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Day 2 - Settling In

Clock change has f-ed up my sleep schedule and my workout routine. Am feeling fatigued and unmotivated. But maybe it’s partly sleeping in a new bed as well? I hope it will get better by the end of the week.

Breakfast: Raspberries

Lunch: Veggie soup noodles

Dinner: Sundried tomato broccoli penne pasta

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Wow, it’s crazy how Rihanna is being open about the possibility of having kids without a man, because for the past couple of months and especially days I have been thinking about making a similar choice by willingly being a single mother. Wisdom tells me not jump to any conclussions and to wait and see what God has for me, but if for some reason the man that meet my standards doesn’t show up I’m more than willing to going solo and have my babies. I will always and forever choose motherhood over being with a man. 

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u guys have absolutely no idea how much i wish i was capable of being mean and selfish and cold… like to use people for my own personal gain with no regard to their feelings? to have relationships end and NOT dwell on them? to not care too deeply??? how EASY must life be for you heartless bitches ugh

it almost gets tiring to constantly be good and hopeful and sensitive and empathetic but then i realize i love the way i see the best in people and i love the way my intentions are always pure and i love that people know me as a down to earth, genuine person and then i’m like UGH. FINE. i guess i will continue to be kind and warm and a literal angel 😌

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mi manca da morire il suo odore e quando tutto questo sarà finito, quando potrò lanciarmi di nuovo tra le sue braccia, voglio stringerlo a me cosi forte e inspirare il suo profumo per sentirmi di nuovo a casa.

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euphoria for virgins that havent done any drugs ever. shut the fuck up

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⋆ ˚。⋆୨୧˚life is not working and i dont wanna be me anymore˚୨୧⋆。˚ ⋆

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My eyes hurt from staying too much on my pc and phone… but I have a lot of homeworks. Today, I prepared two commentaries ! I mean yesterday because it’s past midnight. I am amazed at the number of people who sends me messages and calls me to know what I am doing or if I am okay. I love this. One of these days, I think I will write about the changes that happened to me after I got into university… Now I am going to watch some webdrama or either read webtoons. I need to relax too ! Bye.

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i miss how our art studio felt just before sunset, when the pinks and purples washed over the sketches on the walls and we let ourselves out for a cigarette

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