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#dick grayson

be the light that helps others see

prompts: darkness / hunters

wordcount: 1.8k

Duke didn’t really know what to expect from movie nights with the Bats.

He could only assume they approached this with the same determined intensity as they approached everything else. They were all so extra it was like their gauge for normal was completely broke. He wasn’t really prepared for this.

And yet here he was. Surrounded.

(Alternatively; Batkid’s have a movie night.)

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Songs that have made the Batkids cry


  • Mr Loverman- Ricky Montgomery
  • Lonesome Town- Ricky Nelson
  • I Can’t Handle Change- Roar


  • Daddy Issues- The Neighbourhood
  • Kids- Current Joys
  • worldstar money- Joji


  • Replay- Iyaz (don’t ask)
  • Star Shopping- Lil Peep
  • As the World Caves In- Matt Maltese
  • Young- Vacations
  • Chamber Of Reflections- MacDemarco


  • Always Forever- Cults
  • Runaway- AURORA
  • i was all over her- salvia palth


  • WAP- Cardi B (it was Dick’s fault)
  • 4 Morant- Doja Cat
  • Ribs- Lorde


  • listen before i go- Billie Eilish
  • Bubble Gum- Clairo
  • City of Stars- Ryan Gosling


  • Strawberry Fields Forever- The Beatles
  • Sadderdaze- The Neighbourhood
  • Technicolor Beat- Oh Wonder
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So for anyone who hoped Bruce would adress the Damian situation and maybe finally look for his son in Detective Comics #1029…nope.

For anyone who hoped Dick would finally ask Bruce about Damian…nope.

The only mention of Damian we get is right at the end when Bruce realizes Damian broke into the batcave and stole the black casebook.


and that’s it.

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I’m excited for it too. S2 admittedly had its faults but it also had great moments as well. I want to see how S3 comes together, especially with them relocating to Gotham. And tbh I would keep watching Titans for Brenton’s version of Dick Grayson alone, he’s perfectly cast and every time he is on screen I’m invested. 

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Batfam names for Tim

Bruce: Tim

Dick: Timmy

Jason: Replacement

Damian: Drake

Barbara: Tim

Steph: Timbo

Cass: Timber

Duke: Timmy

Kate: Nerdy Bruce

Alfred: Master Drake

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‘Dick, Jason, and Tim. Supposed brothers ‘till the end, until all three fall in love with you. Who wins your heart?

 The man who earned it, the man who stole it, or the man who always had it?’

A/N: Having a different approach to my formats. I’ve never been so nervous in creating something so difficult to do for you guys, especially since I’m here writing about the THREE HOTTEST MEN IN THE PLANET. Hoes and bros, I present to you a very indecisive reader and three assholes in a WWE ring.

WORDS: 6483



You were there when it happened.

You didn’t want to be there.

But you were.

It would have been an eventful enough day, one of those you’d never live to forget, perhaps even in death. As dramatic as that would sound, it was true. The tears had already beaten you in awakening that dim morning and you knew it wasn’t in any way going to get any brighter, no matter how much of the sun was going to show up. You could, in detail, recall the sting in your muscles when you pulled on that bright orange dress, fixed your hair up in a bun and unenthusiastically put on your makeup. Bruce picked you up and you tried so hard to hide how you were practically dead on arrival to the Richard Grayson and Koriand’r Wedding.

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