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#dice game
ashdreams2023 · 22 days ago
I want to ask for some doctor strange x reader smut with see dice if possible
You can use any type of dices 🎲
Alright let’s try this, since you didn’t exactly mention the gender of the reader so we’re going to be a bit vague and assume that the hole is just ready like that
Roll the dice
"You seriously found this on Amazon?" Strange asked you.
"Yes it was on sale and it looked interesting so I thought maybe you know…fun" you grinned holding up the paper that you found with the dust.
The paper had different sex position numbered from 1 to 100 and by throwing the dice you they chose the position you should be doing.
"I swear people make everything about sex nowadays" he looked at the dice in his palm then back you, sighing when he noticed how his comment might have discouraged you.
"Fine. But only three positions because god knows what this game will make us do"
You jumped up and down ready to get on with this adventure while he chuckled at you excitement.
"Ok it sees here that we should keep doing the same position for like one minute then roll the dice again and change" you read the instructions on the bottom of the paper to him.
"Sounds reasonable enough"
He reached out to you pulling you in for a kiss, then sliding his hand underneath your shit.
He pushed you with his body against the wall while your hands pulled gently on his hair.
He broke the kiss to lift off your shirt while you pulled down his bottoms.
Then you slide your own pajama shorts.
He squeezed your ass making you press against him, skin to skin.
You felt him getting hard from the way you were too close.
"You ready?" He asked.
"Just a second" you went down on your knees and took him in your mouth, you needed to make sure he was hard.
Your soft lips sucked on nippled at his tip before sucking him off repeatedly.
He groaned placing his hand on your hair and griping on it harshly.
When you felt him completely erected in your mouth you pushed away to catch your breath.
"Shit" he said looking at the trail of saliva you left.
"Let’s start" you licked your lips.
You took the dice in your hands and shook them before throwing them on the paper.
First one was 0 which meant it was only number this round and the other number was 5.
You looked at the paper while strange stroked himself slowly beside you.
Against the wall.
Great simple.
Before you could tell him you felt his strong arms left you up against the wall making you gasp warping your legs around his waist.
You moaned when you felt him aiming his dick against your hole then letting you sink in it slowly.
"Hey Siri put a time for one minute" he yelled at his phone which started counting immediately.
"Fuck fuck fuck" you whimper finally adjusting to his size before he started pushing you up and down.
The man was strong you’ve learned that lesson early on.
"You wanted this" he reminded you pushing into you and making you scream.
"I…know" he moaned as he kept pounding onto you without stopping.
His lips attacking your now sweating neck in the process making you even more heated then the timer rang.
"Damn it" he cursed sliding himself out of you quickly.
It felt awful going such high speed then stopping but it was the rules.
Strange threw the dice a little too roughly casing them to bounce a little far but he could see the numbers.
Ride on top.
He looked back at you, desperate clearly to have him inside you again.
"Ride me honey"
You watched him lay down on his back.
You hurried after hearing him set the next alarm.
Your hands on his chest as you sat down on his dick.
You moaned going right back to work.
He placed his hands on your hips to help you speed up.
"Come on honey you can do it" your head felt fuzzy as each time it hit your g spot making you weak and closer to your orgasm.
Timers up.
Strange held you to his chest then flip your positions so he’s now on top of you.
He reached over you to grab the dice and throw them one last time.
You could see how unkept his hair looked and it made you mentally grin, this was the only why his hair would get messed up, even war didn’t mess it up.
He threw the dice.
missionary legs over shoulders.
He let out a breath relieved that he’s somewhat the right position already.
"Hold on honey, be good for me I’ll finish you fast and good" you swallowed feeling him once again deep inside of you while your were up on his shoulders.
You threw your head back as he ponded mercilessly into your hole.
You could see stars and your eyes felt like their about to cry from the pure pressure being building up inside of you.
"I’m…Stephen…close" you cried out.
"Cum for me honey cum" he covered your lips with his own as he slammed one more time inside you then you came all over him.
Your body shook as he in turn came inside of you.
You looked up at his sweaty self and couldn’t help but to giggle.
"Told you it would…fun"
He raised a brow at you before breaking into a laugh fit letting his body lay down on top of yours to catch his breath.
"You’re something else"
Tumblr media
Kinda proud of myself for doing this in one go and hopefully it’s up to the standard
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lonesome--hunter · 7 months ago
Metal hooks for Baby >:3c
This is for that dice game and I think I rolled a 1 but I didn’t pay attention to that at all lol sorry. Special thanks to @simplygrimly for letting me use her big brain once again!
Hooks in You
TDH Master List || Boone Clan Master List || Terror in Tennessee on Ao3
CONTENT WARNING: noncon touching, panic attack, threats of torture, past talk of torture, gore tw, blood, creepy/intimate whumper, implied noncon/dubcon, begging, brief mouth trauma, creepy comfort
They still had his blood on them. Dark and dried up, coating the metal fish hooks sitting in the opened tackle box. Ezra prays that it’s only a coincidence that the box is sitting there in his eye line on the floor.
Ezra is kneeling with his back to Josiah facing the opened garage door. Their almost nightly ritual, Josiah would empty bottle after bottle and either sink his demonic teeth into his flesh or sit in the sorrowful silence of each other's company until his captor decides it was time for turn in. Time for hands he wished were someone else's, kisses that stole his breath and degradation that never seemed to end.
The fabric of his blue crew neck is cut away with a pocket knife and the cold air hitting his back makes his hair stand on end. All Ezra can think about is how soft that shirt was and how grateful he was for Songbird bringing him a Piggly Wiggly full of Herschel's old shirts the meathead had grown out of. He had so few nice things here and that shirt was the nicest thing he had. Although he struggles to understand her devotion to this family, her sincere kindness feels like a warm bath after being left out in the snow for far too long. Like Josiah had done last winter, nearly lost one of his middle toes had he not been brought back in just in time.
The faint brush of fingertips across the red healing puncture holes on his shoulders make him shiver. The pads of Josiah's fingers feel rough as he touches each one consecutively down the line, like a child playfully jumping from stone to stone across a pond.
"Whaddya think Baby? You think maybe we oughta string you up again? We can hang ya from that big oak tree out yonder." He’s pulled into the recent memory of the cousins casually laughing and talking jovially while watching him dangle from his own flesh in agony. Ezra is too lost in the horror of that suggestion that he yelps at the sharp cold tips of two fish hooks pressing into his sides, just shy of piercing the tender skin there. 
Josiah bends down and Ezra is immediately engulfed in his warmth, his breath hot on Ezra's neck. The stubble from his beard brushes his ear as the larger man whispers his malicious idea and makes Ezra’s entire body light up with nerves.
"We can string ya up and see just how many hooks I need to make you into a purdy wind chime. I can hook 'em all over." Josiah rests his chin on Ezra’s shoulder and feels the whimper he tries to hold back resonate against his chest. 
“We can hook ‘em here.” Ezra jerks forward when the fish hooks scrape against the sensitive flesh of his nipples. Josiah easily yanks him back  and crosses a tree trunk leg over Ezra’s body to keep him in place. 
“Or hows about we hook some here,” Josiah pulls his lips  apart by hooking the corners of Ezra’s mouth and stretching it wide, giving him a degradingly forced smile. 
“Pl-pl.” Ezra’s lips can’t meet to beg but the attempt earns him a chuckle, he tastes the copper of his blood from before mixed with the freshly pricked blood from his cheeks and it makes him gag.  Josiah pulls his head back by the hooks and plants a soft kiss on his nose as he reaches down and gives Ezra’s balls a quick squeeze. Shushing the kneeling man’s pathetic whimpering while taking the hooks from his mouth and tossing them back into the grey tackle box.
"Ain't enough here to hang ya up proper. I reckon I'd hafta go git some more hooks at the bait shop across town.  Unless you have another idea in mind for somethin’ else we can do tonight Baby."
Ezra turns quickly on his knees to face Josiah, grasping his big denim clad thighs as he puts on his best impression of a willing lover. He looks up into those pitiless green eyes that sometimes shone yellow in dim light and begs Josiah to take him upstairs so they can have a quiet night together. 
"We can put a movie on and I'll make you feel good like you've been teaching me. Please.. not that again." Ezra looks to be on the verge of a panic attack when Josiah takes his hands and pulls him to his feet, into a tight embrace meant to calm him down and settle the spiral before it starts. But it only opens the floodgates of tears brought on by the constant exhaustion being held against his will and violated for months.
"It's okay Baby. Don't cry." Ezra just buries his face deeper into Josiah's chest and unloads his anguish there on his flannel shirt. "We can do that another day."
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simplygrimly · 8 months ago
for the game again, since I’m obsessed with Clayton’s story: I’d love to see Clayton and Carla-May interacting with each other! maybe flirting, maybe just talking. I long to see them interact with each other
Prompt for THIS GAME, still open!
Tumblr media
Abducted Master Post || Extra Content
She flashed him a quick smile as he stepped into the diner, trying to focus on the order she was taking as he grinned and ran his hand through his hair. A mist of sparkling snowflakes fell around him, shaken from his hair and shoulders by every slight movement as he rubbed his hands together and blew on them, never taking his eyes from hers. Clayton was beautiful in the winter light, his cheeks rosy and bright, somehow even pinker in the bright white light cast off the reflection of the snow.
She didn’t realize that she had lost track of what her customer was saying until he cleared his throat and Clayton broke eye contact to follow a hostess to a table in her section. Carla-May looked back at the man ordering, suddenly flushed with embarrassment at how distracted she had been.
“Ya a’right there li’l lady?”
She sighed and nodded, smiling warmly at the old man looking up at her with a knowing grin. “I’m so sorry, Harold, can you say that again for me?”
“Sure, sweetheart, far be it from me to begrudge a couple a kids in love, eh?”
Carla-May laughed as she jotted down the rest of his order, but she was keenly aware of Clayton’s eyes on her, of how he watched her walk back to the ticket counter and put her order in, all the while grinning at her like he was up to something.
She let him wait a few minutes, whispering to the waitress who had seated him, giggling with the younger girl about how they could set their watches by Clayton coming in to order a sandwich and a sweet tea, his eyes fixed on Carla-May like she might disappear if he looked away.
She knew that it didn’t make a bit of difference how long she made him wait. He would wait, grinning like he was waiting to tell her a secret, and she’d blush and wait for him to ask her for literally anything else, and he would leave without asking but with a tip bigger than his bill sitting on the table.
It had been the same for years, since he was still a goofy kid in a letterman jacket driving a heat to hell pickup to school every day. But Carla-May didn’t mind, she knew that he had always been the type to do things in his own time, and she had her whole life to keep blushing at his boyish grin.
She walked to his table, her smile brightening a touch by the way he looked up at her and squinted like he was looking into the sun, and pulled out her notepad.
“I don’t know why I bother writin’ it down anymore,” she teased.
He nodded, folding his hands on the table as he looked up at her. “You might want it today, I think I want something different.”
She raised her brows a touch, surprised at the sudden change in his predictable routine. “Alright then, what’ll it be honey?”
“I’m thinkin’ steak and potatoes, some broccoli, and a nice bottle of strawberry wine.”
“Clayton you know we don’t serve any of that,” she shook her head but couldn’t help but smile wider at his little joke.
“Yeah I know,” he sighed and nodded, looking down at the menu for a moment. “I guess I’ll just have to settle for my steak dinner on Friday night, with you.”
Carla-May was stunned for a moment, but her smile grew until she didn’t have room on her face as she thought over what he had said.
He smiled at her silence and shrugged, “meantime I guess my usual?”
She nodded at him and tucked her notepad away. “Friday night it is then,” she agreed before retreating back to the kitchen to safely have a fit of excitement.
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boxodice · a year ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Got some of the lab dice from my local game shop! I also got the heavy orange and copper matrix.
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gostslut · a year ago
Tumblr media
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roguesbazaar · 9 months ago
Tumblr media
Try your luck with a roll of the dice. Will land on success or on failure? Well, it all depends on whether fate favors you this day. Or perhaps it doesn't. I've heard that a soft hand and a cunning tongue can fix most streaks of bad luck.
Come and roll the dice at the Rogue's Bazaar.
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austinmwav · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
introducing MEATHEADS: a brand new One Page Tabletop RPG
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healershug-dice · 24 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Nothing quite beats the simplicity of clear dice with matte black numbers. Love how the light refracts on these beauties to create rainbows especially in the d20.
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blue-rose3 · 11 months ago
Dice Blackmail Game
You will roll once for each section and then complete the required step based on your roll, sending the photos and information to your Blackmailer. Then you may move on to the next roll.
Roll number 1: Easy info
1: The country you live in
2: You last name
3: The county you live in
4: Your first name
5: The first name of someone in your family
6: All of the above
Roll number 2: Easy Pictures
1: Full body shot, no face, just wearing underwear
2: Full nude frontal, no face
3: Fully clothed picture with face
4: Full body picture, underwear around your ankles, no face
5: Closeup shot of your face
6: All of the above
Roll number 3: Moderate info
1: The name of the last person you had sex with
2: The number of times you masturbate a week
3: Your 🏠 number
4: Your 📱 number
5: One sexual fantasy in at least 20 words
6: All of the above
Roll number 4: Moderate pictures
1: Closeup of your ass
2: Fully body nude photo, no face
3: Fully body nude photo, full face
4: Closeup of your genitals
5: Full nude body shot from behind
6: Full frontal full face shot
Roll number 5: Hard info
1: Your first name
2: Your last name
3: Your street name
4: Your number
5: Your full name, first and last
6: All of the above
Roll number 6: Hard pictures
1: Three full face nudes
2: A nude full body photo of you with face
3: A nude photo kneeling down, full face
4: A closeup of a dildo in your ass
5: A fully body shot with face, holding a sign of your choice
6: Go back and complete every single photograph from the easy, moderate and hard 🎲 rollsRoll number
7: Extreme info
1: Your full name, first and last
2: Your full address
3: Your email address
4: Your facebook information
5: The first and last name of one male and one female friend and their email addresses
6: All of the above
Roll number 8: Extreme photos
1: A nude full face photo from a public park
2: Five full face nude photos
3: Every single nude photo of yourself you currently have on.
4: A nude full face photo with your full name written on your chest in big black letters
5: A nude full photo face photo showing your ID with nothing censored.
6: All of the above
Roll number 9: Length of Blackmail time. This roll will determine the length of time the dominant will blackmail you for. If you complete all of the tasks given during this time, then the dominant must delete all pictures and info he has of you.
1: 1 day
2: 3 days
3: 1 week
4: 2 weeks
5: 1 month
6: Bad luck, as long as the dominant wants
If you wish to complete this 🎲 dare, post below saying ‘I consent to this 🎲 dare’ and/or message pm to your Blackmailer. Once you start rolling, your only two options are to 👀 the dare through to the end or to let the dominant expose whatever information he/she have gathered on you up to that point.
Good luck.
Anyone want to play?
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simplygrimly · 8 months ago
for the game: I’d kill to see how Clayton would react to a good head scratch
Prompt for THIS GAME, still open!
Tumblr media
Abducted Master Post || Extra Content
Clayton sat in his uncomfortable pet bed, slouched back against the cool metal wall of the ship with a scowl on his face and his arms crossed over his chest.
The alien had taken to sitting closer to him as it worked on whatever the giant projected screen and little tablet at his fingers did, almost as if it was imagining some sort of companionship between the two of them. Clayton hated it, he hated feeling like nothing more than a piece of decoration, some exotic animal to show off like a status symbol or a trophy.
He wondered if that's how monkeys and tigers kept in cages on earth felt.
Every now and then it became obvious that the alien was still looking at videos of how earth's animals were treated, still trying to find a way to connect with Clayton. Those were the most annoying moments, the ones that made Clayton wonder if ejecting himself straight into space really would tear him to pieces like old sci-fi movies said.
As if the alien knew what he was thinking about, it reached over and touched the spot behind his ears, it's long fingers threading through his hair and imitating a scratching motion that didn't feel quite right with the absence of fingernails.
He instinctively curled his shoulders up as high as they could go, shrinking away from the alien's touch as he batted the hand away in a hard swipe.
The alien tilted it's head and looked at him, it's eyes shimmering yellow for a moment before it went back to the blueish green sparkle that Clayton had grown used to, it's hand frozen in the air a few inches away from his hair.
"Just...Don't fuckin' touch me man..." Clayton glared for a moment, hoping the alien at least understood his tone if not the words. It slowly pulled it's hand back and Clayton scooted away on his pet bed, sulking as he once again started running through the options he had to get the hell off the ship.
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boxodice · a year ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
See im not dead after all! These dice might as well be, after all the ones they rolled last night.
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juspeczik · 10 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
I am making dice since October, and this is my favourite set so far!!
Dice enchanted with Divine Power. For clerics, paladins, divine spellcasters, all good allignment.
You can find more pieces on my Instagram page: @jeze.dice
Cheap ko-fi commissions open! I’ll leave it here just in case someone would support me for purchasing materials for dice.
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builder051 · 5 months ago
Dice roll game
Here are the rules:
Choose 1 and roll 2
Your ask will be in the form of, for example, Bucky, D8, D20.
You man choose one from any of the sections, then I'll roll the dice and tell you what you get for the other two. I'll then write a fic using all of those elements.
Here are your choices:
The jet
The battlefield
The tower
The bedroom
The office
The coffeeshop
The roof
The car
I'm dying
You're burning up
What's wrong with you?
I'm ok, I promise
You need to sit
You're not ok, are you?
Ok, just stop
How are you cold?
I just...don't feel good
I threw up
Did you just throw up?
You're not sick, are you?
How are you feeling?
Do you need to move?
It's not you, ok?
I'm just tired?
Why are you doing this?
Rate the pain for me.
How long have you been hiding that?
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vellumed · a year ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
🥮🎲 Really missing annual Pua Tiong Chiu. My piece for @antholegacies which sent out digital copies today. Mid-Autumn Festival is observed by all kinds of Asian communities as a gathering for family and friends to celebrate regional and local customs. It extends far beyond its origins in China, and I hope for that sense of community it brings in such a tumultuous year as this. Happy Mid-Autumn 🏮🌟
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thatshowthingstarted · a year ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Pair of Roman Bone Dice, Circa 1st – 3rd century AD,
Dimemsions:  L 1 cm
Games involving dice were popular in Ancient Rome and included games where dice were used along with a board and pieces that required moving with the luck of the roll. Whilst gambling and gaming were only legal pastimes during the festival of Saturnalia in December, plenty of Romans partook in the activity during the year. From travelling soldiers at local taverns, to the wealthy elite and ruling class, the Romans were avid fans of playing dice games.
St James’s Ancien art
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healershug-dice · a month ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Purple and gold dice. Added in some gold foil to these as well but they kind of get over taken by everything else. It was a challenge to get the lace the right shade of purple and I ended up spilling the ink and getting it all over my hands which is why my finger nails are still purple.
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