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#dick grayson x reader
waroncheer · 3 hours ago
If the ask box isn't full (don't take on too much!) Can I have the bat boys and oral or nsfw in general? I can't get the virgin ask out of my head where Tim drops and goes straight for it 🥵😋
Stay safe 💫
Tumblr media
-          There is no one as talented as Dick when it comes to eating your sweet pussy.
-          Initiates oral.
-          “ Mmmm what cute panties, babe, but I think-“ * tears them straight off you * “ you look much better without them….now open your legs wide… I need to inspect your little pussy.”
-          His tongue will give you tiny licks, teasing you until you start whimpering and demanding more, making him go even slower.
-          “ Mmmm your pussy is so greedy, sweetheart…. I think you need to appreciate what I give you without questioning. “ He then starts savagely devouring your pussy and motorboating your pussy until you beg him to stop , pulling his hair in despair.
-          “ Dick , please! It hurts ! Dick, ahh!” * He removes his face from your cunt and gives it three sharp slaps, each  making your pussy very red*
-          “ Shut the fuck up , cunt. I call the shots here. You wanted more, didn’t you , slut? Then take everything I give you…. without cumming until I tell you to. “
-          He can keep you on the edge for hours, alternating between slow and fast , almost making you cum but your fear being too great that you miraculously keep it in. You can feel him tugging his dick, the thought making your pussy even wetter.
-          When he finally let’s you cum, the relief of your orgasm is so short-lived because the pain of how red your pussy is from his ministrations glosses over any former pleasure.
-          You are ready to fall asleep until you hear Dick’s voice .
-          “ Mmm not so fast, babe. We still have to take care of your tight little ass….. sluts like you don’t deserve a tight, perfect little hole.
-          Oral with Dick always included anal. He needs to taste/ feel / fuck all of your holes so the pain will remind you you are his to use and love.
Tumblr media
-          This man is reigning champion of eating pussy
-          He gives me the vibe that he likes ass too, but prefers pussy for the warmth it provides him with…and your sweet juices.
-          He loves to see your bend and show him your ass, preferably if you spread you cheeks and show him your hole too.
-          He likes it when you don’t wear panties underneath…especially skirts. They are so accessible, and he can just take care of you faster this way.
-          “ Mmmm…what a good show my baby girl is putting on for me * starts stroking your wet folds  and slipping a finger in, making you yelp” so warm and tight for me…let me take care of your pussy, sweetheart.”
-          He goes to work like a champ, this one.
-          He is an aggressive eater so he will give you hard, long licks with his tongue, all the time engaging you in eye sex.
-          Your moans enthrall him, and he goes faster the more you moan.
-          He will nip at your clit, giving you tiny pains while he slips another finger in.
-          When you ask him to go faster, he  smirks into your cunt , an literally eats you like a starving man, three of his thick fingers buried deep inside you , pushing them in and out.
-          “ Ahhh! JASONNNN! Mmmm” “ Cum for daddy , sweetheart. I want to take your sweet juices on my tongue.”
-          And cum for daddy you did. He licks you clean and guides you through your orgasm, giving you cunt sweet little kisses before he cleans you up.
-          “You are such a good girl, princess. My perfect, obedient princess.”
Tumblr media
-          He loves eating you out. It is one of the most relaxing things for him, not to mention one of the hottest.
-          He probably won’t initiate it often, mostly if you ask him or cue him on what you want.
-          But when you do, this boy if a proficient cunt – eater.
-          He get’s the hint when you flash him. All of his blood goes south, if you know what I mean 😉
-          He loves having his face covered by your cunt , so he always asks for you to sit on his face.
-          He does not talk much as he is busy moaning like a hoe.
-          Before he begins, he takes a deep breath in, making you giggle and moan at the pleasurable waves his breath provide you with .
-          He immediately starts sucking your clit , alternating between fast circles, and long steady licks.
-          You start moaning and begin humping his face, wanting more.
-          He holds you by your hips and pushes you further down on his face; he never feels he is close to you , and your pussy provides him that closeness and intimacy.
-          He loves it when you cum all over his face; he is a filthy boy.
-          He laps up everything your give him, and draws tiny circles on your hip while you finish cumming.
-          When you get off him, you notice he has  a big ass boner and often end up taking care of him too.
 Damian ( 18 + , ofc) :
Tumblr media
 -          He is very respectful and reserved in all matters, including sex.
-          You will probably have to ask him to do this since he like listening to what makes you feel good.
-          He is pretty experimental at first and listens closely to your moans and watches your reactions.
-          When he learns what you like, he will become perfect at it ; he only wants to please his beloved.
-          He will probably prep you first with the conventional stuff; long slow licks until you are wet enough, stuff you with fingers and go at a steady but strong pace, and of course, play with your clit, all the time smirking for how wet he has made you.
-          “ Mmm look at the mess you have made , beloved. You are simply insatiable and at your most beautiful when you cum for me. “
-          He will guide you into your orgasm and bring you down with licks until you can breathe again.
-          Most certainly will clean you up and refuse for you to touch him; this is an act of service and pleasure for his beloved, and he is content with letting you rest.
-          Will cuddle with you and admire your naked forma as a most perfect work of art…including you cunt.
TAGS:  @adarksoul098​@offendedfishnoises @quinxxs @vimsworld @lilaxsugar @therooftoprunner @therooftoprunner @blwckcat @dontfindwaldo @kiwi-mochi @aro-bear @secretsihideinside @16yongrs1 @choke-me-and-finish-the-job @loopiebunny @titanessthemis123 @punkfrogz @i-resent-this-hellsite @subtleappreciation @inl0vewithficti0nal-characters @celestialsartist @nightstarblue @cutelittlefluffy @jillvalentinexbsaa @stardustmonkey @hughwolvie @batman-going-in-raw @xmaybe-awkwardx @sadg0bl1n @heytheretyler @gamocity @daddysgirl2231 @wiltenpierce @kouvrmoshibami @literishdegree99 @angryempathvoidturkey @moonlight-4life @sugarfairychan @jeannylee03 @nokadokata1709 @cupcakevasastan @redhoodhoe27 @jam1e10 @lunna-does-real-doodle @arandomedcfan @6abyteeth @happyloudsheep @jassi-here @teachillvibes @elena-75s-blog @rosy2001sstuff @cubeone @uwuwitcheuwu @barnxs17 @cattyyh @iamsofuckinglostsblog @isaissafail @aguilaguerrera10 @lovelornobsession @bbraelove101 @candycrecentmoon @77006 @camrynmustdie @therooftoprunner @owl-witch-prompts @yaboiithewreck @tunnel-snakesss-rule @unicorn-mya @xhateballx @little-psycho890 @mumeiackerman @just2egg @moose-gayangelsquirrel-wayward @momofturtles @fantasticoafbailifflawyer @shrimp-pen1s @parwin-k @iamthebestrobin @animepoet115 @brebug18 @disnerd626 @coolestfir65 @loverperson123 @zanroseninja12 @bran-thecreeper-stark @paintbrushesandpanic @sweet-but-yandere @freshcolornickelwombat @atlantadias @vindanaa @angrypersonsheep @kiyoko191 @mooniefoot @marilu1230 @calcatss @the3rdweasley @teddyaddict @honey-beeuwu @wallsdreams @hopelesslylazygurl @rubybee5 @kimianostalgia @happyvintagegirl40 @nareski @bluecowboydonutnickel @ladyofdeathgods @eliza-mercer @mariechen1397 @ladyred0 @empty-box-brain @radexpertmilkshake @lovely-gianna @notyouraveragegirl17 @buntimefoxy @pickley @rarity-exe @laizylizzie @darkfairy102190 @kingy121 @honey-loona @liluzej @basicrandomness @its-barza @momothestrange642 @buckysavocados @ratbinary @idkbutlukpop @vincentluvie @screamingseraph @arielpanda1 @animefreak356-blog @ibrokemyback @lovebtsfangirl03love @ultraviolence75 @dcepic @gimmegimmedemchickentendies @they2kfangirl @corgicakes4bakes @witchymagicat @barbieslesbianfriend @yuko-mort @shina-sama @rouge-fandoms @libbieann @aries8903 @lilcandystack @brooklyn-bee @thequitebrokengirl
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kimberly-spirits13 · 4 hours ago
Reader Getting Stuck in Raven’s Fairytale Book and Robin Saving Them HC (Request)
Tumblr media
You weren’t going through Raven’s room
Nope you were just minding your own business in the kitchen and BOOM
You’re sucked into a story book
More specifically you’re sucked into Sleeping Beauty
We’re gonna do the Disney version instead of the OG cause yea
So you get in and take the roll of Aurora which means that you get to go into a 100 year sleep
Back in the tower, everyone is looking for you and suddenly they hear Raven start yelling for everyone
That’s when they realize what’s happening and Raven is just confused as to why she’s having books suck people into them since this isn’t the one that does that
Except that it is
She realizes that someone has to go in but she can’t since she has to monitor the book from the outside in case something goes wrong
Robin volunteers totally not thinking about the kissing part
The rest of the team just doesn’t say anything hoping that finalllyyyy you two would get together if you don’t die in the process
Raven keeps a link with Robin in the story book
She makes sure to lead the pages along and guide him through what he has to do to reach you
It’s all going fine until Maleficent
This bitch does the most cause she’s petty and we love her but for this cause like time crunch girly
Once this starts happening, Raven suddenly can’t communicate with Robin through the thorns
Cause there’s always a part where the side characters just don’t anymore
And that would be now children
So he takes up the sword that was magically bestowed onto him and something that resembles a wing ding and basically just KO’s Maleficent into the pits of hell
Cause we all know that if you call upon the power of hell and then die with those powers you’re in some deep shit right there
Some might say you’re on the highways hell 🙃
So when he finally defeats Maleficent he runs up to the tower
This idiot tries to wake you up by shouting at you and then gives you CPR cause he just assumes that you’re dead
And then he realizes
Uh duhhhhhhhh
I have to say that it was awkward for him since he’s a respectful king and really just didn’t want you to have to kiss him without consent but like you couldn’t and he didn’t want the two of you to die
You wake up but you’re still stuck in the book
He explains everything that happened and why you’re all dressed up fancy and why he looks the way he does and then you are just like
Well what do we do now
He tries to dodge the topic of the kiss but you won’t let him
Soooooo you kissed me
Yeaaa cause otherwise we’d be stuck here and die
Well we’re still stuck so you’re sure that there wasn’t another reason
Uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh hehe
And that’s when he spills the entire pot of beans
Like yes he’s had a massive crush on you and he didn’t say anything since he didn’t want you to feel weird and he didn’t want anything to come between your friendship and then BOOM
You kiss him this time and say that you like him too
Bada bing bada boom the story starts to disintegrate and you think you’re gonna die
And then Raven comes through and tells you two to hold on cause it’s gonna be a bumpy ride
You’re essentially holding onto each other for dear life while falling through a ton of stories as you can hear the sounds of pages rapidly flipping and then the sounds of the tower start to get louder and louder
And that’s when you fall from the ceiling of the kitchen on top of each other and are back
Raven just has the smug look the entire tome since she knows exactly what was happening
Like girlllllllllll
But she doesn’t say anything since she’s a respectful queen and doesn’t snitch
But the others do figure it out eventually after putting two and two together and then you get teased relentlessly about it for the rest of your happy lives
I just want to add that during this i just imagine Robin and reader dancing along to Once Upon a Dream in the empty ballroom while music plays from the instruments but since the story is technically complete there’s no one else in the room and just them and it’s so lovely and serene and like young love guys omg
I might have to do a bit on that
Like a series of fairy tales where reader gets stuck or smt with another character like omg
And have polls of like which character for who
Yea i might do that when i get all of these requests done
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buttterknifeee · 5 hours ago
An Introduction Pt.1- Teen Titans x Aquagirl!Reader
The description of this series can be found here
Summary: You find yourself on the beach at night and- hey, what's that green light?
Author's Note: This is a reader insert of the Teen Titan's show season 5 ep. 10 (The one where they all meet for the first time!) After I finish the second part I'll post a link here!)
Word Count: 1728
Warnings: None
Ships: Teen Titans x Reader (if you would like to request more specific ships click here for instructions!!)
“Ughhhhhhhh”, you groaned, your eyes slowly opening.
They open to a deep purple sky with slivers of light sparkling on the ocean. You knew that it was the ocean because you were laying flat on your back on the beach, with the waves gently lapping at your feet.
You slowly push yourself to sit upright, wincing at the pain in your legs. Trying to steady your bleary eyes, you read the peeling white sign nearby. Jump City Beach, it said. You brush off the seaweed and sand from your legs while trying to remember how you ended up like this. Parts of your memory from the past day flashed in your mind: you surfing with your friends, a giant wave taking you under, some blurry man wearing orange giving you a glowing necklace, something about powers.
You touch the pendant of the necklace you’re wearing: It’s a seashell with a slight iridescent glitter, one similar to a pearl. It’s engraved with some ancient language that you can't understand, and after staring at it for a while it began to glow.
“Woah!”, you yell, swiftly moving your hands to drop the pendant. As you did, the ocean in front of you seemed to pull up with your hands. You stare at your hands, then the ocean, and back at your hands again. You reached your arm out and focused on the ocean, narrowing your eyes. The necklace, your eyes, and the part of the ocean you were focusing on started glowing a bright teal. After a moment of concentration, a jet of water blasted from the ocean and sprayed into the air.
“Woah”, you whispered this time, in awe of your newfound powers.
You spent the next hour practicing your powers, creating geysers of water with a flick of your wrist. You find out that if you focused even harder you could use the water to heal your cuts and bruises, which you did before almost passing out.
The moon was glittering over the ocean by the time you realized how late it was. How am I gonna get home?, you wonder.
Suddenly, a green light shot overhead and into part of the city behind you.
“What the-” you said to yourself, wading out of the ocean and onto the beach.
You hear an explosion coming from the location of the green light. You took no time in deciding whether to investigate and took off in the direction of the explosion.
On your way to the site of the explosion, you skidded to a stop in front of a large reflective window. You were wearing a black short sleeve wetsuit with a deep aqua stripe going through it. It had a few tears in it from when you crashed into the water from surfing, and you had on flip flops someone left on the beach. You noticed your damp hair was getting in your face, so you fastened it into two low buns, with hair spiking out at the sides. You smiled at your hairdo with satisfaction, when the sounds of screams and cars being flipped around snapped you back into reality.
You entered the scene just as a girl lifted up a bus on her own and threw it towards two boys. The first one who jumped out of the way was someone you recognized as Robin. You visited Gotham often so you were well aware of his adventures, including Robin publicly announcing the divorce in partnership with him and Batman. The second kid who jumped out of the way was wearing a black and purple suit, with some kind of hood covering his head and pointed ears.
You watched the bus soar through the sky, thinking that it would tumble into the building in front of it. Instead a large figure jumped in front of the bus, catching it with his own two hands. You breathed in awe of his strength, then turned your attention to the girl. She stepped forward, and threw her metal confinements on the ground. The ground shook below you and with a deafening CLANK, her shackles broke apart, exposing her hands and a second pair of restraints.
You saw her hands begin to glow a fiery green. Instinct took over you, and right as she began to shoot, you ran out of your hiding space and in front of the three boys.
With a flick of your wrist, the sewer water below her feet shot upwards, throwing her off balance and sending her bolts towards the sky. The three boys stared at you wide-eyed, and you stared back with a small smirk before noticing the girl regaining her aim and starting to shoot at the four of you. You four took off in opposite directions as she shot at you, each of her projectiles barely grazing you. You all rejoined behind the bus as she ceased fire, slowly slumping down on her knees.
“Girls gonna wreck the city,” The guy who caught the bus said, huffing in his gray sweatshirt.
Robin looked out from behind the bus. “I wont let her. I wont lose this fight,” he declared, running out from the bus impulsively.
“Wait!-” you called out, running behind him with the other two boys.
Suddenly a magic barrier in the shape of a bird stopped the four of you in your tracks.
“Maybe fighting isn’t the answer...” Out from the shadows steps a teen girl wearing a bluish-purple cloak, with a hood covering her eyes. Robin turned to the pink-haired girl still kneeling the the asphalt
“Stand down,” he ordered, which immediately led to protests from the guy in the gray hoodie. “Just give me a chance,” he said, walking towards the girl. The gray hoodie guy took a step forwards himself, but you put your arm in front of him.
“Just let him do this. If he gets hurt, that's on him.” you whisper-shouted, to which he responded by simply nodding and taking a step back.
You watch the vigilante teen walk up to the girl and pick the lock of her secondary shackles, all while introducing himself to her. The four of you watched as Robin finally got the restraints off of the girl’s hands and the girl pulled him in for an unexpected kiss.
“Gross,” you muttered, as the alien girl pulled back and pushed Robin to the ground.
“If you wish not to be destroyed,” she began, suddenly speaking perfect english. “You will leave me alone!”
The five of you stared in silence as she jumped into the air and flew off into the night.
The guy in purple finally broke the silence. “Soooo I’m Beast Boy, who are you?”, he said, turning to the other guy in gray. The guy in gray ignores him, taking notice of the damage the alien girl left behind.
“Well, Whoever she was, she sure knows how to make an impression.” he grimaced. You take a look at the city yourself, ignoring Beast Boy and his continued use of calling Robin “sir”. Man, first night here and the city’s already torn to pieces, you thought
Robin starts to walk away from the 4 of you “Looks like we're done here. I appreciate the help.” he waved his hand and continued walking.
The hooded girl stepped forward, “You’re gonna track down the alien?”
You chimed in, “After she almost tried to kill all of us, including you??”
“I have to find out if she’s a threat.” he decided.
“More like find out if she'll give him another kiss.” The gray hoodie guy said to us, causing you to chuckle and the other girl to roll her eyes.
Beast Boy tried to offer to be Robin’s sidekick, but only to be harshly rejected as Robin walked away. He turned to the three of us left.
“You guys wanna get pizza?” he asks enthusiastically.
“I shouldn’t,” the cloaked girl says flatly, walking away.
“I should start heading back to the uh, ocean…” you smile apologetically, and start walking back to where you came from, Jump City Beach. As much as you wanted to eat pizza with the green kid, you needed to figure out what happened to you. You watched Beast Boy chase after the guy in the gray and questions fill your mind. Who are all those guys? How did we all happen to be in the same city tonight? Where am I gonna get new shoes?
Your thoughts were cut short by the sound of a spaceship flying overhead. You watched it drop a large capsule onto the ground. You see Robin run back to rejoin the group, to which you do the same.
You join them just as a hologram shoots up from the capsule, revealing the image of a terrifying looking alien with a large golden helmet. His hologram continues to inform the people of Jump City that they are looking for a prisoner, and demands that we do not help her.
“Thats a big ship.” Cyborg says (you heard him call himself something by the name of “cyborg”, so you thought that's probably his name)
“And those are some scary looking aliens”, Beast Boy adds as the entrance to the capsule opens up to reveal an army of aliens marching out and into the city.
“They told us not to interfere.” The cloaked girl says, observing as more aliens fly overhead.
“Yeah well, tell that to him,” you lightheartedly sigh, pointing your thumb over to Robin, who was busy glaring at the army. He noticed the four of you staring at him.
“You’re still going after her aren't you?” Cyborg asked, raising an eye.
Beast Boy pushes Cyborg back a little. “Can we come too?” he adds, with a small sparkle in his eye.
“I wouldn’t mind joining,” you smile.
“I supposed I could team up, just this once,” he gives in with a smile, then turns to the girl with the hood. “You in?”
The girl with the hood hesitated. “I'm not the hero type. Trust me. If you knew what I really wouldn't want me around.” Robin put his hand on her shoulder.
“I know enough.” he said, with stern confidence in his voice. The cloaked girl makes eye contact with you past Robin, to which you offer a small smile. She gave an almost-smile back. And together the five of you headed off.
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colorfulyetsinful · 5 hours ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Damian Wayne x NB Reader
Dami's GC Profiles
(Family GC, Profiles)/(Dami's GC)/(Part 1)
Damian is not out to his family about his partner, but what happens when a Gotham's drama account post a picture of the two? How will Damian tell his family? How will they react? Will his decisions effect his relationship? Stay tone to find out.
Fun Facts
* Damian and Y/n have only been together for 5 months, but have been friends for almost 2 years.
* Y/n is non-binary and goes by neopronouns fai and gender natural pronouns them. (Fai/them). It might be a little confusing at first, but I'll try to keep fai pronouns simple.
* Jon knew Y/n first and introduced them two together.
* Rachel disguises her demon powers, by saying she's a witch (wicca)
Hey bitches and bros and non-binary hoes, I know I said I wasn't gonna be doing anymore dc/batfam stuff, but....I got back into it. And like, I kinda left ya hanging with my last smau, but I just wasn't feeling it anymore. I hope you guys like this one!!! I don't see alot of NB reader for the batfam, so like any writer, I decided to just do it myself. This isn't like a serious series, just something fun with some plot sprinkled in. If you guys wanna add something in, I'll take any suggestions.
Tags: (none yet)
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colorfulyetsinful · 5 hours ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Damian Wayne x NB Reader
Batfamily Profiles
(Family GC)/(Dami's GC, profiles)/(Part 1)
Damian is not out to his family about his partner, but what happens when a Gotham's drama account post a picture of the two? How will Damian tell his family? How will they react? Will his decisions effect his relationship? Stay tone to find out. Fun Facts * Bruce and Selina have been happily married for almost a year.
* I wanted to add Harper and Duke because Ii don't usually see them on stuff like these.
* Tim is working as a CEO, but still uses his public account to post dumb shit. No one says anything about it.
* Harper is a lesbian. I do not take criticism.
* Cass and Tim's accounts are my favorite. A/N: head empty, just hot volleyball boys and tim and kon's fruity relationship. Also, I have part 1-4 done, but I'm too lazy rn to post em. Tags: (none yet)
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visionofhope04 · 6 hours ago
I just imagine Harley like finding out, and being like wtf (and that’s as she knows Bruce is Batman since she is friends with Selina who almost marries Bruce) and she just shows up at the manor and just starts going off on him since she had a horrible childhood to. And she might know what it’s like. And ivy being the supportive gf is in the background being like “ya babe your so right”. also how do you think selina would react?
Selina would want to commit murder because I imagine the reader to have been really close with Selina before that happened. Selina thought of the reader as her own so she's definitely gonna be very very very mad at Bruce lol. She would be glad that Harley confronted him with Ivy but be disappointed she didn't go with them to give him a piece of her mind. (Not like she's not gonna go anyways.)
Btw if you want me to write a headcannon based on this I will lol
Thanks for the ask!
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gangrenados · 8 hours ago
Giving them a bj in public
Characters: Bruce Wayne, Dick Grayson + Jason Todd
The way I don't trust my nsfw posts, bro I need confidence lol
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
•Bruce keeps his cool so well that unless you're the one giving him a blowjob under the desk, you won't notice something strange is going on.
His face and way of speaking is the same, the old Bruce Wayne that everyone loves and respects, but dude, this man is guiding you to be able to come. I find it amusing to think that if a sound were to escape you, he would move his hip to shut you up with his cock.
Tumblr media
•Dick can keep a calm face and despite the fact that the change in his voice is slight (somewhat more airy, as if he were speaking after having been running, in addition to the fact that sometimes a moan or other can escape) and that he finds himself somewhat distracted, he can pretend that you are not sucking his cock so well that he's about to see stars.
The trick is to grab your hair in his fist and squeeze it tight, it's the only way he has to stay calm. When the person is gone, he can relax a little more and let you do your magic, maybe will push your head a little when the pleasure is too much.
Tumblr media
•Jason ... well, he doesn't pretend very well. You can tell that something is wrong with him by the "anger" in his voice, since it is the easiest way to suppress the moans and whimpers that they struggle so much to get out (which is not much use anyway) Besides, Jason will not pay attention to whatever the other person is saying because his attention is on you and the pleasure you are giving him, therefore, he tend to lose the thread of the conversation very quickly.
There will come a point that the pleasure will be so much that he will not be able to take much more and he will end up putting his hands on your head and fucking your mouth.
Tumblr media
It's funny to me to imagine Jason with the Arkham Knight suit on making you suck his cock in front of some of the militia or at least close by so that they know what is happening, since he found out that some of his Men had said dirty things about you and he wanted to let them know that the only one who could have you was him.
I honestly think this would suit yandere! Arkahm Knight.
Tag list: @burningclodwagonjudge @meany-marcelini @alice-fell-down-the-well @demondoxable @fluffyshrimpuwu @mad-grace-amber @screechingghostbananafarm @owl-witch-prompts @waroncheer @nervousfandom @winged-j @astroherogirl @omgtheywereroommates98 @redarsenal @shadygoateeprincess @lovelyartemisa @missmaskedwriter @thegirlwholovesbooksblog @silverw19 @simpery @unknowntoanyone @ghost-bich @lucy-roo @adarksoul098 @magicisabluewish @kellieriddle96 @ashyvillain @panic-attheplace @greeknerd007 @honeydolly @perylinsus @cedrics-things @just-deka @malfoys-demigod @aterriblelangblr @hamdehlesmis @dreamxcollide @thirstiestpotato @magicalbeanie @letlly
Tumblr media
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cassianisilliterate · 9 hours ago
Pages Stained with Coffee and Ink
Hello! im back with the new rewrite of this! I said Monday but i finished it sooner than expected. So here is Part One!
Words: 519
Warning: mentions of death!
With all his anger poured into the letter, he felt better. Neatly folding tit, tying it with a piece of string he had found and finally tucking it away under the bed, into a tiny hole he had made. Jason looks back on it now, he’s 28, and on better terms with Bruce. The tears slowly start to form, spilling down his face as he remembers and relives the moment. His anger, the hurt, the sadness. All the pain and suffering. And with that he read the next letter,,,
Jason still blamed Bruce for what happened, and sure messing with his head would’ve been fun, but he just couldn't bring himself to do it. So he wrote several letters. Letters he never sent, letters that sit in between his mattress and box spring, moving from safehouse to safehouse. Letters stained with blood(his own and others), coffee(from late nights) and sometimes even tears when everything was just too much.
He wrote his first letter a week after being alive(again). He was still so mad at Bruce and Dick and just the world, and so he just poured all of his emotions into this letter. A browned piece of paper he got from Thalia, ripped around the edges. He spent hours writing, it wasn't long, he just didn't know what to say. The letter read;
“Dear Bruce, I'm back.
Your biggest mistake, Jason Peter Todd. The one you couldn't save, the orphan you adopted and left to die. I always felt so alone in the manor rather than on the streets. It just seemed you were addicted to being batman, to saving people, rather than caring for the kids YOU adopted. Why take Dick and I in, if only to make us robins? We were both so sad and alone and we both went with you, for comfort, for a sense of home. And what did we get? An emotionally unavailable “father” who seemingly only took us in to do his dirty work.
You know what, I wanted you to be my father, I wanted to look up to you, just as little kids did, just as Dick did. He always told me “it gets better” or “he’ll open up” but it never really did happen. I did really try, but it ended with me dying and its your fault. If you were faster, just a little bit faster, I wouldn't have died. I could’ve had a normal(ish) childhood. But no. Instead, i was left to die, taken to the Lazarus pit and here I am again. 19, alive and a bloodlust thanks to the Ah Guls. But maybe i should thank them. They’ve shown me more hospitality than you ever have.
With all his anger poured into the letter, he felt better. Neatly folding it, tying it with a piece of string he had found and finally tucking it away under the bed, into a tiny hole he had made. Jason looks back on it now, he’s 28, and on better terms with Bruce. The tears slowly start to form, spilling down his face as he remembers and relives the moment. His anger, the hurt, the sadness. All the pain and suffering. And with that he read the next letter,,,
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hisangelicdemon · 10 hours ago
Dedicated to @littlefreya @littlechinesedoll @oh-for-fic-sake @viking-raider
Tumblr media
ᴅᴀᴜɴᴛʟᴇss ─ 𝑖𝑛𝑐𝑎𝑝𝑎𝑏𝑙𝑒 𝑜𝑓 𝑏𝑒𝑖𝑛𝑔 𝑖𝑛𝑡𝑖𝑚𝑖𝑑𝑎𝑡𝑒𝑑 𝑜𝑟 𝑠𝑢𝑏𝑑𝑢𝑒𝑑 : 𝑓𝑒𝑎𝑟𝑙𝑒𝑠𝑠, 𝑢𝑛𝑑𝑎𝑢𝑛𝑡𝑒𝑑 - 𝑎 𝒅𝒂𝒖𝒏𝒕𝒍𝒆𝒔𝒔 ℎ𝑒𝑟𝑜.
All Thea wanted was a quiet day at the beach, instead, all she got was being dragged into a fight between Black Manta and Aquaman.
Well, there goes her day of peace.
Although she did get introduced to her two soulmates. An alien who has laser vision and a rich man with issues and too many kids.
Chaos? Definitely. But, Thea was always a bit of an adrenaline junky so why the hell not.
[ᴄʟᴀʀᴋ ᴋᴇɴᴛ × ʙʀᴜᴄᴇ ᴡᴀʏɴᴇ × ᴏᴄ]
[A/B/O ᴀᴜ]
[ᴍᴀᴛᴜʀᴇ 16+]
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sky-berrie · 14 hours ago
How do you think the batboys (+ possibly Bruce) would react to a male SO having an inappropriate emotional response. Specifically laughing as a reaction to pain/extreme emotions. Not being able to control it and seeming hysterical. - ⛓
Hi there!
Thanks so much for the ask! I hope you enjoy this 😊
When you and Bruce first start appearing in public as an official couple, Bruce’s public relations (PR) manager will probably voice their concerns about your relationship. His PR manager might feel that you are not good for his public image. “If Y/N has a fit of laughter at the gala, you’ll be the laughingstock,” argues the PR manager. Bruce will fire them on the spot. It’ll probably blow up into a big scandal in the tabloids.
If you happen to read the stories, it probably plants a seed of doubt in your mind. You might start to feel like you don’t deserve to be with Bruce. However, don’t bother trying to be noble and break up with him to preserve his public image. He won’t let you go unless you truly don’t want to be with him.
Bruce doesn’t like it when you use self-deprecating humor. If you say something like, “Your PR manager isn’t going to be happy with me. You’ll probably have to give them a raise for all the damage control they’re going to have to do,” Bruce will immediately shut that down. He refuses to let you talk about yourself as if you’re a burden, even if you are half-joking. He reminds you that, “laughing isn’t something you can control and that’s okay.”
If you’re nervous about attending an event, Bruce helps you prepare by scoping out the building and figuring out where to stand and mingle so that you always have a quick escape if you start to feel overwhelmed or need to take a break.
If people are gossiping about you, Bruce will confront them. He doesn’t use threats. He’s composed and professional when he insinuates that they’re insolent ignoramuses for being judgmental. That usually leaves them feeling embarrassed and Bruce is satisfied with that.
Dick is a former entertainer so he enjoys making people smile and laugh. He doesn’t see your uncontrollable laughter as a negative trait. If you need some cheering up, Dick will tell you how much he adores your laugh and how lucky he is to hear it. Of course, he understands how uncontrollable laughter might cause you distress, so during those times, he will likely hold you and tell you that everything is going to be okay.
Dick won’t force you to go out in public if you’re anxious about having an uncontrollable reaction in a social setting, but he will strongly encourage you to try. He doesn’t want you to miss out on life and he also just really loves your company. Some days are good and you challenge yourself to get out in public while other days are harder and you don’t feel up to doing anything outside. Dick will let you know that it’s okay to take the day off. If you’re skipping an event (e.g., graduation, a concert, a party), Dick will do his best to bring the event to you. He’ll decorate your home appropriately for the festivity and make sure you have a great time.
If an episode of laughter occurs in public, Dick will find you a safe and comfortable place to calm down. If people are sincerely concerned for you, Dick will politely explain if you are comfortable with him telling people. If people are being obnoxious to you, Dick will tell them to mind their own business. If you are getting harassed, Dick will pull out his badge and become Officer Grayson. He’ll give the douchebags a warning and will make arrests if necessary.
When Jason witnesses your laughing fit for the first time, he’s genuinely worried about you. He doesn’t know what to do and feels useless. He’s not sure if you want physical contact or space so he just hovers around, waiting for a hint. If you want comfort, he will hold you in his arms and rub soothing circles on your back. If you want alone time, Jason will busy himself by making you your favorite snack so you have something to eat when you’re feeling better.
Jason absolutely hates when you feel ashamed of your emotional reactions. If you put yourself down and say, “I laugh like the f*cking Joker! I’m as screwed up and damaged as him!” he will immediately tell you otherwise. “You are nothing like the Joker. You’re kind and compassionate and selfless. Living with inappropriate affect doesn’t change any of that. And I don’t want to hear you say you’re damaged ever again. There’s nothing wrong with you. Got it?” he says sternly.
If someone else dares to compare you to the Joker, Jason will go berserk. Even if he doesn’t intend to seriously hurt the person, he will by accident because his strength multiplies by tenfold when he’s beyond furious. Sometimes Red Hood’s foes will mock you because it never fails to get a rise out of Jason. Anyone who knows Jason’s story knows that the depraved clown is still a major sore spot for him. Having been mercilessly beaten and murdered by the supervillain and being forever haunted by his maniacal laughter, Jason’s hatred for the Joker is probably justified. Jason refuses to let others disrespect you like that.
If you are distressed by your inappropriate emotional reactions, Tim will do everything he can to help you manage them. He will suggest therapy and doctor’s appointments and will offer to take you there. He will even ask to attend a meeting with you so he can learn how to best support you. If your therapist recommends using an emotion chart to practice labelling your emotions, Tim will constantly remind to use it throughout the day. He’ll even print out the chart and hang it on the fridge so you have the option to share your feelings with him if you are comfortable. If your doctor prescribes medication, Tim will make sure you take it properly (e.g., at the right time, with/without food).
If you are feeling down about yourself, Tim will use logic to try to convince you that you shouldn’t be ashamed because it’s not something you can control. “Would you tell a person with allergies to be ashamed of themselves? No, that would be ridiculous because they have no control over it.”
Tim, like the rest of his family, is treated like a celebrity in Gotham. Naturally, the public is interested in his dating life which means you are also a target of the paparazzi. If you are worried about experiencing a laughing attack in public and having it captured on camera, Tim will get you “anti-paparazzi” clothing. It’s made out of a reflective material which causes the flash from the camera to reflect back and completely ruin the photo. It’s common for celebrities to wear an anti-paparazzi jacket, but Tim will get you all sorts of custom-made clothing pieces so that you can still be stylish. For example, if you are attending a gala, he will have some fancy clothes designed for you.
If kids at school are cruel to you, Damian will stick by your side and act like a personal bodyguard. He’s witty and often has a snappy comeback for the taunts and teases that you endure. You might be hysterically laughing and a passerby shouts at you, “You sound like a donkey!” and Damian will retort, “Your native language, I presume?” He won’t engage in physical fights unless it’s necessary for your safety. For example, he will intervene if someone is shoving you around or stuffing you in a locker, but only using enough force to stop their harassment.
Damian is overprotective which can make things worse for you. He’s always fighting your battles and that’s just one more reason for bullies to pick on you. They prey on you when you’re alone, “Hey chuckles, you going to man/woman up and fight me like a big boy/girl today? Or should I wait for your nanny to show up?” If you mention this to Damian, his first impulse is to confront the bully about their behavior. You have to remind him that would only prove the bully right. Damian will grumble something about injustice but will leave the situation be as per your request. He makes an effort to respect your independence and let you stick up for yourself, but he often slips up because it’s his instinct to protect you.
If you must leave class because of an episode of uncontrollable laughter, Damian will accompany you. The teacher might tell him to sit back down because he doesn’t have a hall pass, but he doesn’t care. He will walk out of the room without a second thought. He’ll stay with you and help you calm down in any way that he can. He’ll also offer to work on the homework with you so that you don’t fall behind.
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visionofhope04 · 16 hours ago
What if the reader becomes a known anti hero in their city and pretty much created chaos to the Batfam
Ooooo this is a good idea!
Neglected Batsis Anti-hero Headcannon
Instead of being a singer, you'd go back to training since when staying with Bruce you didn't train much
You didn't get the point in locking villains up since they'd just escape and commit crimes again
Instead of having a secret identity you just put on a wig, contacts and different clothes
Much like Talia, you never liked secret identities and found them pointless
You would always be sure to take on the batfam's missions by going undercover and getting it done before them
You also cause a LOT of damage to properties
Let's just say they REALLY didn't appreciate it
They nicknamed you Havoc since that's all you cause
After a year, they got SOOOO frustrated that they couldn't figure out who was doing it and got SOOO mad bc you kept stealing their missions
You eventually tell Jason and he's a bit mad bc some of the missions you took were his but then laughs remembering how funny the expressions of the others were
He's also mad bc he had to help clean up the aftermath of ur missions
Jason's really proud of you and how you manage to do it all
He made you promise to stop taking some of his missions
He knew you couldn't stop taking all bc it would look sus
He also made you promise to stay as safe as you could and call him if you need help
So either the batfam never found out
Or if you want this is how I think they would find out
They decide to take a mission earlier to try and catch you
The mission involves them going to a gala hosted by a popular gang
You all arrive at the same time
Problem for them is they have no idea who you are or what you look like
Eventually you all start fighting and stuff
Once everyone is knocked out, they see you making a run for the exit
They automatically know ur Havoc
Your wig fell off during the fight bc someone yanked it (rude asf)
They knew they couldn't catch you
Eventually they notice your wig on the floor and hope some of your real hair is on it
They find a few strands and DNA test it
They're shocked seeing Havoc is you
Besides Jason ofc he's just standing there, hands in his pockets looking smug asf
They have no idea what to do from there
So they decide to call you and ask
Turns out you switched ur number
They tried finding your new number but couldn't for some reason
You were extra careful from then on bc they kept arriving earlier than expected to missions
So you went even earlier than before
Eventually they gave up and let you do your thing
Since it was clear you didn't want them to find you
However they were still mad abt the property damage you caused that they had to clean up
Thanks for the ask! Hope you like it!
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andieperrie18 · 23 hours ago
Prompt: Reincarnated as Bruce Wayne's daughter after dying as Tony Stark's daughter.
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novaoutofthisworld · a day ago
Y/N: your stupid
Robin(Dick): well your dumb
Aqualad: *makes 😲 face*
Y/N: i don't like your hair
Connor&Artemis: *Gasps*
Wally: omg she went there
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svgar-sword · a day ago
𝐡𝐨𝐰 𝐭𝐡𝐞𝐲 𝐬𝐨𝐮𝐧𝐝 𝐢𝐧 𝐛𝐞𝐝- 𝐝𝐢𝐜𝐤 𝐠𝐫𝐚𝐲𝐬𝐨𝐧
𝐰𝐚𝐫𝐧𝐢𝐧𝐠/𝐝𝐞𝐭𝐚𝐢𝐥𝐬- nsfw, mentions of sex, gender-neutral reader
Tumblr media
dick is definitely very vocal. mutters and gasps and groans constantly spewing from his throat.
he would start off with husky, deep groans echoing into the room. they would be long and drawn out at first, then become stuttered as dick became more breathless.
then would come the talking. constant praises flying out as his grip on your hips tightened.
"fuck, you're so good for me," or "jesus christ, you're taking my cock so well,"
sometimes he couldn't even mutter out a sentance, curses falling from his lips instead.
"fuck, fuck, fuckkkkk"
or just constant chantings of your name.
raspy panting would come next. dick being so lost in pleasure he couldn't even fill his lungs with air properly. his pants and small moans and gasps were the prettiest thing you've ever heard in your life, or so you thought.
no, the prettiest sound to come out of dick were his whines. when he was close to finishing his pitch would heighten, whimpering out sweet music to your ears. these whines would usually be accompanied with some sort of begging or praise again.
"please, please, please, fuck! you feel so good, baby"
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radicalrad27 · a day ago
pairing: batboy x reader
prompt: when i dream of colors, i dream of you
Meeting him was baby blue. It was the blue that you saw when you looked up at an early morning light, the significance of a new day. You were being born again. You were forming into someone else, looking into his blue eyes and tousled hair.
Talking to him was cyan. Everything was bright and beautiful, lighting up the sky. It seemed too good to be true, and there were sometimes, it was so beautifully bright that you wondered if you could get out of it.
Becoming friends was turquoise. It was calmer, cooler, and yet it was still bright. It made your life a somewhat of a balanced, and when he hugged you, you could feel your entire body lighting up, returning its normal balance.
Arguing was ice blue. You were closed up and huddled together, shivering and wanting to melt. Ignoring him was horrible, and you had formed an ice castle. You turned your eyes to another boy━━one of his brothers, and in a state of envy and jealousy, he turned his petty anger to you.
Making up was sky blue. It was normal and you could see yourself making up to him, saying sorry, pleading him to get back to his normal rhythm, laughing and joking and smiling with you again. You could see yourself doing it a thousand times, over and over again, and still saying and seeing the same things, but you also knew, that it was special ; that one day, it would go.
Kissing him was indigo. It was dark and consuming, pulling you in, never letting you go as it felt like staring at the night sky with stars. Your defenses had melted and there was nothing that could separate you two.
Moving into his apartment with him was cerulean. It was unmarked territory, something new, something unfamiliar towards you, but you wanted to trespass the line against it. You wanted to explore every inch until you could not anymore.  
Marrying him was electric blue. It was bright and bouncy and fizzy. It was all over the place, and it was unmarked territory as well, but it was fast paced and hectic.
And when you dream of colors, you dream of him.
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uncpanda · a day ago
Hi there! Love your writing! Gotta say the Red Dress chapter for the Ties That Bind is my favorite thus far!! Can’t wait to see where is goes from there and the older sister’s first date with Hotch!! I was wondering if you could do a head cannon about friends to lovers with Dock Grayson!
Absolutely! I love that circus boy!!!!
Dick Grayson x GN!Reader
-The two of you become friends at school.
-You're on scholarship to Gotham Academy and you're both kind of outcasts.
-He's the adopted Circus kid, and you're the poor kid from the bad neighborhood.
-You figure it out, by accidentally finding the Batcave when you're spending the day at Wayne Manor one weekend.
-You spend as much time there as possible because your home life isn't exactly great.
-Your parents don't notice you're gone.
-You have no desire to be a superhero.
-But the computer is a thing of beauty.
-You begin to learn the ins and outs of the computer and hacking and programming.
-You grow up working the computers.
-When Dick tells you he's moving to Bludhaven, you roll your eyes, and tell him finding his own identity is fine, but don't burn bridges while you're at it.
-You go away to college, but you still run a lot of things for the batfam remotely.
-You and Dick talk almost every night, and you text all the time.
-He's there when you graduate.
-You share an apartment after you graduate.
-One night, a villain figures out who you are and what you do and you're kidnapped.
-Dick is a ball of fury as he comes in to rescue you.
-When he sees the bruises on your skin, he goes ballistic.
-He takes you home, and gets you cleaned up, and you pull him into a hug when you realize he's blaming himself.
-When you move to pull back Dick pulls you back and kisses you. It surprises you, but it feels so right. And as you sink into the kiss you know you're screwed.
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uncpanda · a day ago
Head Cannons Are open
Going to open headcannon requests up for the following
-aaron hotchner
-derek Morgan
-spencer reid
-matt simmons x reader
- the ties that bind series as a whole
-bruce wayne
-dick Grayson
-jason Todd
-clark Kent
-barry Allen
-robins nest series because I’ve been reading through it afain😁
-elijah Mikaelson
-klaus Mikaelson
-kol Mikaelson
-marcel gerard
-Steve rogers x reader
-clint barton x reader
-bucky barnes x reader
-sam wilson x reader
I’m currently not taking law and order svu requests mainly because I reaaallllly hated this past season.
If there’s a character not on this list send it in and if I write for them I’ll answer it if I don’t I’ll kindly let you know! Mainly because I forget who I write for sometimes
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extra-pickles · a day ago
AKA Damian Wayne
AKA red bird
AKA the future batman
Tumblr media
This is my drawing of Damian Wayne also know as robin
To be honest I love this character so much and I really enjoyed reading about him in comics.
"tt ,I am the blood son"
All credit goes to me @extra-pickles , my Instagram is : art_and_origami_
Important! Please don't repost it anywhere else without giving me credit by tagging my account on either Instagram or Tumblr.
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buttterknifeee · 2 days ago
The Sixth Titan: A Request-Based Aquagirl!Reader x Teen Titans Series
Tumblr media
Hey!!! I'll be starting a new Teen Titans x Reader Series based off of your guy's requests!!! This will be based on the 2003 cartoon network show :) Here's what's going to happen
I'm currently writing the first fic, which is based on the episode where they all first met
After that, you can request whatever you want! Ships with characters, inserts into certain episodes/scenarios, asks about the character itself, etc
The only note is that the character/reader will most likely be a fem!reader
That's it hope you're having a great day!!!
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