men who had mommy or daddy issues.
But Jason wasn’t some clone created in a lab by an evil genius. He was born and life struck him down every chance it got since.
Conner scoffed at the threat, “Did you forget I’m Kryptonian. As if your pathetic bullets could do anything to me.”
“Half-Kryptonian,” Jason corrected, and tilted of his head. “But don’t you worry, they’re Kryptonite bullets wrapped in lead. So you wouldn’t see it coming, would you?”
“Jason!” Bruce interrupted. “We do not threaten the Kents with Kryptonite!”
Clark had walked over as well, once he heard Conner and Jason going at it.
“He doesn’t have Kryptonite bullets,” Bruce tried to tell Clark gently, as if it would remedy the situation.
“Yeah, I do,” Jason countered lazily. When Bruce looked at him, Jason just shrugged. “What? Thought you were the only one who could hunt that shit down?”
“Comforting,” Clark hummed sarcastically.
Bruce cleared his throat and stepped to the side to reveal Diana.
Y/N had been subtly eyeing the two of them this whole time.
“Y/N, I believe you’re the only one who has yet to meet Diana,” Bruce told his daughter. “Y/N, this is Diana Prince. Diana, this is my daughter, Y/N.”
Diana immediately stepped forward with a bright smile that lit up the manor. She was tall, just like Y/N. And she didn’t seem to let it stop her from wearing heels, just like Y/N.
Diana offered her hand with warmth and eagerness. “Bruce has told me so much about you, Y/N. It’s so lovely to finally meet you.”
Y/N was speechless.
Why did this woman know so much about her and Y/N had never so much as heard her name before?
“Nice…to meet you,” Y/N finally managed to sputter out awkwardly.
If Diana noticed the lack of enthusiasm returned, she didn’t show it.
“If I didn’t know better,” Diana continued. “I would believe the rumors: she does look like an Amazon,” she glanced back at Bruce as she said it.
That’s when it clicked – why her face felt so familiar to Y/N.
This wasn’t just Diana Prince.
This was Wonder Woman.
Bruce’s eyes seemed to sparkle as he smirked back at Diana.
Y/N looked around at everyone else. But no one seemed fazed by Bruce’s behavior towards this woman. Not even Lois, who often felt out of the loop with all of their loved one’s superhero lives – like Y/N.
“If you’ll excuse me,” Y/N mumbled before quickly walking away toward the bar.
She heard Jason on her heels.
“So, is alcohol going to make this worse or better?” Jason asked as he watched his girlfriend pour herself a double of tequila – no ice, no salt, or even lime juice.
“For me? Better.” She threw the shot back. “Don’t really care about everyone else right now.”
Jason wasn’t one to tell her to slow down. In fact, having his girlfriend wasted during this Thanksgiving dinner would just make it that much more entertaining. And he was not one to tell her what to do. He knew better.
“Are you going to join me or not?” Y/N snapped. “After all, you kind of owe it to me since you conveniently never told me that Bruce was in fucking love.”
Oop. There it was.
Jason was smart enough to look guilty and didn’t bother playing dumb. That never worked with Y/N.
So he took the shot of tequila from her and threw it back.
Alfred stepped into the den where everyone had ben congregating.
“Dinner is served,” he said politely, gesturing to the dining room the Waynes only used for special occasions.
Without waiting for him to finish, Y/N stormed past Jason and walked to the dining room with purpose.
“Fuck,” Jason sighed as he rubbed his face. “This should be interesting.”
He walked into the dining room to see that Damian had already sandwiched himself between Y/N and Jon. But the seat on the other side was open. Jason jumped into action when he saw Conner making his way to it.
With a light shove past him, Jason pulled out the chair to the left of Y/N and sat down. “You’re delusional,” he muttered to the superboy.
Conner just rolled his eyes and moved to the other side of the table.
Jon seemed very excited to be in the presence of Wonder Woman. Despite Superman being his literal dad, the boy seemed utterly unimpressed with his father – much to Clark’s disappointment. But once a dork, always a dork.
Jon asked his 10th rapid-fire question, “If Amazons aren’t born, how were they created?”
Diana took all the boy’s question seriously. “The goddesses decided to create a new race made entirely of female warriors from the souls of women who were killed by the hands of violent men.”
Lois finally interrupted her son before he could continue, “Jonathan, why don’t you let Diana relax and eat her food.” She gave Diana an apologetic look for good measure.
Jon took in a shaky breath and looked disappointed, but listened to his mother.
However, Diana seemed unperturbed by the boy’s excitement and appeared more than happy to humor his curiosity.
“Diana should be used to it,” Dick chimed in with a smirk on his lips. “Especially after having to deal with Jason…”
That caught Y/N’s attention.
Jason growled, “Oh, shut it, Dick.”
But Y/N was amused now. “No, please go on…”
Dick sat up straighter at the request, eyes bright with mischief and excitement. “Jason had the biggest crush on Diana when he was a kiddo.”
Jason gave Dick the biggest death glare Y/N had ever seen.
“Whenever Bruce brought him to League meetings, he’d follow her around like a little puppy. He even asked Bruce to take a picture of them when he first met her.”
“I remember that,” Diana commented with a fond smile.
Jason groaned.
“Clearly, he has a type,” Dick pointed out, looking between Diana and Y/N.
“OK. That’s enough,” Jason finally snapped.
Clark and Lois changed the subject, subtly saving Jason from further humiliation.
“Guess I have my Halloween costume for next year…” Y/N muttered into Jason’s ear so only he could hear.
But she didn’t take into account all the people with super hearing.
Jason choked on his turkey a bit, but recovered quickly.
Clark suddenly blushed, proving that he both her the couple and the sexual innuendo that Y/N had implied.
“So, Diana, how long have you known Bruce?” Y/N asked sweetly.
But everyone else at the table – beside Diana, Conner, and Jon –caught how much Y/N was playing it up. Some even shifted in their seats awkwardly.
Bruce eyed the full wine glass in Y/N’s hand, silently acknowledging that he’d noticed her heavy drinking that night.
But Y/N gave Bruce a look, daring him to say something about it.
“Well…” Diana looked at Bruce as if she needed help remembering. “We kept running into each other through…”
“Work,” Bruce finally offered.
Diana smiled. “Yes. Something like that.”
The two of them locked eyes just a little bit too long. And Y/N immediately caught it.
Just as her anger was rising, she felt Jason gently grip her thigh under the table, trying to calm her down and comfort her.
Y/N then asked, “Where do you usually spend Thanksgiving, Diana?”
It was more polite than asking, ‘Why are you here instead of with your own family?’
“Well, we do not exactly celebrate Thanksgiving in Themyscira. But it’s become one of my favorite holidays. Bruce didn’t want me to spend it alone, so he was kind enough to invite me to join all of you.”
With the amount of people at the dinner table, Y/N’s frustrations and pointed interest tin Diana were easily overlooked. With the chaos of so many conversations happening, no one seemed to get stuck on Y/N watching Bruce and Diana.
But Bruce felt Y/N’s energy. Maybe it was fatherly intuition.
The rest of dinner continued without much drama, just a bit of bickering from some of the boys. But that was nothing unusual. Y/N managed to control herself and not start a scene or express her emotions any more than she already accidentally had.
After dinner, Y/N had avoided the rest of the adults, not wanting to be forced to continue observing Bruce and Diana’a obvious relationship.
Instead, she sat playing Uno with Jon, Damian, and Conner.
Meanwhile, Jason was nerding out about literature with Lois.
As they continued playing cards, Damian caught his sister eyeing their father in the other room.
“What’s wrong with you?” Damian finally asked her bluntly.
Y/N snapped her gaze away from the couple. “W-What?”
“You’ve been short with father all night and you’re staring.”
“Do you not like Diana?” Jon asked with an upset frown.
“I like Diana,” Y/N quickly shut down, almost sounding exasperated.
Then her gaze moved to her brother. “None of this is new to any of you. They’ve been like this for awhile.”
It was mean to come out as a question, but Y/N already knew the answer: everyone in their family knew about Bruce falling in love.
Well, everyone except her.
Damian shrugged. “They’ve been…involved for awhile.”
“Awesome,” she answered sarcastically.
“It’s not as if father discussed it with any of us,” Damian tried to defend. “It was just rather obvious.”
“So everyone’s known about this…except me,” Y/N muttered quietly.
But Damian caught the anger in her eyes.
“How long?” She asked.
“How long has this been going on?”
Damian shrugged. “I don’t know. Six months? But they’ve always flirted with one another. It’s disgusting.”
The next second, Conner won that round of cards.
“Alright, kiddos,” Y/N sighed as she got up. “I’m out.”
“You’re leaving?” Damian blurted out, catching Jason’s attention.
Damian quickly stood. “But we haven’t even had pie yet!”
Jason moved to his girlfriend’s side, reading that she needed out. “She doesn’t really like pie, Demond Spawn.”
“Who doesn’t love pie!?” Jon cried out in shock.
Y/N and Jason started saying their goodbyes to everyone, giving warm hugs. And they purposely avoided Bruce and Diana until the end.
Jason immediately saw Y/N’s posture shift. He recognized it all too well. He had been on the receiving end of such coldness a few times before – and mostly he was just relieved not to be this time around.
Y/N forced a polite smile at Diana. “It was nice meeting you, Diana.”
But she didn’t step forward to offer a hug like she had with the rest of them.
Diana didn’t seem to mind. She was smart enough to pick up on the strange tension between Bruce and his daughter.
So she simply answered with, “It was nice meeting you, too.”
Y/N then shifted her gaze to her father. But it wasn’t really a gaze anymore, but a cold and harsh glare. “Thanks for having us,” she told Bruce evenly, no warmth to be found.
Y/N walked away before Bruce even had a chance to answer.
Diana gave him a sympathetic look.
Jason was left alone with the couple now and glared at Bruce. “You couldn’t give her a heads up?”
Bruce said nothing, which only made Jason angrier.
“Today was already tough for her. It’s the first thanksgiving she’s spent without her mom. But you probably didn’t even realize that.” He scoffed, “Typical.”
But his eyes softened when they moved to Diana and Jason gave her a quick hug. “Nice seeing you, Diana.”
Then he was gone, too.
Diana crossed her arms and faced her boyfriend. “I take it you never told Y/N about us.”
Bruce shifted his weight and his head bowed a bit. “No. I did not.”
“Bruce,” Diana sighed, shaking her head in disappointment.
2 Weeks Later...
Y/N was driving Damian back to the manor. The two of them had decided to go see a new exhibit at Gotham’s Museum of Art.
“Are you still mad at father?” Damian asked while they listened to his favorite classical music.
Y/N sighed.
Damian had been distracted enough by all the art and getting to spend time alone with his sister that the tension from Thanksgiving hadn’t been brought up. Until now.
Jason had been treading carefully, as well.
“I didn’t know he hadn’t said anything to you. Honestly. It had just – I don’t know – become the norm for the rest of us, that I didn’t even think to bring it up,” he had insisted during the drive home after the strange Thanksgiving dinner.
Y/N had answered back, “I’m not mad at you, Jason. It’s not your job to give me updates on Bruce’s personal life.” And she had been sincere – furthermore, that extended to everyone else that had known about Bruce and Diana’s relationship.
“A little bit, yeah,” Y/N finally admitted to Damian after thinking about her answer for a few seconds.
“I think Dick may have said something to him,” he told her. “Jason’s just been mean.”
Y/N couldn’t help but laugh a little at that. “Yeah, that sounds about right.” When Y/N was upset, Jason was upset. And if he knew the person who hurt her, he would go out of his way to torment them.
They pulled up to the main entrance of the manor.
“Pennyworth told me he has pastries for you and Jason,” Damian explained, clearly have been forced to relay the message.
Y/N sighed, but smiled, putting her car in park and turning off the ignition.
She followed her brother up the steps to the front door, to which he had keys for.
But just as he opened the door, Diana was leaving.
“Oh…hi,” Y/N blurted out while Damian moved around her with a simple, “Hi.”
The two women were left alone in awkward silence.
“I owe you an apology,” Y/N finally said softly. “For being rude to you on Thanksgiving. I was upset but it may have been misdirected.”
Diana gave her a sympathetic look. “No apology needed. After I realized Bruce had not told you about us, I truly believe your reaction was justified.”
Y/N finally relaxed. “Thank you for…understanding.”
Diana stepped a little closer and lowered her voice. “I think he wishes to speak with you.”
She sighed. “I’m sure he does. I have a knack for making him feel bad.”
Diana laughed. “I think you and I have that in common.” She stood up straight again. “It was nice seeing you again, Y/N. I hope we can get to know each other more now.”
Y/N smiled. “I would like that, yeah.”
And with that, she was gone.
Y/N tried to walk quietly to the kitchen. Her plan was to grab Alfred's pastries and get out of there. While she had no beef with Diana, she was still frustrated with Bruce.
The universe clearly had other plans, since Y/N walked into the kitchen to find Bruce eating a late lunch.
“Is there even any pastries?” Y/N asked. "I feel like I’ve been conned.”
Bruce couldn’t help but smirk at his daughter. “Alfred has many talents. I wouldn’t put it past him.” Then he got up and handed her a glass container with her and Jason’s name on it.
“Thanks,” she mumbled.
“I’ve been wanting to talk to you,” Bruce continued.
Y/N sighed. “Yeah, I could tell by all the phone calls and texts.”
“And the reason for not answering those?”
She narrowed her eyes. “I was mad at you and being petty.”
“And are you still mad at me?”
“Yeah, actually.”
Bruce took in a deep breath. “I should have told you about Diana.”
“Yeah, you should’ve,” Y/N spat back.
“I wasn’t thinking.”
That was the wrong thing for him to say.
“See, now that’s bullshit, Bruce.”
He seemed taken aback by her response.
Y/N crossed her arms in defiance. “Because you’re always thinking. You’ve always got a plan. And you don’t do anything without intention. So you were thinking.”
“You’re right,” Bruce confessed.
“I know I’m right,” she shot back. “Do you have any idea how it made me feel to see that everyone knew about you and her, except me?”
Bruce stayed quiet. Because he didn’t know.
“I’m not a vigilante, Bruce! You and Jason have kept me away from that part of all your lives – and I’ve respected that. But Batman is so much of you, despite all of us trying to prevent that.”
Y/N ran a hand through her hair. “I’m not mad that you’re dating Diana, Bruce. I’m mad that it’s one of the few things about your life that you can share with me and you decided you didn’t need to – or want to – honestly, I don’t even know anymore.”
“You’re right, Y/N. And I’m sorry,” Bruce finally said. “If I’m being honest, I probably wouldn’t have said anything to the boys either. Clearly they figured it out since they saw it happening in real time. But that’s not an excuse for blindsiding you like I did.”
Y/N took in a deep breath, trying to figure out if she should ream him further or let it go.
“Jason told me you were already upset before coming to Thanksgiving.” Bruce’s voice was gently. “Missing your mom.”
That took Y/N by surprise. “Umm…Yeah. I always miss her…but the holidays are…rougher than I expected, I guess.”
“Y/N… you know, you can talk to me about her. I might not have seen her in quite some time before she passed. But I still knew and cared for your mother.”
Y/N knew Bruce was right. He was one of the few people in her life who knew her mother. And maybe it would be nice to remember her with someone who also knows just how amazing she was.
Y/N was getting emotional as she thought about it, so she just nodded to his offer. And then she realized that wasn’t enough and pushed forward to give her father a hug.
“Think Jason will ease up on the animosity now?” Bruce asked as he hugged her, causing Y/N to laugh.
She could only imagine the rude comments and sass Jason had been giving Bruce during patrols.
She pulled away with a smile. “I honestly don’t know. He gets a kick out of it. And you know how overprotective he is with me. But I’ll do what I can.”
Please let me write me a book report. I need it.
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vonter-voman · a day ago
Tumblr media
Wonder Woman 3x08 - Skateboard Wiz (1978)
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gravityinception · a day ago
Tumblr media
i think we as a society need to accept that Diana Prince is buff. It’s a fact guys
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dianawayne · 2 days ago
diana: wouldn't that be suicidal-
bruce: what?
diana: if i kill your future wife-?
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dailydccomics · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
he said his wife is RIGHT
JLA Classified #41
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sully-s · a month ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
The Last Justice League Meeting.
Clark: I wish I could stay longer... Diana: You stayed long enough my friend make sure to give a kiss to Lois and Bruce for me when you see them - - - -
Ok, so I have a lot of feelings about Clark and Diana's friendship especially with the headcanon that Clark lives thousands of years due to the yellow sun and the fact that Diana is immortal.
That they are each other's constant during the centuries. That they are each other is only a reminder of the things they have created and built when history has forgotten their friends and coworkers and they are but myths.
And the bittersweet parting of Clark's final days where Clark wants to stay for Diana's sake even though he's more than ready to pass on and while Diana is sad to see him pass but so grateful to have a mortal friend for so long when her other mortal friends die so quickly.
It's a lot.
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rubixburd · 8 months ago
What everyone thinks the dc trinity does
Tumblr media
What they actually do
Tumblr media
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katistry · a month ago
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Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Character designs for Dark Knights of Steel (2021) by Yasmine Putri
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horseyw · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
—repost: sorry I’m tumblr-illiterate I meant to post them side-by-side 😔
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dinah-lance · 2 months ago
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Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Wonder Woman 80th Anniversary 100-Page Super Spectacular (2021) art by Isaac Goodhart
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maxmarvel12345 · a month ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
The Evolution of Wonder Woman’s Costumes Through the Years (2020)
Artist by: Laemur
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