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shel-carter · 28 days ago
do y'all think dick grayson had a tan line in the discowing suit? like i get that he worked mostly at night but did dick ever take off his shirt only to reveal a huge mf triangle in the middle of his chest
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comickergirl · a month ago
@sillyrunner​ replied to your post:
You tagged 'duck Grayson' instead of dick Grayson, and now I'm imagining a duck with a little blue domino mask
Possibly the best spelling error I’ve ever made. XD
Tumblr media
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an-all-write-life · 3 years ago
Hello! I would like to request from prompt list #1 - #8 (the floor is lava) at random places with the Bat family please!
Hope you enjoy! Thank you for requesting!
Prompt List 1: #8 “The floor is lava.”
Who knew that four little words could inspire such competitiveness? You certainly didn’t when you said them jokingly one night in the Batcave right before patrol.
“Hey, guys,” You called. “The floor is lava.”
Faster than the blink of an eye, Tim was standing on top of his chair, Dick was clinging to a stalagmite, Jason was on top of a cot, and Damian was sitting on Bruce’s lap, looking both embarrassed and livid.
You laughed at the shocked expression on Bruce’s face and the boy’s willingness to rise to the challenge.
Ever since that night, the boys became obsessed with the game. They were determined to find out which one of them was the Floor Lava Champion, and they asked you to play with them.
Figuring “What’s the harm?” you agreed, which in hindsight, might not have been the best idea.
Nothing was off limits; someone could call it out anywhere, at any time as long as all of you were present. It happened most often on patrol, or when you were all hanging out at the Manor.
In this instance, you were at a gala with the boys when above the chatter and music, you heard one of the boys yell “THE FLOOR IS LAVA!”
Desperately looking around, you saw Jason and Tim standing on the buffet table, and you thought you saw Dick hanging on the balcony. Damian was nowhere in sight.
You knew you only had a second to find high ground. The tables were too far away so, composing and apology in your head, you hopped onto Bruce piggyback style. Luckily you had chosen a loose fitting dress that night.
Bruce stumbled, nearly throwing you off but you wrapped your arms around his neck to hold on.
After counting to 3 in your head, you slid down to the ground and faced Bruce with your best 'I'm innocent' smile.
"Hey, Bruce. Great party." You said before dashing off into the crowd, laughing at the stunned expressions on the guests faces.
Bruce banned the game after that. But what he didn't know wouldn't hurt him...
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lola-imagines · 3 years ago
Batfam as things my family has said
Damian: *picks up a pen and start writing*
Bruce: be careful with that pen, it cost me 75 dollars and the best weekend of my life
Bruce: Where’s my son:
Alfred: Which one?
Bruce: I don’t know, they all look the same
Tim: *passes by*
Bruce: Hey, did you see that thing?
Tim: What thing?
Bruce: The thing that does that *hand gestures*
Tim: I’m not getting
Bruce: C’mon, the thing that does that *hand gestures again*
Dick: *passes by*
Bruce: Hey Dick, where’s the thing that does that *hand gestures once more*
Dick: The remote control is on the table
Bruce: Thanks
Tim: Whaaaaaat?
Jason: What a beautiful day, why don’t we just go to pool?
Damian: No, thanks, I don’t need to poop
Jason: What the hell is wrong with you?
Bruce: I heard you kissed your uncle Clark at yesterday’s party
Dick: What? Noooo. Why would I kiss uncle Clark?
Bruce: You kidding me? he’s handsome as hell, if he wasn’t my brother I would totally kiss him
Dick: You so weird dad
Jason: *talking with his mouth full*
Bruce: *talking with his mouth full* That’s not how I educated you
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ellana-ravenwood · 4 years ago
“She’s too good for you” - Dick Grayson x Reader
Summary : You finally meet your boyfriend’s family. 
Just a short little thing I wanted to write about the eldest of the batkids...Hope you’ll like it :s. . 
You can find my masterlist here : @ella-ravenwood-archives
Tumblr media
You were watching TV, on your own, in your tiny apartment when it all happened. 
A knock on your door, and then said door opening. You didn’t worry, you knew who it was.
-(Y/N), how many times will I have to tell you that you need to lock your door ? Gotham is a dangerous city...
You turned around, kneeling up on your couch, to look at him. Richard Grayson was facing you. Your boyfriend. You smiled with defiance.
-You know Richie, if someone really wanted to get in my house, the lock wouldn’t do anything. They can just bust the door open with one kick. It’s a very shitty door, in a very shitty complex apartment. No one will ever even think anything valuable is in there. And they’d be right. 
-I beg to disagree, there’s one very valuable thing in this apartment...
You raised your eyebrows. Even your TV was like a hundred years old, and totally worthless. He walked toward you, stopping behind your couch to kiss you. You kissed back eagerly, tangling your hand in his hair, and he pulled back with a low chuckle. Oh you loved his laugh so much. It was damn sexy. 
-You. I’m talking about you (Y/N). 
You blushed. The man always knew how to talk to you...He went to sit next to you, and you snuggled against him, enjoying his warmth. There was a moment of comfortable silence, silence that he broke. 
-You know, I would really feel more at ease if you did lock that door up. Even better, let me put a nice reinforced door. No, no wait, even better...Come live with me in my apartment, it’s totally secure...
You pulled away from him, and turned your head to lock your eyes with yours. He found it hard to not look away, you had such an intense gaze. When he told you that he was Nightwing, you didn’t say anything, just stared at him while he was explaining what it was all about. And when he was done with his explanations, you just kissed him, and that night, you made love to each other for the first time. He kinda thought that it was really hot when you just stared intensely at him, and a bit scary...
-Richie, first, a reinforced door would attract every low life criminal on the block, because they’d think I hide something good in my apartment. Second, I love you, but I’m really not ready to move in with you. And third, the day I am ready however, I want to be totally independent, so I don’t owe anything to anyone, I really don’t like handouts you know that. 
He smiled to you, and bend down to kiss you lovingly. 
-First, I love you too princess. Second, tell me when you’re ready, because I totally am. And third, Bruce doesn’t pay for my apartment. He just...helps out sometimes, and..Well I...
-You don’t have to justify his help honey, he’s your dad, it’s totally normal what he’s doing. But I’m not his daughter, so...Yeah. 
-Yeah, he is my dad...I guess you’re right. Still, lock your damn door. 
You smiled and snuggled closer to him, burying your head in his chest. 
-Speaking of dad...You’re not ready to move in with me but...would you be ready to...Meet him ? 
You froze. Meet him ? Bruce Wayne ? The Bruce Wayne ? The Goddamn Batman ? Hum...No, you weren’t ready at all. But then again, you thought you’d never be ready for such a thing. That guy was so intimidating...But you didn’t feel like turning the proposition down. You knew that Dick never really dated anyone seriously (except Barbara Gordon, a long time ago), and him wanting you to meet his family was a big deal. You just couldn't say no. And against your better judgement, you told him : “Yeah, sure, let’s go see your dad...”
And that’s how, a few days later, you get down Dick’s motorcycle and, his hand in yours, climb the steps toward the very impressive and massive Wayne Manor. 
An older man opened the door before you reach the top of the steps, and you recognize him as being the butler, Alfred Pennyworth. Dick told you so much about him, you felt you knew him really well...You couldn’t help but feel extremely awkward though. This is all so foreign to you. 
To your surprise, the rest of the family was waiting for you inside.
His brothers and his father were facing you, staring at you as if you were some strange creature they’d never seen before. Dick almost dragged you to them, and with the hand that wasn’t intwined with yours, he pointed at you. 
-Everyone, this is (Y/N). My girlfriend. And yes, I’m using the word seriously. (Y/N), here’s are my little brothers, Jason, Tim and Damian. And my...hum...My father, Bruce. 
You extend a hand to them shakily. 
-Nice to meet you all. M. Wayne, I...
-Call me Bruce please (Y/N), if he’s using the word “girlfriend” “seriously”, then please, no formal manners between us. 
You nodded weakly, and your heart just didn’t want to stop racing. As you stood in front of him, all stressed and awkward, Bruce remembered the conversation he had with Dick almost six months ago, when you two started dating...
Six Months ago, in the bat cave, one evening right before patrol : 
-Ok, any advices ? 
-You want advices from me ? About dating ? 
Dick looked at Bruce who had an amused look on his face, and shook his head. 
-Yeah, I guess it’s not my best idea. 
The Batman chuckles, and approach his son. He lays his hands on his shoulder and, with a proud smile on his face, says : 
-Dick, I’m probably the last person that can give you advice about this kind of things...But I can tell you that : don’t make the same mistake  I did. If you really like her, even love her, don’t let her go. Life gets awfully lonely at some point, and having someone by your side at all time, someone you can count’s priceless. Fortunately for me I have you and your brothers, but I can’t help but think about what my life would have been had I let some women dear to me into it. 
Bruce’s hand squeeze Dick’s shoulder lightly, and the acrobat can’t help but smile to his adopted father. It stings his heart a bit that that man who gave him a purpose in life, who taught him everything he knew, could ever feel lonely...But on that day, he realized that everything Bruce did for him, it was so he wouldn't be like him. So he wouldn’t make the same mistakes. And it made his guts churned with gratitude for the man. 
He surprised the bat by pulling him into a hug, but was even more surprise when he actually answered the action by hugging him in return...
The Present, Wayne Manor, entrance hall :
Bruce smiled at the memory, and gave you another warm smile, which seemed to relax you a bit. Good, he certainly didn’t want to make you feel awkward. You looked lovely. First, you were very beautiful, he thought. Second, the way you were uncomfortable showed that you really care about what your boyfriend’s family thought of you. And last but not least, Dick was looking at you with such awe, that you could only be a good woman. 
-Let’s go to the living room, get comfortable. 
Dick agreed with his father, and you all went there, while Alfred went to make some coffee and tea, and some cookies he made. 
You sat next  to Dick in a large leather (super comfy) couch. Damian sat next to you, while the other boys and Bruce went to sit in the couch facing yours. 
You were all talking about anything, how you and Dick met ? Was Dick a gentleman ? Were you a native from Gotham ? Where do you live ? What’s your job ? Blahblahblaaaah. 
-On the docks, I was going home, reading a book while walking, like an idiot, and I ran into Richie. Somehow, his odd charm convinced me to let him take me home, because you know, the night was dangerous. He gave me his number, and I...Called back. How can you resist you know ? 
Damian and Tim made some disgusted noise, but calmed down when Bruce glared at them. He briefed them before you came that they should do their best to be nice and respectful, and threatened them enough for them to really try.
-He is indeed a perfect gentleman. It’s weird at times, really, I’m used to men catcalling me and stuffs, not holding the door for me and such. 
They laughed. Yes, Gotham was full of pigs. But occasionally, if you were lucky, you could fall on a Richard Grayson and his perfect gentlemen manners that made you suspicious at first. No one could be that perfect...And yet. 
-I’m from Gotham yes, born and raised. I live in the Narrows...
As you revealed where you lived, you shifted awkwardly in your seat. You were faced with some of the richest people in Gotham, Hell, in the World, and you were telling them that you were coming from the shittiest place in the entire city...But Bruce reassured you quickly with a warm smile. He didn’t give a damn about where you were from, or if you had any money. 
-Oh and I work as a teacher, in an orphanage in the Narrows. 
Bruce smiled at you again. You were a teacher in an orphanage. Of course.
During the entire conversation, the youngest Wayne was staring intently at you with a somewhat aggressive look on his face, and your awkwardness started to shift into a mild annoyance. What was his problem ? So you stared back. Damian looked away and blush. A sudden silence installed itself. You suddenly felt very self-aware that now, they were all staring at you. More stunned than anything else. 
-Hum...Have I...Have I done something wrong ? I’m so sorry I...
Jason laughed, and they all quickly followed, under Damian’s muderous gaze. Dick reassured you, an arm wrapped around your shoulders. 
-No no baby, you didn’t do anything wrong. It’s just...not a lot of people can make Damian Wayne look away in shame, let alone make him blush. 
You turned to face the boy, and realized that he was as red as a tomato. His arms were crossed on his chest, and he was clearly vexed. You felt bad for him. 
-Oh I’m...I’m sorry Damian -you turned to the other men- It’s just that he was staring at me as if I just committed a terrible crime, and I couldn’t help but staring right back you know. 
Your intense gaze, the one that turned on (and scared) Dick so much. It worked on most people. Though they were usually just scared or embarrass. And in Damian’s case, given the fact he was about eleven, it was probably just the latter. 
They all laughed some more, and Jason and Tim teased their little brother relentlessly. Everything was going really well, as you talked some more, made them laugh with your jokes, and even made Damian smile a few time etc etc...They were all very happy Dick found a girl like you. Especially since you just casually dropped that you knew what they were doing at night, and thought it was very cool and that Gotham needed them. Literally, you said it as if it was not a big deal, and you really thought it wasn’t...and in this instant, Dick knew he was hopelessly in love with you. 
Bruce approved. Liking your wits. Appreciating the fact that you treated him as a normal person, and not just as billionaire Bruce Wayne (or Batman). Passed the initial awkwardness of meeting your boyfriend’s father, you really build a very good relationship with him, almost a father/daughter bond being created between the two of you. After this first encounter, you somehow convinced him to let you in their night activities, saying you were great with computer, and could help monitoring things from the bat cave...He thought you were just the perfect one for Dick, and hoped with everything in him that it would last between the two of you, because all he ever wanted for the boy was for him to be happy. And definitely not like him...
Jason also approved. He liked that you weren’t of him in the slightest, even after knowing what he did. And he just liked the fact that you were making his brother very happy. Dude’s deserved it. Didn’t stop him though, from making Dick jealous because he just kept shamelessly flirt with you. 
Tim definitely approved. You were smart, never called him a nerd, and your obsession for coffee spoke to him on a spiritual level. He was kinda jealous of his brother...kinda, because he was mostly happy for him. You were great, perfect for Dick. You two were just so complementary and such. 
Damian eventually approved of you. He never won a “stare contest”, and that frustrated him...but it also made him love you somehow. You knew he was very close from Dick, and did everything possible to show him that, no, you weren’t taking his brother away from him at all, and if he wanted to spent time just with him, you could totally fuck off for a bit. It greatly reassured him. 
Alfred. Oh Alfred. Of course he loved you. He was so glad he wasn’t the only one anymore to be super sassy with the Wayne boys. 
In a not so far away future, when Dick would ask them if he should propose to you or not, they’d all say yes. And the youngest brother would add, a sly smile on his face  : 
-She’s too good for you.
It’d earn him a small hit in the ribs, and a lot of laughter. 
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incrediblysadstudent · a year ago
He gets Drunk (Batboys + Bruce)
Tumblr media
Bruce Wayne:
You had never seen Bruce so drunk, Clark, Oliver and him were taking back drinks like they were nothing at this charity gala. You watched as the group of men turned into slurring and stumbling hot messes. You, Lois and Felicity started calling it a night when Oliver and Bruce started debating on who has the bigger fortune. You and felicity grabbed your respective billionaires as they were debating on who has the better car. 
“One word Oliver.” Bruce’s voice was strict and low as you all entered the empty parking lot “Batmobile.” Clark burst into a fit of laughter as he was telling Oliver he could never top that one. 
“Okay, okay, time to get you to your room Bruce. Now get in the car before you blow your secret identity.” You scolded him as you opened the passenger door to the luxurious sports car. “In.” Your eyes narrowed giving a look that could scare anyone, and it did, Oliver was so scared he was making his way to sit in the passenger seat. “Not you.” You sighed putting up your hand to stop him. “Bruce, now.” Bruce said goodbye to Clark and Oliver and you said goodbye to the girls as you both went into the car. You looked over at your husband who had his head back in the passenger seat, he looked like he was going to fall asleep any second. “You look like you had fun Bruce.” You smiled at him, grabbing his hand in yours as you were driving back to the hotel the two of you were staying at.
“It’s Mr. Wayne.” He said coldly snatching his hand from you. You gave him a baffled look for a moment before looking back on the road. What the hell did he just say to you? You brushed it off deciding maybe he’s just drunk and didn’t mean it. He avoided eye contact with you the entire car ride, his arms were crossed as he leaned as far away from you as possible, almost as if you had the plague or something. You pulled up to the valet and you and Bruce hot out of the car. You went to go help your wobbly husband but he pulled his arm away from you and insisted he was fine. The two of you walked to your hotel suite but somehow only you made it to the bedroom. You sighed getting fed up with your husbands cold attitude so you decided to slip off your dress and put on the sexy red lingerie that hugged all your curves ever so beautifully. You had packed it especially for tonight, a night with the two of you together and free from parenting and vigilante duty. He couldn’t possibly be able to ignore you in this little number. 
You walked out to the living area of the suite to find your husband on the couch. He turned to look at you and gave you a cold glare before getting up to walk away from you. You huffed angrily as you walked up to him, grabbing his shoulder and forcing him to turn around. “What the hell is up with you Bruce? What did I do to you?” Tears welled up in your eyes, what could it be? “Was it about the car earlier? You know I wasn’t actually upset-” 
“No, no.” His voice cut through your panicked rambling, his eyes landing on you almost demanding his attention. His face was stiff and serious, his lips pressed in a firm line. “Listen, you are a very stunning woman. But I am married and there is not a woman alive I would choose over my wife." A giggle slipped past your lips as you realized how hammered Bruce was. He really didn’t realize you were his wife. Bruce gave you a stern look as you continued to giggle. “This isn’t a laughing matter. My wife is a fiery woman and if she knew you have been making advances on me all night, well it wouldn’t be pretty.” That made you laugh a little bit more. Once you finally composed yourself you smiled softly at him.
“I’m so sorry Mr. Wayne, you’re wife is a very lucky woman.” you walked back to the bedroom where you tucked yourself in. You needed to text Alfred and tell him how drunk Bruce is, he’ll get such a kick out of this. Just as you unlocked your phone Bruce walked back in the room. “Bruce? what are you doing in here?” You asked wondering why he followed you in the bedroom.
“Its very drafty out there.” He said pulling off the spare blanket and pillow of the bed throwing them on the floor. He kneeled down on the ground as he started to lay on the floor he looked at you with a warning glance. “I’m going to sleep down here so don’t try anything, okay?” He then placed his head on the pillow and pulled the blanket up over himself. 
“Yes of course.” You snapped a picture of him to send to Alfred as proof but turned your attention back to Bruce when he started talking.
“You know my wife isn’t the lucky one.” he faced the other direction but his husky voice filled the whole room. “I’m the lucky one to have her.” Your heart fluttered as you heard those words, a smile stretched widely along your whole face. “She’s like my anchor if I didn’t have her I’d be lost. I’d do anything for her you know, I love that woman more than she will ever know.” His eyes closed and you could hear his quiet snores fill the room.
“Trust me Mr. Wayne she knows.” You tucked yourself in an erased the image before placing your phone down for the night falling soundly asleep thinking about how funny it will be in the morning when you tell him why he is sleeping on the floor. 
Tumblr media
Dick Grayson:
You had heard from the rest of the young justice team that Dick had been a party animal in his college years, but you just hadn’t believed that Richard Responsibility Grayson could ever let loose or go wild. That was until you decided to throw Artemis a 21st birthday party at your apartment. Of course everyone was having fun and letting loose but Wally and Dick were really going at it like it was a competition, taking shots and chugging drinks left and right.
“Dick, maybe you should slow down.”  Has come out of your mouth more times tonight than anything else that night. The party was coming to an end now and  you couldn’t find Dick or Wally anywhere. So as people were leaving you decided to search for your boyfriend. You checked the bedroom, closets, the living room, kitchen, the balcony, then finally you made it to the bathroom, where you finally found both men passed out. Dick was hanging out of the bathtub with empty beer cans surrounding him and Wally was just passed out on the floor. 
“Dick!.” You said shaking him awake. He looked at you and then his surroundings very confused. 
“H-hey wait thi-is isn’t my bed.” He sat up making a ruckus with the cans waking up Wally in the process. 
“No it isn’t.” You helped him get out of the tub since he was so wobbly. “Why don’t we get you in there okay?” 
“Babe was Megan surprised?” He asked making you look at him like he had ten heads.
“Dick the party was for Artemis and it wasn’t even a surprise party.” You told him as he leaned on you barely able to walk, he stumbled as the two of you stepped out of the bathroom but you managed to catch him. “Oh god you are so white girl wasted, I miss Richard Responsible Grayson.”
“Hey! I-I am n-not white girl wasted-d.” He tried to tell you but his slurring only proved your point. “I-I’m totally fine, look I’ll go say happy birthday to Bruce r-right now.” He unwrapped himself from you stumbling along the walls until he reached a black lampshade that kinda looks like batman if your incredibly wasted. You watched amused as Dick wrapped his arm around it. “Geez Bruce you never-r take a br-reak do yo-u? Anywas man, h-happy thanksgiv-ing. I love ya ma-man.” He patted the lampshade knocking it over before stumbling back to you, falling into your arms as he tightly embraced you. “Babe this is th-the b-best Christmas ever. I lov-ve you so mu-ch.” 
You truly had no idea what to even say to him right now, he was so out of it. He could barely walk and had no idea what was going on around him. You just smiled at him putting you arm around him and continued to the bedroom. “I love you too Dick.” You said as you opened the door. “Now why don’t you lay down while I clean up.” You said helping him lay down but fell down yourself when his hand pulled you down. 
“Forget the m-mess Alfred will-l do it. C-come cuddle with m-me instead.” He said as he placed your hand into his hair and his head on your chest trapping your body under his weight. 
“But Dick he isn’t your butler anymore.” You told him laughing a tiny bit, but stopping as you saw his eyes start to well up with tears. 
“Oh man th-this is the wor-st-st Birthday ev-ver.” He said wiping his the tears that fell from his eyes. You kissed his forehead and wiped his tears away. 
“Its okay honey. Why don’t we just cuddle okay?” You said trying to cheer him up. It sure worked because his smile grew and eyes lit up and he held you close to him. A chuckle from you broke the silence and Dick looked up at you curiously. 
“What he asked, his tired eyes full of curiosity. 
“Oh nothing, I just remembered we don't have any Tylenol.” You told him thinking about how badly he will need it tomorrow. 
Tumblr media
Jason Todd: 
“Hey honey, sorry I’m late I wanted to surprise you with a cake from that little bakery around the corner but they were so busy so it took so long to get the cake frosted and I- What are you doing?” You walked into your shared apartment to see Jason sitting on the kitchen floor with a lit cigarette in his mouth and a cup of scotch in his hand. You sighed putting his birthday cake on the table and picking up the empty bottle off the floor next to him and putting it on the kitchen table as well. Jason still didn’t say anything or acknowledge your presence so you sat next to him taking his free hand in yours and leaning your head on his shoulder. “Jaybird, what are you doing?” You asked as you played with his hand. 
“Drinking, smoking, drinking and smoking at the same time.” He replied dully, you could smell the alcohol on his breath from where you were sitting. You watched as he took another drag of his cigarette and then another sip of his scotch, not even wincing as it burned his throat. Your hand reached for his cup, gently taking it out of his hand. Then held it in front of his mouth cueing him to drop his cigarette into it which he did, putting it out. 
“I think you’ve had enough to drink Jay, plus this is a smoke free apartment.” You said getting up and placing the glass down on the kitchen table and grabbing the beautifully frosted white cake you had just gotten with ‘Happy Birthday Jason’ written out perfectly across it. “Plus I really want you to see the cake I got you, it’s your favorite.”
“Is it a marbled cake with white buttercream frosting?” Jason asked you, still seated on the kitchen floor. You smiled as nodded as you sat down next to him holding cake next to him. “Ha, I remember on my 13th birthday Alfred woke me up and told me I was late for breakfast. When I got down to the kitchen Bruce was there with this cake for me, a white buttercream frosted marble cake. I didn’t know what to do, I was never use to getting cakes on my birthday, but Alfred lit a candle and Bruce told me to make a wish. I never wised on a candle in my life before then, I thought good things don’t happen to kids like me. But in that moment when Alfred and Bruce were watching me, with smiles on their faces I made a wish. I wished that I could have that forever.” His voice cracked and you could see the tears in his eyes. You placed the cake down next to him and wrapped your arms around his side. 
You knew he was most definitely drunk at the moment and was finally letting his feelings flow freely, so you just held him and let him continue as your hand rubbed calming circles into his back. You knew his strained relationship with Bruce was tearing him up inside even though he would never admit it. “I’m sorry Jay. I know you must really miss Bruce, It’s okay to be upset.” Jason laughed making you look up at him .
“Upset? Why would I be upset? Sure we had our good times but he stopped caring about me the second I died. He replaced me, he let the joker go to Arkham for my death. He’s hated me since I got back. He didn’t even call to say happy birthday.” He slammed his fist down to what was meant to be the ground but was unfortunately the cake you had gotten him. A little pang of hurt hit your heart over the cake but it truly wasn’t about that, you were more focused on the hurting young man in front of you. You grabbed his arm comfortingly taking his fist out of the cake and using your free hand to make him look at you.
“He was like a father to you Jason. You have every right to be upset about how things are now, but don’ t say he didn’t care about you. He went on a downwards spiral when you died, your death destroyed him. He didn’t replace you when you died Tim found him. He broke every bone in the Jokers body and had to stop himself from killing him. And he doesn’t hate you Jay, he hates what you do. Jay I think Bruce somewhere under his male pride cares about you just like you care about him.” Jason listened as you talked to him, laughing at your last sentence.
“Yeah right.” He stood up stumbling a bit as he made his way to the sink. And washing the cake off his hand. “I’m sorry about the cake, I guess I have a way of ruining my birthdays.” He apologized as he was drying his hand. You gave him a small smile. 
“It’s okay Jay, why don't you sit down and I’ll get you some water okay?” He nodded and took a seat at the table, you got him a glass of water and handed it to him. “Plus its not all ruined, at least we’re together.” You said as you took a seat in his lap wrapping your arms around his neck giving him a soft kiss, the taste of scotch still on his breath. “Happy birthday Jaybird.” Jason gave you a small smile as he wrapped his arm around you. 
“Thank you doll.” Jason said leaning up to kiss you again but this time getting interrupted by someone knocking on the door. “Do we have to get it?” Jason said mere inches away from your lips. You giggled pecking his lips before easily slipping of his drunken grasp and making your way to the door. Upon opening the door you saw a man dressed in a uniform to a restaurant you couldn’t even name. 
“Delivery for Jason Todd.” You looked at the white box and card in hand. You looked back at Jason who was at the kitchen table trying to drink the glass of water but completely missed his mouth, spilling it all over himself. 
“I can take it.” You said deciding having Jason come get it in his state was probably not the best decision. You signed for it and took the box from the man saying thank you before shutting the door. “Jaybird someone sent you something.” You said placing the box in front of him, taking his half empty cup of water away from him before he spills it again.
Jason looked at you a little confused before opening the box revealing a gorgeous white frosted cake that read ‘Happy Birthday Jason’ across it in blue frosting. “When did you ordered another one?” Jason asked confused but you raised your hands up in defense
“Wasn’t me.” You walked up behind him peeking over his shoulder as he struggled to open the card. Once opened you read the card and smiled ‘Happy birthday Jason. Make a wish. -B.W.’ You looked over at Jason to see a tear slipping from his eye you couldn’t help but ask aloud in disbelief “Are you crying?” Jason immediately wiped his eyes 
“What? No? I just have like dust or something in my eye.” He said denying his emotions, you giggled kissing the top of his head. Who knew getting Jason drunk would get him so in touch with his emotions. 
“Of course not.” You grabbed a single candle from the drawer and stuck it in the cake, lighting it with a lighter you found in there as well and began singing happy birthday to him, your voice filling the empty apartment, his arm looping around your waist happily. Once you finished singing Jason blew out the candle. “What did you wish for?” You asked cutting him a slice of cake placing it in front of him.
“To have this forever.” He answered smiling at you, he then pulled you into his lap and kissed you. “Now where were we?”
Tumblr media
Tim Drake: 
“I love you” Tim told you for what felt like the millionth time tonight, as you two walked into the kitchen at mount justice, you two were jut getting back from a night out with the young justice team and a lot of them retired off to bed for the night. Except for you and Tim, he was completely trashed and you wanted to get him some coffee to try and sober him up. 
“I love you too Tim.” You said kissing him, his soft lips taste like the cheap beer he’s been drinking all night. He smiled happily wrapping his arms around you and placed his head on yours as he kissed the top of your head. 
“No (Y/N), like I love you, love you” He said not making much sense.
“Timmy what does that even mean?” You asked looking up at him, pulling away from the hug so you can see his face. Tim eyes were lost in a drunken haze but the softness in his face and the goofy smile he wore told you he was as happy as he could be. He lovingly pulled you closer to his chest again as he let out a small chuckled. 
“Your so silly (Y/N). It means that I love you so so so much. Like more than anything I could think of.” Tim stumbled a little bit so you decided to have him take a seat in the empty room. You told him you loved him so so much again and then began making him a coffee. “I love the way you make my coffee too.” His voice caught your attention and you saw how sleepy he looked   with his head rested on the counter and his eyes just resting shut as he smiled. “I love the way you laugh, and I love how you smile so wide when your excited. I love how I can always count on you to brighten up my day. I love how you laugh at my jokes even when they aren’t funny. I like love you love you. I can’t imagine my life without you. If I didn’t have you it would be like I’m missing a piece of me.” Your heart soared as you listened to him, happy tears glazed over your eyes as you smiled at him. You placed his coffee down in front of him and cupped his face in your hand. his tired eyes opened and he gave you a soft smile. You slowly brought your lips to his and gave him a soft kiss.
 “Well then I love you love you too.” his smile grew as he gave you another peck before pulling away and taking a sip of his coffee. Just then you heard a snort from the corner of the room. You didn’t need to turn around to know who it was. 
Damian came into frame right behind Tim. He patted his shoulder as he told him “Who knew that some cheap beer would turn Drake softer than a marshmallow.” Tim swatted his hand away and looked at you with big puppy dog eyes.
“I’m not a marshmallow! Right (Y/N)?” You looked at Tim as you realized Damian had a point, but you weren't going to tell him of course. Why would you? He would be so crushed in his current state. 
“No baby, you’re not a marshmallow.” You promised him as you gave a warning look to Damian who huffed before walking away. “Come on Timmy let’s go to bed.” You said helping him up by supporting him with an arm around his side. He nodded and followed you, upon making it to your room he plopped down on the bed as his eyes felt heavy. You slid in next to him and placed your head on his chest listening to the steady beat of his heart. 
“Have I told you that I love you?” Tim’s raspy and tired voice broke the silence making you smile against his chest. 
“I think you mentioned it once or twice.”
Tumblr media
Damian Wayne:
“You didn’t!” You yelled at Jason hitting his arm.
“He totally did!” Tim said laughing leaving Dick who just walked in very confused.
“Oh god, who did what? What’s broken? Does Bruce know? Should I leave now before it gets blamed on me?” Dick said panicking, looking around for anything out of place at the manor.
“Relax Dickie boy, Bruce is out of town with the league.” Jason said walking over to Dick and putting his arm around him. “I just decided to pull a little prank on our baby brother that's all.” he said nonchalantly. 
“You got my boyfriend shitfaced! That's not a very nice prank Jason! Especially not on date night.” You said scolding him. 
“What Damian is drunk?” Dick said as he started looking around the manor for him. “Where is he? Is he okay? Jason your so dead for this.” 
“He’s fine I gave him a deck of cards he’s in the kitchen building a fort with them.” Tim said making Dick change directions to the kitchen. 
“Okay someone tell me how this happened.” Dick said standing outside the door to the kitchen. 
“Okay so I had some Coke and Captain Morgan and you know how the demon spawn is, rude, demeaning, hateful, the literal devil at times. Anyways he was going on about how drinking soda is probably the reason all my brain cells are gone and how he will never drink soda-” 
“Well that's not the reason all your brain cells are gone but go on.” Dick interrupted him not wanting to miss the opportunity to tease his younger brother. 
“Anyways, I told him that the reason he doesn’t drink soda is because he is such a baby and can’t handle the taste of it. So he told me he wasn’t a baby and downed my drink, and of course he made a face because of the Captain Morgan so I told him I was right and then he demanded more to prove to me I was wrong. Long story short he’s had about six Cokes with Captain Morgan in them. Oh and for the record, I didn’t know it was your date night.” Jason said matter of fact and then opened the door to the kitchen to reveal your boyfriend standing on the kitchen table with a huge house of cards next to him and six empty boxes of cards on the floor.
“Holy shit.” Tim said catching Damian’s attention. Damian’s once concentrated face was warm and happy as he spotted you. 
“Beloved!” He stepped down off the table and ran over to you, picking you up in a hug and kissing you on the cheek. “Oh date night! I almost forgot! Let me just finish this house of cards, I just need to find the last card and then we can go.” He said looking around for the card that you couldn't help but notice was stuck on his forehead. You couldn’t really wrap your head around what was happening. Damian was clearly drunk, running around and showing affection so openly, a literal ace of diamonds stuck to his forehead, but he somehow managed to build the Eiffel Tower in cards. 
“Uh I think I found it Dami.” You said pulling it off his head and handing it to him, making the smile on his face grow like a child on Christmas.
“Thank you my love.” He said kissing you. “Tim do you want to help me put it up?” He asked his older brother who was clearly shocked that he called him by his first name and wanted to include him in something. Tim reluctantly nodded helping his younger brother. You looked back at Dick and Jason who were also shocked by what the saw. 
“Oh no I don't like this I want the devil back.” Jason said and Dick was so speechless he just nodded, until his eyes got bright when an idea came to his head. Tim and Damian got down from the table and began walking back over to you but Damian came to a halt when Dick ran over and hugged him. Everyone’s jaw dropped upon seeing Damian actually hug him back. 
“Okay this is too freaky.” You said walking up to them and pulling them apart. “Come on Dami, lets get you to bed and I’ll put on some movies while I make you a coffee.” You said dragging him behind you as he looked at you lovingly. 
“Anything you want beloved.” He followed you all the way up to his room, and hopped into his bed waiting for you to put the movie on. After you put on something for him you were on your way out of the room until Damian stooped you. “Beloved wait.” You turned back to him and sat next to him on the bed.
“Yes Dami?” You asked. Damian grabbed your hand in his and  began fiddling with your fingers. 
“Well it was nothing important but I just wanted to tell you I love you and you look beautiful tonight and I’m very sorry I forgot about date night.” His eyes were full of a mix of emotions but you just smiled and kissed him gently, reassuring him that it was okay. 
“It’s okay Dami, don’t worry about it, I’ll be back up in a minute okay? Then we can watch the movie together and cuddle for a bit okay?” You said tucking him in under the blanket. You got up to go back down to the kitchen but halted again when you heard Damian. 
“Oh and Beloved?” he asked you looked at him with a questioning look “Would you mind taking a picture of my card tower? You know how Jason is, he doesn’t have enough brain cells in his head to not knock it over.” You let out a giggle at his comment before nodding. 
“Of course Dami.” 
Author’s Note: pls tell me which one was your favorite, they’re all so different and I actually am so happy with how this came out and love them all. 
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sheismental · 3 years ago
College AU. Dick Grayson.
- You’re finally in college! a breath of fresh air from high school.
- If only this college thing wasn’t so damn expensive.
- Economy textbook, 200$? no fucking way.
- Being the resourceful woman you are, you decided to skip buying that one. it seems hilarious to you that an economy textbook, costs two fucking hundred dollars. 
- So you do what any other broke college kid does, go to the library and find the copy of that damned book since you needed it for an assignment.
- You ask the librarian where could you find it and since she wasn’t very helpful, you look everywhere for it in the gigantic library. Once you do find it, it’s in the hands of another guy.
- no no no no, he is not taking it.
- ‘um is that the economy text book?’ you ask tapping his shoulder and he smiles brightly.
- ‘yeah, i have been looking everywhere for it’ he replies and you huff.
- ‘funny, me too. is there another copy?.’
- ‘nope, this is the only one. And i think it can’t leave the library’ 
- hell
-  ‘are u kidding me?’
- ‘you didn’t buy this expensive textbook either, i assume.’
- you nod and huff.
- ‘that’s it i’m failing that class’ 
- you turn around and he calls out at you.
- ‘um we could share if you want?’ 
- so you do that, and at first is like very awkward to share the book with that handsome stranger but he soon makes small talk to you.
- ‘i’m dick grayson’
- of-fucking-course he had to be dick grayson.
- yep the dick grayson the girls in your English class wouldn’t stop babbling about.
- the dick grayson, proclaimed the nicest freshman of your college. The guy knew everybody, and had the best ass (overheard that from the girls that were babbling about him)
- ‘i’m y/n’
- ‘weird, i had never seen you around before’
- and how could you possibly explain to him that you rarely get out of your dorm room.
- you shrug it off and continue your work.
- and it goes on for a couple of months, you grown fond of him, though you rarely see him outside of the library. and when you do, he feverishly waves at you and shouts ‘hey y/n!.’ always making you flustered since everyone glances at you.
- he finds that cute.
- and you find it cute whenever he does that.
- ‘i truly don’t understand none of this economy nonesense’ you say one night at the library, he chuckles.
- ‘does anybody?.’
- you develop a crush on him.
- he developes a crush on you.
- both of you are too oblivious to this.
- until one night, when you are finishing up another assignment you catch him staring at your lips.
- you think fuck it and kiss him.
- he kisses back happily.
- aaaand it turns into a make out session.
- the librarian kicks you two out and you two laugh all the way out of the library.
- ‘i never thought i would get kicked out of the library’
- ‘i did, 1# kink is making out in a library’ he blurts out and you laugh harder.
- and you soon become the most hated girl in your college because you were dating the dick grayson.
- and he often likes to show you off.
- ‘my girl is the smartest’
- ‘and the cutest’
- ‘though she doesn’t understand economy at all’
- after you find out that dick grayson is the adopted son of billionaire bruce wayne:
- ‘if i had bought it i wouldn’t have met you. so be grateful i was way too lazy to ask bruce for 200$ dollars’
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batfam-imagines · 3 years ago
Dating Dick Grayson:
Dick can’t cook. Honestly, you have no idea how he’s managed to survive in his adult life with his atrocious skills in the kitchen.
You and Alfred have to work together to make sure that Dick eats something other than cereal. His favorite is Frosted Flakes, and he will eat them for every meal if he’s given the chance.
He is a total nerd. He loves superhero comics. He collects them like crazy and prides himself in having every single Superman comic known to man.
He is also the king of dad jokes and silly catch phrases, you swear that if he asks if you are whelmed one more damn time you’re going to hit him.
He’s always downplaying his injuries, and that frustrates you to no end.
He loves to buy any kind of Batman Inc merchandise, including his own. Almost all of his T-shirts, and therefor yours, have some kind of superhero theme.
Sometimes he hides all of your pants so you have to walk around the apartment in nothing but his t-shirts.
Dick loves to do random acts of acrobatics, because “Y/N, I can’t get rusty!” “Dick, you literally do flips every night” “But what if I forget how to do them!? Do you want me to pull something?” “You know what, whatever, but if you break the shower rod again you’re installing a new one”
He loves to bring you to Sunday dinners at the Manor.
You and Alfred become best friends, and you start going over early to help him cook for everyone.
All of his brothers really like you too. They start coming by the apartment both in costume and out of it.
Having sex becomes a little difficult, especially when you open your bedroom door and either Tim or Damian is curled up on the bed, or Jason is chilling on your couch.
Dick loves the fact that his brothers are coming around more, so you don’t mind that your sex life is interrupted, it just means that you two get a little more creative.
Costume sex is a must, he looks super hot in just his mask and gloves.
He’s purposely forget his lunch just so you have to go down to the police station to bring it to him.
He makes sure every cop in Bludhaven and Gotham knows who you are, and knows to be on the lookout for you. No know believes how many times random cops will wave hello, or ask you if anyone’s giving you any trouble. It’s sweet but a little excessive.
Dick is constantly trying to get you to try on his costume, he just wants to see you in the black and blue Kevlar
He’s super affectionate, constantly touching you in some way, or sneaking kisses
Dick keeps an engagement ring in his nightstand, you know it’s there, and you know that as soon as you say the word he’d gladly put it on your finger
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crazyfreckledginger · 2 years ago
Game Night With The Robins
Jason: Okay Y/N, I'm going to ask you questions and you will have to answer as fast as possible alright?
Y/N: Yeah, I'm ready!
Jason: Best trait of anyone in the Waynes, go!
Y/N: Dick Grayson's ass, easy!!
Dick: *smirks*
Jason: ... you didn't even take 4 seconds to say all of that.
Y/N: ... I did didn't I? Hehe
Dick: *smirks more*
Jason: that's the only thing you could come up with? Why did it have to be the first thing you said?
Y/N: Well, what did you want me to say?
Jason: Well, my thunder thighs of course!
Dick: No!
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uncpanda · 3 years ago
Mrs. Grayson
Prompts: “Is it a new perfume,” “Did you do something different with your hair,” and “You’re so cute when you’re angry.”
Requested by: ANON
Fandom: Batman
Pairing: Dick Grayson x Reader
    “Is it a new perfume?”
    “Did you do something different with your hair?”
    You smile at your boyfriend’s youngest brother, “About two months ago.”
    Damian clears his throat, “Well it looks nice.”     You smile, and say “thanks” before continuing with the task before you.
There’s several moments of silence before he lets out a scream of frustration, and yells, “Tell me!”
You raise an eyebrow at the fuming ten year old before you say, “You’re so cute when you’re angry.”
There’s another scream before the boy storms out of the kitchen slamming the door behind him. A moment later Dick emerges, and says, “He still hasn’t figured it out.”
You shake your head, “None of them have, but Alfred.”
Dick laughs, “It’s right there in plain sight..”
You smile, and kiss your fiance, “I know this, you know this, Alfred knows this, but your brothers, not so much.”
Dick shrugs, “So much for being the greatest detectives who ever lived.” Your retort is cut off by a scream of rage, and the two of you watch through the window as Damian takes his katana to the topiaries outside.
You watch in fascination before asking, “How long do you think it’ll take Bruce to figure it out?”
Dick winces as Damian decapitates a bush, “He already knows, he helped me pick out the ring. He’s the one who sent my brothers on a hunt to figure out what changed with you.”
You smile, before watching as Tim storms out into the garden. You wince as a yelling match ensues, and then close your eyes when Damian starts chasing Tim with the katana. “Dick . . .”
“I’m on it.”
And with a smile you watch as your fiance trudges outside to stop the fight. Dick’s in the middle of placating his brothers when an arm settles around your shoulders. You turn to smile at Jason, “I can’t believe you actually agreed to marry into this mess.”
“I love him . . . and the rest of you idiots.”
Jason places a kiss on your cheek, “I always wanted a sister, welcome to the family Mrs. Grayson.”
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dcuniverse-fanatic · 2 years ago
What they’re like when they like you.
A/n: This is that thing that nobody asked for but I’m doing it bc I’m bored and also it’s a great from of therapy lolol. This is gender neutral and also, I wrote duke for the first time!!!! Sorry if it’s out of character I really wanted to read more about him but I see him in fanart and I feel bad for excluding him:) anyways: enjoy!
Dick Grayson:
• He’s very uhhhhhhh hands on?
• Not in a creepy grope-y way, more like he tries his best to touch you “accidentally”
• He’ll purposely brush past you or stand next to you very closely, sometimes subconsciously.
• Sometimes not.
• Oops.
•Tries his best to do it while you aren’t paying attention.
• Cannot for his life hide his feelings.
• He blushes at the most obscure things?
• Why is he blushing while you’re drinking coffee??
• Nobody knows!!!
• Not even him!!!
Jason Todd:
• The Jason Todd?
• The red hood?
• Flustered???
• You’d think not.
• But yES!!!!-
• You went from seeing him after class everyday to once a week in line at the cafeteria.
• So.... distant then.
• (He even blocked you on Instagram)
• You knew the jig was up.
• You went out of your way to find him.
• And he went out of his to avoid you.
• He was scared.
• He thought he knew most things.
• Not love apparently.
• He just woke up one day and was like.
• ?????????
• O shit lol.
Tim Drake:
• he seems to worry about everyone except himself.
• You asked him to tutor you ONCE (1).
• And suddenly he was calling you at midnight asking about your grades.
• “Do you need help with Spanish?”
• “You’re not even taking Spanish, tim.”
• Then one day he showed up at your apartment asking if you’re taking enough protein in your diet.
• He just wanted to see you.
• That and he really was concerned for your protein intake you looked pale-
• He even mailed you a map with the safest routes to take at night.
• He called you the next morning to ask why you weren’t in class.
• (You don’t have any classes together).
Damian Wayne:
• He’s usually very forward with his feelings.
• But was the grandson of the demon going to confess his feelings??
• No.
• Instead he was going to slowly weed out all your potential dates.
• He is very scary.
• (His last name is demon).
• He’d drop subtle hints to them that he knew how to unhinge knee caps.
• (Because he does). (very proficiently).
• “Why do all my dates cancel at the last minute????”
• “Because they are cowards”
• Big softie.
• Will threaten murder but will also buy you flowers.
• Awww.
Duke Thomas:
• Ohhh boy-
• He’s a mess with his feelings.
• I mean he tries his best???
• But he cannot talk when he looks at you.
• He’s more of an actions than words kinda guy.
• He buys breakfast when you run late.
• He even walks you to class.
• Thinks that he’s clingy and then tries to withdraw and youre like?????
• He can’t even look you in the eye for more than 5 consecutive seconds.
• He’s just..........a puppy.
• He’s a puppy.
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sheismental · 3 years ago
classic afternoon with batfam
Dick: Do you want to hear a joke?
Tim: I rather die.
Damian: We been knew.
Jason: I swear that if another sound comes from Dick's mouth, i will blow his brains out.
Dick: I swear it's funny.
*Everyone sighs in defeat, and a grin takes over Dick's face*
Dick: Why did Bruce's date go badly?
Tim: Because he didn't even show up.
Damian: Because his traumas didn't allow him to spend a proper night with a woman.
Jason: That's it, i'm blowing your brains out, Dick.
Dick: Because he has BAT breath!.
*The room keeps silent, until everyone stands up and leaves the room, Dick shrugs.*
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incrediblysadstudent · a year ago
You’re a Single Mother
Tumblr media
Bruce Wayne: 
-You being a reporter and meeting Bruce at a gala through Clark. 
-Bruce immediately being drawn to you and you two hitting it off. 
-Bruce meeting your daughter for the first time when she was seven months old after two months of dating. 
-Bruce knew of your daughter but was still nervous meeting her, he has raised many kids but never had any experience with a baby. 
-Bruce trying his absolute best to help you with her for the last six months.
-Bruce Nicknaming your daughter ‘little one’.
-Bruce setting up a gorgeous nursery and play room full of toys in the manor for when the two of you spent the night. 
-Bruce doing constant research on how to raise a baby. 
-Bruce getting up multiple times a night to check on your daughter when he feels as though it is too quiet in the manor. 
-”I just have to check, she’s been silent for thirty minutes.”
-”That's because she is sleeping Bruce.”
-”I just have to make sure she’s okay.” 
-Bruce going to the extreme to make sure your daughters bottles are warmed to the exact temperature recommended. 
-Bruce sleeps with the baby monitor and a camera by the bed to keep an eye on your daughter while she is in the nursery. 
-Hearing her fuss one night while you were asleep and going in himself to check on her.
-When he discovered your daughter was running a slight fever he completely panicked. 
-Woke Alfred up immediately.
-”Master Wayne, I already gave her Tylenol, you just have to wait for it to kick in and she will be fine. Now put her back to bed.”
-”Alfred you can’t be serious, look at her. She doesn't feel well I can’t just leave her here by herself.”
-Bruce deciding to then let your daughter sleep in your shared bed right in-between you and Bruce. 
-Bruce hardly being able to sleep because he was scared of crushing your daughter.
-Checking to make sure she was breathing because it was so difficult for him to tell.
-Your daughter cuddling into Bruce’s chest making him absolutely melt. 
-You waking up to Bruce and your daughter all snuggled up next to you. 
-Bruce insisting that you guys start co-sleeping with your daughter.
-”I read that its good for a child’s development.” 
-Bruce and your daughter forming a strong bond after that.
-Bruce being the softest ‘stepdad’ to your daughter, spoiling her and spending every free moment he had with her.
Tumblr media
Dick Grayson: 
-Dick accepting your daughter immediately. 
-Being upset that her father constantly blew off the responsibility of being a father.
-Dick stepping up to the plate for your daughter.
-Dick watched all of her favorite movies with her, played dolls with her, calmed all of her fears and made her feel like his own. 
-Dick affectionately calling you two “My girls.”
-You daughter being afraid Dick will leave you guys like her father did
-”No matter what happens I will always be here for you and your mother.” 
-”I wish you were my daddy.” 
-Dick helping your daughter with her school work.
-Dick taking her to so many places like the zoo, chuck e cheese, out for ice cream, and the park.
-Dick taking your daughter to her first father daughter dance because her own dad was ‘too busy’
-Dick going all out by showing up at the door with flowers.
-”Dick I don’t know how to dance.”
-”Stand on my feet I’ll teach you.”
-Your daughter and Dick practicing dancing in the Livingroom every night after the dance. 
-Dick watching frozen with her every night.
-No matter how tired Dick is from work or how sore he is from his nightly activities he always picks your daughter up when they greet each other.
-“Gosh your getting so big.”
-Dick telling your daughter all about his time in the circus.
-”No way! Can you teach me to do a flip like you use to do?”
-Your daughter wanting to take up gymnastics to be like Dick.
-They also created a game called batman and robin that they like to play around the house. 
-Dick somehow got stuck as robin. 
-”What about batman and Nightwing? That would be cool right?”
-”No Nightwing isn’t as fun.” 
Tumblr media
Jason Todd: 
-Jason absolutely adoring you and your daughter.
-Is extremely protective over the both of you.
-Jason hating your baby daddy. He hates the way he talks to you and hates how shitty of a father he is. 
-Jason almost getting into a physical fight with him after witnessing him scream at your daughter for something minor.
-”Talk to her like that again and I’ll make it so you won’t be able to talk anymore.”
-Jason quitting smoking because your daughter said she didn’t like when he smoked.
-Your daughter drawing tattoos on herself because she wanted to be cool like Jason.
-Jason is surprisingly good at doing your daughters hair.
-”Why are you so surprised? Did you think my hair was naturally this nice looking?”
-Whenever he did not spend the night at your place he always face timed you to say goodnight to your daughter.
-Your daughter noticing whenever Jason is in pain and acts as his nurse.
-Your daughter accidentally calling Jason Dad/Daddy.
-”Do you like my hair? My daddy did it.”
-”Dad can you help me with my adding?”
-Them wearing matching outfits often.
-Even though they are not related by blood she is a mini Jason, she idolizes him and copies everything he does.
-Jason’s presence definitely broke your daughter out of her shy and quiet behavior.
-Your daughter learning her firs cuss word from Jason.
-”No no honey you can’t say that Mommy will kill me.”
-They absolutely love rough housing.
-Jason teaching her self defense moves.
-”Jay she’s five.”
-”That doesn’t mean she can’t kick butt.”
Tumblr media
Tim Drake: 
-Tim was extremely good with your daughter and was very respectful of her father and your co parenting.
-Your daughter absolutely loved Tim, she saw him as her second dad.
-She often called him ‘Daddy Tim’
-Tim helped your daughter express her creativity.
-They often cook super fun and crazy meals together. 
-Makes sure she always uses her manners.
-He practically carries her everywhere. 
 -Your daughter preferring him to do everything with her.
-”Daddy Tim can you get me water? I like the way you pour it.”
-”Daddy Tim can you read me a story? I like when you read me stories.”
-Tim literally never being able to say no to her.
-You banning Tim from taking her down the toy aisle because he absolutely spoils her.
-“But babe she really wants these LOL dolls and she said all her friends have them and I didn’t want her to feel left out.”
-Tim pretending to be scared when your daughter tries to scare him. 
-Tim teaching your daughter how to be more stealthy when she tries to scare people.
-Her actually learning and scaring the life out of you.
-Tim building forts big enough for all three of you in the Livingroom whenever he slept over.
-Your daughter always cuddling up to Tim when you all would fall asleep together.
Tumblr media
Damian Wayne:
-Your daughter and Damian slowly warming up to one another.
-Them being like two peas in a pod once they finally warmed up to each other.
-Damian reading classic novels to your daughter rather than classic children's books.
-”Dami can we read more of the mockingbird book?”
-Damian teaching her Arabic as well.
-Your daughter was practically his shadow, she followed him everywhere.
-Damian drawing with her, teaching her all about dimensions and shadows, often opting to draw you as an example. 
-Getting your daughter a puppy as a birthday gift, helping train it to be a Titus level guard dog.
-Taking her to the zoo to see all the different times of animals, making her love for animals grow like Damian’s.
-Damian’s calm and confident energy made your daughter feel extremely safe.
-”Dami can you sleep in my room tight?”
-”Because I know you’ll protect me from monsters.”
-You bet your ass Damian sat on her tiny twin size bed and kept a look out for monsters.
-Your daughter doing the most random but sweetest things for Damian.
-”Uh why did you give me a slobbery fruit snack?”
-”I’m sharing with you so you so you aren’t left out.”
-Again you can bet your ass Damian accepted the fruit snack, he may have fed it to the puppy but your daughter wouldn’t know that.
-Damian keeping a crudely drawn picture your daughter drew of all three of you in his wallet. 
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imaginethatalena · 3 years ago
#32: Batfam x Reader
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Thanks @crazyfreckledginger​ for requesting! ❤
Request: Could you do a fic where the reader has to deal with 3 drunk Batboys coming to her apartment please? Damian isn’t though because he is underage. + my basics please? Tysm! And tysm for the recent fic! It was fab, holy!!! 👌👌😍
You didn’t know what time it was when you heard the knock on your apartment door. You only knew of a few people who would knock on your door in the late hours of the night, the Wayne boys, and you found that you had guessed right when you opened the door.
“Oh my God,” you said when you saw the state they were in. They weren’t battered and bloody or limping with their patrol uniforms on. No, it was much worse. They were drunk.
“Hi, Y/N,” Tim slurred with a goofy grin. Dick and Jason helped him stumble through the door, and Damian stepped inside after.
“Drake turned twenty one today,” Damian informed you. “They thought it would be a good idea for him to get drunk for the first time with them.”
“It was a fucking brilliant idea, that’s what it was,” Jason said while Tim collapsed onto your couch.
“Language, Jason!” you snapped, covering Damian’s ears. The youngest Wayne stepped away indignantly.
“I’ve heard far worse than that tonight, things I’ll never be able to unhear. I could have gone far longer without knowing the things that Grayson and Todd want to do with you.”
Your eyes widened and your jaw dropped as you looked to his older brothers, who were searching for snacks in your kitchen.
“Go sit with Tim,” you told Damian, and walked over to Jason and Dick.
“What were you thinking?” you demanded. “The last people Tim should have had his first drink with is you two!”
“It was Jason’s idea,” Dick said, pointing to his brother, who had just grabbed a beer from your fridge.
“Oh, hell no.” You grabbed the beer away from him and put it back in the fridge. “You’ve had enough.”
“I have a higher tolerance than Twinkle Toes over there,” Jason told you. He wasn’t nearly as hammered as Dick and Tim were, but he was still obviously drunk. “We were just trying to show the kid how to have a good time now that he’s legally allowed to.”
“And you never considered that someone other than Damian might have to stay sober for the drive home?” you asked. “The poor kid is scarred for life! What were you guys saying about me?”
“Take me to your bedroom and I’ll show you,” he said with a wink. His attempt at flirting fell short when he went to rest his elbow on the door of the fridge, forgetting that you had closed it, and fell to the floor.
“I’m surrounded by idiots,” you muttered.
“He could have at least taken you to dinner first,” Dick said. “I would have.”
“Dick, shut up,” you snapped. “You and Jason can sleep on the floor.”
“I will kick all of you out if you say one more word.” Dick didn’t say anything else. He just stumbled into the living room and collapsed onto the carpet next to the couch. Tim was already fast asleep, and Jason and Dick soon started snoring.
“You can sleep in my room, Damian,” you said, running a tired hand through your hair. While he went to your room, you were coming up with a plan for how to wake the three drunk boys up in the morning.
The next morning you sauntered into the living room with an airhorn Tim had given you a long time ago as a gag gift. You stood in the center of the room and let the horn blare into the three boys ears.
“What the hell?” Dick hit his head on your coffee table when he tried to jump up from the ground. Jason’s eyes had shot open in panic and he looked around, confused as to where the sound was coming from. When Tim finally sat up, his face was green.
“Rise and shine, boys!” Jason and Dick grumbled in response, but Tim didn’t say anything. He stood up and glanced around, his hand to his mouth.
“Happy birthday, Tim,” you said cheerily. “I know the hangover must be the best birthday present you’ve ever gotten from your brothers.”
“I don’t feel good,” he groaned.
“The bathroom is that way,” you pointed to the hallway behind you, and he made a run for the toilet. You saw that Jason and Dick had laid their heads back down, and you blew the horn again.
“Wake up.”
“We’re awake, dammit,” Jason snapped, his fingers on the bridge of his nose. “Stop with that thing.”
“This is cruel and unusual punishment,” Dick complained.
“If you think this is cruel, you won’t like what I have planned if you ever do this again.”
“And what would that be?” Jason asked as he stood up.
“I don’t think Alfred would appreciate a phone call from me saying that an thirteen year old is taking responsibility for his three brothers who are too drunk to drive home.”
Dick and Jason froze, looking at you in terror.
“You wouldn’t,” Dick said, but he was unsure. “Would you?”
“I would,” you said. “And I might even tell Bruce.”
Jason narrowed his eyes at you while Dick hung his head in shame. “Who taught you how to threaten us?”
“Someone who’s a master at it.” With that you went back to your bedroom, where Damian was still sound asleep.  If it weren’t for him, you never would have known that all you needed to get Dick and Jason under control was a phone call to their dad.
You pulled the blankets over his shoulders with a smile. He had taken care of his brothers last night. While they suffered through their hangovers, you would make sure he got his well earned extra hours of sleep.
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Baby Bird
Author: Nat / @idontgiveaflyinggrayson69
Requested: Yes – Anonymous X2
Tagging: @thisismysecrethappyplace @phoenix-fire-fangirl @itsgirl17321
Fandom: Titans
Relationship: Married; Dick Grayson x Pregnant!Reader
Summary: Every time the Reader tries to tell Dick that she’s pregnant, they’re interrupted. The truth finally comes out after a small confrontation.
Word Count: 1k
Warnings: None.
Tumblr media
You knew Dick for a long time. You knew him as Robin and you married him while the two of you were still in Gotham and when he told you that he wanted to leave Gotham behind and start a new life away from Batman and his darkness, you couldn’t say no, so you moved with your husband to Detroit.
The two of you weren’t in Detroit long when Rachel Roth came along and sent both your lives in to chaos. Dick wanted you to stay home and let him deal with Rachel; but, you had spent a large portion of your life on the side lines and you weren’t going to continue like that. After all, you were staring a new life by moving to Detroit, and, well, Dick couldn’t exactly argue with you.
So, you and Dick set off to find Rachel. You certainly weren’t expecting finding Rachel to turn into finding reuniting with Dawn, Hank and Donna, and meeting Gar, Kory and Jason. But, c’est la vie, you kept saying. It’s life.
With all the drama with Rachel and her father, the constant attacks and such, it completely slipped your mind that you were late. It didn’t click that your period was nearly a month late until you and Dick were on a grocery run and you passed the tampons aisle.
“Oh shit.” You whispered to yourself and pulled out your phone. You were nearly a month late. You were never that late. Ever.
You quickly made your way down to the pregnancy tests and got three different brands. You took them as soon as you got home and every single one came back positive.
“Fuck.” You whispered.
It wasn’t that you didn’t want to have a baby with Dick. You loved Dick with all your heart and you would love to start a family with him. It was just bad timing because of all the drama going on with Rachel.
You knew that Dick loved Rachel and would do anything for her and he was so stressed about everything going on, so you decided to keep the baby a secret. You figured you’d just wait a week or two for things to settle down a bit so that you could tell Dick; but, things didn’t settle, they got worse.
Before you knew it, you were in your second trimester and Dick still didn’t know about the baby. You tried to tell him a few times in the last week; but every time you were interrupted.
The first time you tried to tell him, Kory knocked on the door to talk about the latest plan.
The second time you tried to tell him, Gar interrupted, wanting to know what was happening for dinner.
The third time you tried to tell him, you both heard Rachel scream followed by a crash. Both of you ran to her, believing that she was being attacked, but it was just a spider.
You were getting frustrated and emotional, which wasn’t a good mix. Entering your second trimester, your emotions were all out of whack. One second you could be happy, then you were sad, then you were angry. You were a mess.
And Dick was stressed and over tired with everything happening with Rachel which led to him being grumpy.
You knewthat he wasn’t grumpy at you or anything, just that he was over tired. But your emotions were all over the place, so when Dick raised his voice at you just a little bit. You couldn’t help the rage that flashed in your eyes and you promptly told Dick to fuck off before walking off to your room and slamming the door.
“What the fuck?” Dick asked himself, surprised and very confused. You never did anything like that.
Dick quickly walked over to your room and knocked on the door. “Babe? What’s wrong?”
“Go away.” You told him weakly. As soon as you slammed the door, tears started to roll and you cursed the mood swings that came with pregnancy.
“I’m not going anywhere. I know you’re crying, just let me in and let’s talk about it. I’m sorry for raising my voice.” Dick said softly.
You wiped your eyes and opened the door. Dick stepped in and closed the door behind him before pulling you into a hug. “Talk to me, (Y/N).”
“I have to tell you something.” You whispered against his chest.
Dick nodded. “Okay.”
You pulled back from the hug and walked over to your purse where you kept all the used pregnancy tests. You didn’t want to throw them out because you didn’t want Dick to find them. You grabbed one of them and walked over to him and handed it to him, not able to verbally tell him you were pregnant.
Dick’s eyes widened in realization of what he was holding. “Holy shit…”
You nodded. “I think I’m about thirteen weeks.”
“Holy shit.” Dick repeated.
You nodded. “I tried to tell you a few times but we kept getting interrupted. I’m sorry I told you to fuck off, my emotions have been… all over. Stupid mood swings…”
Dick placed the test on the nearby dressed and pulled you into a hug. “That’s incredible!”
You giggled a little, your sour mood leaving.
Dick kissed the top of your head. “I mean, it’s shit timing, but it’s amazing!”
You wrapped your arms around his waist and nodded against him. “I’m so glad you’re happy. I was scared…”
Dick pulled back from you and gave you a smile. “Scared? Of what? That I wouldn’t want to have a cute little baby with my beautiful wife that I love so much?”
You shrugged. “It’s stupid, I know. I still was though…”
Dick leaned forwards to press a kiss to your lips before pulling back. “Well, you don’t have to be because I am so happy about this, okay?”
You nodded, a smile crawling up your own lips. “Okay, Dickie. I love you.”
Dick’s smile widened and he pulled you back into a tight hug. “I love you, too, Princess.”
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bluebellhairpin · a year ago
Dating BatBoys Headcanons
A/N: I had too much fun with this. - Nemo
Bruce Wayne
Tumblr media
Makes a point of being in bed with you when you wake up in the morning, even if it’s only for an hour, and especially if you didn’t fall asleep with him. 
It’s no secret he shows you off at galas and in public, even if he decides to be ‘subtle’ about it. Everyone knows anyway. Even Arthur can sense when he’s showing you off, and Arthur’s powers aren’t even close to doing that. 
Please teach this man how to use a microwave. He can do literally anything else, and master it without a problem, but microwaves are just not for him. 
Spoils you rotten as if that’ll make up for the fact he’s gone with work and with Batman stuff. You take none of it, and just make him spend time with you. Which he thanks you for because he really misses you when he’s working. 
Alfred and the kid's all love you even if some of them warm up slower than others *coughDamiancough* and it just proves to him how lucky he is to have gotten you. 
Dick Grayson
Tumblr media
Teaches you self-defense because he’s a detective and a past Robin so you could be a ‘target’. Plus you could get in trouble and need to defend yourself if he’s not around. And he like having an excuse to have you close via training. 
Can’t cook for his l i f e. Like, don’t let him near the kitchen at all. Before you, he survived on 2-Minute Noodles, whatever was in the fridges at work, and things Alfred would bring him on occasion. He relies on you to feed him so please do it. You don’t even have to be the best cook either.
Gives the biggest, softest hugs e v e r. They’re all huge bear-hugs, full of gentle words and absolute warmth. Even before you were dating he’d give good hugs. Like, wow. Now I need one of his hugs. 
Tells such good jokes, he always knows how to make you laugh, and exactly what kind of humor you need. 
PDA is definitely a thing, and at the very least he has his fingers locked with yours. He’s just a little clingy, that’s all. And show-ey off-ey. Spent too much time around Bruce. 
Jason Todd
Tumblr media
Everything in his house is his, and therefore is yours too. That includes food, books, and the bed, even his toothbrush, but God help you if you eat the leftover Chinese Take-Out without giving him the chance to get a mouthful in. Not even Alfred want’s to deal with that. 
Teaches you how to ride a motorbike on your own, and as much as he loves seeing you ride on your own, he prefers it when you ride with him and hold onto him nice and tight. He lives for those moments tbh. 
Is a heater. His body warmth is unparalleled in any dimension. Not too hot “But aren’t I always too hot?” and definitely not too cold. It’s the best for cold nights in Gotham.
Helpless Romantic. Gets you flowers, chocolates, takes you out for dinner because with Bruce’s money he can afford it, even dresses regularly in suits because he knows how much you love him in a suit. 
Loves dancing with you, and for you. His best jam was along to Fall Out Boy’s cover of ‘I Wanna Dance With Somebody’. He should’ve been a theater kid. It’s a waste, but you’re willing to soak it all in in behalf of everyone else. “Don'tcha wanna dance with me baby!“
Tim Drake
Tumblr media
Makes extra coffee for you in the mornings. If you drink it. And memorizes your favorite. Decaf? Got it. Soy milk? No problem. Black? He has it like that too. Three sugars? So sweet, but okay. 
Has an infinite amount of movies for movie nights. You know he hacks into places to get them. But you don’t care. Free movies. And a chance to get him to not work for a couple hours. (He falls asleep in the first twenty minutes.) 
Pulls the best one-liners, especially when he’s over-tired. He could have a snark-off with Sherlock Holmes or Tony Stark and win with the things he sports out, and you’re lucky enough to be around whenever he does. 
Has an amazing memory, so every single date worth memorizing he has it covered. You need to worry more about you forgetting anniversaries rather than him.
Cried when he heard Avicii died. He didn’t get over it for weeks. The only reason he’s gotten back to listening to his songs is that he’s now connected them with you. Play ‘Addicted to You’ and he’ll look at you with the most lovey-dovey heart-eyes ever. 
Damian Wayne
Tumblr media
Actually an almost human when he’s around you, which makes his family want you around more, which makes him happy weird, huh?  
Hates PDA, but makes a point to hold your hand whenever he feels you’d like it because “Boyfriends do that. They do things they might not like to make their partner happy.” 
Gets all flustered whenever you give him a n y sort of kisses. Hand kisses? Full-face blush. Cheek? Won't stop smiling. Mouth? Can’t speak for the next ten minutes. It’s fantastic. 
High-key will scare people away if they look at you in a way he doesn’t like. He doesn’t like the idea of someone taking you away, and being Robin and the son of a billionaire doesn’t help. All must R  E S P E C T his love. 
Gives you all sorts of pet names, but only calls you them in private because “No one will believe you.” The little twat. 
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dcmarvelblog · 3 years ago
Headcanons for the Robins being jealous please
Dick Grayson• Dick is favored by many because of his charm and to see someone else have your attention is a no no. He won’t become irrational or annoying but he’s going to make it known that he doesn’t like it. He’ll constantly disrupt the conversation or whatever engagement your having with the other person and talk about you and him. “ Oh really you went to Oklahoma? Well Y/n and I went to California for our 3rd anniversary soo yeah Oklahoma must’ve be fun… lol “
Jason Todd • Okay Jason is um more aggressive hehe. He’ll let the other person talk for a small while before he’ll bluntly stop the conversation. “ I think it’s been enough of this actually, Y/n will you accompany me to the car?” As he basically grabs your hand to walk out. You’ll yell at him but you know he means well. If the other person is upset ab it, boy, you’re gonna see the leather jacket come off and some sleeves rolling up. 90% of the time doesn’t result to this but fucking hell when it does
Tim Drake• Tim gets really quiet. Also passive aggressive. You’ll ask him what’s the matter later on and he’ll be like “ nothing…” . So you gotta pry him outta work and ask him to tell you what’s up. He’ll tell you, but still tell you that it wasn’t that big of a deal. Hugs and kisses will do it. Plus coffee. He’s a sweet bean and just needs some reassurance yano
Damian Wayne• Damian is a good mixture of all three of his brothers. It mostly depends on who you’re taking too or interacting with. If it’s some he hates, he’s gonna become Jason Todd. If it’s someone whose a naturally close friend to you, he’s gonna be a Tim Drake. Any regular ole person he’s Dick Grayson that day. One thing for sure is, he’s gonna do everything in his power to prove himself better than the other person. It’s in his nature to do so, so you love him all the same
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incrediblysadstudent · a year ago
You break up (Batboys + Bruce Wayne)
Tumblr media
Bruce Wayne:
“Have you hit your thick head on the roof of the batmobile again Bruce Wayne?” You yelled in utter disbelief looking at your husband who was calmly sitting on the bed with his hands held together resting in his lap. “How could you possibly even suggest we get a divorce?” Your broken voice asked, you were pacing around the room like you typically do when you get upset staring at your husband waiting for him to say anything but he was still silent. “Bruce!” You yell, urging him to say anything. “Bruce!” You shouted again this time pushing his shoulder trying to disturb his calm frame in hopes of getting a reaction out of him but still nothing. You knew Bruce could be cold and disconnected from the world and people but he was never like this towards you, he was always warm and loving towards you, until now. “I thought you loved me.” Your broken voice stated as the tears started making their way down your face, your shoulders shaking as the sobs started racking through your body. 
Finally Bruce rose, his heart hurting at the sight of you crying. His arms wrapping around you comfortingly pulling you into his chest. “One hundred and two times in the last fifteen years you have been targeted by criminals for being Bruce Wayne’s wife.” Bruce said placing a hand behind your head playing with your hair knowing it would soothe you. “One hundred and two times you have been placed into danger because of me. You have been hurt sixty five of those times, you have been on the med bay table with serious injuries twenty eight times. I’ve watched you deprive yourself of sleep waiting for me to come home every night worried sick about the safety of myself and the children. I saw you completely shattered when Jason died.” He moved his hand from your hair and began to wipe away your tears, as your sobs began to die down. “This is the best thing for you.” 
“Breaking up our family is the best thing for me? Losing the love of my life is the best thing for me? Bruce you can’t make this decision for me.” You said pulling away from his grasp. His tall frame towering over you, looking down at you with his lips pressed in a thin line. “Bruce I love you.” you told him taking his large hand into yours. “I want to be with you.” a single tear fell which Bruce quickly wiped away, cupping your face in his large hand. Your usually sparkling eyes were dull with sadness, your lips fell into an unnatural frown, your confident voice was now shaky and broken. Bruce was breaking your heart, and his own in the process. He closed the space between you two, kissing you gently. You felt your stomach turn into knots as the two of you kissed, this wasn’t a normal sweet kiss the two of you often shared, this was a kiss that felt as it would be your last one shared together. 
“(Y/N), I love you.” Bruce said pulling away from the kiss, his hand still caressing your face, his thumb gently moving back and forth over your cheek bone. “The last fifteen years with you have been the best years of my life and I will cherish them forever. But I can’t allow you to keep being in danger because of me. I’m sorry, but my mind is made up and I’m getting the divorce.” He pulled his hand away from your face and took a step back from you. 
“How could you say you love me Bruce?” You glared at him “I mean look at you? You’re ending a fifteen year marriage as calmly as you would cancel a business meeting. Was any of this even real to you or was it just to keep up your appearance as Bruce Wayne?” You went to push by him but he stopped you grabbing your arm. 
“Of course this is real to me (Y/N). This is one of the hardest thing I’ve ever done. I’m going to miss waking up to you on my chest in the morning, I’m going to miss reading the notes you leave written on the steam in mirror after I get out of the shower. I’m going to miss you hugging me a little tighter than normal when I get back from a dangerous mission. I’m going to miss the way you try to sneak up on me when you think I’m not paying attention. I’m going to miss seeing you interact with the boys. I’m going to miss carrying you to bed every single night because you fall asleep in the cave waiting for me to get back from patrol. I’m going to miss you so fucking much (Y/N).” His face finally broke and his voice was finally passionate and you were able to tell his true feelings. His blue eyes were cloudy and tears threatened to spill over, his lips were parted as he tried to think of the right words to tell you. “But I’d rather miss you because your not here than miss you because your six feet under ground.”  his voice was much quieter now, his hand went back to caress you cheek. “You can have the penthouse and any of the cars you want, I can give you as much money as you need. Anything you want I will give you.” You closed your eyes as a sad smile appeared on your face, you took hold of his hand on your cheek, taking it off and holding it in yours.
“All I wanted was you.” Your voice was hurt but you tried to keep yourself as composed as you could. You slid the large diamond ring off your finger and placed it in your hand. “I hope one day, before its too late, you stop blaming yourself for things that are not in your control.” His eyes were now cloudy and emotionless again as he stared down at you. You leaned forward bringing your lips to his kissing him one last time, your lips melting together and moving with one another in perfect harmony, making you never want to pull away. But you did and with sadness in your eyes you looked him in the eyes saying “Goodbye Bruce Wayne.”  You released his hand and walked out of your once shared bedroom and into the hallways of the manor. You found your purse along with your keys downstairs, grabbing them as you headed to the door.
 “Hey Ma, where are you going?” You looked to see you two oldest son looking at you, curiosity soon turned to concern when Jason and Dick saw how red and puffy your eyes were. “Ma what’s wrong?” Jason said getting closer to you, but you couldn’t find any words so you closed you eyes, defeated you leaned your back against the door behind you and let the tears flow out of your eyes. You quickly felt Jason’s arms wrap around you and Dick was right there next to him, wrapping a comforting arm around you, comfortingly rubbing your shoulder.
“Its okay mom, whatever it is, it’ll be okay.” Dick promised, trying to soothe you. 
“I don’t think it will be this time Dick.” Your voice chocked on a sob as you remained in the embrace of your two oldest sons. 
Tumblr media
Dick Grayson: 
You were currently in yours and Dicks shared apartment packing all of your things, tearing up the bedroom in the process, your stomach was in knots, you wanted to get all of your things out of here before Dick gets home but once you heard the front door open you knew that idea was out the window. You couldn’t even stand to look at him, all you could think of was seeing him with her. 
“(Y/N) I’m home, come on I made reservations for us tonight.” You heard Dick’s voice call out for you but all it did was repulse you. You remembered how you saw him grab her waist, as if he had pulled her to him like that dozens of times when you weren't around. Tears brimmed to your eyes as you recalled how he had kissed her ever so passionately. You’ve spent the last few hours wondering what else they have done together, how long this affair has been going on. But now that the time has come to ask him all these questions you couldn’t even bring yourself to be in the same room as him, so you stood up loudly slamming the door shut and locking it. Dick clearly heard the noise and went straight to the shared bedroom, giggling the handle to find the door locked, he sighed “(Y/N), come on I really don’t want to do this today. Whatever this is about I’m sorry, just please I don’t want to fight.” 
“You don’t want to fight?” You bit back sarcastically, your sweet voice filled with venom. You threw more clothes into the suitcase on the bed, before closing it and zipping it shut. Beyond upset you tussled your hair with your hand while turning to the door and shouting “Then maybe you should of thought about that before you stuck your tongue down Kory’s throat.” You then picked up a picture you kept of you and Dick on the bedside table, throwing it at the door and letting it shatter into hundreds of tiny pieces. You heard Dick frantically giggle the door handle now as he banged on the door trying to get in.
“(Y/N) let me in please.” His voice was stressed and panicked now, you could imagine how he must have looked, jaw tight, eyebrows furrowed together, eyes full of guilt. 
“Not a chance.” You bit back, continuing to pack the second suitcase you had. “Now go away, I never want to see you again Dick, we’re over.” You yelled, feeling angrier than you ever have, tears of hurt and betrayal running down your face. 
“I’m not going anywhere (Y/N), I’ll wait outside this door for however long it takes for you to talk to me.” Dick said his hand stopped giggling the handle and you could only assume he was standing by the door. You huffed in annoyance,
“Fine, then get comfortable because I’m not leaving until your gone.” You told him as you sat on the bed stubbornly letting time pass. 
Hours had already passed and it was pitch black out, neither you nor Dick had moved from your spots, you sat on the bed and Dick sat leaned on the door to your bedroom. Neither of you spoke as you both desperately waited for the other one to move. Annoyed you broke the silence, your voice much calmer than it was earlier “Dick, why are you doing this?”
You heard him shift along the door as he repositioned himself, his legs falling asleep from sitting there for so long. “Because I love you.” His voice said weakly, as if he had been crying. You scoffed in disbelief. “It’s true (Y/N), I fucked up, I admit it but God Damnit I love you.” You remained silent as your heart panged with hurt, tears coming back to your eyes. 
“How long?” Your voice was shaky but you weren’t going to dance around the questions that have been in your mind all day. You stood off the bed, walking to the door placing your back against it to hear him better.
“How long have you and Kory been having this affair?” You asked again, this time being more specific. You could hear Dick sigh from the other side of the door, you could hear his head bump against the door in only what you could assume was defeat. Your chest tightened already knowing that whatever the answer is it will hurt you. 
“Almost two weeks.” His voice was full of dread knowing his answer probably just put another knife through your already hurting heart. You closed your eyes and covering your mouth muffling any sobs coming out of your mouth as you slid down the door completely heartbroken. Dick heard your sudden movement on the other side and placed his head in his hands, listening to your muffled cries, he cursed himself for making you feel like this. He listened to your cries quietly for a while, not knowing what to say, he just sat there thinking about all his mistakes and if he could somehow fix this. 
You sniffled softly wiping away your tears and calming yourself down. “Did you sleep with her?” Your hurt voice rang in Dicks ears, making him even angrier with himself. 
Dick was silent for a moment before he spoke again, voice laced with guilt “Yes.” You felt as though you were just punched in the stomach as you listened to him confess to you the truth. You bit back tears promising yourself you weren’t going to cry anymore. You wanted to know the truth. 
“Do you love her?” Your voice was stronger this time, demanding and serious. 
“No!”  Dick answered back quickly, his head shooting up out of his hands as he turned slightly towards the door in defense. “No. I don’t love her, I love you (Y/N). I only love you.” He was speaking truthfully, but you didn’t know if you could believe him or not. It was now your turn to place your head in your hands, you were overwhelmed with emotions and absolutely exhausted. The dim rays from the sunrise began spilling into the room. 
 You were exhausted both mentally and physically and your next question just weakly slipped out of your mouth. “How could you do this to me Dick?” That question had been rattling around in the both of your heads all night. 
“I’m sorry (Y/N). I’m so sorry.” He said through the door feeling absolutely shredded apart on the inside. “(Y/N) I did a terrible, stupid, selfish thing and I hate myself for it. I wish I could take it back, but I can’t.” Dick brought his knees up to his chest as he spoke through his tears. “But I love you (Y/N). And I..I just can’t see us throwing something away that we know is so damn good.” he pleaded with you, his voice raspy and raw. “(Y/N), I promise I’ll do everything I can to make this right, I’ll never see her again, I’ll quit the Titans, just please tell me what to do and I’ll do it. (Y/N) I know I’m an idiot and I really fucked up, but...there's got to be a way we can work past this...I cant imagine my life without you.” Dick was disheveled on the other side of the door, his voice was strained from crying, his hair a mess, eyes red and tired, but he still refused to leave his spot clinging on to any hope he could fix this with you.
“You just don’t get it Dick!” You yelled back hurt. “You're a totally different person to me now.” You voice shook as tears streamed down your face yet again, you hugged your knees to your chest trying to find comfort in yourself. You placed your head on your knee and looked off to the side as you took a deep breath. “I..I use to think of you as someone who I could trust Dick... as someone who could never ever hurt me.” You let out a sob making Dicks heart clench in grief as he listened to you break down as you were overwhelmed with hurt again. After a few moments you managed to regain your composure, your tired voice broke the silence again “I can’t stop picturing you with her. It doesn’t matter what you say or do Dick. Everything is just changed now and we can’t fix it.” 
"This... this can’t be it.” Dick said in disbelief. “Please honey, please just open the door. Let me talk to you. Let me fix this.” He begged standing up now, placing his hand on the door handle and his forehead against the door.
“There is no fixing this, you can’t fix this Dick. You can’t just walk through the door and make this better.” You stood to not, but with your back against the door as silent tears cascaded down your face. “This is it Dick, I’m leaving and I don't want to see you when I leave.” You told him, trying your best to keep your voice as steady as you could, but Dick was still able to hear the pain in your voice. 
“I..I’m gonna miss you (Y/N).” His voice was shaky but he tried his best to keep himself composed. “But I can’t keep you here.” Dick said sadly, knowing he was going to have to face the consequences of his actions. “Goodbye (Y/N)” He backed away from the door, his hand still resting on the handle. “I love you.” he said softly, letting go of the handle and slowly walking away from the door.
 His footsteps started to walk off but as he was walking out he heard you say from behind your closed door “Goodbye Richard.” His heart clenched in pain at your goodbye, knowing that may be the last time he hears from you.
Tumblr media
  Jason Todd:
“Public menace, Red Hood, has reverted back his murderous ways, leaving eight dead on a Gotham pier last night after stopping a group of child traffickers-” The tv clicked off and you turned around to see Jason behind you, his hair was messy and his ocean eyes still dazed with sleep. He was shirtless and his pajama pants hung on his hips, he tossed the remote he had onto the couch, before he nonchalantly started to head to the kitchen. 
“You know, I think that reporter has always had it out for me.” He said calmly, grabbing a box of cereal out of the cabinet. You felt disappointment and rage bubble up inside of you. 
“Or you just have it out for yourself Jason.” You spat angrily, getting up from your spot and into the kitchen, taking the box of cereal out of his hand. Jason looked at you angrily
“Oh yeah and what is that supposed to mean?”  He snatched the box back from you dumping cereal into the bowl
“It means that you can’t have something good without going out of your way to ruin it Jason.” You yelled at him but he pushed past you going to the fridge to get milk, but as he opened the fridge your small hand pushed it closed before he could grab anything out. “You promised Jason, you promised you wouldn’t kill anymore.” Your voice said softly, truly disappointed he broke his promise.
“God damnit (Y/N) can I just make a fucking bowl of cereal without a lecture?” He said banging on the fridge angrily. “ What do you want me to say? I’m sorry I killed eight sex traffickers? Because I’m not.” He turned to look at you, his temper showing now. His voice was laced with venom and each word he spoke felt like daggers to your heart. “And you want to know why? Because their low life scum who sell children to other low life scum.” He then yanked open the fridge grabbed the milk and slammed the fridge shut, leaving you standing there. 
“You don’t get it do you Jason?” You asked quietly walking up to where he sat, still fuming, at the kitchen table. “You promised you would stop, you promised Bruce, you promised Dick, and you promised me.” Jason didn't miss the hurt that flashed through your eyes when you looked at him. “Jason you know that I can’t support you like this.” You brought your arms up to hold yourself biting on your lip to stop any tears. 
“So what? Your gonna break up with me?” He asked hoping you would say no and just yell at him some more until you think he’s had enough, but your silence gave him a different answer. Jason shook his head and stood up from the chair “Oh no, come on angel, you can’t be serious.” His tone shifted and was now much gentler. He went to reach out for you but you shifted dogging his hand. “Angel, come on. They were sick fucks who sold young boys and girls to grown men-”
“They were people Jason. It doesn’t matter how you look at it, you do not get to choose who gets to live and who gets to die.” You stepped forward to him, resting your hand on his chest. “But like I said, that’s just something you never understood.” Jason wrapped his arm around your waist placing his head on the crook of your neck. 
“I don’t want to lose you over this.” He whispered into your ear. “Yell at me, tell me I’m an idiot, hit me if you want to. Just don’t leave me over this.” His lips attached themselves to your jaw kissing you gently, then moved to your check, slowly making their ways to your lips, kissing you slowly and gently. You found yourself melting into the kiss. You opened your eyes and pulled away from him. 
“Jason you knew all along that killing would be the only thing that would drive me away from you and you still did it.” You took your hand off his chest and backed away from him. “Jason, it’s time you learned your actions have consequences. I can’t keep forgiving you every time you make a mistake or mess up. Every time I do it feels like I’m losing a part of myself.” You confessed, thinking of all the nights you and Jason fought over Red Hood and his reckless behavior, only for you to give him chance after chance to prove that he could tone down his behavior as the Red Hood. 
“But.. I love you angel. (Y/N), I love you.” He said, tears slipping out of his eyes as he was starting to come to realize he was in the middle of actually losing you. You gave him a sad smile
“I know, I love you too Jason.” You stood on your tippy toes and kissed his cheek. “But you just love the Red Hood more.” You walked past him and headed to the door but his hurt voice stopped you in your tracks.
“So that’s it? You’re just going leave me like everyone else?” You looked back at Jason who was staring at the ground with his hands in his pockets. “I should have known, everyone hates me eventually.” He looked up at you now and you felt as if he had just punched you in the stomach as you looked at how hurt and vulnerable he was right now. You bit back tears as you put your hand on the door handle out of the apartment. 
“I don’t hate you Jason. I’m disappointed with you.” You said opening the door and turning to walk out, using all the will power you have to not turn around and run into the arms of that broken young man, because if you did, you wouldn’t have the strength to leave.
Jason stood alone in the kitchen with tears running down his face. “Good job Todd.” He told to himself angrily, he picked up the cereal bowl and threw it at the door, causing the bowl to shatter and cereal to fly everywhere. “Way to ruin things.” He said softly as he defeatedly took a seat on the floor placing his head in his hands as he thought of all the warnings and chances you had given him. Why hadn’t he just listened to you? He realized just how killing those men weren’t worth it now. They weren’t worth the pain he was feeling now. 
Tumblr media
 Tim Drake: 
“Oh no, baby don’t cry.” Tim said as he pulled you into his arms, taking the paper out of your hands and casting it aside on his bedside table. He kissed the side of your head as he wiped your tears. “If they don’t see how smart and amazing you are then its their loss.” He held you tightly to your chess as he repeatedly kissed your temple. You shook your head as the tears continued to flow.
“It’s not that Tim.” you held him as you cried. “I got accepted” Tim immediately pulled back to look at you, a large smile on his face. He happily kissed you only to pull back confused as to why you didn’t share his excitement.
“But love, that’s great isn’t it? This is your dream school, you told me so yourself, you’ve wanted to go there since you were a little girl. Why aren’t you happy?”
“Tim, I applied before we got together.” You said sadly. “This college is in Paris.” more tears flowed down your cheeks but Tim’s hands cupped either side of your face and wiped away your tears. 
“Hey, hey, it’s okay, we can make this work okay? I can come to visit you and we can text and facetime everyday.” He promised, kissing your forehead and wrapping his arms around you.
“Timmy, we’re on different time zones, by the time I’ll be getting up you’ll be going to bed.” You rested your head against his chest listening to his heartbeat. 
“Well...I can still come visit you.” 
“When? You have a life here Tim. You have the young justice team and responsibilities with Batman that already take up the majority of your time. Add in the plane ride and you would barely get to spend a few hours with me in like a month.” You looked up to see his eyes well with tears as his heart began to beat frantically. Defeated Tim let you go, sitting down on the bed and taking your hand in his.
“I..I (Y/N) I don’t know what to do.” He confessed, he looked up at you with glossy eyes, his grip on your hand tightened slightly not wanting to let you go, at least not right now.
 “Neither do I.” You confessed sitting down next to him, placing your head on his shoulder dampening his shirt with your tears. You both just leaned on each other in silence as you both let tears slide down your faces for what felt like hours. “I want to stay.” You said quietly, finally breaking the silence.
 “You know I love you, right?” You nodded your head still on his shoulder. “I think you should go to Paris.” his words caught you by surprise making you look up at him prompting him to explain. “I love you (Y/N). But this is your dream, I don’t want to be the reason you don’t go after it.” He hugged you tightly and kissed the top of your head. 
“But Paris doesn’t have you.” your words were just above a whisper but didn’t go unheard by Tim.
“But Paris has your future (Y/N).” He let you go “You and I both know how miserable you’ll be if you don’t go.” You sad eyes looked at him knowing he was telling the truth. 
“You’re right.” you brought up a hand to his cheek making him look at you. “But until then, I’m here with you.” You lips connected with his, in a gentle kiss. Tim’s hand went to the small of your back as he kissed you back. The once soft kiss was beginning to get more needy and heated, Tim’s back hit the mattress of the bed as you straddled his hips. Your tongues danced in each others mouth fight for dominance. His hands were now running up and down the curves of your body as you the two of you felt the desire to have each other. Your hands went to pull off your shirt but Tim’s hands stopped you. He pulled away from the kiss and smiled sadly at you.
“As much as I want to, we shouldn’t be doing this.” He gently scooted you off of him. Holding your hands in his he said “If we’re going to break up, we should do it now, even though it’s hard, doing it when you leave would be even harder.” He wiped a tear that had slipped out of you eye away. His hand then glided across your face, putting a piece of your hair back behind your ear. You smiled sadly knowing he was right. You took both your hands and held either side of his face as is tear filled eyes looked into yours.
“Timothy Drake, you are the kindest, most gentle, smartest, loving, and good man that there ever will be.”  You wiped the tear that fell from his eye. “And I love you so much.” Your voice cracked, Tim’s hand rubbed your back comfortingly “I'm going to miss you Tim.” You broke down into tears collapsing into his arms. Tim held you as you cried, shedding tears of his own as well. 
“I know love.” Tim’s voice was shaky but his arms felt safe and secure. “I’m going to miss you too.” 
Tumblr media
Damian Wayne: 
“What the hell?” You stared at Damian who had just appeared outside your window on your fire escape dawning his vigilante attire. You opened the window allowing him to come in “What are you doing here Damian?” you had already been in your pajamas getting ready to fall asleep until you noticed him. 
“I have news.” He said sitting on the end of your bed. You walked over to him, wrapping your arms around his neck hands making their way through his hair. His hand rested on your hip, pulling you forwards kissing you hello.
“What kind of news?” You said tilting your head curiously. Damian’s hand ran down your leg before letting you go. 
“I’m being sent on a mission with the Titans.” He told you calmly “I’ll be gone for a few months.” You were shocked, bot knowing how to feel about the current situation, of course you knew that this was his life but still not being able to see him or talk to him for months is upsetting. You sat next to him, wrapping your arms around him.
“Where will you be going?” You asked resting your head onto his shoulder. 
“I can’t tell you that.” you looked back startled at him. You knew his work was secretive but you thought you would be the only person he would trust with this information. “Beloved, it’s confidential, you know that.” He told you, seeing the wave of hurt flash over your face. 
“Yeah Damian and so was your secret identity, but you told me that.” You pointed out getting frustrated. “Dami do you not trust me?” You asked a little hurt. Damian shook his head no as his hand grabbed the small of your back
“Beloved no, it’s not like that.” You couldn’t see his eyes do to the mask but by the sound of his voice you could guess they must be filled with worry. “You know my duty and responsibility as Robin comes first, no exceptions.” Those words stung at your heart the second they came out of Damian’s mouth. You always knew being Robin was important to him, it was a large part of who he was and you were okay with that. But you didn’t know Robin had become more important to him than you, and you didn’t know if your okay with that. 
“Damian.” your voice was soft and shaking with hurt “I know you have work to do as Robin. I understand that and I support you. I can go for months not seeing you or hearing from you if need be, but not if you can’t put me first.” Damian could read the hurt all over your face and he sighed.
“Beloved, it’s just a location, it’s not a big deal.” He said trying to reason with you. You stood up angry that he still thinks this is about the location.
“Damian, it’s not about the stupid location.” You threw your hands up in frustration, pacing in front of him. “It’s about Robin 'coming first.’ Damian, I don’t want to be second place to a mask anymore.” Damian stood now, grabbing you gently by the arm stopping your pacing. 
“Beloved, I love you.” He kissed you gently, his soft lips bringing a warmth too your heart like nothing ever has before. “But I’m Robin, and you have to understand, there is nothing more important than the work I do.” You looked at him hurt by his words, pulling out of his grasp. “Don’t be upset beloved.” Damian pleaded with you.
“How could I not be upset Damian?” You asked looking at him in sheer disbelief and hurt. Your lips parted as a tear fell down your cheek. “Damian, you’re my everything, I’d never put anything above you. And if you can’t do the same for me then we’re not doing what I thought we were doing.” Damian wiped your tears away as he cupped your face. 
“Beloved, I don’t understand what your saying.” His eyebrows furrowed but his eyes were still hidden under his robin mask. You sniffled as more tears fell down your face. 
“I’m saying that if you want to keep me Damian, You have to value me more than you value that mask.” You took a shaky breath silently hoping that he will be able to overlook his obligation to be duty bound as robin for just one second. But the stern face that looked back at you reminded you of the stubborn person you were talking to. “I’m not asking you to abandon your mission or to tell me the location or anything. Damian, I.. I just need reassurance, reassurance that I mean more to you than that mask, Damian just tell me that I do.”
“Beloved, I love you dearly but my duties as Robin are my first priority.” He told you kissing your forehead “We can talk about this further when I return, I have to leave now.” He said stepping back towards your window. Tears fell down your face as you watched him climb out onto the fire escape.
You walked to the window looking directly at him, tears still rolling down your face. “Don’t bother, your answer was loud and clear. Now go be the hero, I hope it was worth it.” You then shut the window, locking it and closing your curtains for the night, falling onto your bed and crying yourself to sleep. 
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