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Hospital Time:

Dick, walking out of the room backwards: Don’t worry Bruce, this place is one of the best. You’re in good hands.

Not two seconds later:

Jason, walking in with nurse scrubs on: So the security here fucking sucks

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A/N: This is set in the YJverse and you’re Batgirl since Barbara is now Oracle

Summary: M’gann and Conner attemp to play matchmaker on you and Tim Drake. 

The weekend at Mount Justice was awfully colorless. No missions, no plans, no fun for everyone. Everyone who had a significant other were lucky enough to spend time with each other, making things seem less lifeless at the Cave. Artemis was teaching Wally to shoot, Dick was constantly flirting with Oracle, Beast boy was out with Perdita, and so on. The rest who didn’t have significant others decided to entertain each other, playing games. 

For M’gann and Conner, being a motherly and fatherly figure, stood beside each other against the kitchen countertop, watching everyone get along with each other, with big heart eyes. That’s until she spotted two certain people alone. 

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Author: @wordsfromthesol
Pairing: Batsis!Reader, Wally West x Reader
Warnings: Cursing? I don’t even know if that counts as a warning at this point. If you’ve read any of my stories…then you know.
Word Count: 1.0k


“And where might you be going, sister?” Damian eyed you from the kitchen counter as you traipsed down the stairs.

“I’m meeting Wally at the diner. He had class this morning.” You walked up behind him, tousling his hair as you went. You chuckled as his hands immediately shot up to fix the damage you’d done.

“I cannot comprehend why you insist on being repeatedly in his presence.” Damian huffed out in an exasperated tone.

“It’s almost like I’m dating him or something!” The sarcasm dripped from your words as they careened from your lips.

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Y/N: What’s worse than a heartbreak?
Dick: When you wake up in the morning and your phone wasn’t charging
Tim: When you wake up in the morning
Jason: When you wake up

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Anon you’re absolutely right!

(This is a long one so be warned).

He didn’t adopt/mentor the kids with the sole purpose of turning them into child soldiers or abusing them at all. His abusive and neglectful behaviour stands in stark contrast to his personality and moral code; most of these kids came from horrific backgrounds, so he would make himself as welcoming as possible to allow these kids to be kids, like they deserve to be. Vigilantism is their way of taking their life into their own hands and making change. His behaviour is nothing short of contradictory and I despise the various writers eho made him that way.

I don’t have any sources/comic panels prepared but I want to answer this anyway:

Dick Grayson had just seen his parents die, and was filled with vengeance — he would have gone after Tony Zucco anyway, better to do it on Bruce’s terms. Also, he had spent several nights in a juvenile centre after his parents died (that’s where he ended up) and was beaten up brutally on basically his first night there. Bruce knew he wouldn’t survive, let alone thrive in the system, so he took him in. Robin was initially meant to be a temporary thing, to take down Zucco as well as his coworkers/superiors in the mob. After an encounter with the Joker in which Dick is bedridden, Bruce fires Dick from being Robin for his own safety. He later becomes Nightwing.

Barbara Gordon? She was going to be a crime fighter anyway — like Stephanie (we’ll get back to her) she made her own suit and went out on her own accord. Her dad is the police comissioner, but she recognised that the system wasn’t working (because of the mob, political corruption, all that wonderful stuff) and felt that she had to do something. Bruce is vehemently against this but after a while he realises “oh god, she’s not going to stop,” and decides that, like Dick, it’s better for Babs to do the vigilante thing on his terms, because he’d soent years training for this, and Barbara was a child/teen.

Jason Todd lived on the streets after he stopped living with his abusive father (Willis) and his deceased, drug addicted mother (Catherine). He just saw a kid who had it extremely rough (homeless, formerly abused), and thought “I already have one child under my care, I can care for another, that’s reasonable.” Making him Robin was not only a constructive outlet for his anger, but also not Bruce’s intention at all.

Tim Drake had already been BatWatch for years and had figured out who the Bats actually were. After Jason died, Tim saw how broken, angry and violent Bruce had become and he knew it was only a matter of time before something gave. He literally blackmailed his way into becoming Robin (via Dick, now Nightwing) because “Batman needs a Robin,” and he decided “I might as well be that Robin.” Bruce was incredibly resistant, because his son had just been murdered, and he doesn’t want that to happen to any other child — and he brushes Tim off for a while. When he does become Robin, it’s reluctant. He takes him in not just to him Robin but also because his parents are horribly neglectful (hence why he had so much free time as a child to be BatWatch and such) and only ever showed serious interest in his life while they were grooming him to be CEO of their company or when they felt Bruce was a threat to their parental authority (rightfully so.)

Stephanie Brown’s dad is Cluemaster, a minor villain who thought himself the nemesis of the Riddler (Nigma paid this guy no mind,) and left clues at his crime scenes in a similar manner to Riddler. As such her home life was tumultuous if not outright abusive and neglectful. Her mother (Crystal) is a drug user so she doesn’t spend a lot of time in the house. She created her own identity (Spoiler) to “spoil” her father’s plans and clues so Batman could take him and his buddies down. She comes into contact with Tim (ie. throws a brick at him) and works with the Bats so she wouldn’t get herself killed doing it alone.

Cassandra Cain is the daughter of two of the greatest assassins in the world (David Cain and Lady Shiva) and was never taught any form of spoken or written language. Instead, she learned body language and micro-expressions, all so she could become the best possible bodyguard for Ra’s al Ghul (head of the League of Shadows.) She ran away after witnessing/committing her first assassination and saw the pain and terror in her target — she spent several years on the run before Bruce found her and took her in. Fighting was all she knew, and she wanted to do the “good” fighting (vigilantism/working with the Justice League) instead of being an assassin.

Duke Thomas? He joined and lead of the We Are Robin movement to defend Gotham in Bruce’s abscence (Batman: Endgame I think is the storyline). I’m not as familiar with his story but Bruce helps him create his own vigilante identity, The Signal, after his parents went insane (thanks Joker). He went into foster care while police search for his parents, and did generally did not have a Good Time. At this time, Bruce’s memory of being Batman had been erased, and it was Duke’s sense of justice and need to help others that set him on the course to become Batman again.

Damian Wayne. Biological son of Bruce and Talia al Ghul. In the current continuity he’s the product of a sexual assault, but either way, his purpose is to become the heir to the League of Assassins and their criminal empire — he’s a manufactured soldier. Talia drops him off in Gotham in order to help Damian escape from Ra’s, and Bruce makes him Robin to give him an outlet for his anger and violence — in a non-homicidal fashion.

Harper Row is another child from an abusive household — emancipating herself and her brother Colin from their father, Harper’s skill with engineering gives her the means to become a vigilante (Taser Girl?? I believe). Bluebird is her vigilante alias under Batman (her hair is a magnificent shade of blue) but is currently inactive, focusing on her career and education. Again i’m not super familiar with her character, but that’s the gist.

The important take-away is that these kids chose to become who they are — Bruce didn’t just pick them off the street like “you’re a Robin now have fun sweetie :)”, making them a Bat was simply a means to help these kids.

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8-“Why are you so jealous?”

25-“You’re mine. I don’t share”

24-“You’re so fucking hot when you’re mad”

Hope you like it! 💕


Even if it Dick had his hand resting in your lower back and you were just inches apart of each other, you coul tell there was something going on and, being honest, you didn’t like it.

She talked so confident and the way her smile could light up a room was making your skin crawl. You could feel the jealousy bubbling in your blood, you wanted to brake their interactions and walk out of the tower, but that would be childish.

Their laughs ringed in your ears making you feel like an outsider in your own home and surrounded by your friends. It has been so long since you were forgotten in Dick’s and Kori’s conversation that it was like you weren’t even there.

And the icky feeling you were experiencing towards them made you sad, she was your best friend and he was your boyfriend, why were you feeling so belittled between the people you trusted the most in these tower?

“You know, my ribs hurt like hell, but it’s nice to not be dead. But let’s be less gloomy, I don’t want to talk more about the last fight.” Kori chuckled before taking a sip from her beer.“ So, are we still going to see that movie, Grayson?”

Your eyes widened at her question, although you tried to be not too obvious at how shocked you were, you could tell that Dick was suspicious at your reaction. “Yeah, we’re not planning on missing that, right (y/n)?”

“Of course! I’m dying to go with you guys.” You tried to sound happy and force an smile, not wanting to show how you were feeling at the moment.

Apparently it was enough to make Kori happy; she said something like. “I’m counting on that” before she turned around and left.

“Why are you so jealous?” Dick said casually, stepping aside a little so he could see you better. You huffed at his comment, not wanting to answer.“ No, tell me. What’s wrong?”

“ What’s wrong?” You repeated.“ Well, I wasn’t feeling comfortable with the way Kori was so close to you, which it sucks because she’s my friend! And I feel like an asshole. I just think you two were being too flirty…”

“We weren’t flirty.” Dick said. He was pretty caught of guard for your choice of words, frowning while he took a sip from his drink.

“Well, maybe not, but it still sucks.” you sighed.“ Look, how would you feel if I was being too friendly with Hank? You would feel awful, right?”

“ Of course I would! You’re mine. I don’t share.” He chuckled, trying to ease the conversation.

“But that would happen, because you and I are dating and I love you.” Dick engulfed you in his arms, the smirk he had contrasted with the hint of disbelief you had in your eyes.“ C'mon, I know you love me!” He pecked your lips, breaking down your serious facade.

“Yeah, I do, baby.” You giggled, wrapping your arms around his neck. You swayed at the beat of the song and truly enjoying this moment you had together.

You know you’re fucking hot when you’re mad, right?” Dick whispered in ear, causing you shake your head with a smile.

“Shut up, Dick.” You said playfully, followed closely by him chuckling a little.


Tag list: @nervousfandom @la-femme-lupita @c0-77

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Hi loves! After some reqs for it… here’s my masterlist!!!

For people new here - I post 3 times a day, 2 fics/longer headcanons (one of which is always a requested one unless I’m out!)  and 1 short lil nugget that makes me laugh <- these aren’t listed here because they’re too short.

You will know I got your request because it’ll be on this list as a WIP, if it doesn’t make it on in 24 hours since you submitted send it again because I probably lost it lol. 

Damian Wayne

Super (terrible) Seduction - Dami x Jon where Jon tries taking the lead for once

Notes And Poems From Damian PT1 PT2 - Being separated during lockdown Damian can’t see you for fear of infecting you so he writes you adorable notes and poems. This is my favorite thing on my acc if I do say so myself hahaha. 

Saying I Love You For The First Time - Headcanon with each bat boy!

Familiar Green - a soulmate AU where you feel sparks when you touch your soulmate.

Dami x Reader “Did I Just Say That Out Loud?” WIP

Dami x Reader “Dumbass are you drunk???” WIP

Tim Drake

Totally F*ckable (SFW) - A two in one fic full of public embarrassment

Stages Of A Drunk GF - fluffy & funny

Stay With Me PT1 (PT2 WIP) In a whole mess a vigilante reader finds her baby brother and love of her life but she can’t stay for long… 

Saying I Love You For The First Time - Headcanon with each bat boy!

Quarantine x Tim Drake (and the batboys ofc)  - fluffy headcanon about shenanigans living with the batfam!

Tim x Reader “Pick Me, Choose Me, Love Me (&more)” WIP

Tim x Reader “Stop crying baby I’m here” WIP

Tim x Reader “You can’t kiss me all day” WIP

Jason Todd

Keep Trying Lover Boy - Jason’s non stop flirting with Tim’s best friend

My Future - Jason being an overprotective boyfriend because he has a bad feeling about a bad guy.

Saying I Love You For The First Time - Headcanon with each bat boy! 

Jay x Famous Avenger WIP

Jay x Roy “You’re Totally Jealous” WIP

Jay x Reader “This is supposed to be sexy!” WIP

Jay x Reader “Are you flirting with me?” “Thank god you finally noticed” WIP

Jay x Reader “I like you idiot” and “Kiss me already” WIP

Jay x Reader “Well fuck me” “Gladly” WIP

Dick Grayson

Saying I Love You For The First Time - Headcanon with each bat boy! 

Jon Kent

Super (terrible) Seduction - Dami x Jon where Jon tries taking the lead for once

Roy Harper

Jay x Roy “You’re Totally Jealous WIP

Bart Allen

Bart x Reader “Dumbass are you drunk?” WIP

Wally West

Wally x Reader “Are you flirting with me?” “Thank god you finally noticed”

Gar Logan

Gar x Reader “I think you might be my soulmate” WIP

I just wanted to thank you guys again for the amazing requests pleaseee keep them coming they are my favorite things ever and nothing makes my heart happier than seeing my inbox full 🥺🥺🥺  

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