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#dick grayson x reader

young Dick: Bruce, I think there’s a monster under my bed

Bruce: okay i’ll check- OH MY OH GOD ITS TEARING MY ARM OFF OH THE PAIN- nah I’m just kidding it only eats kids. sleep tight Dick!

young Dick: oh no

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Summary: Y/n is frustrated and fed up with the world so Jason shows her a way to cope.

Category: fluff


          The punching bag shook as your fists pummeled into it, your rage and frustration fueling every blow. Blood pounded in your ears and tears escaped your eyes and all you could do was hit the bag over and over. 

          When you were finally exhausted and your arms felt like they were going to fall off, you took a step back from the punching bag and collapsed onto the floor. Your eyes dry and mind blissfully empty for the first time in weeks. The tension drained out of your body as you lay there, eyes shut to the world and thinking only of the sound of your breathing in the large, quiet room.

          “Feel better?” You opened your eyes to see Jason standing above you. You nod slightly, unwilling to form words. 

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Originally posted by riseofnightwing

emmacata said: Could you write some hcs for Dick/Nightwing dating a butterfly!themed vigilante (preferably she/her), please?

A/N: I think this was the first time I focused more on the character instead of the reader in the headcanon. Is that a good thing or a bad thing?

  • You were part of the Young Justice group
  • Dick definitely didn’t understand your powers
  • And thought they were stupid
  • Because seriously butterflies?
  • What are you gonna do?
  • Prance around in a field?
  • Whenever he thought about you in a superhero sense, he always just pictured Sailor Moon or something equally as girly with special transformation songs and things like that
  • (Dick hadn’t watched Sailor Moon at that point)
  • But he never actually saw you in action
  • But when he did
  • Oh
  • Boy
  • There was something dark and mysterious about your powers that he never realized before
  • Whenever he imagined you using your powers, he immediately thought blue skies, sunshine and you frolicking while butterflies were flying around you
  • But instead he saw you in a dark room, turning your body into butterflies and moving around the room with such speed, swarming around the enemies before you materialized and took them out
  • It was simultaneously the most beautiful and scary thing he’s ever seen
  • You become a vital member in stakeout operations because you can just send in your butterflies to be your eyes and ears while you chilled outside
  • You were also important in stealth missions because if you were to ever be found, you could just transform your body into butterflies to make a hasty exit
  • You could also communicate with animals
  • See ultraviolet light
  • You could fly too
  • Nightwing becomes extremely aware of any butterflies around him
  • Many a times the team has walked in one him asking a poor unsuspecting butterfly if it was you
  • Very suspicious
  • And he could never really confirm if the butterfly had in fact been yours
  • So, you like to tease him that way
  • While he’s showering you ask a butterfly to keep him company even though you can’t hear anything
  • Cue him screaming and yelling at you for spying on him in the shower
  • And you’re just like
  • “That wasn’t me.”
  • You like to drive him nuts
  • You get along extremely well with Poison Ivy and hence Harley Quinn
  • Ivy is like a mom to you
  • Always taking care of you, always making sure you’re well taken care of
  • You like her too
  • Batman: “You’re a superhero, you can’t be friends with a super villain.”
  • (Y/N): “But. Flowers.”
  • Wally: “You know what, she makes a good point.”
  • Cue Nightwing getting annoyed that your fraternizing with the enemy
  • “Pfft—Fraternizing? What is this? The 80s?”
  • Nightwing realizes that he’s been very uptight which is extremely unlike him
  • But he gets annoyed because you’re just so much more carefree than him
  • Even missions are taken in with a kind of careless grace by you
  • And it’s not serious which really disturbs him
  • You’re very nature oriented and so you were the kind of person who knew everything happened for a reason
  • So, when you say things like
  • “It’s destiny” and 
  • “Things were meant to be like this”
  • He gets kinda annoyed because you can’t go into a mission with that kind of mindset
  • It’s like your head is always up in the clouds
  • You put plants all over the Mountain cuz you want your butterflies to be well nourished
  • And his allergies get triggered so he gets even more annoyed
  • The thing about your relationship is that it’s very one sided
  • He kind of has this frenemy love-hate relationship with you on his side
  • But you couldn’t care less
  • You’re very aloof which also frustrates him because he might have a teensy-weensy crush on you?
  • And you don’t seem to give him the time of day
  • He always flirts with a person before getting them to go out with him
  • It’s how he reads the situation
  • But you’re always just brushing him off
  • So, he thinks that you don’t like him
  • But then one day you ask him out in a way that was no surprise to anybody
  • Very casually and absentmindedly
  • Like as if you were asking him the time
  • He says yes and bam you’re the cutest couple ever
  • Nicknames galore
  • Butterfly
  • Flower
  • Petal
  • He treats you like an angel
  • Butterfly kisses
  • Literally.
  • Dick will just be sitting somewhere or working out or anything
  • And a butterfly will just land on his nose like a little kiss
  • A lot of people flirt with you
  • And he doesn’t like it. At all.
  • “Can they not see that you’re taken? How are you not bothered by this?”
  • “Well it’s only natural, I release pheromones that attract a lot of the male species.”
  • “That, actually makes a lot of sense.”
  • Always buying you flowers
  • Always buying you butterfly paraphernalia
  • All the jokes about feeling butterflies
  • You’re still very aloof which sometimes drives him up the wall
  • But also makes him even crazier about you
  • He loves kissing you so damn much
  • Can’t get enough of them
  • The two of you do all those cheesy couple things
  • Sometimes he gets insecure because you’re so casual
  • But when you notice that you always sit him down
  • “I may not be a serious person, but I’m serious when it comes to you. I promise.”
  • You’re like a flower girl airhead type but you’re also very charismatic so you both are a good couple
  • But a bad team because you’re always go with the flow and follow your gut type
  • And he’s like if you go in there you might die type
  • You always sending butterflies to him to check up on him or remind him of something
  • Bruce just being like ‘Really?’ when he sees you
  • You being like ‘I don’t like you that much either Batsy’
  • And Dick is like ‘Ooookay you’ve been hanging out with Ivy and Harley wayy too much’

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WinterSoldier!Dick Grayson x Reader

Summary: Stepping into the apartment, Y/N’s hand flicked on the light switch. Nothing happened. The room was in darkness. She sighed knowing she would have to grab the torch from the bedroom and reset the circuit board. Heading through into the bedroom, following the beams of light peeking through the window, she pushed the door open. “Christ!”, she jumped out of her skin, seeing a dark figure sat on the bed. Was that Dick? 

Warnings – Language. Smut. NSFW. Metal Arm Kink. Choking. Orgasm Denial.

Word Count: 4,234


Special Thanks: @offendedfishnoises @internalsealpanic @batarella​ - thanks for your help with this and proof reading - Luv you! xoxo

Tag List:  @offendedfishnoises @internalsealpanic @batarella@batarella-mini@lucy-roo@psych0crybaby@illzarr@pricetagofficial@jadedhillon@vvipgot7be@clementinesandstars


Saturday night was date night. With Dick’s chaotic schedule, he always made sure he was free so he could spend quality time with his girlfriend. Since the weather had turned and they neither wanted to venture outside into the bitter cold, Y/N had suggested to start watching all the Marvel films from the beginning. In chronological order. There were two reasons for this. One; the films were spectacular, and she wanted Dick to understand just how amazing they really were. And two? Well, the second reason came in the form of a gorgeous, dark haired man with a metal arm. James Buchanan Barnes. Bucky. AKA The Winter Soldier.

Dick flopped down onto the sofa next to Y/N, holding out the bucket of popcorn he had just made. The smell of salted caramel drifted through the air, making her mouth water. She smiled at him, pressing a kiss to his stubbled cheek, “Thanks, my favourite!”. 

“Nothing but the best for you”, he winked and slipped his arm around the back of the sofa smoothly, pulling her into his chest, the blanket covering them both securely. Warmth spreading between them. Dick pressed play as he kissed her temple. ‘Captain America: The Winter Soldier’. A sneaky grin spread across Y/N’s face; this was going to be good.


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Y/N,with popcorn: Why was this family meeting attained?

JASON,stealing some: How do you know the word attained?

BATMOM: Can someone explain to me why Damien ran into my room?

TIM,losing oxygen: Maybe he frowed up

DICK,trying not to laugh: Maybe he had a bad nightmware?

BRUCE: Let me rephrase. Who di-


EVERYONE, except Batmom: *on the verge of laughing*

BATMOM: Stand up and apologize.

CRICKETS,loud as hell:


Y/N & JASON, standing in unison: We apologize for calling a downlow booty bandit

JASON,whispering: Even though youre a bed wetter

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Requested: yes, thanks to @faithie-brock-gillespie01 ! I hope this is what you were expecting! 

Pairings: Dick Grayson x Reader

Warnings: a few curse words, and violence? also gramatical errors because i coulnd’t proof read this.


You rolled your eyes for what felt like the fifth time that morning. It seemed that this time Dick and you would not see eye to eye on the present matter.

“Look, babe it’ll be for just a couple of days. Besides, I need to help them.” You huffed, rubbing your stomach unconsciously.

“That’s the thing Dick,you’re always helping them. What about me? I need you here too” You knew that being a superhero was a part of Dick’s life, but things have started to change when you found out you were pregnant. The thing was, you haven’t told him yet and with how chaotic his life was sometimes, you couldn’t find a good time to do it.

“Don’t do this. Not right now” he said somewhat offended. He finished packing his bags, and turned to look at you. Your anger was palpable all over your face and your posture indicated that you were not ready to finish arguing. Dick sighed and walked closer to you only for you to take a step back. You regretted the moment you saw his pained expression, but you were not going to back down now.

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Guess who’s back after like year

Honestly I didn’t want to come back to it but I decided just to go with it. Hopefully the small amount of people reading this will enjoy it. I hated the first part but here’s the link to it if you haven’t read it yet!

Batfam x childreader! - Confused pt. 1

Just a quick warning, there’s swearing in this one!


“Knock Knock Knock”

A man, who was definitely a bit older, opened the door. “Ah, Master Dick,” The man started in a thick but posh British accent. “Welcome home.” He bowed a bit and opened the door wider for “master Richard” to walk in. “Thank you Alfred.” 

Dick and Alfred. Got it. 

Y/n made sure to remember their names, not wanting to be rude. “And what do we have here?” Alfred asks with a small smile and his brows raised. “My name is Y/n L/n,” she bowed. “It’s a pleasure to meet you, sir.” Alfred looked at Dick with a questionable face. Dick just shrugged with a nervous chuckle. “No need for that Miss L/n, up you go.” She stood up straight and nodded. Alfred turned his attention back on Dick, waiting for an explanation. “I found her looking at the mansion when I came back from patrol and I asked her what she was doing. Apparently, she’s an orphan so I kinda just decided to keep her…..?” The end of his sentence turned into a question instead of a statement. 

Y/n looked at Alfred curiously as he nodded. It was so weird. He definitely had emotion but didn’t really show anything. It was almost completely stoic. She nodded to herself and decided that she liked him.

“Would you like to show her to Master Bruce sir?” Alfred says. Dick sighed and nodded, “I guess I kinda have to.” He mumbled. “It was nice meeting you Miss L/n.” She did another quick bow, “Thank you for your hospitality, Mister Alfred.” She stood up quickly and ran after Dick.

Her tiny legs slowed down as she finally caught up with him. “You’re very fast mister,” she panted. He looked down at her. “How old are you?” he questioned, realizing how small she actually was. “I’m four.” she looked at her hands making sure she was holding up the right amount. Sometimes she screwed up. Her fingers were just so tiny it was hard to bend them correctly. “Yeah,” she smiled excitedly for doing it right the first time. “Four.” He looked at her curiously. “Four? That’s pretty young,” he added. “I guess,” she shrugged. “But I’m turning five next week!” Dick chuckled at her on and off going excitement. “I guess we’ll have to celebrate then huh?” she looked at him. “Really? I’ve never had a birthday party before!” Y/n felt kinda weird. I mean, it was common for her to feel excitement but definitely not this much. “Then it’s gonna have to be huge in that case.” She tried to hold the bounce in her step after he said that.

“Who are you talking to Grayson?” An almost harsh voice said. It was coming from Y/n’s right. She leaned forward to try and see past Dick. A boy who looked around 10-13 was standing in front of an open door which Y/n assumed was his room. 

“How are you Dami. Awwww, I found a quick nickname for youuu~” Dick says in a baby voice and pinches the boy’s cheeks. “Don’t touch me you filthy hag.” He shouts and swats his hands away, but Dick didn’t seem to take any offense to it. “This is Y/n, she’s probably gonna be living with us from now on so treat her like your little sister okay?” Was he babying him? Y/n couldn’t really tell. 

“What do you mean she’s going to be living with us?” The boy’s voice cuts her from her thoughts. “Where the hell did you even get her? Off the streets, I’m assuming.” He talked in almost a proper manner but definitely not a proper tone. “Actually yeah, she’s an orphan like the rest of us,” Dick grabs Y/n’s hand and pulls her gently to his side so Damian can see her better. I mean, she tried her best to stay clean but it was kinda hard when you don’t really have anywhere to live. Damian scoffed, “I’m the only one with actual Wayne blood.” 

Dick patted his head, “Well it was nice running into you little bro but now we gotta leave.” He started walking, still holding the toddler’s hand. Y/n waved at the boy even though she was sure he didn’t like her very much. Damian just stared back at her. He would rather die than admit this, but a tiny part of him wanted to pat her head. “Tch, whatever,” he mumbled and walked back into his room. 

Dick was quiet for a moment. “Wait, you live with Bruce Wayne? That’s a bit random,” Y/n says. “Well…Uh, it’s complicated.” He just realized he pretty much told a child his secret identity and probably everyone else’s by bringing her inside. Her brows furrowed but tried to hide her confusion. 

There were sudden shouts coming from what seemed to be a kitchen of some sort. “Great, now look what you’ve done!” “I didn’t do anything, this was your fault, Drake!” “Yeah right, you’re just so angsty you just had to push me huh?” “Not my fault you’re so fucking clumsy.” Dick covered Y/n’s ears quickly. “You bumped into me.” “Keep telling yourself that.” The taller one says. “What do you want Dick?” The other one says harshly, now aware of his presence, and was definitely annoyed. His eyes widen when he sees the small girl whose face was being slightly squashed because of Dick’s hands. He removed them after both of them seemed to be more confused than calm. “What the hell is that?” Jason blurts. “It’s a child dumbass.” “I know that shithead, why is she here?” Jason retorts.  “Well right now I’m wishing she wasn’t so she wouldn’t have to listen to you two fight like an old married couple.” He says sassily. “Answer the damn question, Grayson,” Jason growls. “Alright alright, chill. She is here because I brought her here.” “I’m going to murder you.” He sighed, annoyed. Dick rolled his eyes. “She’s an orphan and you know the orphanage kinda broke or something so here she is I guess,” he says, finally giving a complete answer.

Not gonna lie, she was honestly kinda scared and probably a little shy. Dick felt his arm being tugged and looked down to see Y/n hiding behind it but her eyes were still peeking out. “Now look what you did, you scared her,” Tim says to Jason. “What do you mean I scared her. We wouldn’t be here right now if it wasn’t for you.” “Oh my god, I’m not gonna even try anymore.” “So now you want to acknowledge what you did.” “I swear to god I am going to pour my burning coffee all over you.” 

Dick sighed and used his other hand to pinch the bridge of his nose.  “This one is Jason,” Dick says to Y/n, pointing at the taller one. “This one is-” “A dumbass, this one is a dumbass.” Jason finished for Dick, glaring at the shorter one. “This one is Tim.” He says again, pointing to the shorter one. “I hate you. I have decided to pour the coffee and no one is stopping me.” Tim says. “Try me bitch.” Y/n could tell Dick was losing his patience. “Can you stop with the freaking swear words!” Dick shouts suddenly. “Well sooorry Mr. I can’t hear the word ‘fuck’ or I’ll throw holy water on you.” Tim rolled his eyes at Jason’s response. 

“Well I don’t know if you were paying attention or not, but there’s a small child, who doesn’t look older than 6, in the same room as us right now and I don’t think she should be listening to you cuss out profanities because you think you’re emo or something.” Timothy sassed slightly and Jason grumbled something under his breath. 

“We’re going now but have fun with whatever…this is,” Dick says motioning to the mess. Y/n waved behind Dicks arm, still a bit shy. Dick grabs Y/n’s hand again and walks off. “Oh yeah, you wanna go?” she could hear Jason shout in the distance, probably at something Time had said. 

Dick looked a bit annoyed with what just happened. “Mister Dick,” he looked at her. “What does dumbass mean?” (Listen I know I said she was smart but I don’t care at this point) His eyes widened. “It’s uh-It’s a meaner way of saying stupid butt.” Her brows furrowed. “Why would someone call something like that? It’s not a very good insult.” he shrugged. “Good question however I do not know the answer.” 

Dick opens a door to reveal a pretty normal study/office other than it was gigantic. He looks at Y/n and sighs. “I’m going to have to have to cover your eyes.” She nods and puts her hands over her eyes, turning around in the process. There was a loud but weird noise, almost like gears moving or something. “Alright, come on.” She turns around and removes her hands. Her small e/c orbs widen. There was a big gray elevator thingy in place of where the wide bookshelves should have been. She walked in slowly, being cautious. 

“It’s okay, I promise. It’s actually really cool.” She looked back up at Dick and nodded slowly.

 This family 100 percent confused her. They were weird. Really weird.

 Maybe she should have stayed outside.   


Sorry it was really short, I still hope you enjoyed it nevertheless. I’m probably going to end it here unless people start wanting a part three. I’ll try to start posting more once I get ideas on what to write. Hope you all have a fabulous dayyyy  

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Pairing: batboys x reader

Blurb: It is wonderful to love, and perhaps even more wonderful to allow oneself to bask in the warmth of being loved.

Warnings: none. pure fluff. Lord knows these boys deserve it.

A/N: this was a joy to write, let me know which one was your favourite to read in the comments!


Your favourite love song was on, and you were swaying by yourself in the kitchen when he came home.

Singing all the words out loud with the familiarity of an old friend, you poured your heart out into the sweet sounds.

So deeply entranced in the act of synchronising your voice with the melodies and the harmonies of the music, you couldn’t hear your love enter the house.

He had to stop and watch in amazement as you let the music carry you, it was truly a sight to behold. You were truly a sight to behold.

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Requested by the amazing and creativ @emmacata​: Hello Sabrina, may I request something where Dick is dating a reader who’s basically “immortal” or “unkillable”? Have a nice day!

A/N: I went with Unkillable because I hate the thought when one part of a couple is immortal and the other one isn’t and dies…

  • Okay so let’s start this off right in the middle and jump right in
  • Dickiboo would be….torn to say the least
  • On one side he’s over the moon when he finds out that you literally can’t be killed or hurt by outer forces 
  • But at the same time every damn time you get hurt or “killed” or anything like that -even though he knows that it isn’t permanent - he’ll be scared out of his mind
  • it will also definitly take a psychological toll on him, he will have some serious anxiety if you happen to “die” a lot
  • but if it’s less serious or you’re just good at hiding it he’ll actually be a bit more chill than he’d be with another s/o
  • Like we all know he has a history of having powerwomans as girlfriends 
  • like starfire? That queen could kill me and I’d thank her even if she’d never do that
  • Babara? Did you say one of the most amazing person I ever looked at? I think you did
  • So he is used to having amazing and honestly a little bit reckless s/o’s, but he’d even be more chill when he doesn’t have to worry about you dying out on the field or when your doing something stupid
  • speaking of stupid
  • This is where we get to him being even more torn
  • because on one side he doesn’t want you to be hurt because he never really knows if your power may stop working at any moment, but at the same time he definitly makes you try out weird pranks and shit like that
  • things that would be too dangerous for anyone else to try
  • I mean you’re basically a lab rat for that, but he’ll spoil you after so to make it up to you
  • Also there’s another aspect of that
  • Let’s assume that your power only goes as far as outer forces and doesn’t include medical things like viruses (ouff) or a common cold or something
  • If you ever get sick - and be it just a cough or something - he’ll freak out so so so much
  • It doesn’t help if you’re moaning in pain because you’re not used to actually feeling pain
  • He’ll immediatly transform to mama!bird!Dick 
  • Don’t even try to move a finger or something, because Dick will do it for you in a heartbeat
  • He just wants you to get better again, okay?
  • but, yeah that’s about it I think 
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I differ from that to be honest, maybe having an unavailable partner in the emotional way I guess would be beneficial for a night stand since there’s not the risk of caughting feelings.

And even then Dick would go for someone who’s easy going and nice to be around if he’s looking for a fuck buddy. Maybe you wouldn’t be fucking as a couple, but at least there would be a connection.

Having someone who just wants sex and that’s it? Well, it’s a change for Dick to wake up and finding out you already leave. Now he knows how it feels like, but it’s not a life changing thing; he would get over that soon.

Now the couple part? Dick is charming, kind man that apparently has a thing for strong and yet sweet personalities. He needs to feel loved and appreciated, since sometimes he tends to forget his own worth and let the work to consume him.

Honestly, I feel like making him a cheater was a horrible thing and I hate DC for that. I feel like he just does it for the thrill, completely forgetting about the consequences until really hits him hard like a goddamn truck and he became aware of what might happen once you discover the truth.

Dick would be deeply sorry, feeling like the worst human that ever existed, but of course all of his sorrow is not an excuse for his horrible actions. Therefore, he would distance himself for you slowly, Dick still hopes you will forgive him, but he knows things wouldn’t be the same ever again.

(And that’s why in this house we completely ignore that cuz I know better than DC and making such a great and admirable character like Dick a cheater is a shitty thing I don’t accept)

So an unavailable emotional partner just for fucking? Yes, but for a romantic relationship? Nah fam, I don’t really think that would work.


Emotional available or not, you’re not getting ride of that man. He don’t give a fuck you don’t love him cuz in his twisted head you do and that’s enough for him.

Dick would find a way to make you stay and make you love him, he doesn’t mind using particular ways to do it. Believe me, it’s easier to pretend rather to try to walk with broken legs.

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I did my best to make this angsty, also I think this goes better with his titans version so yeah

Tw: death.


•The day you died something broke inside of Dick.

•It was hard for him to face with a world where you wasn’t in it, the thought of going out and not see you again was enough to make him cry till his head ache, and even then he would still feel horrible.

•He felt guilty for so many reasons, maybe he should have done something to prevent your death; put himself on the line of fire and take the lethal hit instead of you.

•Deep down, he knew that it was selfish to wish you had to face sadness of his death, but at least you’d be alive and he wouldn’t have to live in a world were you were death.

•Also the fact the he didn’t got a chance to say goodbye or to say a last “I love you” it’s killing him.

•To avoid those thoughts he drowns in work, he constantly doing something to keep himself busy. Dick doesn’t matter how long is the paperwork or how annoying is the case he was given at the commissary as long as he has something to do.

• Besides, his vigilante life take a dangerous turn, Dick isn’t that careful anymore or kind with some criminals as he used to be.

•All of this took him a lot of effort since all he wanted to do after your loss was to stay in bed and way for life to go whatever it wanted to him. Dick didn’t cared anymore.

•It’s hard for the others to see how slowly Dick is losing his spark.

•They try to help him, saying things to comfort him and reassure him that everything would be okay and that wouldn’t like to see him like this.

•Dick just doesn’t listen, that phrase of “y/n wouldn’t want you to be like this” or “the pain would go away one day”

“Can you stop with that shit already?” Dick said fed up as he runs a hand down his face, trying to calm his anger. “Y/n’s dead, no one can take away my pain and I don’t care what you have to say. So go away.”

•He’s done, the good memories of you are always replaced with that ugly fight you had moments before going on that fucking mission.

•You were just trying to convince him to change his mind, questioning his way of leading the Titans and asking why he was being so reckless.

•But all Dick could say was: “You’re not the leader of this team, I am so I decide what’s good or not. Get off my back and start caring about your work.”

•Dick wish so bad he could go back in time and change that, do what you say and ask for reinforcements or let other group of heroes take the case. Maybe you’d be alive and safe if he had done that.

•Nights are hard, the memory of the moment you died haunts Dick in his sleep: He’s againg holding you against his chest, crying silently as he shakes you softly, begging you to not go.

•But the worst kind of dream Dick has are the one who are sweet, memories of you togheter when everything was fine:

•The days were you would stay in bed till noon, doing nothing but cuddle together and kiss. Or those lovely dates you used to have, even the memory of how good it felt when you hugged him.

•It’s such a let down to wake up and realise that all of that was not real and would never be again.

•And the nights when Dick is not living again the moment of your dead he still dreams of you or rather dreams of chasing you.

•It always starts in a nice way and then your walking away from him, not daring to look back at Dick, who is doing everything to be with you again and live the nice life you had before.

•It takes a really long time for Dick to live with the pain, it’s not always easy to come back to an empty house or the thought that he would never be able to hold you again.

•He tries to be better for you and not let the sadness to get the best of him.

Tag list @bathroom-sand @aterriblelangblr @simpery @strangerthings14 @jyarumu0619 @kellieriddle96 @adarksoul098 @rosethegothamhistorynerd @duckmylife18 @panic-attheplace @malfoys-demigod @darkraven1983 @magicisabluewish @hamdehlesmis @lucy-roo @lovelyartemisa @missmaskedwriter @c0-77 @ginevraxrogers @imagines-fluff-yandere-smut @shadygoateeprincess @nervousfandom @ghost-bitch @silverw19 @thegirlwholovesbooksblog @hecatemacbeth7 @unknowntoanyone @mistalli @screechingghostbananafarm @psych0crybaby @barnowl48 @waroncheer @lady-stirling @ghostly-ginger @greeknerd007 @caswinchester2000 @la-femme-lupita @jasonsballsack @violettessuniverse @wondergal21 @disnerd626 @pree-2003-blog @dreamxcollide @thirstiestpotato

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Among Us

The Batfam playing Among Us in the manor (+batsibling!reader)

Warnings: Cursing.

±1000 words.


Part 1 Part 2 Part 3


As soon as the next round started, Duke and you joined each other right away, following Jason. Jason seemed to be weirded out by that and turned around, sticking around with Cass. The four of you now walked together like a herd of gazelles.

Cass seemed okay with it. In fact, she seemed to enjoy it because that meant everyone would be able to beat the impostor by doing tasks. Unless someone refused to do task and teamed up with the impostor, of course.

Dick had about less than two minutes before he could mess around with the lights. So far, your plan would be to kill Jason since he from early on had suspicion towards you. Cass, as innocent at she seemed, couldn’t be fooled either. She could vote you out.

Duke, Jason, and you watched Cass cleaning up a gun by the training room. She was done and about to put the gun back into the cabinet when the lights turned completely off.

The air felt tight. Even your heart beat faster. Your hand was already in your pocket, ready to take out a kill card. However, you didn’t do anything.

Five seconds later, the lights turned back on. Everybody was still alive. Surprising. Well, not really.

Sorry, Dick, another round, you mentally apologized.

Moving on from the training room, the four of you walked off. Jason led you to the gym. Cass had been keeping her eyes on Duke and you the whole time. Somehow, you had a feeling that exchanging a few glances with Duke didn’t help both yours and Cass’ situation.

Jason had to arrange some weight that everybody was too lazy to put back after exercise. Duke and you stayed close towards each other, shadowing Jason. Cass stood a few feet back.

A few moments passed, the lights went out again.

Immediately, you took out a card and handed it to, hopefully, Jason. The next second, the lights returned. You saw Cass looking down before looking down yourself and saw Jason sitting down by the ground, showing off that he had been given a kill card. Cass looked up to you before turning towards Duke.

You turned towards Duke as well. He had his hands half inside his hoodie pocket and a spare kill card laid right about his feet.

Oh, shit, you thought. That shouldn’t happen.

Before the other two could do anything, you honked the airhorn.

Gathered back in the kitchen, the three of you stood facing each other. The ghosts had joined you by standing a few feet behind you.

“Cyan has found a body. Your two minutes starts now,” Alfred opened.

“I vote myself,” Duke announced.

“I vote myself, too,” you copied. “And not for president.”

Duke scoffed, kind of amused. “The first bat president of the United State.”

You slightly widened your eyes as lifting up a finger gun towards him.

“Sounds awesome,” you commented.

“Wait, hold on,” Cass backed off. “Why was there a kill card near you, Duke?”

“I don’t know. Very likely an accident. It fell when the impostor took out their card,” Duke said.

“You’re sure that Jason’s the one who meant to be killed?” Cass questioned.

“I don’t feel anything. Do you?” Duke asked you.

“No, nothing at all. I would know if I’m being handed a card. Jason could confirm how that felt,” you answered.

“Yeah, exactly,” Duke agreed.

Cass planted her gaze at you and Duke and back at you again.

“You were with me while I was doing the dishes. It was just the two of us,” Cass recounted.

“I was,” you confirmed.

Cass turned to Duke.

“I only saw you did the mails and we agreed that that task could be given to anyone, including the impostors,” Cass continued.

“True,” Duke nodded.

Cass let out a sharp breath. “So, you could just do that to look busy.”

“Oh, I could be,” Duke shrugged.

“Or you,” Cass turned to you, “Could be there when I was washing the dishes so you’d have me on your side.”

“That sounds like a plan, but, I didn’t think of it,” you commented.

Narrowing her eyes at you, Cass tapped her foot on the ground.

“Just vote one of us,” Duke suggested. “It wouldn’t hurt.”

“No, I bet Jason I would take his patrol shift for a week if the crewmates lose,” Cass said.

You let out a held back cackle.

“Looks like you’re winning,” Duke said.

Cass stopped. She turned towards Duke.

“Who’s ‘you’re’?” Cass questioned.

“Well… you? And the crewmates? Maybe?” Duke answered.

“Alright, that’s it. I’m voting you,” Cass decided, looking at Duke.


“Are you sure?” Duke asked.

“You have to be sure,” I added. “I mean, it could be me.”

“Yeah, or–”

Cass hissed.

“Stop it. I made up my mind. I’m voting Duke,” Cass finalized.

Alfred looked at the three remaining players.

“Yellow has been ejected,” Alfred announced. “Crewmates….”

You looked around, Cass looked the most nervous of all. Duke slowly lifted up his shoulders. A smile slowly crept up Dick’s face.

“… has been defeated by the impostors,” Alfred finished.

“No!” Cass whined.

“GG,” Tim casually said.

“I’m winning either way,” Jason said to Cass.

“Jason, you threw me under the bus, you asshole!” Stephanie voiced.

Jeeseen, yee three mee eendeer dee bees,” Jason mocked before making a fart noise. “Well, I don’t fucking know and you’re sus as hell for not reporting the body.”

“Also, the game would end even sooner if any of you remember that I vouched for Dick on the first meeting and said that Jason killed Damian,” you brought up intensely.

“True!” Stephanie realized.

“Oh, my god, that’s… I-e-I’m… I’m done,” Cass stammered, throwing her hands in the air. “I’m done.”

“Well, congrats, sibling! I’m proud of you,” Dick cheered as he patted you on the back. “And the others, too! I’m proud of you all.”

“Damian, any thoughts?” Duke asked.

“Well,” Damian sighed, “Every time Y/N is in an alliance with Duke, one of them would set up an agreement in front of the others. Often times, the person initiating the agreement is the crewmate. If only any of you would notice.”

A silence.

“That’s creepy that you notice that,” you commented.

“Yeah,” some of the other supported.

Another pause.

“Should we play another round?” Damian suggested.


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Of Midnight Smoothies and Murder Mysteries


Summary:  Sneaking out for a movie turns out to be a bad idea. 

A/n: So… this was supposed to com out on Halloween then I confessed about thirst then my priorities shifted. Well, since I don’t celebrate Thanksgiving this is just extended Halloween. It would be funny to do a Thanksgiving thing with the Batfam.  Thanks to @littleredwing89 and @lucy-roo for proof reading this crack. Thanks for @ereawrites for the encouragement. And thanks to @littleredwing89​ for the mood board. (I love you my dear enabler.) Also “[ ]” will indicate characters speaking in a different language. I sadly could not find grammar stuff for the language so you will have to bear with me.  This is still part of the Merc! Reader series. 

Warnings: Gore, a lot of blood, dumb bickering, Dick being a cute dork, and snake bleps.


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Pairing: Dick Grayson x reader

Warnings: angst

You’re pretty sure you fell in love with his smile first.

There was just something about the way his smile would light up the room and turn all the attention towards him, even without him noticing.

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