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#dick grayson
missingnightwingsmullet · 12 minutes ago
Tumblr media
hate it here tbh
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scorpionyx9621 · 24 minutes ago
So I love Dick Grayson as much as anyone else. However I got a heartbreaking headcanon that coincides with my current ADHD! Dick Grayson Headcanons. Dick Grayson with Rejection Sensitivity Disorder.
Everyone calls Dick the 'Boy Wonder' he's always been held to a bar of perfection, and while Dick truly is capable of achieving most anything he wants to. It's caused from his abject fear of failure and letting people down.
His biggest fears when hit by Fear Toxin shows that he's afraid of letting Bruce down and being rejected by Bruce, his surrogate father figure. Dick already has hyperactive type ADHD so canonically him working out to an excessive degree and perfecting his gymnastics helps alleviate some of his symptoms of ADHD. However Dick works to a near sense of perfection. And if he misses a landing or if his body just isn't strong enough yet, well, he lashes out and harms himself.
Tumblr media
When he was younger and with the Titans, he was cocky, hot-headed, and thought he was above it all. But that's because he was afraid to show weakness, he was afraid of letting Bruce down and to be rejected by Bruce. It eventually came to a head when he saw his own group beginning to reject him.
People with ADHD (like myself) struggle with regulating our emotions. And while Dick is shown to have an amazing heart and to inspire even the likes of the literal Sun God Superman himself, he still struggles with his fears of being rejected. And superman bestowing the title of Nightwing upon him, and Dick branching out to start his own life, only made things worse.
Now you have an older, more mature, fully-developed Dick Grayson who is classically handsome, muscular, funny, good-hearted, and all-around a great guy. Serving as hero of Blüdhaven. He does his best to be the very best, but oftentimes he fails. He takes people under his wing like Tarantula, and tries to show her the right way, only for her to do.. well... What she does to him. And Dick doesn't tell a soul because he doesn't want to come across as a failure. As someone who is weak. Someone who was taken advantage of in his most vulnerable moment. Perpetuating not only toxic masculinity, but also re-enforcing his extreme RSD. I'm afraid Dick will never receive help because he's afraid to admit what happened to him.
Dick Grayson suffers from RSD and it's so hard because it's an add-on that complicates ADHD even further. He's gotten better at dealing with it, but it just makes me want to hug the man even more. He wants so hard to help people and be the very best he can be. But I want him to know it's okay to fail and to fall. Let the weight of the world off of your shoulders sometimes. Just because you can bear the weight of it alone, doesn't mean you should have to all the time.
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fireflyxrebel-writes · 28 minutes ago
Ok let me get a look at this character story from dc comics....ooO0h ok Ava I know this is going to end badly for this guy in HtStM.
He's...a plot device if anything. 😂
But yeah, he was a piece of shit in the comics and I wanted to write him as his piece of shit self.
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batfoonery · 33 minutes ago
Dick, about to go in for surgery: C’mon buddy. When was the last time you saw your big brother scared?
Damian: When you walked through a spiderweb. When we were playing with the Ouija board and the wind blew the door shut...
Dick, tearing up: There was no wind buddy. We brought something forth.
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waterfire1848 · 36 minutes ago
Jason: I decided to try going to church.
Dick: Wait. You’re allowed to cross the threshold of a church?
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[Mélinda and Adeline, in Mélinda's bedroom]
Dick, kicking down the door: Now what in the HELL did I just hear?!
Mélinda: Not much I just plugged the laptop charger into the headphone port
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bambicambi · 58 minutes ago
Marinette: *playing Jump In The Line as she walks into the room*
Dick: *sighs loudly* I didn't-
Marinette: *raises the volume*
Dick: I didn't-
Marinette: *raises the volume even more*
Dick: I didn't mean to-
Marinette: *raises it even more*
Marinette: *sings along* OKAY, I "BELIEVE" YOU.
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lilatreus · an hour ago
It’s so funny seeing tiktoks about Dick Grayson but they have to use his government name or else it’d be censored and flagged for inappropriate behavior.
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babambatman · an hour ago
Tumblr media
Robin War #2
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doveamongangels · an hour ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Breaking news! Local asshole’s 2 1/2 kids hate him and he can’t take a hint. More at 9. 
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extra-pickles · an hour ago
Here is my original super hero OC!
Part one
Tumblr media
This is Valentine Rose Evans
Her personality:
Funny, smart, witty, and sarcastic;
Very competitive; Cant take things seriously; Easy to judge;
Can be outgoing but not all the time;
She can be selfish sometimes (her safety is usually her priority over others)
Can be very sweet and nice to people she likes
Her powers include:
Magnetism manipulation
Chaos magic
Probability manipulation
Reality warping
The pros of having such powers
She has the power to channel, manipulate, and generate magnetic fields that exist naturally or artificially, which makes her extremely powerful;
She has energy manipulation and powerful access to magical energies;
But all this power has its consequences
She sometimes shows sines of bipolar disorder, making her volatile at times and dangerous at most;
She can't completely give into her powers otherwise they will consume her;
People are constantly worried around her and act like they are walking on egg shells when with her;
Sometimes she feels a lot and sometimes not at all;
For now this is all my lovelies.
But there will be a part two and maybe oneshots with her and different characters
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cyoza · an hour ago
nearly done with chapter 4 and should have it uploaded very very soon but here’s a little extract until then bc I’m so excited I’ve updated so soon after my last chapter forgive me for all the others (as few as they are): 
He knew the opulence that the open plan apartment depicted. The dark, glossy granite countertops of the kitchen, the immaculately distressed rich mahogany leather sofa and the plush, shaggy, handwoven rug were only a few of the luxurious items that Bruce insists on maintaining throughout every safe house. The sea of glass that replaced the far wall gave a breathtaking view of the New York city skyline which also didn’t help. 
Dick cleared his throat before gesturing to the living room. 
‘You guys will be safe here for now.’ He told the two teens before turning to face Kory. ‘But, Princess, I have to get you back to headquarters.’ 
She opened her mouth to protest but Dick cut her off before she could. 
'I promise you they will be safe here.' He assured her. 'With all due respect, Princess, don’t you think you’ve caused enough trouble for today?’ 
That seemed to strike a chord in her and she closed her mouth and gave him a stiff nod. Kory turned to crouch in front of the teens, putting a comforting arm on each of their shoulders. 
'I promise you they will be safe here.' He assured her. 'With all due respect, Princess, don’t you think you’ve caused enough trouble for today?’ 
That seemed to strike a chord in her and she closed her mouth and gave him a stiff nod. Kory turned to crouch in front of the teens, putting a comforting arm on each of their shoulders. 
‘I promise you I will be back here bright and early tomorrow morning.’ She promised. ‘For now, you can trust Agent Grayson-’ 
Dick felt the need to interject then. 
‘Dick, my name is Dick.’ 
Kory threw him an irritated look but continued talking. 
‘For now, you can trust Dick to keep you safe, okay?’ 
The two teens gave her a small smile and nodded at her reassurances. Kory gave their shoulders a small squeeze before standing and turning to make her way back to the elevator, barely sparing him a glance.                    
Dick suddenly felt out of his realm as the two teens looked up at him expectedly. He knew they were waiting for him to say something but what? So he said the only thing he could think of. 
‘Uh, I’ll be back in a few hours.’ What else should he mention? ‘There should be food in the pantry and an Xbox if you guys get bored.’ Kids like Xbox right?
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multifandomgirl-us · an hour ago
Get you friends that will send you fluff fics when you’re sad. Mine is @offendedfishnoises. I’m so glad I met you in college
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magicsuga · an hour ago
At first I was like mmm ✨Discowing✨ as a joke but bro I don’t think it’s a joke anymore
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captainlordauditor · 2 hours ago
DC: This is the New 52. Nothing prior to this is in continuity. We’re starting over
me: with you so far
DC: Oh actually this is Rebirth. We’re bringing stuff back into continuity
me: oh okay
DC: We’re keeping Nightwing’s and Red Hood’s new backstories though
me: why tho they’re shitty
DC: Blockbuster’s death is in continuity
DC: wait no it’s not
me: slow the fuck down
DC: just kidding. go read death metal. everything’s in continuity now
me: wh - EVERYTHING? okay so nightwing’s married now bc he just got married in death meta-
DC: no we’re not acknowledging that. Here he is being platonic besties with the woman he married there
me: ya know what? That’s fine, I don’t like their relationship anywa-
DC: hey you remember that cartoon from 2002 that has never been in continuity
me: don’t you dare
DC: Red X time bitches
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bambicambi · 2 hours ago
Marinette: you're scared.
Dick: I'm not.
Marinette: you are. You're scared.
Dick: I'm-
Marinette: you're scared, because for a second. Just a small sliver of a second. You knew I was right.
Dick: no-
Marinette: and you're scared because if you hang around me more you'll start to realize why I'm right.
Dick: you're not-
Marinette: *smiles* I'm not right, and that's why you're scared.
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