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I am really really so grateful and happy to finally say that this morning I’ve delivered the last keychain left on my stock to their owner. That’s it. On just 2 weeks we’ve made sold out and +30 keychains are now with their owners or they’re on the way to their new home. 

Two intense weeks for me that were totally worth it. I dont even know what to write right now except to thank all of you. My expectatives about selling keychains of my artworks of NNT were totally low. I was expecting that not all keychains would be reserved during the reservation time on the first place. But … what happened got be really by surprise. Not only were the reservations completed, but there was also such a demand to order more keychains that I had to ask my supplier on the last minute to increase the amount. On such short time …. I still cant believe this. It’s true that later few people change their mind at the last moment but more new people were interested to get them instead. 

So …. thank you, really really REALLY thank you for infinity times, for making this possible. For your reactions about the keychains, for supporting me a lot with the reblogs and prom, and mainly for believing this project would work. 

It did. And I CANT WAIT to repeat this experience again. I’ve learned a lot thanks to you and next time things will be improved and more easy for the customers. So yes, there will be a second launch of NNT Keychains. But not next month, not on 2020. I need some rest, so probably I wont do anything until spring 2021. And for the next launch, the keychains will be about individual characters. I have few designs already on my mind, but let’s see if until spring I wil be inspired to draw something new for that ;) 

To my customers …. thank you so much again, enjoy your keychains and I hope we will see each other again for a new purchase in the future ^^ 

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Soooo, i started doing it this morning annndd it was gonna be todays inktober drawing…. But i couldnt hold myself and started coloring it. Now i have to find another idea for inktober. Welp——— Wish me luck!



Also you might know it if you watched the series before, that little guy (Fairy King)’s name is harlequin. And this ship is deffinitely a better love story than Twilight, lol!

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Hi! Diane from the Zodiac cabin is ace - in issue 68 of the comics Hes tells Diane she has a crush on her, and Diane says “I like you too, but I don’t have any interest in kissing or junk like that,” and then explains that she’s never been interested in that sort of intimacy with anyone, but confirms that she still loves Hes “romantic-style” and “more than [she’s] ever liked anyone” (pages 20-21 of the comic). She and Hes then spend the last four panels of the comic cuddling. Like most Lumberjanes LGBT+ rep, the word ‘ace’ is never actually used. This is common in the comic, as it tends to describe or show different LGBT+ genders and orientations as opposed to directly naming them, mostly because the comic is aimed at kids and is subtle in its rep so that parents are more likely to let their kids read it; for example, Jo never outright says that she’s trans, but throughout the comics and books we learn that she chose her own name, we see pictures of her from when she was younger (most likely pre-transition) and presented masculinely, and she helps another trans character through their journey. This might be why you missed it! 

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Words don’t really do it justice. How can a mere mortal hope to describe something so heavenly?

Would you like a demonstration?

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If that’s the case, Princess, you’re going to love some of the other things this tongue can do …

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Hello! I saw it, your art is very cute! 

Anyway, thank you for the ask, this is fun to think about. I think that each one of the Sins would be pretty good at being an imposter except for Escanor (night Escanor especially. Poor man, he couldn’t do it! And Day Escanor wouldn’t make any effort to hide his identity), Elizabeth (she preferred talking with Demons than fighting them during a war, I doubt she would ever choose to kill the crewmates) and maybe Hawk (just … no. He couldn’t make it). 

Diane doesn’t like killing either, but I guess she could do it if she really had to. 

Meliodas, King, Merlin and even Ban and Gowther would kill the crewmates without feeling too much guilty I think, though none of them would particularly enjoy it. 

If they were the crewmates … well:

  • Escanor would be terrified, and so Hawk. 
  • Meliodas and Ban would chase the imposter if they can and act like they don’t care at all about the danger the whole time. 
  • King would be panicking because he would want to make a plan, work all together, simply use logic, but no one is listening to him. He hates it. 
  • Diane would try to look bold, but she is actually very afraid - this doesn’t mean she is not ready to throw hands if she has to. 
  • Merlin is completely calm; she probably already knows who the imposter is, avoids them and speaks about it only when she feels like. 
  • Gowther would also be very calm, he would know exactly what’s going on and watch everyone going crazy without saying a word. 
  • Elizabeth would be very worried but she would try to make the group stick together and save everyone. 

Anyway, if the Sins were characters in Among Us, it would be chaos but I need a fic like that! It would be so much fun!   

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Princess, if you don’t like to be insulted … why are you here? That’s kind of what I’m known for.

That, and my legendary cock.

If you don’t want to be insulted, perhaps it’s the latter you’re after, hmm?

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