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DickBabs Hc (steamy edition)

  • They can never keep their hands off each other
  • Even at family events
  • They sneak off to be together
  • Dick loves Barbara in blue and she very well knows it
  • She loves Dick in any color but she seems to go weak seeing him in black
  • They love to take it slow but sometimes they’re so turned on they get a littte rough
  • Dick likes when Barbara grabs his butt during sex
  • Sometime they keep part of their costumes on
  • They can get wild with each other when they don’t get to be together for a while
  • Their lives are usually pretty busy but they always find time to spend together and that time is usually spent making passionate love
  • Barbara calls Dick baby and he loves hearing her say it in bed
  • Dick will usually warn her when he’s going to cum and she always encourages him to do so
  • Dick can last a long time with her which is somethihg he couldn’t do with other girls
  • He imagines it’s because of the emotional connection he has with her
  • Babs loves to be on top but she doesn’t mind when Dick takes control
  • When they go down on each other, they like to take it slow because they know it drives the other one crazy
  • When they wanna punish each other for something, they get each other close to orgasm and then suddenly stop
  • Sometimes they put on music to set the mood
  • Dick loves the feeling of Barbara running her hands through his hair
  • They love to cuddle after making love
  • Dick gives Babs massages that easily turns into sex
  • Dick loves being gentle with Babs but sometimes she just wants him to be a little rough
  • They know what to do and what not to do in order to not cause any flashbacks or ptsd attacks
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Headcanon #93

Going to Disney world with a the bat fam siblings and the two speedster -because Tim wanted to bring his friends but a few were busy on the first day, but the week his friends beside Bart- and um but the first day was… eventful.

Bart and Tim went to do their own thing wanting to see the Toy story area, of course they both promised to meet up with the rest later.

So it was Jason, Dick, Satan’s happy meal, and Wally. -other bat fam was busy but also did show up to of course have fun at Disney Land- and when getting a snacks from a booth Damien and Jason had fought Micky mouse and while this happened Wally and Dick just watched not in shocked but more like concerned about the two fighting a mouse in front of children. Lot of yelling, crying, and screaming it stopped at a draw where Jason was getting his ass handed to him but the guy in a fur suit. Dick video recorded for Bruce.

The whole week was feral tho, and evening going with teammates, friends, and just themselves it was just as feral as it was with the Bros.

Duke tho, he had morn the lost of his ice cream as it landed on the ground with him on his knees in defeat. Second time Jason got his ass handed to him. Wally got him more though because he felt that hurt spiritually. Rip chocolate and vanilla swirls.

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Laughs and tears were shared between them. A lifetime of stories and experiences, happy and sad moments, moments that make you laugh, cry and yell.
The relationship between Dick and Wally is one to behold.I have quite a few ideas I want to do once I’m done with the 30 Days Challenge and I need help to decide on which one I want to do.

I’m torn between a few things and I need help! X(

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"And what exactly do you think you're doing?" Alfred asked, eyebrows raised rather pointedly.

“And what exactly do you think you’re doing?” Alfred asked, eyebrows raised rather pointedly.

Dick freezes, hand tightening on the tub of ice cream in his hand as he slowly peeks around the edge of the freezer door. He offers a sheepish smile. “After school snack?”

“Need I remind you that you are on spring break, or that dinner is in under an hour?” he asks, eyebrows still raised incredulously.

“Aw, come on, Alf, I’m still growing; I’m starving!” he whines.

Alfred scoffs and strides forward into the kitchen, plucking the ice cream out of Dick’s hands and returning it to the freezer. “I assure you, Master Richard, ice cream before dinner will not help you grow any taller.” 

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I swear, if Barbara Gordon is introduced as a rival to Kory or a love interest to Dick I will be livid. This season is supposed to be Kory-centric and they’re already introducing Barbara from jump who may draw attention away from Kory. The fact that Barbara will undoubtedly be white in this iteration and Kory is a black woman just makes this worse because this white woman will be drawing focus from a black woman IN HER OWN SEASON. I don’t want this. Barbara doesn’t even need to be there, because she has never interacted with the Titans!

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Barbara walked up behind her husband linking arms with him . Her evening gown swaying, tickling her freshly shaven legs

“Babe did you seriously have to wear that” she whispered

Dick grinned looking down at what was strapped to his chest. His and Barbara’s 11 month old son was comfortably strapped to Dick’s chest in the baby carrier “Hey I love this thing”

Barbara couldn’t help but smile as she playfully rolled her eyes “I know you do handsome. But we are at a Wayne Gala and you are wearing a suit…there are thousands of people here because it’s our engagement party and our sons first official public appearance”

Dick nodded “Exactly the reason I have him strapped to me with his head snuggled into my chest. To hide him from all the cameras and the strange people coming up ogling ‘I want to hold him!’ “ Dick mocked

She smiled, loving how protective he was of their son “I know, but Dick we agreed the public was getting too curious about him. If we don’t let them get a few good shots and let some sweet stories spread then bad gossip would come and the press would potentially put Nate in danger in order to get a good glimps of him”

Dick sighed “You’re right” he unclamped the clips allowing the carrier to fall. He turned his son, who was dressed in a tiny tux that matched Dick’s so he was positioned on his hip.

Barbara grinned, she had taken her fair share of photos of her two guys while they had their privacy upstairs earlier. But They just looked so identical and cute dressed alike. Nate reached for Barbara letting out a small whine

“Such a Mommy’s boy” Dick joked as he passed his son to her

She kissed her sons chubby cheek before turning back to her fiancé “Oh gee I wonder who he gets it from”

Dick smirked scooting closer, kissing her cheek “I don’t know Mama, why don’t you show me?” He whispered in her ear

Barbara bite her lip as Dick pulled back

“Awe Young Grayson!” An elderly man with a cane approached them. Dick and Barbara both recognized him as the owner of a hotel chain . Which one? They don’t remember. All they know is he’s been coming to these things since they were kids, he’s extremely wealthy and has had many different wives. The latest of which was at his side now. She couldn’t have been much older than them

Dick puts on a smile. “Ah yes sir, how are you? “ he extended his hand for a proper shake

“I should congratulate you on both the beautiful bride and the offspring “ the old man waved

Dick smiled proudly “Thank you”

The blonde tugs at the old man’s coat “Awe honey look at the baby he’s so cute! I want a baby. Can we buy a baby?” She pouts . Dick and Barbara take this as an opportunity to sneak away. Only to run into a lady by the name of Rita Washington

She was a kind woman, in her 60’s who was a widow. Inheriting her husbands entire fortune

“Well would you look at you two cuties “ she smiled

The couple flashed her a grin back

“And this little ray of sunshine” Rita stepped forward touching Nathan’s arm “Wanna come to Auntie Rita?” She held her arms out. Knowing it would be good publicity Barbara passed her son to the woman. Luckily Nate didn’t cry.

“Awe hunny” the woman sighed as she lightly bounced the baby “I know what you’re feeling, you grow this human inside you for 9 months, go through hours of labor only for it to come out looking just like it’s daddy and nothing like you” she looked toward Dick

“Both my sons were the same way, luckily my daughter looks like me.”

Both Dick and Barbara laughed lightly,

Rita passed the baby back to Barbara. Nate laid his head on Barbara’s shoulder

“Awe he loves his mother doesn’t he?” The woman cooed

Barbara smiled “It’s partially my fault, I probably baby him too much” she ran her fingers over her sons hair

Rita shook her head “Oh sweetie don’t believe everything people tell you. Don’t think you need to rush and make him grow up cause it goes by too fast. The boy won’t be 20 and wanting to hang on your hip.”

Dick nodded “Even if he, is there isn’t nothing wrong with a man being attached to his mother”

Rita smiled “I like your way of thinking, you two take care.” She dismissed before turning

They didn’t make it 3 steps before they ran into Bruce, Jason, Tim and Stephanie

“There you three are, Ive been searching for you all night” Bruce spoke

Dick shrugged “Who knew when you shock a crowd with finally seeing your baby and an engagement it would keep you busy”

Tim rolled his eyes

“He looks so cute in his little suit!” Stephanie gushed

Barbara smiled “Yeah who knew Armani made baby sized suits.”

“Who knew people would pay $3,000.00 for a suit that would

“Enough with the ’Who knews’ obviously we all knew’ Let me see my grandson” Bruce taking Nathan from Barbara’s arms without hesitation

Nathan batted his grandfathers cheeks causing Bruce to fight a smile

“Is it time for the circle of life ritual? Should I go get Alfred so he can hold the little Rugrat over the staircase while everyone cheers in admiration?” Jason thumbed

Stephanie stiffened a laugh “Whats with the backwards Superman backpack?” She asked instead

Dick looked down, quickly undoing the carrier he had forgotten about “Its not a backpack it’s a Tula Baby carrier with a Superman print.” He defended

“Plus Dick loves wearing the baby and making it well known that he ‘made it with his fiancé’ cause ’Who knew Dick and Babara were having sex….spoiler alert–everyone. Even Batcow knew“ Jason added

“Jason” Barbara grunted.

He smiled “Oh come on Barbie, let me take pride in the fact I’m the first in the whole family who knew you two were a thing. Our bedrooms we’re next door to each other. You thought you were sneaking in and out of his bedroom window unheard? “

She smiled, he wasn’t wrong

Dick and Barbara were able to sneak away, entrusting the care of their son in the family.

Meanwhile, they wanted some privite time, after all this was a celebration of their engagement

Dick slammed Barbara up against the wall of the storage closet causing the Metal chairs of the nearby shelf to rattle.

“How-how many times do you think we’ve hid in this storage closet?” She stuttered

Dick shrugged as he began kissing down her neck “I dunno” he mumbled “10?”

She raked her fingers through his hair “Are you sure? We’ve snuck off a lot during gala’s growing up”

Dick looked up “Oh you mean just innocently sneaking off too? Like counting when we were kids.”

Barbara rolled her eyes “Of course you big lug!” She unhooked her legs and slid back to the ground.

Dick smiled “In that case countless times. Remember how Alfred used to purposely leave extra cookies in the kitchen for us to eat. “

She nodded as her eyes scanned the floor

Dick watched her curiously

“There it is.” She squatted down, the tight red dress making it difficult, she pushed a stack of chairs slightly aside, revealing two sets of initials carved into the wood shelving ’BG+DG=BFF’

Dick smiled ”I forgot we did that! We were what? 11?”

Barbara noddd ”Something like that” she watched as he bent down, pulling a pocket knife out of his sock, one thing Bats never did was walk around unarmed

”Watcha doing lover?” she asked

He smiled as he carved the shelving ”Updating it” he pulled the knife back, next to the old carving read a new one ”BG + DG Forever” with a heart around it

”You like it?” he asked

She pecked his lips ”I love it” she whispered before pushing him so he was lying down on the closet floor ”I love you” she whispered kissing his lips

”And I love you” he grinned back kissing her again.

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Sneak peak for another baby!Dami illustration, this time with Batman!Dick. <3

Will continue into color for the other one, don’t worry! But I started this one earlier so thought I’d share. :) This drawing I got from a fic, will share it, because it’s the cutest thing ever and they deserve all the credit… just gotta finish this properly!

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@books-netflix-and-pizza asked: Could you please make a Damian x reader social media au, where the rest of the bat fam thinks they hate each other but they post something on social media that makes it really obvious that they don’t?

This one was so much fun!  After the anon message from this morning, I made some adjustments to my previous stockpile for it but I don’t regret a single thing.  Also, Tim canceling Dami is a total thing for me.  Just warning you now.

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Fandom: DCU (Comics)
Rating: T
Chapters: One-Shot
Pairings: None, Gen
Characters: Dick Grayson, Damian Wayne
Tags: Humor, Little Brother Being Their Usual Annoying Self, Big Brother Just Wants Some Quiet TIme, Worldbuilding, Superheros and Supervillains on Social Media
Language: English
Archive Warnings: None


Crackle. Crackle. Crackle. Little brother’s parenting habits coming through! Break the communicator! He won’t notice anyways Crackle. Crackle. End Transmission.

One-Shot Link: Earful

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Me and U

pairing: D. Grayson x Reader

warnings: none

The day woke up with a grey sky, it wasn’t only about the rain but i could feel something was coming. Dick was a ghost these days, he couldn’t think about anything but what happened to Jerichó, because he says that he is blamed.

Ever since Slade’s back, Dick couldn’t have a decent night of sleep. Days and nights working about deathstroke and planning over and over how to finally beat him for once. He didn’t have peace because it wouldn’t be out of his mind until he did what he had to do. To say the truth.

The truth that only me and him knew, and because of it, i was the only one who could see his nightmares in his sleeps, the sweating and almost-crying man waking up scared by my side. Dick is the strongest person i know, and i’ve spent my life around heros. No one has his strenght.

[8:40 A.M / San Francisco, Titans Tower]

When i woke up, Dick was no more by my side.He left me a note saying he’d be back soon. That’s fine, let’s rise and shine then.

I took my coffee in the kitchen, with Hank and Gar playing in their PS4, these guys are really nerd. And i laugh to myself. I couldn’t imagine what was about to come. The day wouldn’t be that calm, and that..I could tell. My powers isn’t exactly to see the future, but my intuitions? they’re never wrong.

[2 P.M / San Francisco, Titans Tower]

I took my bath and left mine and Dick’s bedroom, in my way to the living room I could hear some noise coming from there, so i went there.

“Don’t fucking walk away from me, Jason” Rachel comes yelling, and Jason following to the door.”

“Hey, hey, what’s going on?” I ask, pretty worried to be true because they fight everyday, but not like this.

“Jason did put crucifixes in my mirror, Y/N”  Rachel answers me

“Jason, it’s okay to be mad..” Dawn says

“I don’t know what happened but it wasn’t me” Jason says like he was about to cry.

“Jaybird, that’s fine, come here, i believe you..” I try to calm him down because he’s like my little brother and dick cares a lot about that kid, I can’t even finish my phrase because Dick appears in the elevator.

“Love” he says

“Hey, baby, are you okay?” I ask him, looking at the gun at his hand. He kiss me and then tell us

“He’s here. Deathstroke is here in the tower. He took photos of us. Asleep.”

“Dick, talk to me. What’s up with the gun?” Hank ask him.

Dick’s acting strange. He’s tired, looking worried. He realize someone is missing.

“Jason” He says and run to the rooftop.

“I didn’t understand what just happened here, can anyone tell me?” Gar, who had just woke up.

“Long drama, Gar, but something is going on.” I tell him

After like 15 minutes, Dick and Jason come back from the rooftop.

“I lied.” Dick says. “I lied to you guys because i was afraid you’d leave in the first place. And leave me. And if that happen, titans would be done.

We were all listening carefully to him. He was saying the truth. At least, what he believed it was the truth, what was killing him inside. I was right behind him, sitting down in a chair. Waiting for their reaction.

“He died trying to save me from his Dad.” He says about what happened to Jericho in the Church. “I’m sorry, you all deserve more.”

Hank gets up from the seat he was and it seems like he is going to hug Dick. I breath in releaf. but when we less expect, Hank punch Dick in the face. “You lying sack of shit.” Dawn holds him.”

“WHAT THE FUCK HANK!” i yell but in disbleaf to what just happened. Dick had blood going through his nose. He held my shoulders so he could have some support. I sat him down in the couch.

“How dare you? How the fuck dare you?” I say to Hank

“You knew?” He aks “All this time, you knew? And you could forgive him?”

“Forgive from what? from a plan that we all did together? That we did to make justice to Garth?” I say, directly to the old titans. “Or you can’t remember, Dawn, when you asked him to be Batman?” She looks down.

Dick was cleaning the blood in his face.

“How you dare to treat someone like this when he’s telling you the truth? I’m sorry but this is not a court where you are all the victims and Dick is the bad guy. He does not deserve to be put in this place. He went until the end to make justice for Garth, he never meant to hurt Jerichó, you all know it already. Dick had it on his shoulders since the first day you all were gone and only both of us were still here.You didn’t see him non-sleep for days, and when he could finally sleep, he’d heave bad dreams about it. I won’t let you all break his mind again if you won’t help him to take the pieces.” I finish with no more energy to keep doing that.

Everyone was in silence, Dick told them we were going to our bedroom so he could clean his face and be in peace for a while.

Silence remains. Everything was going to be fine. Things would get in their way again. But now, they know Dick didn’t had all the blame on this but everyone of us did.

When we got to our bedroom. Dick has a break down “I said the truth, Y/N, i couldn’t have done this without your support from everyday, i wouldn’t do this without you. It was too much to handle but you shared this with me.” he hugs me

“It will be me and you forever, remember?” I ask him “Never go away from each other”.  And we rest in our bed, knowing that now, beating deathstroke for once was our main job. Leaving all the drama behind us.

You deserve better, Dick Grayson, never let anyone make you think that you don’t” i told him.

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