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dovahkiin-vixen · 2 days ago
Mammon, Simeon, and Diavolo from Obey Me! do not have pale, snow-white skin.
Asra and Nadia from The Arcana do not have pale, snow-white skin.
Please stop drawing them with pale, snow-white skin.
Not every character is white, and that’s okay. They are allowed to have dark skin. Draw them with dark skin.
Thank you.
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minteyeddevil · 2 days ago
hi Toni!
i was wondering how you think the brothers and dateables would respond to finding out MC hasn't been eating due to self image issues?
definitely not asking because i'm in a rough spot and could use some relatable fluff ❤
(This hits really hard for me because I have this issue a lot too. I hope these come out okay for you, anon!)
Minor warning for mentions of eating disorders, okay? So please be careful. It's just bringing up that they can happen, not accusing MC of having one, so please don't panic. I've had an eating disorder before so in a way its therapeutic talking about.
Tumblr media
There isn't much of anything that can get by Lucifer, and he notices right away when they stop eating as much as they used to
He has a tendency to be very blunt, so he will go right away to MC ask what is going on; are they stressing because of school, just forgetting to eat in general?
Please let him be of assistance to you MC, he genuinely wants to help you
When they mention they don't feel right in their own skin and worry about what they look like, he understands
He is one who strives for perfection with himself, so it makes sense MC would want to feel that way about themselves
But he lectures them on the need to still eat because it can make them weak and sick if they don't, things that can cause all kinds of harm to their body, especially in the Devildom
He offers to help them think of a diet, if they want it, that can help them manage their weight better and make sure they are actually eating properly
I feel that if anyone would understand body image issues, it would be Mammon
He is a model after all and has to deal with keeping his body in shape for his shoots and all
(Even as a demon, I am sure he still stresses about making sure his body is healthy despite his natural abilities to be strong and such)
He also notices MC not eating right away and tries to go about asking them what is wrong; and once he knows it's about body image issues...
He just word vomits about how amazing he thinks they look and how awesome he thinks they are, and refuses to let them think down about themselves
He will compliment them as much as they need to hear it every chance he gets as well
And makes sure to bring them meals if he sees them not eating again (he tries to make them as healthy as he can on top of that)
He is their number one after all so it's his responsibility to make sure his human is doing well
The way he finds out MC isn't eating properly is when they practically pass out when having a gaming night with him
He can tell they are rather weak and when he offers them something to eat, they decline it and he definitely catches the sad look on their face when they do so
He isn't the best at talking about serious things, but he tries to get them to open up about what's really wrong, and he frowns when they mention the body image issues
He understands, having them himself, but MC? They don't deserve to feel that way
He gives them all the reassurance he can, and tries to make them feel better about how they look
So he makes a deal with them that if the promise to take better care of themselves and eat proper meals, he will do his best to stop with the self-deprecating comments that he makes so often
He notices how MC isn't eating much because he catches them skipping both breakfast and lunch
He is also a very blunt demon, so he confronts them on why they are not eating; it is essential for them to take care of their health because the last thing he wants is to see them get sick from malnutrition
When they bring up that they don't like how they look and figure not eating would change it, he speaks to them about eating disorders he had read about in the human world
The last thing he wants is to see them develop something like that, so he offers to help them manage their food intake, if that is something they would like
He keeps an eye on them and makes sure they at least eat something for their three meals, and tries to help them develop healthy habits like walking daily or doing exercise; things he knows help humans with their bodies
Another brother who I figure understands the issues with body image, and one that MC can genuinely reach out to
A lot of demons assume he is so into himself only; but he is also observant of MC because of how much they mean to him
He picks up on their lack of eating and notices how it's taking a toll on their body with the darkened eyes and brittle nails
He knows right away what it is about from experiencing it himself, and offers MC all the help he can give them
Helps them find clothing that flatters their form better; also helps them with make up and skin care if they wish for him to
And helps them work out a diet to make sure they are eating properly and enough times a day so that they don't get sick
Oh he notices immediate that MC isn't eating and it concerns him greatly because he knows how weak human bodies can become in the Devildom
Being the blunt demon that he is, he goes straight to them and tries to offer them food, showing his concern that they aren't eating enough and he doesn't want to see them sick
Body image issues? Do want to start working out with him, MC? Go to the gym when he does and see if that helps?
He just wants to be useful and helpful to them, offering everything he can think of that would make them feel better
Tells them over and over he thinks they look amazing as they are and they are such a good person, they don't deserve to feel or think that way about themselves
Brings them their favorite foods all the time and sits with them to make sure they actually eat something
He catches on that MC isn't eating when he sees them skipping lunch at RAD
He also sees how they look at themselves in the hallway mirrors, frowning and examining themselves in disgust
No, he needs to talk to them and see what's going on because he doesn't like that look on their face at all
He talks to MC and tries to give them reassurance that nothing is wrong with their body and they look completely fine; there is no need to change what they look like cause...well...he likes them the way they are
Lots of cuddles and hugs from this brother and he will offer his sincere compliments as well when they need to hear it
Usually he and Beel will come together to MC's room with food and sit and eat with them to make sure they get food in their belly
It would take a little bit for Dia to catch on to MC not eating because of how busy he is most of the time
He finally catches it though when he sees MC not eating at lunch and just looking so tired with dark eyes
He calls them to his office to have a talk about what is going on, and that is where he learns about their body image issues and how they don't like what they look like
Showers them in compliments and reassurance because he doesn't want to see his precious human so down on themselves
Studies up about human health to see what he can do for them (and help prevent them from developing an eating disorder, from what he learned)
Asks Barbatos to make them lunches that he brings to them at RAD and will talk to them as often as he can about their insecurities to help them work through them
Actually caught on to MC not wanting to eat because they would avoid touching the treats he would make for them
It sounds silly but that was a big red flag considering MC used to love to eat the sweets he would make
He wants to be direct with MC so he calls them over for a walk in the garden where he asks them what's been wrong, even though he has an idea
Like Satan, he has studied up on human world eating disorders and wants to prevent them from developing, so he comes up with a diet and exercise plan for them that can help them handle the insecurities better
Checks in with them constantly to make sure they are eating and taking care of themselves and invites them over to the Demon Lord's castle often so he can see them for himself
He and Luke are the ones who both notice how MC doesn't seem to eat much when either at school or even visiting them
It takes him a bit of watching to catch on to why and he brings up the insecurities to them rather bluntly
He reassures them that nothing is wrong with them and how they look is not something to worry about so much because they are perfect the way they are
He offers recipes for different variations of meals they can try that could be considered healthier, if they desire them
He wants them to be happy in their own skin and makes sure they know that with his actions and words
He and Luke always bring some kind of snack or meal for them when they meet up at RAD as well
He has seen things like this happen to a lot of his friends, so the last thing he wants is for it to happen to MC
He notices how they rarely eat around him when he invites them over to Purgatory Hall or out together when getting lunch
It worries him so much, and he lets MC know this
When they bring up the body image problems them have, he understands, and offers to help them
He showers them compliments and reassurance, being serious for once instead of his constant teasing that he usually gives them
Offers to cook for them, though the kindly decline; but he manages to get Simeon to help cook and brings them lunches to make sure they actually eat
Takes them out to walk around the Devildom as well the help them get exercise in if that will help too
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obeymesideblog · 2 days ago
Diavolo: Lucifer we all know you’re obviously upset since Lilith passed away.
Barbatos: So, we’ve decided to come over here to cheer you up.
Lucifer: I’m not upset.
Barbatos: Lucifer, we all saw you at the park, throwing rocks at other families.
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luciuslut · a day ago
𝐊𝐈𝐍𝐊𝐓𝐎𝐁𝐄𝐑 / DAY 6: punishment — diavolo ( obey me! ) x fem! reader
genre: nsfw ( drabble )
warning/s: sub! reader, master kink, spanking, degradation, fingering, edging [ lmk if i missed any ]
notes: guess who’s back >:) kinda
kinktober masterlist
Tumblr media
“princess, you can take it. i know you can.”
you let out a sob, “b-but… ah!” diavolo landed a spank on your ass, clicking his tongue.
“such a fucking brat. i told you that this is your punishment, didn’t i?” you nodded. “answer me.”
“y-yes, master!”
he continued fingering you, and god you were close. but you can’t cum just yet without his permission. “oh, are you close?”
“mmh, please master let me cum! i’ll be a good girl for you, please!” you begged, tears filling up your eyes from all the edging.
you knew how cruel he can be when he punishes you.
but honestly, you love it.
“no.” he whispered into your ear, his fingers deep inside you as he chuckled. “now take my punishment like the dirty little slut you are. you don’t deserve to cum just yet.”
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thedevilsdom · a day ago
Ahh I could see dia being hung like Beel, and he’d prob enjoy big dick humiliation more than Beel would. Just the spoiled prince getting his world rocked that big dick doesn’t equal praise asjsjjdjd
Ooh just sneering demeaning words at the prince of the devildom, making him fuckin see that just because he's big doesn't mean that anyone's gonna be begging for his dick
Tell him about how you're not gonna let him anywhere near you with that until you subject him to some practice to see if he even knows how to use it
Of course, it's all in the name of practice when he gets edged with a stroker for a couple hours ✨
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thedoctorofpoop · a day ago
Tumblr media
Diavolo death 15364646557: squid game
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radarchives · a day ago
Tumblr media
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otakusheep15 · 14 hours ago
Tittfucking - Diavolo (Kinktober day 21)
Today’s fic is purely crack. This is not meant to be taken seriously in the slightest, it’s just made for laughs. It’s literally an amab reader fucking Dia’s massive tits lol. And, no, Dia is not genderswapped, I assure you. 
CW: bottom (?) Diavolo, top MC, amab MC, tittfucking, pure crack
Everyone knows that Diavolo, future Devildom king, has amazing tits. Not a single day goes by without someone mentioning it on Devilgram somewhere or spamming photos of zoomed in picture of his chest in the R.A.D. newsfeed somewhere. Lucifer and Barbatos were never happy with this sort of behavior, but Diavolo loves it. After all, he is an attention seeker, so it only makes sense that he’d live for this kind of thing. 
He’s also very grateful when he realizes just how much you, his precious human, loves his chest just as much as everyone else. Maybe even more so. Diavolo has a fun time teasing you about it, often pulling you into his chest to hug you. Obviously, you know exactly what he’s doing, but there isn’t much you can do back. You can’t tease him back because he would love it if you did, and any other plans of revenge would most likely be stopped by Barbs or Luci. 
And, now, he’s decided to step his teasing up. You two tend to find yourselves hidden away in random closets or empty rooms since Diav never has much time to get away from his duties. However, today was different. Today, he finally had a break to fully enjoy you. Which, of course, came with teasing. He has you on his bed, sitting on his lap, gripping your hips, mouth pressed harshly against yours. Your hands are firmly gripping his shoulders as your hips grind down into his own. 
Then, he releases you from the kiss. You’re about to complain until you feel his breath ghost the shell of your ear. Apparently, he decided to exploit your greatest weakness, his chest. According to what he’s just whispered, he wants you to fuck his tits. Now, you’ve seen enough porn to know what he’s referring to, but it’s still a shocking thing to hear from him. Not that you’re opposed to the idea at all. 
While you’re distracted, he lifts you off of his lap so that he can lie down. He also takes the time to remove his shirt, giving you a full view of his upper body. Diavolo looked absolutely gorgeous, but you knew that already. Without even thinking about it, you move your hands to his pecs, and you squish them gently. They feel nice and soft underneath your hands, and you wonder just how they’d feel with your cock between them. 
It’s not like you need much longer to find out because Diavolo is already reaching down to your crotch to pull your cock free from your pants. You hadn’t even realised just how hard you were until his hand was on you. Deciding that you didn’t feel like waiting anymore, you move his hands out of the way and more your body up his own. You place your cock in the space between his pecs, and that small sensation alone already feels amazing. 
You are also slightly embarrassed, but the horny wins this round, and you push any embarrassment aside for now. Diavolo grabs your hips to help you balance on his chest, and you starts to move. The drag of your cock between his chest feels incredible, and you regret not doing this with him sooner. He also seems to be having the time of his life underneath you, loving the way your face contorts into one of pleasure at every movement. His hands start guiding you into a faster pace, and you’re too out of it to argue. 
In all honesty, you did not expect your orgasm to hit you as fast as it does. It happens without warning, catching both you and Dia by surprise. Your embarrassment comes back twice as hard as before, and all Dia can do right now is laugh. Now his chest is covered in cum, and you’re a blushing mess. 
He pulls you off of him only to lay you down next to him and cuddle into you. You kind of wish he would’ve cleaned up a bit first, but you’re too tired to ask. Instead, you push your face between his tits, and you fall asleep being smothered by both his massive love and his massive chest. 
This is easily the greatest story I have ever written /hj
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alexotls · 5 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
diavolo’s terrible horrible no good very bad day
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boxbusiness · 21 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
And we’re back!
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strawberrycream-art · 5 months ago
Wanna hear something living rent free in my head? Boys are getting cast down from heaven. Everyone is having a ✨terrible✨ time but then Asmo just slides down past them on the pole the hell right into diavolo's lap. A concept.
Tumblr media
He knows how to steal the show.
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03jelli · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
the student council president is very pretty
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warm-meelk · 6 months ago
Tumblr media
if i want pure serotonin i would go to these two because loud and funny and stupid
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lulucioles · 3 months ago
Tumblr media
I'm moving out of state! So I'll be on hiatus for a little while, but in the meantime, the obey me boys are taking a road trip to visit MC's new place in the human world! (′ꈍωꈍ‵)
Based on x
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obeythedemons · 4 days ago
When the others knew he loves them [Obey Me! Headcanon]
Obey Me! Masterlist
MC said a dumb joke. It was enough to make Mammon groan and roll his eyes. What made him pause, was the undignified snort that escaped from Lucifer. He looked over at the prideful demon with shock. His crimson eyes were locked on MC, the corners turned up and his mouth formed in a content smile. He looked...soft.
Lucifer looked almost like he did back when they were at the Celestial Realm. He looked back at MC and then back at Lucifer. He gulped, at how Lucifer's attention was solely focused on the sound of MC's laughter like nothing else mattered.
Beel had just walked into Hell's Kitchen with an all he could eat coupon. His stomach growled loudly at the thought - but was silenced when Mammon brought him food.
"Sh-shut up, it's not like I'm here 'cause MC saw somethin' that they wanted and I'm workin' to get money to buy it for 'em or anythin'!" he scoffed at Beel who never said anything to begin with.
He figured he had a crush on MC, but not a big enough of one to do the thing he hated most just to make them smile.
Satan watched with amusement as Levi walked around with a non-manga book in his arms. He was proud that his older brother was finally picking up some real literature. Then, he saw the title of the book. It was MC's favorite novel.
Levi's eyes meet Satan's eyes. His face turned a bright red and he held the book closer to him before hurrying out of the room. Satan's eyes widened as he realized that Levi was actually taking an interest in someone else's interests. His lips pressed into a thin line at the realization.
Asmo watched as he sat on the couch, his foot tapping anxiously. His emerald eyes flickered to the tv, where he paused a crime drama. Just as Asmo was going to ask what he was waiting for, MC came in with a bowl of popcorn and a brief apology for being late. Asmo expected him to be angry, but instead a wide grin formed on his face.
Satan patted the spot on the couch next to him for MC to sit. Once they settled in next to him, Satan covered both of them with a blanket and played the crime drama. His eyes kept flickering from the screen to watch MC's reactions instead. Asmo chuckled quietly and went to resume painting his nails.
Asmo's spiel of how excited he was about his spa appointment to the ever-elusive Devil Hot Springs was cut short when his D.D.D. vibrated. Solomon watched curiously when Asmo's eyes fluttered over the words. With a light laugh, he dialed a number.
"Yes, I need to cancel my appointment," Asmo spoke quickly. Solomon watched in shock, knowing that Asmo would most likely have to wait a couple of years before being able to go to that spa. When Asmo hung up he giggled. "MC wants to hang out today!"
"Ah, don't eat that," Beel warned Belphie. Belphie sighed and rolled his eyes while giving Beel that look. Beel shook his head. "It's not for me. I got that for MC, it's their favorite." Belphie put the food back before grabbing something else out of the fridge. He heard the front door to the house open and Beel zoomed out of the kitchen, not even grabbing something to eat.
Curiously, Belphie poked his head out of the kitchen. Beel was taking MC's bag and jacket for them with a small smile. The pair walked off in the direction of MC's room with Beel following them like a puppy dog, a really big puppy dog.
Levi was getting a late-night snack during a break from raiding while his teammates needed to get away for a second. His foot caught on something walking down the stairs. With a yelp, he toppled forward. Looking back, he shuttered at the glare Belphie was sending him.
"Wh-what are you doing sitting right there?" Levi questioned, but was soon interrupted when the front door opened. Belphie hopped up from his spot and stepped over the Avatar of Envy. Levi watched as Belphie grabbed MC's hand. It clicked. MC had to go to Lord Diavolo's for the exchange program. Belphie actually stayed up to make sure they got home safe. Levi's eyes narrowed at how Belphie was hanging off of them.
Lucifer was having tea with Diavolo when he briefly mentioned the latest shenanigans MC had gotten into with his brothers. The boisterous laugh that erupted from Diavolo startled him.
"Could you tell me more about MC?" Diavolo questioned and leaned forward. For a moment, Lucifer brushed it off as Diavolo wanting to hear about MC as an exchange student, but the way his eyes became half-lidded and the smile he wore when he listened to the stories about MC caused him to pause. Lucifer took a sip of his tea, not knowing how to proceed with this new information.
Diavolo followed the pair in the marketplace, wearing a pair of sunglasses, a baseball cap, and a hoodie like in the movies MC showed him. He was curious when Barbatos had asked MC to tag along with him with one of his daily trips, so he had to get a better look at what was going on.
He watched as Barbatos placed a hand on MC's back, guiding them and keeping them close to him. Barbatos's shoulders were relaxed for once and the laugh he let out was one he's never seen before. In fact, he's never seen the butler so relaxed before. Diavolo frowned.
"Ah, Barbatos?" Simeon questioned. The angel looked nervous as his hands clutched onto a notebook tightly. "Could you perhaps read a poem I wrote? MC asked to read whatever it was I wrote next, so I wrote this for them."
Barbatos merely nodded and happily took the notebook from him. His eyes skimmed over the words. The butler hid the frown that was wanting to break out on his face and instead kept his face neutral. While it wasn't directly obvious, the poem's words describing the beauty and loving embrace of the Celestial Realm were actually about them.
Simeon watched with a frown. Solomon was going through book after book about breaking the curse of immortality. The angel stepped forward to the sorcerer who was on the brink of tears. He placed a hand on his shoulder, causing Solomon to startle.
"I don't want to watch them grow old while I remain the same," he whispered. "And I can't curse them to the same faith I have." Solomon turned back to his books, searching desperately. Simeon stepped back, leaving Solomon to his research.
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yumeyumesabir · 13 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
✴︎ JoJo's Villains ✴︎
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