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#dick grayson bi icon
shieldmaiden19 · a year ago
Dick: Come on, Dick, you can do this. You fought Gotham's big bads. You survived a family of seven. You wore a sarong to a frat party and got a shit ton of numbers. You can do this!
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tv-boi · a year ago
Tumblr media
For @psiioniic ! I hope this is gud for you uwu!
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mlm-kiri · a year ago
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Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Bi Lesbian Dick Grayson icons requested by Anon!
Free to use, just reblog and credit!
Requests are open!
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b1nightwing · a year ago
sometimes i read dicks stuff and im like a straight man doesnt talk like that, than i read grayson and my point was made that there is no way a straight man talks like that
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biwaizumi · 2 years ago
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Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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Tumblr media
dick grayson icons with the bisexual flag for @disasterbigrayson, i hope you like them 💕
please like or reblog if you save. pride icon requests are open!
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theartofone · 3 years ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Some Dick Grayson icons no one asked for
Please reblog or like if using or saved
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lgbt-comic-icons · 4 years ago
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Tumblr media
Bisexual Dick Grayson Icons for anon 3/3
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mellowdreamer · a year ago
favorite all time fics? --☀️ anon
anon you don’t know what you’ve signed up for. i spent like two hours gathering a list of my all time favourites.
i’m gonna split this into two parts, atla fics and non-atla fics!
atla favs:
cat’s cradle by the amazing @firelordemai ! super soft and fluffy, and i’m not just talking about the cats :)
ribs by @gaycinema ! 4k+ words of aang and zuko bonding, complete with the obligatory aang finding out about zuko’s scar trope. there’s also a sprinkling of toph and zuko friendship which i will die for.
safety first by @sword-and-stars !!!!! this is just. so cute. i love it. toph and zuko bonding and it’s just,,, Wow. 
mass times acceleration also by @sword-and-stars ! i don’t even have the words to describe how amazing this one is. it’s modern au zukka on a road trip and it’s fucking superb. god tier fic.
the good vanilla which is also written by @sword-and-stars (who is a really good writer who you should check out!) post-canon zukka and it’s just so good!
and of course, @pianjeong ‘s amazing stemverse! 
non-atla favs:
in technicolour by @deniigi ! this is a hella amazing marvel fic told through the eyes of brett mahoney, featuring his encounters with team red and the many vigilantes of new york. 
built from scraps by @peter-stank ! endgame au where tony was snapped instead of peter, complete with fluff and angst and epicness!
watch this by snackbaskets (could not find a tumblr, so i linked their ao3 account if you wanna check out more of their work!)! tiny babey dick grayson being a criminal mastermind - and an adorable criminal mastermind at that.
the slip and slide series by @kindaangelic !!!! this is probably my favourite dc series. it’s super epic and filled with some amazing batfamily content!
you didn’t know? by @theo-ography ! god tier cheesy birdflash content.
dessert’s on me by @vehicle4zeitgeist ! BI JAKE BI JAKE BI JAKE
and finally, Oh God Not Again! by Sarah1281 (could not find a tumblr, so i linked their ao3!). this is fucking iconic. i reference this fic daily. it’s so good. the premise is that harry potter, post-wizarding war, time travels back to when hagrid first broke down the dursley’s door. he then fixes everything while simultaneously not giving a fuck. it’s amazing. 
these are all 10/10, would recommend.
ask box is open! send me anything :)
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outoftheframework · 2 years ago
an introduction to the fanon batfamily
Are you new to the DC Batfamily fandom? Or perhaps do you need a refresher on our favorite vigilante disasters? Well, look no further! Here is your holy grail list of the traits/characteristics/cliches we as a fandom have collectively decided to embrace instead of the actual source material. 
Just a quick disclaimer (because people get very passionate about how these characters are portrayed) this is a collection of my headcanons popular on the internet. These are (mostly) in no way canon-correct. 
Let’s start out with the man himself:
Has too many kids
Has a problem with adopting small dark-haired children with tragic backstories. It’s literally a compulsion. He cannot stop himself. 
Classic Dad
Doesn’t understand “teen lingo”
Will forget your name
Cannot function by himself (as Bruce)
Can make two dishes correctly: cereal and grilled cheese
Will fall asleep in business meetings
Wears either a three-piece designer suit or no shirt and sweatpants
Many headcanon him as gay.
My personal option is that he’s a disaster bi
The cutest child ever created
Robin!Dick is just an endless spout of puns and adorableness
Never grew out of sliding down railings/swinging on chandeliers
Fashion icon but not really
Never lives down Discowing
70s/80s/90s/Early 2000s mashup in every outfit
Simply better with finger stripes
Damian’s real dad
Stop erasing his Romani heritage
Simply the smartest
Computer science queen
Strong, independent woman who doesn’t need a man but at the same time puts up with Dick
Barbara says fuck the joker
Holds one of the two collective braincells
Could and should run the entire GCPD
One day we all decided that Jay likes Shakespeare more than his family
Literature icon
Destined to be chained to Roy Harper forever
Better with the white hair streak
“fuck y’all; did you die??”
Actual zombie
Needs a dog
Of Latinx descent
fucking crowbars, man
Stop excluding her from fanart??
Sign language and disability icon
The best fighter of the bunch
Fashion icon but like actually
A sweetheart that needs to be protected at all costs
Bruce’s favorite child
Of Asian descent
Literal ray of sunshine
Also needs to be in more fan content
Owner of the other collective brain cell
Common. Sense.
Confused but excited
“Um, why is there a turkey in the bat- you know what? Never mind.”
Invented the color yellow
Out of every headcanon, Tim’s being a coffee/caffeine addict is somehow almost universally accepted 
Alfred worries about this kid 24/7
Cursed to always be 17
The detective Robin who is always 20 steps ahead
The N52 Red Robin series is a treasure and the injustice done to it is unacceptable
Needs long hair
Fancast is definitively Ryan Potter
“Drake” superhero name is stupid and we should say it
Purple icon
Bring back waffle-obsessed Steph
If she’s not dating Tim she better be dating Cass
Her Robin career was too short 
Steph said Gay Rights
Somehow at the manor 24/7 when she doesn’t live there
Sometimes the bane of Bruce’s existence
Sassy queen
“TT” every other sentence in fanfiction
(I am guilty of this)
Better when Jon’s his best friend
Stop erasing his Arabic background
“Demon Spawn”
Okay but literally when did this start? I see this in every fanfic.
Always carrying a katana (?)
Dick’s actual son
Somehow I feel like this is controversial but I’m not sure why. Not saying these are all “correct,” they’re just common in the fandom :) hope this helps! feel free to add more tropes/cliches. Thanks for reading!!
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wonderbatwayne · 2 months ago
Ooo okay. Well because I know you love Gar and you liked We're the Graysons let's talk about that scene where bi!Gar comes out to Dick and asks for dating advice!
Firstly, I'm really proud of that scene. I was really worried how it would turn out and I kept internally screaming when writing it like this could be epic or fail miserably.
But originally making Gar identify as Bi wasn't the plan. I wanted a scene where he asked for dating advice so I could make Dick say his iconic line of "just because I'm married to Kory, doesn't mean I know how I did it". I also wanted Gar to have a scene to mirror Rachel's earlier dating drama.
Then I started writing it and was like but what if Gar is also trying to tell Dick he's bisexual. How does Dick react to that? And I just knew it would be a nice scene to have Dick as this really support parent who immediately helps Gar with advice and doesn't bat an eyelid. Boys, girls, have you tried just talking to them?? I basically really wanted this idea of this scene representing this love and acceptance from Dick as his dad that he never got living with Caulder (aka the abusive asshole who needs to be burnt alive).
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lostandlonelybirds · a year ago
Rules: write 10 of your fav characters from 10 fandoms and then tag 10 people
Tagged by: the one and only amazing @boyblunder-thedarkheir
Fuck man. Fucking heck.
1.) Dick Grayson. Do i need to explain? Do i need to elaborate? We all know i have an (un)healthy appreciation for his character (because i project on to him, older sobling syndrome and depression ahahahhaha) and i love him. (DCU)
2.) Harry Potter and Draco Malfoy (Harry Potter). If you expect me to choose between a bi disaster and a horny gay who take turns obsessively stalking each other, my friend, you are mistaken. (Mischief would be managed if Rowling would fucking admit Harry is bi i stg)
3.) Percy Jackson (PJO). Look, i have a thing for idiots with martyr complexes, black hair, and pretty eyes apparently. Don’t judge me 🤣👀
4.) Buffy Summer and Spike (BtVS). I literally can’t even explain it. I love them both. I’d die for the sexy british man who can’t stop sassing and has cheekbones that are just... and Buffy is Buffy. She’s more iconic than anyone ever.
5.) Adrien Agreste aka Chat Noir (MLB). Is it a children’s show? Yes. But the pining and identity shenanigans... DC could never.
6.) Tony Stark aka Iron Man (MCU). I love a bisexual disaster incapable of self care.
7.) Isabelle Lightwood (The Mortal Instruments). I love her.
8.) Damon Salvatore (TVD) this man has the prettiest eyes and dark hair and just... ❤️
9.) Mal (Descendants)
10.) Mulan (Mulan)
Tagging: @dbakeiro, @epistemologicals, and @batfamfucker
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ittybittytatertot · a year ago
Who's your fave member of each of the (primary? most-promoted?) DC Fams: The Super-Fam, the Wonder-Fam, the Bat-Fam, the Flash-Fam, the Lantern-Fam, the Aqua-Fam, and the Arrow/Canary-Fam? Oh, and the Shazam-Fam, if you want? I saw in your header thingy that you wanted peeps to talk to you about comics, so here I am!
Super-Fam: Kara Zor-El/Supergirl. Supergirl was one of the first comics I ever read, basically Supergirl made me gay.
Wonder-Fam: Donna Troy/Troia. I love her personality and her aesthetic, hate her taste in men.
Bat-Fam: Dick Grayson/Nightwing. I’m an elder sibling, I’m gay, and I’m a Titans stan, it’s just basic maths.
Flash-Fam: I’m so sorry to continue the Teen Titans trend LMAO but I love Wally West. I projected so hard on him when I was younger and if you can weed through the shit writing, he has a lot of good moments and growth.
Lantern-Fam: Aya from the animated series. I could list off one of the comics ones but tbh I haven’t kept up with GL since Brightest Day and Aya is an icon. Once I read more Far Sector it’ll probably change to Jo.
Aqua-Fam: Kaldur’ahm, hands down. He is BI. He is BEAUTIFUL. And he deserves a NAP. 
Arrow/Canary-Fam: Tempted to go with Mia, because I do adore her, but let’s be honest, it’s Dinah Laurel Lance. She is perfection.
Shazam-Fam: I don’t know that much about the Shazam-Fam, but I know I love my pure-hearted son, Billy Batson. He has the courage of Billy Batson.
Thanks for the ask! I’m sure this is more information than you were looking for, but I had fun.
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